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List of all user-created chat rooms #81
ba7r chat room [public] created by ba7r
don`t find live but lit love find u
ba7r22 chat room [public] created by ba7r
take me to ur heart or stay me free
clean chat with north post chat room [public] created by northpost09
northpost09 in my spaceOOO Check if you fall in this category ********* IF your a person that expect steamy conversation, looking for nude pictures.. *Sorry to tell you your on a wrong page... Here's a brief and short note: If your a person who loves art and music, culture, likes to share cute videos, art work, new info, poem, music ( old or new) jazz, hiphop, RNB, classical , contemporary, folk songs, gospel songs , if you love interior design, architecture , loves food , share ideas about politics, life and beyond.. or just simply laugh you are very much welcome in this page...
james and cute ladies only chat room [public] created by edwardsjm17m
no cussing u beet abay mt ruls ok ppl i not jokinh
michael jackson hoax fans chat room [public] created by madison2009
all about michael jackson fans who fight for him.
Fantasy paradise chat room [public] created by baraccoda
to talk about fantasies. It can be anything. The ones you carried out. the ones you want to carry out. Discuss whether they are feasible or they should just stay in our dream world
Yaoi Role Play chat room [public] created by Snowleoparddemon
This is where you Role Play about to BoyxBoy... If you don't like it then please leave... There is no POWER P LAYING!
mojtaba karimi chat room [public] created by mojtaba949
hi.......... i am be glad to have naic good girl frind arond the world .i well be hape if you diseded to know me and you want to be my girl frind .if you want it my email is .......
Squirtfun chat room [public] created by Bk83
People who like squirting and peeing while screwing
frenchfriesinsideotusidejelly chat room [public] created by gaaralover908
for all those teens out there who have been cheated on and is looking for someone to give a shit for once.
singles ppl room chat room [public] created by bbgurl09
anybody that is single. and wants to find love. or jus sumbody to hook up with..
andalusia chat room chat room [public] created by bbgurl09
ppl that are single or r in a relationship that wana chat....
come here if u live in virgina chat room [public] created by darkheart662
if u live in virgina and are 16-18 and wanna find gf-bf this is the place
Lesbians with me chat room [public] created by CutieLezbo
this chat room is only for lesbians and girls who are BI,enjoy girlz!
all the sincle ladies chat room [public] created by cheergirl96
ahh this is for all the ladies who have been dumped by your guy!!
Guys that need girlfriends chat room [public] created by pickles123
guys that need girlfriends and that want to talk to girls that want know them
Red Hot chat room [public] created by catherineb92
chat on here and talk about anythin u want no judgement or racisim...nothin.
Guys n Girls that need a bf or gf chat room [public] created by pickles123
guys or girls can talk bout anything and that need gf or bf
LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE chat room [public] created by babigurl2010
come nd find a sweetheart for valentines!!
MAke some love chat room [public] created by Sexychick10000
this room is for lesbians onlt
single guyz agez 11-17 chat room [public] created by HMiK123
if ur a single guy looking 4 a gf come here
massachusetts room chat room [public] created by luke1221
only ma ppl....................................................................
silk satin fetish salwar chat room [public] created by loveforsatin
silk satin clothing fetish salwar kameez
hoerny 13 17 year olds chat room [public] created by carlosla
if you want to have a great time come in
chat about naked women chat room [public] created by shawty1234
onlynaked women pics added in this chat room
peace chat room [public] created by avinash313
SINGLES PEOPLE chat room [public] created by princessinuk
Under 15 gay chat room [public] created by ilypenis1996
only for under 15 you have to be gay no bi just gay u have to be under 15
anybody321 chat room [public] created by gogirl1234
a place were every body can chat and have fun
bi-goth-girls chat room [public] created by bigothvampychick
a fun place to meet nice chicks and maybe meet and have fun .. u never know right
CRIP ALL DAY chat room [public] created by JC260
ALL CRIPS COME IF U BANG!!!..........................................................................................................
i want a girlfriend chat room [public] created by njh7788
Gay Black Men And Gay Black Mexican chat room [public] created by Massai44
Just for gay black men and gay mexican men
bff chat chat room [public] created by diva260dan
all the bffs come here to chat with your friends.
isabells room chat room [public] created by isabellAngel
place where friends can talk with oneanother in a nice way
fLy bYtChEs chat room [public] created by sexyk334
for all the fine females that jus wanna tlk and tha guys that wanna meet the fine girls can chill here
naughty roleplaying chat room [public] created by hot4women
pick a person and masturbate while hot role playing
Female foot fetish chat room [public] created by iLuvFemalefeet69
I want to know what girls think about guys wanting to worship there feet?
