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List of all user-created chat rooms #74
youth chat room chat room [public] created by madman1987
ppl 2 meat 2 to chat and have fun and mybe fynd love
lesbin only chat room [public] created by madman1987
Rock on ppl lololollllllllololololololololololololololooloopjgisdf'g abtu[eq9ty3]bn 8]yqbn rhtyi yim, e5id itnmo
pinki chat room chat room [public] created by pinki13
pinki chat room is the funest chat room that you peeps can get so star a chat to now peeps better and i now that you guys are not going to get board <333
vladdraculahome chat room [private] created by VladDracula
Superhero Roleplay chat room [public] created by blueberrybabe
act as a superhero ether one that exist or make it up.
country chat chat room [public] created by backwoodsblondie
redneck or country people can talk about anything
Handsome and Cute Bis chat room [public] created by daem14
open for all .. mostly in all good looking bi guys ..
Raenells chat chat room [public] created by raenell5
wanting to chat with new people and have fun!
Wolfs Rain Chat chat room [public] created by xXSamWolfXx
Wolf's Rain chat,come and chat about the wolves or the anime well i dont mind really.
cheerleader lovers chat room [public] created by carolinagirllol
for love romance haha fun.....
china-medical chat room [public] created by medicalgroup
this room for who is interensting in chinese medical disposables
on your mind chat room [public] created by BUSTACAP
talk about whats on your mind.
newzeland single chat chat room [public] created by madman1987
this is a room 4 ppl in newzeland 2 meat up and have fun or laxs bk and chat
Birmingham uk chat room [public] created by PJARiSS
Just for people who live in birmingham in the uk.
reall cool people only.... chat room [public] created by sexyguy230
meet really cool people at anytime you want to
Emotional chat room [public] created by broken2
if u are emo and wanna talk to other people who understand ur pain come to this chat room
religious talk chat room [public] created by Naedwi
Open forum regarding religion. Simple free discussion of religious beliefs, no attitudes or stupidity. Dont say anything you cant back up according to your religion. And dont make assumptions or accusations about others religions.
HATE GAYS CHAT ROOM chat room [public] created by ROyan09
Come And talk crap about gay people and we storm there chat room when we have atleast 10-15 men in a chat and we spam the gays chat room with/hate you gays we hate you So Come Join Us Today! :) Rember shoot all Gays
Arabians in Poland chat room [public] created by friendofpoland
we seek to have arabian friends who live in poland in order not to feel that we are stranger ppl
calif chat chat room [public] created by ZOMBiETHAN54
if you live in california and you want to talk to ppl in your area then come and chat
toes- feet- Show them chat room [public] created by lovetoes91
Wanna see some soles, toes, and foot chat going on in this room, join if you'd like, girls and guys!
New Zealand2009 chat room [public] created by Ralte
Contact with newzealand people
5ex chat chat room [public] created by hornyman777
for anyone thats H0rn3y and wants to talk about u know stuff
gay milwuakee chat chat room [public] created by blackguy3
for guys to talk in milwuakee, gay or bi guys only allowed
do me chat room [public] created by Retlaw1
anyone who is willing to give or get what they want
hot talk chat room [public] created by chani10
only hot talk hot make u so hoeny u want to shag all day long
deep chat room [private] created by kibre
deep issuses that need only to be a secrest on the one that chat with me & only me.
salam chat room [public] created by garmabim
Anyone is allowed to use your public room. You and members in your friend list can kick out anyone in your public room.
111 chat room [public] created by garmabim
Public room - Anyone is allowed to use your public room. You and members in your friend list can kick out anyone in your public room.
suresh chat room [private] created by sudalai
who want to have personal chat with girls
Life is Suffering chat room [public] created by Lust4Blood
Come in and be your offensive self.
