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List of all user-created chat rooms #89
Need someone to talk with chat room [public] created by Abanter
Having a tough time and could use someone to talk to
meh room.. chat room [public] created by babygurl80
this room is for anyone i dont care what you do
Femdom forced BI chat room [public] created by FORCEDBiSEXMALE
For dominant females who enjoy toying with Bi curious men....
karnataka chat room [public] created by brovado
this is place where all the people of karnataka can have fun and express their feelings in no time.BEST OF LUCK
german chat chat room [public] created by Nani07
teen boys and girls chat room [public] created by faridcool
its a chatroom for teens and who dont enjoy to much internet and who r always boared so its awebsite where teen can have fun
horrny room chat room [public] created by gethigh42069
for horry singles who are lookin for fun or more
SRTEPU chat room [private] created by srtepu
Hello, I am srtepu,Want to make friendship and to know the girls.
Da Real Deal chat room [public] created by scootaman323
A chat room about talkin freaky
Aamir chat room [private] created by safety398
safety engineer in dubai would you like to make me friend, if yes then send me massage.
only role play chat room [public] created by kaitlynluvs
u have to role play with someone
lesbian house chat room [public] created by kaitlynluvs
lesbian girls only!!!!! no guys allowed!!!!
German chat 000 chat room [public] created by Nani07
Russian Chat Room chat room [public] created by GeorgeUSA
For people to come and chill.. no ugly people or i will kick !
Gamers only chat room [public] created by Skopje12
This room is for Gamers only !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
skatenoarding chat room [public] created by FOXsk8brd123
skaters can talk here! they can interact about skateboarding and maybe find someone
singles 14-17 year olds chat room [public] created by ladiesman21
peoplewho want to date hang out and message
KK chat room [private] created by KK125
;) :)
penis chat chat room [public] created by alexjcova
you talk about puberty and hair and stuff in that area
goodman 274 chat room chat room [public] created by goodman274
nice chat room no swearing or rude stuff or you get kicked out of my chat room understand and i dont want gay people here UNDERSTAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GOODMAN 74 chat room [public] created by goodman274
i like people to come on to my chAT SO PLZ DO
gotrekking chat room [public] created by guidekhaled
here my dearlings fan of nature ,we can meet and talk freely about the trekking in general!!!!
singing chat room [private] created by aanta
join this chat box right now it's free! no swarying here, no bad behavior plzzz
Hunky Guys Only chat room [public] created by LookingForLove23
a nice cozy placeto stop and chat or to get a gurlfriend or a boifriend only hot guys may use this chat room.
MsDoris chat room [public] created by Doris45
MsDoris rides in the back of a tai in the Far East
Jorrr chat room [public] created by Pablito7
Hi looking for nice people to chat
bored and lonely women of ohio chat room [public] created by scatchard
find new friends or lovers in ohio
sedaye sepid chat room [public] created by marta234
when I was little girl I plyed with yellow kite.I want all poet poets come to my chatroom.
13 to 14 chat room chat room [public] created by SweetDreamss
was good to all the mmmmgirls and mmmm boys not chat room [public] created by nana2k6
this is nana chat room so hite me up
Lesbian-Bi Girl Chat chat room [public] created by CreativeCutie
A chatroom for lesbian or bi girls to chat, hang out, and do whatever they want. I really don't care. Just make sure not to break any site rules ^_^
layed back chat room chat room [public] created by sweetypie94
where you just sit back and talk to people
7lol6 chat room [private] created by frenchboy76
I make this chat for learn english well
talk to me... chat room [public] created by SexyChick943
i just created this room cuz i am bored and want to talk to people :)
comngetit chat room [public] created by u4us2night
bi couple lookin 4 single chics
marriage13sonko13 chat room [private] created by 13sonko13
hello am ansu from the gambia in west africa a man fair in complexion and at the age of 22old black hair white eyes am not tall am not short in middle honest man looking for good and friend and marriage i never know woman b4 and when we meet i will know how woman is it
room 157 chat room [public] created by dannylee
if your pilipino and are lookin for some one who;s real and willing to meet this is ware i am
Tiffanys bedroom chat room [private] created by tiffany2010
get to know me better and find out what I like
Bi girl teens chat room [public] created by SamiiScreamer
bi girls that are 12 through 15 to hook up.