Female foot worship chat room [public] created by iLuvFemalefeet69
I want to kno if there are girls out there who want there feet worshiped?
weired chat room [public] created by rockingboy1234
hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii chatt a lotttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt
text room chat room [public] created by balletdancer41
you can get a persons number and text
fun-time chat room [public] created by zidane565
hey ppl....dis chatroom is open for all....any1 can join dis room...
TwoHearts chat room [private] created by VlRusMan
The room where two loving hearts may be together
TheDooM ChatRooM chat room [public] created by ThePiRuSkA
Chat Box For Friends Created By PiRuSkA
Germany room chat room [public] created by Atilla26
Here you can learn new Girls and boys from Germany
MADMILEYFANS ONLY chat room [public] created by madmileyfan
this is a chat all about miley be a part iin supporting miley
Golddee17 chat room [public] created by golddee17
everyone is welcome to this room .thank u
AXELJOHN474 chat room [public] created by axeljohn
Metroid Trilogy chat room [public] created by oubliette26
Talk about this wii game and send friend vouchers to one another.
MEETING CHAT chat room [public] created by RAMON17
malaysia-JOM lepak chat room [public] created by Ckecix ni tuk korg sspe yg nak cri kwan dan isi masa lapang..sambil2 chat bleh berkenalan..spe tahu blh dpt psangn..
Roleplay Chatty chat room [public] created by wolfgirl106
come here and roleplay as ur own character or your favorite character
le nid des amoureux chat room [private] created by bakson
hi, i am single and i want to made good friends, my english is bad because i speak french but i will do my best for all person that want to mail me
sup ppl chat room [public] created by cobra123
wanna get to know cute ladies and see what happens
piercings and tattoos chat room [public] created by amyybabababy
Chatroom for the abnormal teens, with all of the wonderful piercings and body modifications our parents hate :D
Masturbation Lovers chat room [public] created by Jackmasters14
Men and women sharing their fantasies and pleasures together!
Deutsch sprechen chat room [public] created by hdabboor
who speaks Gernan is wellcome to join this chat room
Emo Teens Only chat room [public] created by AngelicaHeartbreak
For emo and goth Teens only no fakes or wannabes
looking for boy friend chat room [public] created by jackhouston03
who girl look for boy friend here a lonely boy waiting to you
NOTHING BUT RANDOM chat room [public] created by indaca
a place you can only talk about the opasit you ackualy want to say for real you dig
13-15 yr olds only chat room [public] created by Kujo93
we can talk free bout anything anywhere
North Kansas City Missouri chat room [public] created by Kevin620
People that reside in Kansas City, Missouri
Mony Australia chat room [private] created by monyaustralia
HI all friends i am new on this site and welcom to this chat room and hope to get to know a new peoples or new friends from here more thanks and enjoy.
mj chat room [private] created by deadbroke
young in adult only pppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp lllllllllllllllllllll
Teen flirting 16 to 19 chat room [public] created by scott16
Flirt with people bettween ages of 16 and 19
Street Racing chat room [public] created by scott16
Talk of my new huge obssesion of cars and street racing anyone feel free to join.
never been chat room [public] created by andyt73
100 percent MY Chat Room chat room [public] created by itsDonSuckas
a chat room for ppl to just hang out on.
bored247 chat room [public] created by 4evaJvG
bi and lez in the usa chat room [public] created by momo442
a place where girl can come and chat wit other bi or lez
World of Warcraft players chat room [public] created by Coolman643
All about World of Warcraft players talking about anythnig and everything on world of warcraft
aryan2683 chat room [private] created by rams2683
hi iam aryan from hyderabad india .any one from india is ther to chat with me.
rams2683 chat room [public] created by rams2683
hi iam aryan from hyderabad india .any one from india is ther to chat with me.
musicians exchange and search chat room [public] created by goodheartmale
for musicians to exchange numbers or meet
boysboysboys chat room [public] created by juggalette4lifewhoop
me and u mixx for fourteen to sixteen boys
japanese girls chat room [private] created by rajesbuchinaidu
I m guy here ...........i want to talk with jap girls ............