Soccer fans chat room. chat room [public] created by yaseralansary
Like soccer? And are you a huge fan? If you are join this chat.
people that are bored chat room [public] created by babydoll94
come all in one and all if you are bored or not you are welcome to join
Fr33 chat chat room [public] created by smatei
do whatever you want, any questions? email, emails only. not chat on email thank you
have fun do anything room chat room [public] created by chrisby
have fun in here if u fight or argue u get kicked out of here
wisconsin swingers chat room [public] created by sparky28
anyone who just wants nsa fun or cyber fun. Meet here and then meet later!
pinoy friends chat room [public] created by rai90
connecting one island at a time.
syrians room chat room [public] created by syrian28m
the place of syrian people who live in syria or other countries through world
wv chatroom chat room [public] created by wvcoach26101
Welcome all its all fun here in West Virginia
Devil may cry chat chat room [public] created by spiderjoe17
Hi if you are big fan like methen yo will enjoy this chatroom!
20-30 yrs old people chat room [public] created by ArielleNicole
for 20 to 30 year old people. be nice to eachtoher
13 yea old chats chat room [public] created by babyallie727
lets younger kid that r 13 chat with each other.
EMO TEEN ROOM PLZ JOIN chat room [public] created by ranchonsalad
this for emo girls and guys... please join this
HOT And Ready chat room [public] created by coeurdicaprio
meeting now a girls and boys in new york city
egypt elminia chat room [public] created by angrim
welcome to all visitors and i hope all arab and forigners chat in our room
lesbains only chat room [public] created by Majaka
here is a place where lesbains can go and meant other lesbains and have fun talking to girls (GURLS ONLY)
noorlight chat room [public] created by idianai
Common chat room in Arabic and English
Emo Kids Go Rawrr. chat room [public] created by XxSceneFerDummiesxX
Ferr anyoneeˇˇ doesnt matterr i just likee chattin. fersureee[;
arundle maine chat room [public] created by Kingofengland77
come talk in my chat room who ever is from maine i dont want no one that is from some were els thank you .
Fun Gays chat room [public] created by LoveZac
This room is a really neet room to meet others, dont get 2 crazzy unless u r PVT.
Wolves chat room [private] created by xXSamWolfXx
Only For my ☆Wolf Friends,Thart only I know.
kinky minds chat room [public] created by twistedmindgirl
older, mature persons for younger.kinky, unconventional chat &hook ups.
Sweet chat room [public] created by Sam4fun2shine
Where mostly females are allowed
hidden shadows chat room [public] created by nightblood
the one place where you can be yourself
anyoneee chat room [public] created by BlahBlahhh
eh boredom.boredom.boredom.D: gah
xox scenekidz chat chat room [public] created by xSexYTimEx
a place for the darker but still bright and loving type:p
WHY DO MEN CHEAT AND LIE chat room [public] created by SEXCLENA
remo chat room [public] created by walidkhamisi
by the trust and the beleive we can arrive to our aims
anthony chat room [public] created by peanut1645
it's nice and fun ya'll! i like to have fun and chat! so if you like to do the same! come on in if you like!
Wanna fuk come in chat room [public] created by Loudoglove5446
Talk about what ever to whoever
love relatioship chat room [public] created by anteye
any lady who wants true love can contact me. I only need true lover
Portland Oregon chat only chat room [public] created by Dreammaker2000
if ur from oregon then come on in
Money vs. Honesty DEBATE chat room [public] created by theavan0711
we are gonna be debating about money and honest, I'm staying on the honest side. Let's see who's winning
im slotmachine chat room [public] created by slotmachine666
do you want to have some fun? im ready and we can play...
ST.Louis GURLZ No BOys chat room [public] created by crazyboy314
this is for girls that live in st.louis , Missouri that is looking for some u kno wat
louisiana mississippi chat room [public] created by dannyfarnsworth
louisiana or mississippi people come here
TexansPlayhouse chat room [public] created by cowboyup002010
A room for people from texas to chat
Austin Texas Playhouse chat room [public] created by cowboyup002010
Talk freely with people in Austin Texas or whatever else you would like to talk about
older men who love younger men chat room [public] created by AshtonTyler
were older and younger men can get togather
Emo Scene Rock chat room [public] created by Lacey182Madina
For emo/scene/rock people to chat and be with people who are like each other and vent out.
