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List of all user-created chat rooms #82
hookup tonight chat room [public] created by jamie1991
look for that and be discreet...have fun, chat, phone , 1-on-1 encounter, roleplay
Alabama People chat room [public] created by BabyGirl4U2Love
All the Alabama People come on in!!! This is a room just for us Alabamianz!!!
srr chat room [private] created by srr
I went to meet with new people all world
BREASTINA ROOM chat room [public] created by breastina
very good room to chat and good luck to you all
YourManTony chat room [public] created by YourManTony
Tony's Chat Room for meeting new friends.
Love her chat room [private] created by VlRusMan
Room for two loving babes. Simona, u r the best=**
beautiful girls chat room [public] created by thesexyking8489
for hot girls who wanna talk to hot men
bodjetheme chat room [public] created by bod2000
Be happy if you're here because the world is at your bedside
lezworld chat room [public] created by jhaister14
gurls and lez only, facebook users....
chat room for lesbians around 14-18 chat room [public] created by lez123
its a chat room especially for lesbians around thhe age of 14 to 18
proud to be Indian chat room [public] created by amirtk66
only for the people who loves India
crossdressers for Women chat room [public] created by lesliecd
come say hi relax and enjoy men ok too
Philly Pa Chat chat room [public] created by HarpGz
For Pennsylvania Areas (Chester<Brookhaven,Philly)
love birds eveyone welcome chat room [public] created by ilysuzy24
talk n meet new people n have funnn
Victoria-BC chat room [public] created by Sizman
You could meet the love of your life here! come on in!!!
dates here chat room [public] created by djspruzzo
for people who dont like to spent too mutch time in chat ....
The Emo and skaters club chat room [public] created by xXxEmOkitTeHxXx
This chat room is for Emo's and skater only for this chat, no posers, no judgers, no gay ppl, or lesbian or bi's
big people talk chat room [public] created by casey625
its for adults to talk but mostly for singles
girls for with webcam chat room [public] created by DEV3138
regina gay chat room [public] created by buddy1990
only gay men and bi men form regina sask
greeniran chat room [public] created by afsaneh7
green movement.................................................................
southkorea chat room [public] created by afsaneh7
Cute Guys and Gurls chat room [public] created by sexyteen15
For all those Teens who are 16+! You are all welcome. Bi Straight or Gay no matter what come in and enjoy a chat room just for you! :)
TENNESSEE GIRLS COME chat room [public] created by ladiesmanCA
IF UR FROM TENNESSE COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BanqBanq xD NYC chat room [public] created by suxmynutx3
MEOW ♥ lets CHAT all FACKING niqht xP
looking for a great guy and or girl chat room [public] created by bigpops1396
u find and meet new people get a bf or gf
cillieleey chat room [public] created by cillieleey
i am new here and i am looking for a man that is real to live my life with and have a kid in my life as well so that me and he can be marry in life
sports ppl chat room [public] created by baller4ever25
for sports and for people who really likes sports...........
LONDON Fun chat room [public] created by alfabit
A chat for everyone living in London or that loves London
tony maddie chat room [private] created by holydiver1993
tony and maddie talking ..............................
12-17 chatroom chat room [public] created by parsa2012
just for teens.not old people!!it's safe place.we can also find good friends here.also gf and bf lol.let's chat's cool me
Vampires Royal Bloods ONLY chat room [public] created by ellaxmarlow
just vampires and royal bloods only
HALEYS BIG PIMPIN chat room [public] created by firefightercasey25
BLUE MOON chat room [public] created by firefightercasey25
family fun wanted chat room [private] created by canmom
Im new but very interested I do have family fun with my offspring and looking for more
Bi ChatRoom chat room [public] created by BrOkEnByHim
if u r bi and want to hook up just come on in and chat find someone to talk to
gurlz room chat room [private] created by JasloveBOF
for gurlz ok! no boyz.... i'm from malaysia
Somethinggcleverr chat room [public] created by Bellaahh
Idk:) Boredd:D blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
aqua gurlz chat room [public] created by JasloveBOF
srilanka chat room [private] created by cubano8
dfhgfyfh uih hiolo jupo jpoopp popo;pip iuhuhiohi o popojop ui oppopo uuygjmjhy hoihuy7hl u pou okjo yijp [po
philnash chat room [private] created by Philthy21
just a private room nuthin dirty
philnas chat room [public] created by Philthy21
just a room for us two nuthin dirty lol
philndash chat room [public] created by Philthy21
just a room for us two nuthin girty i promise ;) lol
CAM FOR YOU chat room [public] created by sexythine
come and enjoy!!! don't be shy.. catch me..come!!!..