157 chat room [public] created by dannylee
just see whst comes up'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''
Hot lovin chat room [public] created by Yezzina801
People who wan't buddi hot buddi for some fun in utah
TEXAS PEEPS COME HERE chat room [public] created by Bonafide187
serious hot chat chat room [public] created by kitten99
serious hot chat for online users
hip hop room chat room [public] created by davidvalence
hip hop music from all over the world; talk about the style you like or play
Cougars come here chat room [public] created by beyondbored36
Any cougars? Come here! Meet with guys younger then on the internet :)
toronto01 chat room [public] created by jimmybm
cougars welcome from toronto............
love room 0999 chat room [public] created by joey15joe
love to talk to people and love to flirt this is for u lol
sweet213 chat room [private] created by 00Picardo
asdfgh fdfghjk fghjkl fghjkl dfghjkl dfghjk dsfghj dfghjk dfghj
naked pics chat room [public] created by batman2013
people ho are willing to send naked pics to each other
big dick chat room [public] created by zorpi0a
come to enjoy with us .U don't loose somthing
camp fire chat room [public] created by kicesiee
for people between 13 and 17...No old people! :D
T.T.Y.P. chat room [public] created by jaimeleighxrxx1x
hiyahh ddudes soooo bored here lol
khmer in viet nam chat room [public] created by nasakya
welcome to khmer in vietnam. im nasakya in viet nam but i like khmer so i create this forum. nice to meet everybody
lezbien chat 14 chat room [public] created by sweetie1343
you only can be 14 0r 15 0r 16 to come on here you cant be rude and you have to live IN illinois
BI GURLZ ONLY HERE... chat room [public] created by sweetie1343
singles 14 year olds chat room [public] created by gucciboo
singles singles singles singles singles singles singles
Hot Minneapolis Chat chat room [public] created by Nihilust
Want to talk to a hot red head playing with herself?
DatedHusbandsFriend chat room [public] created by Umi7654
Exhanging experiences with like minded or interestd person
Shared Wife chat room [public] created by Umi7654
come chat with a shared wife asian
hai im 23 m..indian boy well educated living in ab chat room [private] created by viniljhon
girls who need online guys chat room [public] created by sendmeurpic
any girl who wants to swap pic or hav some online xting with a boy join the chat
sdfsdfdfdfsdf chat room [private] created by DJzacV2
asdfasdfasdfsadfasdfsadfas asdf sdf asdf sadfas fs fasdfasfsdf
THE L WORD chat room [public] created by LaShie
welcome girls, bi fem butch lesbians soft
youngins for older chat room [public] created by davidsoloman1999
young for old haha a place for you to chat fun fun fun
johnny76 chat room [public] created by johnny76
Anime1 chat room [public] created by Kiwi16
u can talk about all kinds of anime shows and other anime stuff
OROMO ROOM chat room [public] created by lokodida
this room is to get closer Ethiopian living home and abroad
Anime 1 chat room [public] created by Kiwi16
Talk about anime anime anime and other stuff.
Super Fun 1 chat room [public] created by Kiwi16
Talk about almost anything. Nothing super nasty. If u do I'll kick u out.