Coma Room chat room [public] created by girlfriendinacoma
For if you are in a can come chat about things that are so interesting they will wake you up from your coma.
scene kidz pwn chat room [public] created by XXscenneyqueenXX
scene kidz and "emo" people welcome:)
OdePpl chat room [public] created by WkedCursedVamp
Gathering of all strange boys and girls...and if all is gathered in one place then the ppl outside the group are the strange ones :P
Roleplay roleplay roleplay chat room [public] created by Franchan
In the mood to roleplay? Come here. (:
katsroom chat room [private] created by Katrina567
mine and nobody can come in unless I say.
fleetwood blackpool chat room [public] created by bobbyleigh123
this will be a minted chatroom lol x pmsl !! x and we can talk about wats gone on in fleetwood and blackpool ! xx please join xx
lietuviai chat room [private] created by modzius - Pokalbiu kambarys
LOOKA DE BAJAN FOOD chat room [public] created by bluntbajan
street kids chat room [public] created by brocktonchick09
who ever wants 2 go in , then go the hell in and stop wasting ur time reading
young girls for old guys chat room [public] created by granpa59
young girls who like old guys and want to chat
V.I.P-us chat room [public] created by Angel4rmHell1
fun, new people,interact with lots of people.
Lesbain Chat chat room [public] created by barbie123456
This is for 12-15 year olds and I would not like it if any older people are in this room.
Gay Bi And Trans Boys Of Utah chat room [public] created by DanniBoi
For All The Gay, Bi, And Transgender Boys Out There In Utah
lesbians mature chat room [public] created by lemontreelane
lesbian women only over 30s looking for that specail peron
ive been a bad boy punish me chat room [public] created by domanateME
where misstres's toy with your moral standerds.
hot fun of love chat room [public] created by kitty11231998
a room where to flirt and have a fun time if ya know what i mean
Kids on Weels chat room [public] created by punkcaitlyn
This chatroom is for kids in weelchairs to talk and hangout!
Punk and Goth Chat chat room [public] created by punkcaitlyn
For teen punks/goths to talk and hangout
family experiance chat room [public] created by adlene6
familly taboo ,daughter ,son mam, father all experiance here hwo can talk about it
h0rny s3xy chat chat room [public] created by xchrissiex
all u need 2 kno in room name............................................................................................
Adult Miami chat room [public] created by edwardinmiami
Adult chat , looking for friends with benefits in Miami Florida? This is the place.
Hot people only.. chat room [public] created by sexyguy230
come and meet new hot people in this chat
pro ana buddies chat room [public] created by missychick1992
come here and meet pro ana's, make friends and explain what your going thru, everyone welcome, if ur against pro ana then plz stay away!
Bye-Bye chat room [private] created by Ginlchimaru
shea chat room [private] created by shanoya
fun and u can tel all your prombelms and be helped
Manforlady chat room [public] created by Thassos2009
Meet a special man that can make your cyberfantasies come true. Safe and fast
bang mechat chat room [public] created by Juggalo21
talk dirty to anyone in private or public
Zebila chat room [public] created by Spinhead1
A place for guys only chat. And mostly single guys. Us guys shouldn't fight eachother,instead,we should form a friendship. You can talk about business here. You can also talk about anything but women. No women allowed. This is not a gay site. Only for normal friends. We believe single guys are much better off in life. Any race can join.
pretty ladies chat room [public] created by alyssa8
men and wemen can chat and talk
italia chat room [public] created by EViLSAM
I need to real one hold me to die
come hereeeeee ppl chat room [public] created by Nikkayyo09
come come am 17 got msn ;) come come come come come come come come come cme come coem come cenvjbgyr come come come come comec oemcoecmc coemce
lesbians lovers chat room [public] created by alyssa8
chatroom where lesbians can talk
dallas adult talk chat room [public] created by greenleaf214
fun adult in dallas arear have fun
Bi Females 4rm Cleveland Ohio chat room [public] created by Diana413
lookin for bi females from Cleveland Ohio to chill n kick it with...possibly more...=)
21 m pa bored chat room [public] created by metalbmx02
im bored ladies! im just sitting here bored alone and i wanna talk!