gay is okay chat room [public] created by xxJaKeYXBaBiixx
for all gays, bis, and lesbians that wanna find awesome gay friends... this room is guarenteed for you to have an amazing chat room experience
lockerz chat room chat room [public] created by bubbaluv365
talk about the lockerz site and get invites from me bubbaluv
peps room chat room [public] created by KWJ
if you want to talk to any one any time this is the place.
Love house chat room [public] created by Muhla
meet love u might be luck.........................................................................................................................................................
CHICAGO FEMALES chat room [public] created by PRiNC3SS17
private chat p chat room [private] created by popatpanchi
only personal no public is allowed, friends only
manisingh chat room [public] created by mahendrasingh
hiiiiiiiiiii helloooooooooooooooooooooo
japan here chat room [public] created by loveholic0000
hello lets chat here japanese people
japanese anime chat chat room [public] created by loveholic0000
any thing about anime and japanese life
this room is 4 freaky people chat room [public] created by jogks
hey ladys and men come to this chat room and let it all out
sugarbabe chat room [private] created by sugarbabe83
just join i think i'ts gonna be cool
Berlin-gay chat room [public] created by Giralda
Turista en berlin dell 26 de febrero al 2 de marzo. ¿Alguien me dice por donde puedo salir por Berlín?
Lesbian Bi Room chat room [public] created by DeadlyLette
for lesbians and bi girls only No BOYS/MEN
outstanding people chat room [public] created by sexyscorp
u have to have a picture and u have to be cute no homo
business looking chat room [public] created by mervynho
anybody is interested in doing extra money by part time only by using ur laptop only,feel free to join...
CHAT AWAY chat room [private] created by beatrawka
CHILL"N! Just achatting away and having a good time!
Bordumm chat room [public] created by LeighanneW89
only 13-18 year olds ..............
want a gf chat room [public] created by sexyscorp
mi name is diamond im 23 years old and i luv doin it so do mi right
ansal chat room [public] created by ansal
DECENT and CALM chat room [private] created by ishu88
Chat with friends in a decent & calm way................
craziest room chat room [private] created by xsexiixemoxchick24x
clean, nice, and funny chat, dont start shiznit in here :)
chatrooomhere chat room [private] created by randomhero95
come chat here we can talkon here with cam
rap city chat room [public] created by highlife123
come have some fun at rap city
ak chat room [public] created by odeak
RDF is a standard model for data interchange on the Web. RDF has features that facilitate data merging even if the underlying schemas differ, and it specifically supports the evolution of schemas over time without requiring all the data consumers to be changed. RDF extends the linking structure of the Web to use URIs to name the relationship between things as well as the two ends of the link (this is usually referred to as a ?triple?). Using this simple model, it allows structured and semi-structured data to be mixed, exposed, and shared across different applications. This linking structure forms a directed, labeled graph, where the edges represent the named link between two resources, represented by the graph nodes. This graph view is the easiest possible mental model for RDF and is often used in easy-to-understand visual explanations.
13-16 year old chat chat room [public] created by robbie95
only 13-16 year olds only, find friends or more, clean chats or kicks please, thank you for your time.
GUYS ONLY bi or gay pics a must chat room [public] created by rubenXXXramierez
Im, the maker of this room is just lookingg for hornny guy to guy chat, and i dnt have a webcam but if you do plz show me wat is in ur pants/boxers ;)
GUYS ONLY bi or gay chat room [public] created by rubenXXXramierez
Im, the maker of this room is just lookingg for hornny guy to guy chat, and i dnt have a webcam but if you do plz show me wat is in ur pants/boxers ;) chat room [public] created by pbrianna11
find kewl pplz and talk "hot"like!!!