sweetfahad chat room [private] created by harduser
this room is for fahad private allows only ma love
Kimmys love nest chat room [public] created by Kim42020
lovesas chat room [private] created by lovesas
i like to privet chat with lades
lesbian toronto chat room [public] created by goody14
if want love with a girl you can find her here i'm looking for a love with a girl too but i need one from toronto. talk to me dont be shy :)
mumbaichat room chat room [public] created by jignesh23
all indian can chat here all indian r invited here
hotkatie24 room chat room [public] created by cutedianne
hi guys wanna chat me here now? come in and lets have fun guys now
Maharaja chat room [private] created by Makaladala
Only for 30 to 45 yrs old use my room . It is not bad nd bulgar but it is serius
Manojtripathi chat room [public] created by Makaladala
Only for 30 to 45 yrs old use my room . It is not bad nd bulgar but it is serius
Harny dubai chat room [public] created by Ltmomo
girls and guys who like to make friends and meet
programmer chat room [public] created by lostlock
hi this room is for all the computer science students
Help chilean peolple chat room [public] created by Patricio69chile
Is a chat room for people who wants to cooperate with some chilean family, after earthquake, tidal wave!
marriage room chat room [private] created by samir31130
i want only a seruois persons here and the respect please so welcom for all
If you want Help some to Chilean family chat room [public] created by Patricio69chile
Is a chat room for people who wants to cooperate with some chilean family, after Hi, It`s a chat room, for everyone who wants cooperate with some Chilean Family after the earthquake, tidal wave so I`m sure the life would compensate to the people with good heart, blessings for all
ThePlayHouse XIII chat room [private] created by ddamxes1234
come in and have a chat, see whose in and have some fun
DxxxB Chocolate chicks chat room [public] created by XXXmaleDxB
Respect - Friends - Music - Fun
hot boys come here. chat room [public] created by molleey
14 yearrr old boyys please.......................................
sarhs chat room chat room [public] created by sarhflynn06
Michigan Lesbians chat room [public] created by butchlovingirlie
any lesbians in or around michigan lets chat!
V.I.P only chat room [private] created by marybaby96
only vip......oviosly BOW WOW u are always welcomed <3!
emo boys chat room [public] created by octopus7
well i know i am a girl but i love emo boys so i made a chat room for ya if you want to chat with me hehe
Scene Chat For all Scenes chat room [public] created by Jessoside
For all you scenes (im sorry but i dont know what else to call us and everybody calls us scenes, so i am sorry to you all and me)
Snapper Trapper Doo chat room [private] created by car0l
My MouseHunt hunting party is here :)
lovezone chat room [private] created by tonycare
I need a lady for relationship, she has to be single and good looking. i am a kind loving honest person. am a black guy in africa. any colour is ok by me.
aboRayan chat room [public] created by aboRayan
waterdiva chat room [private] created by waterdiva
manfrom... come talk to me? and tiger
only gays chat room [private] created by parthogaynag
gays who wanna talk erotic chat
chat with erikaa chat room [public] created by hornyErikaa
happy, colorful people, lesbians, gays, bi, lovers, friends, the whole bunch!!!!!
English German chat room [public] created by CarlGermany
english chat for people in germany all welcome
My gf and all our friends chat room [private] created by ShawnHasAAwsomGurl
Where m gf, her bff, and me can talk
12-14 Chats chat room [public] created by AutumnBabee
Only for 12-14 year olds! Homework can be done laterr! Time to sit and chat!
hot emos chat room [public] created by octopus7
this chat room is about hot emos coming to chat with other hot emo guys hehehe
OPEN FOR CLEAN CHATTERS chat room [public] created by xuyendavis
kiarasvj chat room [public] created by kiasvj
I just want to live while I'm alive
lez n bi texting party chat room [public] created by lezgirl17
girls only 16 to 19. texting hot girls
achatroomimadeforjelisa chat room [public] created by justincase97
Weapon Chat Room chat room [public] created by WannaKillMyself
Only can talk about Weapons.. no non- related things!
Single Ladies-Teens Chat Room chat room [public] created by WannaKillMyself
This is for Woman/Girls who are single and are looking for an online or REAL relationship.
Teens that wanna cam chat room [public] created by KyleF
A room where teens can find people to go on cam with and well, you can take it from there.
Filipinos chat room [public] created by BosCeltics09
All the Filipinos out there unite!