korean and korean lovers only chat room [public] created by kitsonjuku
see the room name to know what to do
12-13 years old only chat room [public] created by Mimi14kaulitz
all 12- 13 year old boys and girl come and join us
my hot room chat room [private] created by gulakhanchha
i love to see other hot and show myself
gaybi teens chat room [public] created by hottyboy123456789
for gay or bi teens who want to chat
like friends chat room [private] created by saif263
hi,i am saif from Abu Dhabi ,i want girl friend,if any girl like friendship with me,join me
full blown adult talk chat room [public] created by internetguy180
want to talk dirty to someone?
tark chat room [public] created by msed
انا طارق الدغيم من سوريا ادرس في كلية الاصلاح في طرابلس
love me any time for femails chat room [public] created by rameshpnair9
harty wel come for any one from females only
double chat chat room [public] created by devsharma85
wann chat & make friendship . should be a seriuos to be a friend
harry Potterwatch chat room [public] created by Elykim
HArry potter chat room zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
tams room chat room [private] created by sexybigthomas
xxx have good fun and chat xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
tams room2010 chat room [private] created by sexybigthomas
xxx have good fun and chat xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Weight and eating disorders chat room [public] created by Struggling
This is for people who need support . People who are struggling or are glad to have eating issues and disorders.
Mr.Right chat room [public] created by silasp29
haveing fun fun fun fun fun fun fun funf unf
saucy teen chat room [public] created by babedownunder234
here for a bit of fun and a bit naughty too..
love5000 chat room [public] created by blaze5000
couples chat room,country,rock n roll,
how to be a muslim chat room [public] created by alan00aaaa
welcom my dear brother if you want to now some think about islam you shold open this room and we dont want a romance room(لا اله الا الله)thank you
Da Black Kids chat room [public] created by itsDonSuckas
since there's an asian chat room i figured i could make a black room too.
make love with sister chat room [public] created by static1701
i wanna f**k and hear my sister sream when i have s** with her help me to do that guys i know u can help me
firoz chat room [public] created by firozjamal123
my name is firoz jamal and i live in India .i am a student(University of Delhi)
girls who wat to talk dirty chat room [public] created by chris43202
find ur girl here and even ur boy. So this is the chat room you should be at.
cam2camsecsytime chat room [public] created by crime4ever
any one who has a caand wants to have fun
love human chat room [public] created by yasir57pk
i love human because human give u love
Playstation Gamers chat room [public] created by alxb
A room for Playstation 1,2 and 3 owners to meet and chat.
cool room2 chat room [private] created by goodguy423
u can chat with anyone in america
damn your hot chat room [public] created by toribug
lol. im a girl. if your a guy. and your to mee!
alone in ohio chat room [public] created by livinproof80
place for people in ohio to talk to other people
want to get fu ck 2night chat room [public] created by fun4free2u
want to get fu ck 2night . ,. . . .
i need relationship advice chat room [public] created by irishknife
just like it says. please be mature and able to handle adult topics.
Lesboan 101 chat room [public] created by cplclay85
For chicks only.. no guys,,, no guys no guys lol
Lebians and Bi chat room [public] created by vanna87
for all the cute ladies some come and chat together... without the guys lol
DarkGoth Chat chat room [public] created by 9isawesome
DarkGoths chat 2 each othr about how depressed they r and how more f***ed their lives r.
crazy people wanting action chat room [public] created by BlueBoy2010
people who want to just kick the bobo
Cougars chat room [public] created by Slicksherm300
Older ladies with younger guys.. (only guys of legal age)
XX chat chat room [public] created by Slicksherm300
talk about everything and everything naughty(PERVS ONLY)
BI SINGLE FEMALES chat room [public] created by poohbaby488
NirVair Brar Da Room chat room [public] created by Nirvairb
jatta de munde aa gal jatta vali krge are u understand haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
No judgement-No rules chat room [public] created by Khandyous
You can do or say what ever you want in a respectful manner
black ppl lookin chat room [public] created by makaylasimms17
male or female looking to date and connect with someone special particularly black people
14 year olds chat room [public] created by DakotaShannon14FL
only 14 yr. olds, no saying no lol jk say whatever u want feel free
linglong chat room [private] created by turbanch
i am waiting for every one that want to be my freind
Teen cht chat room [public] created by Manders9
Chat with teens from everywere
xxDESMOKEXXzroom chat room [public] created by XXdesmokeXX
the hottest place to chat have fun and talk with out pizzy people
Flame Tamer 4 u chat room [public] created by FlameTamer
Hot talk mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
arizona 480 chat room [public] created by scikobabble
look at room name come on in n see what happens
I want to chat with Newfoundland People chat room [public] created by mermaidintown
Anyone who is from Newfoundland and Labrador can join this room. I am applying for a stundet visa for MUN hence want to enhance my social circle. Guys please don't hesitate to join me here :) your guidance will be appreciated.