The nocturnal riot room chat room [public] created by crimsonfire
this is the kind of place to really let it out; whenever and where ever you feel. If someone/something has really peeved you off then why not have a go at rioting.
pyhcbibcam chat room [public] created by rotherham
4 lovers of pthc bibcam bl boy love kidds
tHaa StOn3rzz ChAtt rOOm chat room [public] created by LaTiNaPriNc3ss420
ppl from all around the world can talk and express themselfs on why pot should be legal
Ohhhhhiiioo chat room [public] created by jenstheshit
for anyone interested in hooking up with blondes and is in ohio
NarutoCyberBattles chat room [public] created by NarutoBattleKing
Here you can talk and have naruto battles using words!
Chill 3 chat room [public] created by medinax
A room just to chill and hang out and talk with your friends
the cool people chat room [public] created by bigpops1396
if ur cool ull go here and chat with all sorts of people
For the Younger Ones chat room [public] created by YourBrandofHeroin
[Well] In so many other chats I've been to... there were too many creepers and just too many people...
yadaladayada chat room [public] created by cantakit
Let's just talk/type about anything
Bi Girls2 chat room [public] created by lilbaby2010
girls just wanna have fun so chit chat an make it happen
haha well adventurous i guess chat room [public] created by vanessa94
flirty and wild but also chill ahhah
dirty hook up chat room [public] created by haspanicMAMi
talk to people who like it fun and dirty or just to have fun, even if it's only for the nigh ;)
friends of today room chat room [public] created by pirateguy0687
Come and meet new friends. Here we will all be able to get to know eachother more personally and more professionally.
Imaginary Friends chat room [private] created by HullOfAHuman
For my friend Shayna and I only. No one else dare click this link. O.o
jamaicans lounge chat room [public] created by gazaempiya23
fi all ah di nice jamaican girls dem and all ah di jamaican rude bwoys dem
Ouran RP chat room [public] created by TwitchyLove
if u love Ouran High School Host Club then come on in and role play! or if u prefer just read over ours to see if u like it! (NO HATERS ALLOWED)
teen chat hunijoy chat room [public] created by hunijoy
for teens that just want to chat to other teens
Bali paradise chat room [private] created by Gexpuspa
bali is island beautifull. and i like live in bali
Bi Male chat Qatar chat room [public] created by Bullstag
m4m anyone up for fun in Doha. ride on for no strings and fun. older are very welocme
fancy chatroom chat room [public] created by sizzlingtorie
Meet different people with different personalities with a collaborative manner.
out-kasts chat room [public] created by hackrobatics
its for those who dont really get talked to in other rooms
CoffeeChat chat room [public] created by MarcL
place to have a coffee and share some time together
you and i chat room [public] created by johnnygrace
A place to meet the right person at the right time with one thaught.
black metal chat chat room [public] created by hemo2010
To all those who love rock and especially black metal
ALL U WANT TO DO chat room [public] created by paramoreluver13
BleusINC.True Rouse chat room [public] created by sadiah87
bulacan bi chat room [public] created by hunkywrestler
Anyone is allowed to use your public room. You and members in your friend list can kick out anyone in your public room.