Freedom Lovers chat room [public] created by FameMonsterZ
For those who love freedom join this chat~although just a waste of times but enjoy!~
Funny Stuff chat room [public] created by KittyToast
Movies, tv shows and whatever happened to you today.
rock and music chat chat room [public] created by erita
u can talk about music or if u r dont like it just go out!!
Star Wars Fans chat room [public] created by thatotherguy90
A call to all Star Wars Fans1 Come here to talk to other Star Wars Nerds and other stuff too.
roommsss chat room [public] created by malebull
indian chat room, but all are welcome.. Anyone is allowed to use your public room. You and members in your friend list can kick out anyone in your public room. Private room - You must enter usernames of other members to allow them to use your private room. Only you and members you select can see messages in this room
Star Wars Nerds chat room [public] created by thatotherguy90
A call to all Star Wars Fans1 Come here to talk to other Star Wars Nerds and other stuff too.
Role Playin Room chat room [public] created by NickTheGreat91
Role Play Cybering. Join. Men and Woman, meet, pair up, and have fun ;)
i need a gurl chat room [public] created by quik2010
come here to jus chill and do anything
ELMO chat room [public] created by 3LMO
BeGayordontbother chat room [public] created by Mafiah
For all the g... Brothers! So if you are, g.... Of course then you not lost!
THE REV.OLUTION chat room [public] created by 44ENGiMA
dreamland chat room [private] created by SweethotJessy
This is my home... Home of dream lovers ..... Those who loves me can come here be with me ....
cicha chat room [public] created by cicha
..sssoo innocent ..sssooo cute ..sssoo swidt
ungu cliquers chat room [public] created by dhe17
lo semua yg seneng ungu chat di sini aja
one night stand chat chat room [public] created by gary150
come talk about havin fun and have fun tonight ;-)
juggalo fans chat room [public] created by billybobjrjack
its a room for juggalos and there freinds if you dont no dont come to this chat room
S3X room chat room [public] created by hornymaster102
This room is for those whom would like to talk dirty, exchange photos and get to meet people.
S3XXXX room chat room [public] created by hornymaster102
This room is for those whom would like to talk dirty, exchange photos and get to meet people.
kim baby chat room [public] created by oooooooooooo
love talk talk as long as you this is kim web site love and lot more
UTAH SLC chat room [public] created by hannahel26
babes that wanna cam. chat room [public] created by HornyHorny69
Any girls wanna cam with a hot guy. come on in babe.
Freeeeeeeee chat room [public] created by krissycampbell
Come in here and feel free to speak your mind and talk about anything!(:
me plus you equals better math chat room [public] created by SCG423
=? join this room and we will flirt
icpchat chat room [public] created by juggalettegirl16661
for all icp(insane clown posse) fans out there!
teen funny chat room [public] created by shovie30
this room for people who 12-20 years old
Random and Funny Chat chat room [public] created by XxDBZfreakozoidxX
Read the name and you'll see why. Yes, this chat room is random and funny. This room is where people can chillax and just be random, be themselves, and be funny. As long as you're not a nasty person,a whiner, or a really annoying @$$, you can join this chat.
bis chat chat room [public] created by dighead
looking for bi(s) in singapore! haha! you'll love me! hehe... i am bored here!>_<
Stillmate chat room [private] created by stillmate
Hi m 37 years old male and very straight, i love to meet mature elegant woman in Australia when I travel down there. I just love live and punting at the races would also kill for Jazz Music-very available for anything
tago chat room [private] created by never124
we are talking boutand only love no wierd stuff
pork and beans chat room [public] created by MayMay123
people wh just wanna talk dirty and get down to buisness
Death Chat Room chat room [public] created by BloodBell666
This chat room is for all those who are into the Death, Demons and Dark Arts.
Friend ship with girls chat room [private] created by Raadsondus
i like to make friend ship with nice girls and women from europe
Adult room only chat room [public] created by jamesfromhungary
we can talk on any topic here......