advingodvin chat room [public] created by advingodvin
female with muscular arms, big breast, thigh are welcome
Emo fundamental chat room [public] created by xXxsuicidexXx
Emos can share feelings, poems, music tips, and more. Have fun
Emo fundamental Chat chat room [public] created by xXxsuicidexXx
Emos can chat about anything, such as music, bands, poems, guitarist, and other fun emo stuff. Or you can chat about more emo things.
Ice Demons Furry Chat chat room [public] created by iceDemonKarasu
A place for furs to hang out and chat.
CALGARY-CHAT chat room [public] created by ThaliaMarie2008
ANIME AND JAPAN chat room [private] created by plusskiss
all kind of good words all kind of good words all kind of good words
young gitls chat room [public] created by youngirl2
for naughty young girls to come and chat about anything they like lol x
relationship finder chat room [public] created by doctorfeyz
find your soulmate and turn your dream into real please if you want to be here obey the rules and have fun
turks chat room [public] created by howorank
Res Publica chat room [public] created by KubiManiac
Bla bla bla bla bla Res Publica bla bla bla bla
Tamil nadu chat room [public] created by jeevasex
Any girlsu want .. send mail..............................
SOCIO ECONOMIC ROOM chat room [public] created by northpost09
The Categories U.S. , UK, Asian & Eastern news and updates World news Politics Economy Society
OKLAHOMA - TEXAS CHAT chat room [public] created by redneckbaby09
mine1234 chat room [private] created by rabbit1234
privet for me and my frinds hahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Entertainment room chat room [public] created by northpost09
""It's not how we'll jump over the obstacles nor how fast you get on the top but how often you stop and appreciate the simple things in life which makes life worthwhile".. A.) The Early Explorers- In the Neolithic age we saw the first sailing vessels and the invention of the wheel, both designed to move us around in different ways. Nomadic hunters and gatherers moved in search of food following seasonally available wild plants and game. Humans have always been on the move. Our skeletons and muscle structures have evolved to facilitate gathering our food, escaping from predators, and to satisfy our animal curiosity.As our brains grew larger, so did our inquisitiveness, and driven by different reasons, humans began to travel.Arts and music To many people in many cultures music is an important part of their way of life. Greek philosophers and ancient Indian philosophers defined music as tones ordered horizontally as melodies and vertically as harmonies. Common sayings such as "the harmony of the spheres" and "it is music to my ears" point to the notion that music is often ordered and pleasant to listen to. However, 20th-century composer John Cage thought that any sound can be music, saying, for example, "There is no noise, only sound."[2] According to musicologist Jean-Jacques Nattiez, "the border between music and noise is always culturally defined?which implies that, even within a single society, this border does not always pass through the same place; in short, there is rarely a consensus.... By all accounts there is no single and intercultural universal concept defining what music might be, except that it is 'sound through time'."
super s mate mats 101 chat room [public] created by rabbit1234
Chandkhrl chat room [public] created by Chandkhrl
Helo, my friends, i m a nice and beautieul guy. Come on my chat roon. Every girl invited to my room. Bt age to bi only 20years nt above
feetworship chat room [public] created by footfrenzy
all girls who like thir feet to be worshipped and pampered and all guys who like to worship and pamper girl's feet.
1sweet chat room [public] created by 1sweet
Hi room i dont like to chat in PVT chat no msn or yahoo thanks
dick head 20000 chat room [public] created by rabbit1234
im single only girlz can come chat room [public] created by smexyman16
im single and i need a girl sooooooo please come im not gay
I NEED A GF chat room [public] created by smexyman16
please come i need a girl friend
vamp lovers chat room [public] created by matttuckswife
a room for all vamp lovers, werewolfs, n all the above 2 come in..have
Music Lovers chat room [public] created by MusicLover28
for anyone who likes to listen to music
Flawless chat room [public] created by MzJ3llo
Anybody that doesnt have any flaws what so ever
faisalabad chat room [public] created by zaiddon
plz only faisalabadi join us ok em w8ing
Single 13 year old kids chat room [public] created by EsmeDarling
All single 13 year old kids who like to hv fun and want to find their dream girl
Class of 2012 chat room [public] created by MzJ3llo
Anybody graduating in the year of 2012
Crestwood Knights chat room [public] created by MzJ3llo
Anybody that go to Creswood or has attended Crestwood High School
Good old Germany chat room [public] created by Sannilicious
only for german speaking people
Johnny Depp chat room [public] created by JohnnyDeppLovesMe
Do you like JD? If so, Join now!