gay boys 10-20 chat room [public] created by sexyboyabs
gay boys chat for boys like me
black guys looking for white ladies chat room [public] created by eustace300
here...all white ladies can find a perfect black guy for relationship and marriage
somalian room chat room [public] created by somlove
welcome somlove this room contains love to find your girl frein or boy frein to take you lcky u can get evry thin join me thanks
sweet bby chat room [public] created by sweetypiebaby
if any one want to chat.........and love fun come tomy rum
talk to lanieyboy chat room [public] created by lanieyboy
i am hot and i like to talk to people and trade msn is you have 1
sweetpie chat room [public] created by sweetypiebaby
i want to make frnds here.come and join
sweetyyy chat room [private] created by sweetypiebaby
i want to make friend here.come and join
very dirty chat chat room [public] created by HugeRod40216
say w.e. you want. Its all bout talking dirty to men and wemen
POLY - FOB - ISLANDERS chat room [public] created by SlangYO
For all the Tongan - Samoan - Fijian - Tokelauan - Maori - P&G[close enough I guess] - POLYNESIAN / PACIFIC ISLANDER FOLKS - that's the flavaaaaa!! LOL
fetish for feet chat room [public] created by ricnic71
chatroom for people with feet fetish
cupcake chat room [public] created by cakey214
come have a funn chat with new friends or old friends just enjoy urself everything applys except party pooperz lol thanku
rollandrash chat room [public] created by rollandrash
Am calm in nature and hate rash manners people in nature.
youngg teen room chat room [public] created by johnnn96
a room for the teens only 13-15...a placee forr funn ndd friendss
teens in virginia chat room [public] created by Austink316
a place were locals can chat and have fun
CAVA chat room [private] created by FairyBoi18
it is for me and a few other gay guys
3some room and joining couples chat room [public] created by silas420
females that wanna join in with a couples or something like that come on lets have fun
lespan woman chat room [public] created by 2laspengirl
for woman and girl only all stuf abut woman with woman
lespan woman only chat room [public] created by 2laspengirl
for woman and girl only all stuf abut woman with woman
TEEEEEEEENS chat room [public] created by flyers101
come intoooooooo theeeee roooooom pleeeeeaseeeee (:
peace love happiness chat room [public] created by redneckrodeo
come eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
13 years-old dating room chat room [public] created by Mikegoynes
this room is for 13 years-olds to talk only and only 13 years-olds singles looking for a boy friend or girl friend
Pro Ana Mia1 chat room [public] created by summervillechick06
this is a chat room to help those who are anorexia to become healthy again
lespan chat room [public] created by 2laspengirl
for woman only and girl/////////////////
bi and lesbians chat room [public] created by sexyless09
a place for flyy girls to chat :)
Awesome People ONLY chat room [public] created by DymatizeElite08
this is for people that are cool obviously and not for little kids like 13 years old haha
older lesbians chat room [public] created by deb41nc
older lesbians for older lesbians
kewleo chat chat room [public] created by pbrianna11
awesomeness chat room i love it and u will too!(lolz)
11-14 pueblo colorado chat room chat room [public] created by gotzthehots
this is 11-14 single boys and girls to find eachother
conroe tx kids chat room [public] created by zoe1996
this is for kids that live in conroe only
Chit Chat for 13-20 year olds chat room [public] created by xXMattieXx
You must be 13 - 20 to use this chatroom. If you are above 20 you have the chance of getting you get the chance of getting your account deleted. Nothing against you, but I want this as close to age as possible. Thank you. Please do not break these rules. I don't want to see your account gone. You must also not harrass others. That will cause for AUTOMATIC deletion of your account.
Yugioh chat room [public] created by Rondeau7
talk about the game cards anime and anything in between just talk about the fun of the card game
Bad Romance Chat chat room [public] created by ShyGirl2000
this chat is for ppl who have or had a bad romance
Forbidden Love chat room [public] created by ShyGirl2000
This chat is for people who love someone they can't have
Lovers Revenge chat room [public] created by ShyGirl2000
Welcome people ! Enjoy the chatroom
free for all people chat room [public] created by husain85
all members free for all for love or chat everything its the main room come all welcome for all i hope all of you enter ok
Inc est chat room [public] created by daddy42
hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot
Florida girls welcome chat room [public] created by davisr1g
Singles from Florida and surrounding states very welcome to chat with guys from the same area including me.