West Tennessee Chat chat room [public] created by Blue1947
let's hear from around Wesat Tn
BROOKLYN NEW YORK chat room [public] created by SOLARONE36
new yorkerz only room for new yorkerz that r look for fun chat or some buns lol or that ever
Hackers chat room [public] created by evilhacker
only hackers r allowed inside this room is not for everyone only for hackers
telugupeople in chennai chat room [public] created by praveentochennai
Hey ,all the telugu people living in chennai........we can make frdship and have some fun in this chat room.
hyderabad adult chat chat room [public] created by nishu183
this room is for hyderabadis for sake of dating fun etc
Single Guys chat room [public] created by Kasesa
Were women meet up with single guys
Singapore lesbians chat room [public] created by moncheri
For all the lesbians in Singapore to meet online!
katsroom1 chat room [private] created by Katrina567
katsroom. my room!!! no boys!
mysore hot chat chat room [public] created by kingbyson10
citizens of mysore can chat wth ladies 24/7
chennai pvt chat chat room [public] created by kumudha
reality talk, any kind of your personal thoughts , from ur inner heart feelings
Polynesian Chat Room chat room [public] created by sekci1
I hope you enjoy this chat room..
Marijuana lovers chat room [public] created by angelbaby420
Hollar if 420 is your thang!!!!!
charleston sc chat room [public] created by justchillinandyou69
m4w...wanna play?? kinda bored with nothing to do except day dream..
marijane lovers chat room [public] created by angelbaby420
420 people only!!! Come Chat and chill with laied back people!!!
BIG C O C K AND TIGHT P U S SY ONLY chat room [public] created by elasticfront
here u can freely chat about putting your big stiff thing into a tight little much pleasure
emogrlishboyish chat room [public] created by emoboyish
for cute emo grls and guys to tlk and have fun. especaily for relation ships. group created by emoboyish. look me up
BIG THING IN TIGHT HOLE chat room [public] created by elasticfront
Here u can freely express yourself. its only a pity u cant use webcam here so we can all get our groove on
retards r us-teenchat 2 chat room [public] created by vicky94
retards havin fun-music-shitzleness-pure hardcore-coloorrrrrr-cool ppl only...
just to say hi chat room [public] created by mamibaby
if main is too crowded...come on in here
winnipeg gay chat room [public] created by lookinnow
anyone lookin to play or just chat in winnipeg
ChinaFriendshipi chat room [public] created by Chinabruce
If you konw more about Chinese and make friends with chinese,pls get only
the REAL anime rp room chat room [public] created by Mitsukichan
Randomm Chatt chat room [public] created by JessBabbehhX
Justt Sayy Randomm Thinnggss Butt Kewll Thiingss !! xxx :)
Vampire Truth chat room [public] created by XENlTH
Learn the facts from the fiction about vampires. If you're a real vampire--meet other like yourself. If not, simply enjoy your stay.
h0rny-hairy-virgin chat room [public] created by xchrissiex
im h0rny and looking 4 a guy 2 make my s3xy dreams come true
ages-13-17-only chat room [public] created by gymnasticsUSAgirl1
this is really stupid..........
Guys From Palm Spring chat room [public] created by 2lonelygals
Boys for Boys chat room [public] created by markyboy91
Gay teen boys come chat with other teen boys who like the same thing as you
Everyone can chat chat room [public] created by kevvy9
Everyone can chat on this chat
The Money Matrix chat room [public] created by 100k
Building your network with people who want to make easy money.
Money chat room [public] created by 100k
easy money
100k chat room [public] created by 100k
Travellers room chat room [public] created by Pinkerly
Anyone from everywhere! France, Columbia, Brazil, Japan, Russia, Germany...
come with me guys chat room [public] created by camille1300
people who is single and willing to mingle
Miami chatroom chat room [public] created by Cazter
For Miami and SouthFlorida people...
french meet chat room [public] created by frenchhot
all who speaks frenc and who wants to learn french r welcome
Chatt Room For Teens and Only chat room [public] created by yahyr
This room is for hook up with each other and bring them together
chillin and chat room chat room [public] created by ricco773
hang out and talk about things in lofe or yourself...
chillin in chicago.. chat room [public] created by ricco773
hang out at chat about things in life or wutever is in your mind
EROTIC CONVERSATIONS chat room [public] created by Thinesh89
Talk, Learn, Experience whatever you want this room to be!!!
mature indian aunt chat chat room [public] created by anamikajasmin
mature women can chat...all ladies 30 and above...can use our room...ppl who want mature chats are welcome...