BANGALORE TEENS chat room [public] created by subash007
about u chat room [public] created by cutebadgirl
hya ppl vist my and tell me all about u
about you fave singer chat room [public] created by cutebadgirl
come and lisn to ppl wats there fav singer and make friend
welcome home chat room [public] created by baricy
this room is those that are looking for place like home you are welcome to place where we live like one
the destiny people chat room [public] created by chiothechio
come to nija their u feel good.
13-18 year-olds chat room [public] created by thomaslp
for people who have msn nd webcam dont mind a little bit of dirtiness for young people and young adults for all to chat gay bi and straight
boca and west palm beach fl lesbians chat room [public] created by rennybenny
where lesbians cllose to boca and west palm beach fl meet eachother 17-21
gays and be and lez only chat room [public] created by gayemowill91
only for pepole that go for the same gender
no strings attached fun in Virginia chat room [public] created by cravensex
woman who want to hook-up for fun
TurboTeesee chat room [private] created by TurboSnake
just a private chatroom for those interested!
Kids for Parents - ViseVersa chat room [public] created by ChaosNightmare
Place for kids to get wit parents n parents wit kids
Big Island Hawaii Chat Room chat room [public] created by setiorion
for all singles that want a dedicated chat room for Big Island
give it chat for 13 yearolds chat room [private] created by sophie2300
this room is for 13 year old only and that really want it s x girls and boys welcome
truboteesee chat room [private] created by tessee
between two people or more just having fun
amsterdam friends chat room [public] created by reddemon420247
for the smokers friends with something in commom
all about us chat room [public] created by kirstie1996
have any random converation you want
ragav chat room [public] created by ragav12sanjai
hi join me friends.. i love to be ur friend and wanna know about u guys
lolita lovers chat room [public] created by harmonybo
a place for open minded loving people to talk about anything you desire
ryhghtnjy6jyymyj chat room [public] created by jordanbasher
people who are dating and who are looking for people
Coming out of the closet room chat room [public] created by AhhhhhAshley
The bi room for all ages fasfasfafaf asfafasfasfasf asfasfas fasf
ana Anyone chat room [public] created by KalyMarq333
Ayone looking for a place to open up about there ana and give tips and get them
gay or bi and 12-17 yrs chat room [public] created by shoopyloopy
gay or bi? 12 to 17 years old? this is the place to go. ;-)
WaTTeVa chat room [public] created by Babieeegurl
its urs make it 4 whatever whenever
Horney chat1 chat room [public] created by Paulxoxox
only join if your horney and want entertainment
molly chat room [public] created by patrickcharlotte
heyy sum1 chat with me plzzz im sooo sad and bored
Insane Clown Posse Icp chat room [public] created by Juggalette4life9456
this is for clowns only MMFWCL
Open Your Eyes chat room [private] created by TheRavensBloodlust
The darkness that invades our own soul can, in reality, be the very light that saves the soul of another.
BOYS NIGHT OUT chat room [public] created by LiLJOC
No Gross Stuff Teen Room chat room [public] created by DaniDestruction
I created this chat room for teens only. No pervs please. if you're over 19, please don't enter.
Blue Eyes chat room [public] created by socalhollisterx
People with blue eyes...........................
PEOPLE FROM 15 TO 21 OF AGE chat room [public] created by lagordisoltera09
heyy chat room [public] created by kjttaa14
wanna talk? because im really Bord!! so somebody talk to me!
Random Chat For Bored People chat room [public] created by Playaz123
RANDOM CHAT FOR FUN!!!!!!! Make Friends Forever.