ManchesterPeople chat room [public] created by xManchesterGirl15x
People From Manchester Please Join
mongoloor yaridag humuus chat room [public] created by hongorzul
saihan yariltsii zuugeer naizuud baitsgaya uur zuilgui
hi5 chat room [public] created by rahieldan
I love to chat with differnt people from differnt country
emo-gothic chat room [public] created by babygirl95
For emos and gothics that r ready 2 talk
gay les bi chat room [public] created by katiecakes414
this is chat room 4 only these kind of people no strights
my wet P ready to c2c 4 only 4.99 dollars fr 24hrs chat room [public] created by madison2251
no credit no cam chat.. hit me up guys its only 4.99 dollars for 24 hours free and chat with other cam girls here
Role play FaithGirl3starz chat room [private] created by SmexyGirl3starz
Roleplay- like a story try to be descriptive and have fun. its a game.
ashley is 13 and needs a bf chat room [public] created by ashley1314
i am ashley and i need a bf that is 13 or14 or 15
13 to 16 year olds only chat room [public] created by Jannice14
best why to talk to 13-16 years olds lol
ashley needs a boy frined chat room [public] created by ashley1314
hi am ashley and i am looking for aboy frined that is 13 or 4 or 15
112233 chat room [public] created by hatred666
a room it is kool ppl can tlk here too
Fun Time 2010 chat room [public] created by SexiLexii
Get to know people and have fun!!!!
Gushee house chat room [public] created by Qutiexxxrated
grown n sec c chatroom ..3 ladies here .....
chatwithguest chat room [private] created by AnnexxxRo
chatting with other guests from the chatroom
looking for a bf 11-13 chat room [public] created by birchygirl
look for boys to go out with 11-13
fun chat chat room [public] created by xhersheyx98
do anything u want its fun !!!!
emo and goth and skaters chats chat room [public] created by ignoranc
ummmmm for emos to chat and have fun
chatta13-17 chat room [public] created by shantel2013
for 13-17 year olds only no 34 year olds allowed
Pic Trade chat room [public] created by jonboyer
this is a chatroom were we can trade msn addys and trade pics
osaka bound chat room [public] created by cinzano85
just for people from japan and people who are moving to osaka
LOVERS OF NERDS chat room [public] created by nerdysweetness
jackies crazy room chat room [public] created by xJackiexMariexiLYx
me and my besties only duh lol yall know who yall r
18-24 chat room [public] created by lilmama92
this rooms only for people that live near new albany indiana or louisville kentucky.
hot girls 225 chat room [public] created by Tyler225
dirtyboy and ann chat room [private] created by nudeann
a room for my dirtyboy and me very private
milf only chat room [public] created by grizzdotcom
room where milfs can come and talk to younger studs
.WHITEPOWER chat room [public] created by 44x2
......................................Comrades and Loyalty............................................
ill fook ur couch chat room [public] created by CHRiSinR3N0
Homework Help1920 chat room [public] created by aderlath
K-12 10$, Undergrad 50$, Grad+ 100$
only cool kids chat room [public] created by CHRiSinR3N0
only cool kids come but if ur lame go some where else
Cortneys chat chat room [public] created by Cortney123
Joinplayss chat room [public] created by Manders9
Just freakn join and chat okayyyyyyyy
blahhh chat room [public] created by Cortney123
peple room chat room [private] created by xXSadEmoXx
friends and stuff. just talk to your friens and stuff.
dork chat chat room [public] created by pictureperfect1221
dorkey people in our dorkey world!
RolePlay SmexyGirl3z chat room [private] created by SmexyGirl3starz
ROLEPLAY.. how much more can i explain???
bay area 1 chat room [public] created by iisosmexy
for ppl who live in californa in the bay area
aamer30 chat room [public] created by aamer30
im new just im looking for good wife
abnormal people chat room [public] created by sk8terChicK13
people who like to talk..and talk about random stuff like saying weird words!!!
girls humiliate me chat room chat room [public] created by guy1419
come and humiliate me girls say anything i will do anything you say
b i s e x u a l chat room for men only chat room [public] created by kentbry
this room is for b i s e x u a l man only
korean bi for boys only chat rum chat room [public] created by kentbry
korean cute boys lovers.. yaoi and evrything thing u want
jubjubpolic chat room [public] created by LinwoodRamsden
O.o GEES LOOB TUB! moo oink quack
korean girls only.... chat room [private] created by yawmala
i would like to chat a cute and friendly korean girl..... but i'm not a korean,so chat with me in english!!!!..... ....kamsa hamnida.......
hi korean girls only.... chat room [public] created by yawmala
i would like to chat a cute and friendly korean girl..... but i'm not a korean,so chat with me in english!!!!..... ....kamsa hamnida.......