Men who like to share thier wives chat room [public] created by tassie69
Watching your wife having being shared with other men or in a gangbang.
cuckold Chat Room chat room [public] created by tassie69
Men who like to watch thier wives with other men and groups.
Teenagers Chat chat room [public] created by KissMyPussi90
This is for young teenagers.Talk about anything.NO OLDER THAN 22 OR YOU WILL BE BLOCKED.
pleasures room chat room [public] created by NZpleasure
this is where the host pleasure kan put you whea every you want...
egyptian girls chat room [public] created by totynpcc
for egyptian girls who searching for love
Pro-Ana Pro-Mia chat room [public] created by NeverToLateForThin
Support/Help/Tips for those who have and support anorexia / bulimia. Ana & Mia, Friends forever.
Datting in dubai chat room [public] created by sessotaliano
this room for the fast relationships between the girls and guys no wastting time anymore
Naughty america chat room [public] created by mraghuveer540
chat for ladies discussion the things
Guys from Palm Springs come in chat room [public] created by 2lonelygals
Need guys to come and tlk from palm springs want a sreious relationship
Ohio people come chat room [public] created by DaveNelson
anyone from ohio is welcome in this chat room, or if you want to meet someone from ohio i suppose
RnB chatroom chat room [public] created by rhysk6
This is where you can ONLY talk about music and the cellebs or people who wite them. I would not like anyone to argue ibn this chatroom plz okii thnx. xxx
fun girls and boys chat room [public] created by alyssa8
when men and girls come together and chat no bad stuff
pinkfloyd chat room [public] created by sydbarret
Naruto Rp Chat- NatileSakura chat room [public] created by NatileSakuraTwins
Naruto Rp ~Owners Natile&Sakura~
ayung chat room [private] created by ayung
i love to meet you in person;-)
Munich Gay chat room [public] created by shift33
Munich gays lookin for munich gays
fellowship chat room [public] created by sumid
amizade, divertimento, passatempos
Galle chat room [private] created by Galle
Hi all i am Galle from kenya Nairobi,looking for friends all over the world,and currently i am single and looking for a lady to grow old with so thanks to evrybody and ladies wish u good luck.byeeeeeeee.
009 chat room [public] created by rbs007
The Art of Mental Gymnastics chat room [private] created by Mawegan39
This room is designed to provide group chat on any subject. Be kind and be sensitive to others.There will be specific subjects sometimes as approved by moderator.
anorexia annonymous chat room [public] created by wildflower2391
a room for tips tricks and support,
randumb chat room [public] created by em0L3Ss
it's just a random chat!! ^~^ any1 cool's accepted xD
Party-Eat-Sleep chat room [private] created by Somnith
In my chat room you can chat all you want, and u can also u can see that i named my room party cause i like to party and eat.
organic products chat room [public] created by timex25
how to get your life started and how to get your goals together
russian only chat room [public] created by ruskiboy
for russian's and ukraineian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Franny1993 1loves eagleEYE only chat room [public] created by franny1993
For Franny1993 and 1eagleEYE only to talk about private matters in life
Franny1993 loves 1eagleEYE only chat room [public] created by franny1993
This rooms is just for Franny1993 and 1eagleEYE to talk about personal matters!!!
fiji open room chat room [public] created by rockman989
the pit chat room [private] created by sparky42582
my dirty hole is were i play when im bord and alone
Over 40 and OK chat room [public] created by karenann
Would really like to talk to anyone who is interested in good conversation that is mature and intelligent and has a decent sense of humor.
Soccer chat room [public] created by BCHS
Talk about what ever just talk share your interests and etc.
jrod chat room [public] created by jrod1991
talk to girls or men or what ever u like
blonde 15 year olds guys and girls only chat room [public] created by thtguyalex
for blondes to meet other blondes.....
chat africa chat room [public] created by Chinabruce
we all are friendswe all are friendswe all are friendswe all are friendswe all are friendswe all are friendswe all are friendswe all are friendswe all are friendswe all are friendswe all are friendswe all are friendswe all are friends
Vampires Of Hell chat room [public] created by MaskedDemon666
Lusting for blood, holding pain dearest to your heart as though it's your best friend yet it is your worst enemy, cry inside yet paint a smile on your face like an artist. lie to them all saying your ok when really your soul is bleeding within, tell them your alive when really you have committed emotional suicide. so Vampires come unto the night and join the club that understands your PAIN.