Modern Warfair 2 Chat Room chat room [public] created by Playaz123
You All Know What To Talk About. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CHAT ROOM FREE chat room [public] created by Playaz123
hot n hot chat room [private] created by ritzxxx
seductive live cam bithcy...................fucck me hard n hard
xxxxx1 chat room [private] created by littleT1 looking for some fun friends who are reall
Iowa Rocks chat room [public] created by tjmiller
For those living in the mid west, this rooms for you
pinas chat room [public] created by Pinoy1989
Pinays Welcomd, if you want a new friend let me know :)
daddies daughters dating chat room [public] created by billyhornydaddy
dads and daughters that love each other very much and daughters that r very willing to make daddy happy neway she can
Have it smooth chat room [public] created by jbek
all who want to have it cyber, all age groups especially 30 and above with a desire to have it one
myanmar life partnar chat room [public] created by hanif99
hi i m hanif from myanmar who want to do me friend just mail me
teenageemos chat room [public] created by angelkak314
its a chat room for teens who enjoy being emo....
youssef chat room [public] created by yecho90
DON'T frown. You never know who is falling in love with your smile
girls looking for teen guy chat room [public] created by swimmerguy15
where girls and teen guys can talk and share stories or get advice
dubai4meeting chat room [public] created by discreteuropean
hot guys from dubai for meeting now
Islam on the right chat room [public] created by ysalah69
An important and exclusive to the issue of Al-Aqsa Mosque Anyone who wants to know anything write to me
girlchat chat room [public] created by magi18
just for beauty girls no boys wish that u love the chat room
hot chat for balkan chat room [public] created by marijabt93
hot chat for balkan contry and hot pepole and teen hot people and ex yu and every one who is for hot chat
hot flirt chat room [public] created by hero20
hot females are welcome to flirt around x
xxxxxxxxo chat room [public] created by littleT1
if your a teen and trying to make some new friends come in here:)
da real louisana chronic room chat room [public] created by trampasr
a place for erotic singles to hookup and for smokers of the bud
just friends only chat room [public] created by thedarkness23
anyone can join this room just 4 only clean chat or friendly chat no dirty tlak
beautiful gurls chat room [public] created by shank422
for gurls 18 and over all people are welcomed to chat gay or straight anyone is welcomed so come on in and chat
The Lovely Talks Of ours chat room [private] created by Orsirus
teens that want someone love chat room [public] created by rivasaaron
teens who need someone come on in..
Ayla and me chat room [private] created by JakeAli
A chat room just for me and Ayla to talk. She is really awesome Im glad i met her im so lucky :)
GURL AND BOY TALK chat room [public] created by LiLJOC
PRIVATE ROOM ONLY CEOz chat room [private] created by LiLJOC
single trinis chat room [public] created by cupidos
well its basically a room where trinis and few foreigners who know about the trini life style can come into and chat.Also allows trinis the oppurtunity to link up on a date.....
lesbian and bi chat for 13 and over chat room [public] created by demilez7
fun fruty lebian chat for lesbians and bis that want to express and swap emails x
teenagelovematch chat room [public] created by morganbbz
look 4 teens ur ages 2 make friends with and maybe more than friends! :D
humiliation chat room [public] created by angieatm
i need help for my boy friend's humiliation me
nasty talk room chat room [public] created by hotty1567
show your stuff or get out so i think u should because its your lose this room is hot
Friend Making chat room [public] created by KaylaDebaDoo
Just for hanging out and making new/more friends.
emo scene goth chat room [public] created by xXOutcastXx
for all u emo/scene/goth peoples
its tiffany chat room [public] created by tiffanynudi
all you hot guys who wanna ride me
member chat chat room [public] created by notygulz90
hai..nak sembang2 singgah la cniee..
the- awsomely- awsome- place chat room [public] created by sexiebabiegirl
come in hang out and have fun meet lotz of new pplz! lol =)
Life Sux chat room [public] created by SuddenlyHere
When you're life sux and you need to vent, nedd advice or just wanna listen to everyone eles crappy lives.
kung fu chat room [public] created by ippikiookami
for all martial arts lovers alike. those who are those who once were and those whom we give the loving title of wanna be's
Alberta Canada family taboo chat room [public] created by hard4sisters
talk about family taboo and roleplay in alberta canada
becca room chat room [public] created by beccaxxxx
here to make friends any one care to chat?