Houtou Lair chat room [private] created by PrinceOfDesire
Come in and take a good look, for it will be the last thing your pretty little eyes see.
Serious business chat room [public] created by Keme207
Talk about heart breakers.why do people break hearts?
HAPPYNESS chat room [public] created by blueflury23
are you a pre teen and tired of all the drama and is only looking for FRIENDSHIP and not all that online dating stuff??? well then just go to preteen after all it's safe infact it's made BY a preteen :) have fun ttyl
relashionship chat room [public] created by babyluver14
for teens to chat and have a good time
guest Viet Nam chat room [public] created by binhminhvn
guest of Viet Nam , visit Budapest a long time, want became friend with everybody in Hungary
bernard2424 chat room [public] created by bernard2424
dont come in if your mene im onely 15 so dont be bad
KINGSTON TOWN chat room [public] created by kikazz
Cape Town Southern Suburbs chat room [public] created by UserMe08
naughty ladies looking for guys to fool with
good girlsonly allowed chat room [public] created by samysam
looking for a girl should be nice and looking good and have a proper way to cat and single
Talk Talk Talk... chat room [public] created by caitlynmaire
Come and chit-chat with people
Bi Chatt chat room [public] created by EmoKidMat
Like Gay Chat BUT Bi ;) blahblahblahblahblahblahblahblah blahblahblahblahblahblahblahblah blahblahblahblahblahblahblahblah
Nearly Adult chat room [public] created by Dadd3l
For people that are tired of childish kids but can't come in to adult chat :/
The Weirdtown Tavern chat room [private] created by Mi2gti3
Come in and enjoy a drink with friends, make new friends, listen to music and most of all have a laugh !!!
h0rny teen girls chat chat room [public] created by CreativeName121
Im 16 Male lookin for some fun =] anyone 14-17 is welcome (Girls only)
Love Love Chatroom chat room [public] created by amybabie
This is a chatroo for boys and girls to talk. I dont wanna see any inappropriate words.
hornii teens chat room [public] created by doc121
teens that wanna have fun and talk about what ever
Hey chatt chat room [public] created by Manders9
Lesbians and Bis ONLY chat room [public] created by AngelEyez91
Anybody who iz les or bi come join da fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dirty irish 2 chat room [public] created by diddydisher
dirty chat for all irish nd anyone who likes irish people
Budapest Chat chat room [public] created by binhminhvn
Chat room o Budapest Chat room o Budapest Chat room o Budapest Chat room o Budapest
Black gay dudes chat room [public] created by Heartlesskmoney
Only for black gay guys or dudes
love is the best chat room [public] created by beclara
for people who like to share, love, care and be kind to others, and who like to be treated well. find true love and friendship!
USA bear for German men chat room [public] created by JBpigboycub
Love brpwn eyed and haired rugged german.
abu dhabi people chat room [public] created by khader77
for frindship & who wanna meet wellcome everybody
love is paine chat room [public] created by slayerbabe
if u are broken come in here and lets talk about it
horrnny girls chat room [public] created by huddzzboy
eny girls welcome and with msn tooo
gaygirls chat room [public] created by 3MoGiRlY12
talk to hot girls and get to know people
q8 chat room [public] created by EmoBoYq81
join this room to share on commn thing btween us **arab**ppl have fun and plz enjoy
men in dresses chat room [public] created by closetdresser
Chat room for cross dressing guys or female admirers, who would like to chat to other cross dressers .please join in and be nice.
normual chat room [public] created by cevelyn1221
only for people how want to talk that is all
dominican chat room [public] created by boricuagrl96
chat woth dominicans& puertoricans......chatea con dominicanos y boricuas
top and bottom gay teens chat room [public] created by topandbottom
For gay males only. No chicks. Only dudes. Gay ones. So if you have more than two holes do not enter.