tippysballroom chat room [public] created by tippytoesdancingdog
somewhere to dance have fun and escape from normality
rise of the vampires chat room [public] created by skyskyluvy
come join the vampires as we talk about our lives as vampires loveless or loving blood thirsty or kind
Tickling nyloned feet chat room [public] created by TicklishStephanie
A room for lovers of tickling nylon covered feet
babebutterfly chat room [public] created by babebutterfly
pretty ,hot,outgoing, funny,goofy,cowgirl.
dirty chat only chat room [public] created by leeera09
dirty chat only and msn addies welcom
enter if your 13-15 chat room [public] created by BrendenG
enter this chat room if your 13-15 years old
cool peaple chat room [public] created by emogirl12345
have fun a be cool and no perferted stuff
Awesome pplz only chat room [public] created by Sereuto
ONLY AWESOME CAN GO HERE HEHE AND IF U HATE micheal jackson then ur gay
RAWR chat room [public] created by Sereuto
THIS IS CHAT TO HAVE FUN LOL..............................................
emo goth and punks hotties only chat room [public] created by StarSuicide
this room is for emo goth and punks that r super hot .........
tickling fetsh chat room [public] created by ticklingslave
ladies n men hav a tickling fetish
your chat room [public] created by lilshortygurl
any1 can come to diz chat room made for any1
just us bermudian peeps chat room [private] created by laceysplace
chatting with one another could be nice just to have alone time without being interrupted. so come join me
mess wit peeps chat room [public] created by sandiie
fukk around with pplz mess around wit them make them ad nd shit
Puertoricans USA chat room [public] created by WildRose4U
For Puerto Ricans, specially those who are live in the States
Friends CA chat room [private] created by AmberCane
This si for my friends only. Like friend friends. I am your creater. bow to me
Webcam Fun Chat chat room [public] created by Ericccc89
For people who want to connect with others for webcam fun
lil girls room chat room [public] created by pedophiler
a room only for lil girls or womens
montego bay chat room [public] created by sheca
where jamaicans can chat...patwa
13 - 17 year old teens chat room [public] created by brenn3299
to talk and get ti know one another
euro-metal chat room [public] created by lordovhate
all things European Heavy Metal
tokio hotel club chat room [public] created by bloodpanther
you can chat all u want abvout anything you want
jamaican876 chat room [public] created by sheca
fi yuh a jamaican or yuh chat patwa....
CHRISinRENO chat room [public] created by CHRiSinR3N0
ghorneychat chat room [public] created by seth908
where u can talk however u want
gayguyforstraightlatinosgalveston chat room [public] created by partyboy2010
gay guy seeks straight latinos to service and be your bxxch, pass me among your friends to please you all
msn addys and webcamm chat room [public] created by Dobz
South Koreans Aja Aja chat room [public] created by SarahCasacova88
This Chatroom is ONLY for people who love SOUTH KOREANS!! Any rude comments and YOU will be sorry!! " And I'm not Korean : ( "
webcam teen chat room [public] created by mattsim421
teens with webcams come here and we can go on aim msn or skype
punegay chat room [public] created by shubham1
for pune peoples only . To make new friends form pune u can use this room.
age29 to 40 gaymen chat chat room [public] created by SEPTUMGUY1
looking for love or relationship then this is the place to be
wies pantys swaps chat room [public] created by kinger63
local guys swapping fotos and pantys with others also gay fun,over 45zzz
only 4 indian girls chat room [public] created by sunilkbaby2000
welcome all indian girls in uae
abu dhabi fun chat room [public] created by topmanpk
for the guys and girls of abu dhabi, tops and bottoms are also welcome
TICKLING FEET chat room [public] created by tklshfeet
15-19 LOVE ROOM chat room [public] created by jayboi1992
Bangalore girls and Boys chat room [public] created by abhishek024
Only indian and Karnataka girls should enter the room
12-14 year old chat chat room [public] created by Gabby1414
datin and all that good stuf if u no wht i mean
chat with me to see me chat room [public] created by sexy20jess
fun...and lots of voyarism...mite have to travel around..or im me but get ready to have fun
JUGNOOS chat room [private] created by syedabrar1
Dedicated to those all friends.........who care......