Trevors Den chat room [private] created by trippinwithtrev
A place to come and chill out and have some fun........
wawa212 room chat room [public] created by wawa212
my friends my mates who wanna come :D come join :D its 4 free :P
Hide Me chat room [private] created by charger2001
Only you and members you select can see messages in this room.
Pandapuff chat room [public] created by Bullet1Blood
twitch440 chat room [private] created by twitch440
iam kenyan,charming,loving,caring and understanding guy.i like socializing with other guys.around the world.
jack jack chat room [public] created by jackjack1984
seni seviyorum seni seviyorum seni seviyorum seni seviyorum seni seviyorum
ivanmart chat room [private] created by ivanmart
business and career oriented chat room
mgl chat room chat room [public] created by 220000
bfvfbkbnkln fjn n nkn klnknk nknml;';knkbn
Lovers Here chat room [public] created by Pasat19
Here it speaks only about love thread
africa love chat chat room [public] created by aliu
come and hook up wit the one you love
fit guys chat room [public] created by emoto
there must be fit guy and girls to enter this room
me and my gf x chat room [private] created by chrisLovesamantha
for me and my gf xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Real virtual love chat room [public] created by rafaelLion
just for who love virtual love, love look in webcam.................................................................
lesbains and bis chat room [public] created by xXhitmanXx
for the ladys who wanna have some fun and possibly hook enjoy!
Teen Lesbians In New Jersey chat room [public] created by luvgrlboy2
Teens 16-18 looking for fun and love =)
Roblox chat room chat room [public] created by royce77
Any one can enter here just keep chatting :D
qi roberts chat room [public] created by chippy420
for students at q.i roberts middel school
aymangalal chat room [private] created by aymangalal
it's my private chat room fo frinds only
FCUK room chat room [public] created by MrMak
peple intersted to share thre FCUK stories
RoCk And chat room [public] created by niceman09
15 teen chat room [public] created by elseed1994
just go and log in and chat and invite
quickly now chat room [public] created by mattttty
looking for spontaneous fling?
emo corner chat room [public] created by COLORM33MO
come and talk with other emo people
poz chat room [public] created by wardpoz
hiv+ ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Leontienes room chat room [public] created by leontien87
Only for me and my friends who i like
dating for 16 and under chat room [public] created by cherrylips09
if any one want to find the guy/girl of ther dreams pop in n just see what it is like
just 13 in uk chat room [public] created by andrewjames13
plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz come only age 13 allowed
Chattys EMO chat room chat room [public] created by ChattyChatty24
This is where the nice emo people hangout and make people feel welcome, unlike those other rooms*stares accusingly at gay chat and teen chat* -sings-
ages 13-15 love chat room chat room [public] created by andrewjames13
come hear if you need a boyfreind or girlfreind age 13-15
female and man contact shyt to say chat room [public] created by lalaisme13
say any thing you wont to people and you have to be btween 13-45
fighting chat room [public] created by vida00
yell at certain ppl who u want to yell at
whitehallmichigan chat room [public] created by gc2008
looking for Bi-women near whitehall,michigan
Accidentally in love chat room [private] created by ShaxGojyo
POTESTAS chat room [public] created by Jalonen
Here you can say anything what you want!
emo and vampire chat room chat room [public] created by sexibiheartgurl
join this chat if you are or love any of the following
adultparty chat room [public] created by kinkylady23
adultparty is mmmmmmmmmmm ...we are looking a for a man who can satisfy us
secrut suites chat room [public] created by saxsunny
gaaalsssssssssss always wel c ome
Amazingness chat room [public] created by ladyemo
good people who enjoy having fun conversations only!
clean chatroom chat room [public] created by jeety
for black people/african ,clean chat for descent people,no vulgar/nudity words
yan chat room chat room [private] created by charlesyanbingyuan
nice to meet you guys, and have fun in here. give you best
Bleach chat room chat room [public] created by RyuzakiUchiha
this is a room where everyone can come and chat about bleach and other anime
gangbang chat room [private] created by experman
for teens hu wants to be banged and to 4 those hu wants to bang
gangbangerz chat room [public] created by experman
for teens hu wants to be banged and to 4 those hu wants to bang
passion room chat room [public] created by fight123r
any one can have passion chat here.