Pepsi OR Coke...THE ULTIMATE DESCISION chat room [public] created by Spence24
Here we shall do they impossible to each of yr hearts desire. FROM dance parties to emoticon pinatas! EVERYTHING IS LEGAL. No rulez...except 2. No no my friend their not bad rules but good rules. Scroll down. 1:No bullsh*t from anyone. The total bullsh*t messages you can type is 5 then i shall boot you. 2:No s*x messages. Do not pm or main saying as followed; "hey any hot girls wanna c2c pm me" If you do on Main i'll kick yr *ss or if someone tells me that yr p*rverted butt is creeping them out YR *SS IS KICKED!:p Yet if you get past these rulez(yup "z " again i CREATED the rules^^) and be a wicked chat person thingy you get a free huggle. Ages 8-18 (olders not allowed if yr gonna be a p*do, if nt come on UNCLE SWIFTY^^. If you were in this chat alot and turn 19 then you can still come you old hag.(jking).........:p
webcam chatters chat room [public] created by lilB23
4 webcam users only,every 1 is welcome
Carribbean Residents Only chat room [public] created by SOccerBabeVicky
Please, This room is only for people who are stated in the Caribbean. This way, it's easier for us to "hook up" or communicate or relate to the different tongues!!! 13-19 yrs old r allowed!! If you are older, you may come, but if u are caught harassing someone under 18 you will be banned!!!!
Metal RuleZzzzz. chat room [public] created by KateHeavy08
********************\m/ Heavy F ucking Metal \m/**************************
The Dating Room chat room [public] created by SiriusBlackFan101
come and find ur perfect match here in this room!
the birds and the bees chat chat room [public] created by stickcrusher
u can hav birds and bees. and talk to anyone. think of anyway u can hav birds and bees and actually talk about ur relationships and shit
country chat 51 chat room [public] created by jcowboy91
for cowboys and cowgirls only no other music allowed! please
pink punk chat room [public] created by mynameislolita
estoy haciendo este chat porke los demas estaban muy aburridos y como me toko escribir es todolo ke te voy a decir ;)
funny fun room chat room [public] created by sashabreauna
have fun do anything you would like!!!!
if u really wanna meet ppl 2 hook up then come in chat room [public] created by rockingirl101
this chat room is 4 singles 2 meet an maybe hook up
Vic CITY lights and B.C chat room [public] created by victoriaBCguy250
chat with locals and others from canada
BeMyFRIEnD chat room [public] created by OriginalBarbie
Anyboddy who's cool *& not a wierdo can come here .. please dont be borinqq . qive me sum to typee about !haha.
ur wife chat room [public] created by jabertt
if you want fantsy withe ur wife or any member of ur family join in
jerk me off ladies chat room [public] created by bigboy45
this is an adult room only meant for pleasuring guys and girls till tehy exolode msn chats c2c
china n HK chat room [public] created by eerk
answer or leave...................................................................................!
Only Fiar Chaters chat room [public] created by Waiting4death
only fair chat allows to allz come and meet the peoples around the world and please come for a goodfriendship
Germany xxx chat room [public] created by lucxis
gente liberal y divertida de alemania
Any chick from 13-15 chiks wanna date in sydney chat room [public] created by Zacdamonds
Any girls looking at dateing im 14 turning 15 in may im a guy that just likes to talk btw im not a freak talk to me and i'll give you my number but you have to be in sydney australia
Strictly Indiana Chat chat room [public] created by bradsouthbend
chat by state, so people can have the possibility of actually gaining a frendship and possibly meeting one day
dubai girls 2010 chat room [public] created by wessam23
dubai uae girls filipina,arabic,russian ect..
girls dubai 2010 chat room [public] created by wessam23
girls filipino,russia,lebanon,algerian,tunisia,france,poland
Lahore Dating chat room [public] created by createdforfun
this chat room is for setting up quick dates, please send requirest through email or in chat room
JANSTERS HARDCORE CHATBOX chat room [public] created by janster
This chatroom is exclusively for beautiful girls only that wanna have fun.