GIRLS GIRLS AND MORE GIRLS chat room [public] created by MAMiKiTTY
Alabama love chat chat room [public] created by alboomhower791
if u live in alabama and looking for love
Stigi chat room [public] created by Stigi
girls ho wanna chat to me hehe
cuteanimelove chat room [private] created by cutenanimekitana2009
tfor getting to know eachother if ur japanese or mixed or just love japan ur welcome to joine.....ja fighting or bad languages
Fun Lovers chat room [public] created by rajivanand2002
People with positive attitude and love for fun and enjoyment of every moment are invited in this room to share creative thoughts which can releave stress and turmoil of mononoty of routine work.
ACTIVE chat room [public] created by ALPATCiNO
4ever chat room [public] created by bucksid
to have a fun and more chat. because all people login here are realy trfficing it and now can't talk with others.
Japanese angels chat room [public] created by xXdevilishlyhotXx
For sweet girly anime and manga lovers.Japanese cartoon lovers.
old men for young girls chat room [public] created by diirtygiirl
For older men looking to chat with young girls
gay guyz 2010 chat room [public] created by 14sexyboys
this is for gay guyz that are 13 14 15 16 and 17. no one younger and no one older. you can not just come in here and have a dirty talk. this is a place to get to no someone. then you may see where that goes from there.
teen chat finding gf or bf chat room [public] created by brit1029
ages 13-19 come have fun talk and maybe find bf or gf
daddy dau Chat chat room [public] created by daddyishere
come chat us ur a daddy or a dau lets have some fun
YOUNG SINGLES DASH chat room [public] created by jayboi1992
girls 4grls chat room [public] created by kailuagirl95
lesbians only room room for girls to play with girls an chat send pix talk filirt hehe wat ever no rules accept no boys allowed
all for Kris chat room [public] created by laceysplace
the flowers were so amazing! I was so surprised and itg was a lovely thing to do. Thanks so much I truely do love them!
Ghost Talk chat room [public] created by ghostgirl2
Only people who are comfortable with:ghosts, powers, death are allowed to enter!! ONLY people who have actually seen ghosts can enter!
Down to Earth chat chat room [public] created by Melicious8
If you are a down to earth person you can join, we can talk just about anything.
faygo luvers chat room [public] created by psychowill
juggalos and juggalettes chat for family only
its hot in here chat room [public] created by vennesaredrose
For anyone and is a room where they can share there love!
teen friends only others get out chat room [private] created by jamesbd
girls 13 0r 14 can send requests and join in too
us together chat room [public] created by laceysplace
holla at me because i am chat room [public] created by laceysplace
Katy And Houston Texas chat room [public] created by coco713
meet up with people from houston or katy tx.
horn. y people chat room [public] created by danml
for the horn. y ones...................................................
likeyung chat room [public] created by randylad
older4yunger people looking for yung and yunger looking for older for fun chat maybe more
Eatery chat room [public] created by aprilrenee1
Men, Men, Men. Must Be Fun, Not Drama, And Has To Be Attractive.
xoxogossip girl chat room [public] created by natelover1011
gossip girl fanatics!!!!!!!!!!!! :DDDD
The Electric Cowboy chat room [public] created by muscles423
everyone whos anyone can come so come chat wiht my friends
LGBTPQ USA chat room [public] created by PansexualArcher
Are you lesbian, gay, bi, trans-gender, pan/omni, or questioning in the USA? You are welcome here to chat, meet new people, and answer your questions about yourself.
attractive chat room [private] created by kassahn
it should have beautiful , colory and attractive
The Emo chat room [public] created by RoseRegret
oHai. This room be only for emos. o-o
one on one chat room [public] created by Wolfy62336
get to know each other ;). Tell secrets play games.
Animal I have become chat room [private] created by KateraTaishi
So what if you can see, the darkest side of me. No one will ever change this animal I have become.
beas room chat room [public] created by bea4u
room for my friends and guys on my page please dont be to dirty and no nasty or rasict comments will be tolerated period
kouch chat room chat room [public] created by Theflooddude
you can do,touch ,suck,all the things you want to do on a girls kouch and ask how it feels now!