bi peoples chat room [public] created by mskimber57
for bi people seeking to talk to another he she
lachata time chat room [public] created by lachatagirl
plz come to my room and talk about thing that u want to talk enjoy
Penizz and Puzzy room chat room [private] created by GlandPenizz
Special room for adults, who only talk about or discuss adult issues.
xtimex chat room [public] created by SUNBLiSS87
for any1 that wants to talk dirty
dirty talk chat room [public] created by SUNBLiSS87
just dirty talk for adults u dig
dirty talk uncensore chat room [public] created by SUNBLiSS87
dirty talk uncensored bring the fun
Haileys Room chat room [private] created by HaileyLaney
A room for me and my friends to just hang-out and chat
favournhiany chat room [public] created by favournhiany
i am an essy going girlgirl lloking for friends, i am also looking for an essy going man
hungover chat room [public] created by midnightdream2
idk............came to me fun :)
TRINITY chat room [public] created by mystedr
dearly beloved.... chat room [public] created by blackbrokenheart19
meant for people who are looking for that one true
teens 13-15 chat room [public] created by flossy13
this is where teens can talk to other teens and can find friends and dates and have fun with just teens
DAVID TARGOVISTE ROMANIA chat room [public] created by DAViDTGV
WebCam Players chat room [public] created by JohnnyBoy76
A room for the exhibitionist or the down right filthy. swap your addys then get down to some action
sandeepsangwan chat room [public] created by sandeepsangwan19
sandy chat room for use only good friendship
Me And vanessafan101456 ONLY chat room [private] created by StacysGirl
my bff and i where only use can talk, with no one else listening in
llove room chat room [public] created by renae1235
here is a place for kids and friends to reunite.
arabica chat room [public] created by Soumiaahahah
An arab tchat with respect... For all sisters and brothers...
ages 13-14 chat room [public] created by renae1235
a place for friends to become more than what they imagine
fun in bed room chat room [public] created by sefunx
share email, anything. and also have FUN talk.
HAY U THERE chat room [public] created by Delicious1996
BEST CHAT ON THA BLOCK chat room [public] created by Delicious1996
Black Chat 2 chat room [public] created by SexxiC
Described in one word WILD. Because the room name is black chat doesn't mean its for blacks only it means you can express yourself freely. Enjoy!
TELL U TO THA MAX CHAT ROOM chat room [public] created by Delicious1996
--CuPcAkE RooM-- chat room [public] created by BbyVi
Bored... for people not aliens made by BbyVI......
BigQuiz chat room [public] created by BigQuiz
single military chat room [public] created by iceraven
Chat room for single military women and men
The Chat LegacYS chat room [public] created by danchiha
A Chat make more fun and excitement
bi asian female chat chat room [public] created by MeMe81
any asian female that wants to come out come join we can talk
Glory hole chat room [public] created by irishstallion84
suck or be sucked,your secrets safe here
YOUNG JOC FANCLUB -OFFICIAL- chat room [public] created by LiLJOC
Diz out der 4 all my fanz ☆○☆ Luv my hatter thanks look @ mi life big
TheFunnTimmee chat room [public] created by SexayyJasmine99
hey this is the 1st time i have ever been on here soo yaa!
randingos public chat room chat room [public] created by Randingo
any one can chat in here i am loking for a girlfriend and to make some new friends come over everybody
cyber chat793 chat room [public] created by cheese789waldo
Come and have cyber roleplay and do whatever else you want
only teenagers allowed chat room [public] created by JesusLover1993
hey if ur a teen that's bored as hell! come to this chatroom! ur boredum will soon be gone! aha!
for h0rny guy teens that want some chat chat room [public] created by SEXuUPhere
if ur a guy who is h0rny, just chat away and be raedy for some nasty fun; )
Seek the truth chat room [public] created by angelsdream
For all who is seeking the truth, open for thoughts about life and its wonders, like to discuss about life? this is the place.