brap xx algeria chat room [public] created by 2222222222
dis room is only for algerians and algerians only so go fu ckk urself if u aint one ndd especially if ur from egypt we dnt need no skettz in dis room!we dnt want stupid ppl srry guys! ;D
irish charm chat room [public] created by hyundaicoupe
for anyone who would like a bit of a banter
love affairs in peace chat room [public] created by cyrus1964
this is the room of relaxed people who like peace in their life and love affairs
emoz r hot chat room [public] created by xXdevilishlyhotXx
say EMOS every 3 sentences and excepet wooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
hot guys 911 chat room [public] created by HOTFLASH18
any hot guys if u think ur hot enough come on in louisville guys let go
MSN Addresses and CAM chat room [public] created by Oneale
For people who want to swap there MSN details for a bit of naughtiness!
married flirtung chat room [public] created by vice2009
married only...a place to chat
Dadd3ls Room chat room [public] created by Dadd3l
It's my rooM! :D and so on.................................................
meet a guy chat room [public] created by ridings
ladys you can meet a guy or just talk to me girls i am 18 looking 4 good time
freeks only chat room [private] created by badbigbrother417
no taboo anything absolutley any thing
4freekfreeks only chat room [private] created by badbigbrother417
no taboo anything absolutley any thing
lesbianz chat room [public] created by asia221
Anima lovers room chat room [public] created by ilovekelala123
come here if u love anima like: InuYahsa, Naruto, Sailor Moon etc......
Critical Battery chat room [public] created by StephanieAnn
Uhmm ... Fun ? I Guess Just Talk Bout W/e You Want ....
dating....... chat room [public] created by LadizMawn
find somebody who like you for who you are!! have fun!!
The FIGHT Room chat room [public] created by ClassyJessah
Verbally abusin bitshes!! Got fight? come here and prove yourself.
Im so horney chat room [public] created by biggtitts
I'm a very horney girl, wanting to talk to some fellas or lady's. I've got brown hair but brown eyes. I'm cute, Come chat with me ;] ?
runaway1234 chat room [public] created by bbrat1234
Kool people chat room [public] created by 1213154
hottie and cutie boys! and good looken boys and good kissers and good stuff
watcanido chat room [public] created by bbrat1234
iwannarunaway chat room [public] created by bbrat1234
Louisianna Singles chat room [public] created by HalfofOne
A nice place for singles around Louisiana
truth or dare2 chat room [public] created by keepyoursecrets
a large game of truth or dare so come and play
anything goes chat chat room [public] created by kingcod323
anything goes in the room so come on in
Omisbest chat room [private] created by omisbest
"The quick brown fox jumps right over the lazy dog" tell me, what is the secret in above line?
family fantasy chat room [public] created by bayner27
people that are all about keeping it in the family and showing there true love
CAM PEOPLE chat room [public] created by GLOCK45
having a conversation chat room [public] created by iwantyoureverything
talk about anything actually strike up some conversations get to know each other more just everyone looking to meet new friends or something more
45 chat room [public] created by papysam
hi this me i really wanna contact wiz ppl.
ujaysy chat room [public] created by alexissssss
howyao my names jaysy typing out from down town madrid spain nice to meet yoll
drroberts2020 chat room [public] created by drroberts
nice to me you all.and willing to respond to anyone. thanks
come and know islam chat room [private] created by mouslim
chat about islam and religions
scene chat room 123 chat room [public] created by loulouemo
come to my emo goth scene chat room and lets talk about music and stuff
guyroger chat room [public] created by guyroger
calm, to find someone who will be mine,from really anywhere,but if i can find from poland i will be happy
fetish kink chat room [public] created by winston33
anyone who likes kinky and fetish
europian chat chat room [public] created by mjdgem
african girls are welcome specially from west and east africa
Indianapolis People chat room [public] created by psycho6990
For people in the Indianapolis and surrounding areas.
punk lover chat room chat room [public] created by emogirl8for9ya
hey all lovers and frinds com in....
space punk chat room [public] created by emogirl8for9ya
hey all lovers and frinds com in....
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