Pensilvina chat chat room [public] created by Theflooddude
If you live in Irwin or north honnington join this chat! hook up with hot singles looking fo fun.
RIDA A DICK chat room [public] created by Theflooddude
this is for all of you prevs that want to meet and do stuff have fun and make it alll messy!
Dapxon world chat room [public] created by Oxoic4real
Am good looking , come in and ave a nice chat with a wondaful and sweet guy.
Hear The Cry of the HAITIANS chat room [public] created by nattywicks
This group is created to discuss and ideas on how to find solution in helping the Haitians out there who are homeless and suffering. It's open for everyone to join and contribute in your own perspective on what you think can be done to safe the lives of those that survived the earthquake.
Johanesburg fun times chat room [public] created by waydownsouth
fun and "casual" hook ups for people that just want a bit of stress release
german freinds welcome chat room [public] created by ozzygirl123
hi lm deb love to make some german freind that could help me with my german that be great
Bi guys. No girls chat room [public] created by bisexualguy101
This chat room is for guys only!
Black Hawk Colorado chat room [public] created by hottmayne
For people in Black Hawk Colorado
naruto sasuke chat room [public] created by lightryuzaki235
everyone who likesnaruto can come here
Real vampires only chat room [public] created by XxRhiBabezzxX
pillars chat room [public] created by kayabus
sweet loving guy,caring ,quiet,GOD fearing and feeling for human
Brianna chat room chat room [public] created by kimbree96
This chat room is for boys around the age of 12-15 that want relationship advise or that want to persue a relationship with me.
Las Vegas 3 chat room [public] created by walterzzz65
Welcome Vegas locals, Visitor's.
pot heads annanomus chat room [public] created by tweak0420
discuss all types of maryjane in here. please only stoners and no cops!
pokemontrader chat room [public] created by tohruXkyo
omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg
psychos chat room [public] created by wrestling04
this is robbo's room all are welcome to chat..........................
erotic chat room chat room [public] created by buffyscene
to hang out and talk with other hot singles
any singles ladies chat room [public] created by marcus46
hey yall any single out there come and chat
makes me hot today chat room [public] created by madison2251
make me strip on cam.. no credit no show
19f IN chat room [public] created by NMT19
Bored anyone welcome! Just Looking to chat!
18 and up room chat room [public] created by lilace25
for the people only who are willing to talk nasty
Chubby but Cute chat room [public] created by NMT19
Room for chubbies and there admirers <3
missfly18 chat room [private] created by Missfly
No more school. lets party all day and night.
Wet Femaless chat room [public] created by BossManJxd
If your wet this is the chat room to be in letss talk nastyy
Ciao Regazzi chat room [public] created by izzyCullen
For all of those who speak Italian come here and get to know each other.
ethio fikir chat room [private] created by tewodros2
betekilalaw fikir metesaseb andenet ena wendimamachinet
dickalickalick chat room [public] created by laceysplace
lezbos chat room [public] created by brando1234
lezbos only no guys only girls if i see any guys i will kick
girls girls girls only chat room [public] created by brando1234
girls only u can talk how ever u want
filthy chat room [public] created by dirtytalker912
Talk dirty and much much more.........................................
love me i love u chat room [public] created by bbrat1234
Unnormal but awesome chat room [public] created by Jesspewp2
this is for awesome not normal people (;
Baby Boys chat room [public] created by KevinKim0
Join in if U are a cute GAY/Bi. FYI, Boys only!
doods chat room [private] created by lynnxxx
i dont know ha ha ha this is gay gay :D
gddfy chat room [public] created by lynnxxx
rdtsssssssygfyty rt e rtye ry tytr ytyrty rty ty tryty tt
kickin it chat room [public] created by westvirginiachick22
chillin like a villin haha gotta love that saying right
what is this chat room [public] created by joshyherb1
just random im a ranga got a problem lol
Dubai Night Life chat room [public] created by wallaceya
Outgoing ppl & ppl who likes to spend their nights out of home should come here.
B yur self chat room [public] created by angellovenpassion
be your self and feel free to what you to do but don't curse me out or else dead as serious
me room chat room [private] created by angellovenpassion
be friends flirt do what ever do you n i do me freedom from tonia
Nude chat with me chat room [public] created by kofijoe10
got a cam?female?willing to get nude?
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