lesbian asian women who wants a shot w jai not ray chat room [public] created by judy1111
this room is for lesbian asian women who would like a shot to fall in love with jai...not ray jai. ha ha. im very independent and ready to find my dream girl that i can give the world to. mwah
just friends chat room [public] created by babygirlmarried
talks as friends, nothing more then that just getting to know each other and become friends
become friends chat room [public] created by babygirlmarried
getting to know each other becoming friends
Anime Artists chat room [public] created by RokiaChan
ANyone that loves anime has appretion for japanese comics. Don't hesitate to chat. =3
H0rny At Night chat room [public] created by NaughtyScout
lol I'm h0rny and need someone to talk to
let try have fun chat room [public] created by ddymus
lets try out and u see how fun it can b
wolfpack chat room [public] created by wolfdemon666
this is where we can rp srry I need to make a new chatroom I screwed up on my other two
suman chat room [public] created by suman2310
m w8 fr a gurl n a guy! v wud hv a lods of fun here! do come here m w8n dear!!!!!!!!
yel chat room [public] created by yamyel15
need ng kauzap wawawawa amn aq d2? heehehehehehehehehehe
hambathegoruandmurgathecoco chat room [public] created by jjjpalash
sdgfds fijaslkf ajf asjf afjd asfjlas fad fja fjldkfj afla dksjflkasjdflpef af a fl
bangladesh talk chat room [public] created by babu2bd
A kiss on the lips A peck on the cheek A soft embrace that makes you feel week This is what I want This is what I wish Just for that one warm soft kiss From my love From my friend From the one I love till the end But who is this girl I speak and dream of That my friends is still to be found And yet I wait to find my one true love That for ever I'll be bound email me : or ring me at dubai : 0507257085.
pollys chat room [private] created by polly15906
for people Ive talked to on dating sites
cam2cam fetish chat room [public] created by lonion
i want to have cam2cam msn or skype.girl you dont show you face,just your body!!!
NC singles chat room [public] created by irishmike908
this is a singles chat room dedicated to singles of NC only
NC singles chat chat room [public] created by irishmike908
a chat room designed for NC singles only
destinylady chat room [public] created by chiothechio
how are u today? i want a serious lover and a caring guy. if u are the one plz ur Phone no, name and address
BIGDOG2995 chat room [public] created by BiGDOG2995
havin'a chat and a beer... no wierd stuff just good ...normal chat
monstershlong chat room [public] created by monsterthang6977
any ladies needing monster shlongs
sleeping in pantyhose chat room [public] created by druggeddrink
a place to discuss passed out and sleeping experience with ladies in pantyhose
want older men chat room [public] created by catcher123
old men for young woman that want to please and relive there past.....hehe. must be nice and have some respect it could be the best chat room ever
THE BORDEM SAVER CHAT ROOM chat room [public] created by chocoxlover99
You can talk about anything in this chat room. Its fun and saves you from bordem! Lol
davidhenrie chat room [public] created by davidhenrie
This is my chat room for my fans and freinds
afridi chat room [public] created by afridi666
i m male of 18y old and i m ist year pre medical student
Older Guys - Younger Girls chat room [public] created by xc1rider
USA room, Lets have some fun!!! Girls come meet a friend or be spoiled.
METAL UP chat room [public] created by metalup
Arabian Gulf chat room [public] created by loveBoOoY
chat for arabic guys from all the world , middle east and Arabian Gulf
teen cafe chat room [public] created by Jenabear
random room every teen can talk random stuff ex: Ilike tomatoes
United States English School chat room [private] created by ddofgoose
This room is resevad to Andy Simons Junior and invited friends only.
hot girls only2 chat room [public] created by beavis33
hockeyhunk chat room [public] created by hockeyhunk
open to anything no limitsnothing taboo
memphis tennessee singles chat room [public] created by squiky34
if your single, white and in memphis, tennessee...come on in and chat awhile.
C2C wid me chat room [public] created by damizle
any girls want c2c chat? will be a gd a gd lookin 19year old soo enjoyy
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