Emo Scene For Hotties n Cuties chat room [public] created by Trevan6x
Emo_x/Scene_x ppl Ooooooooook xD
DA R3AL G00NS-80 chat room [public] created by ladiimoe
freeman chat room [public] created by darlinton23
i will like meet people who is decent like m, not only that i will to be chatting with them regu;ary
hyderabadgirls chat room [public] created by bindubtech
only for hyderabad girls cha here
LANGUAGE TUTOR chat room [public] created by duducan
xuan chat room [public] created by chengxuan
Normal life, I would like to chat with other people also said I might tease, but I do not think that people who like to chat Come.haha
Derekbj chat room chat room [private] created by solomonayeni46
There is Konw Gold in Bronw i wish to who have the Bronw
Chrstian Room chat room [public] created by Ephf
About Christianity life, About Jesus
Jendoubiano home chat room [public] created by jendoubiano
wilcome to my prived home i make this room just for my people to come and have easy chat here i will do my best to control it
my frinrind chat room [private] created by arshmalik
The Whatever You Want Room chat room [public] created by Mimitchi09Returns
First of all, this is a no n00bs room Second, don't be a dipshit.
funny-hilarious chat room [public] created by hipgirl46
hey everyone wants to laugh until their tummy hurts come and join this room!
EmOz OnLY chat room [public] created by xXEmoxXarexXHOTxX
this is for emo people to come and chat the only people on here please should be: Me,Nick, Brett, Muffin,Raver,EMOscene, DNAwiredtown
Alex Evans is HOT chat room [public] created by xXEmoxXarexXHOTxX
anybody that know alex evans and thinks hes HOT heres the place to come. Alex Evans=HOT!!!
help all chat room [public] created by claocon
please come chat to me as i need help and so do you maybe we could help each other
Crzy chat roomzzz chat room [public] created by Auching
Ny 1 cn chat in tiz room have fun nd keep rocking!!!!!!!!!!!
shit talk chat room [public] created by thejoelmoore
talking as much shit as posible
NEW JERSEY LOVE chat room [public] created by NEKO609
looking for love and married chat room [public] created by minnie33
i am looking for love and married
jordanian chats chat room [public] created by rehamaldaja
jordanians only!! have fun talk do whatever ya want...mashy
old ladies chat room [public] created by rafa1991
if you are a mature women seeking 18 boys came in
NSA NYC chat room [public] created by kxrxixsx
no strings attached hook up spot
Tokio hotel 2010 tour chat -NO HATERS- chat room [public] created by Blythe16x
chat about tokio hotel news, events and their upcoming tour. all haters can go away.
HOT guys only PLease chat room [public] created by xXEmoxXarexXHOTxX
This is for guys to come and chat ABOUT ME!! the only people that shoud be in here are: Click, Nick, Brett, Raver, emotyler, DNAweirdtown(Aidan my bf)
WTE MOMMAS AUG 09 chat room [private] created by mrsbanke2008
come and join if 11-16 chat room [public] created by Babekirst
u can talk about anything lesbian gays and straight are invited =]
Chat with me Taylor Swift chat room [public] created by therealTaylorSwift
Chat with me Taylor Swift and anyone can come:)
Taylor Swift thats me chat room [public] created by therealTaylorSwift
chat with me Taylor swift and anyone can come and chat with me
sucking dicks chat room [public] created by kikigirllover12
have all the beeep u want with antone
teenssss chat room [public] created by EileenBaby
4 only teenagers that are 13-19 and also no wierdos or nufink
happy peeps not wanks chat room [public] created by EileenBaby
this is 4 happy peeps not miserable peeps.!!!
Anything You want 2 talk about-in here- chat room [public] created by Animosity95
Talk about anything you want to. girls, cars, gossip...
bi girls thats single chat room [public] created by davi12345
any bi girls wanna chat about anything bc i will
chillaxxxx chat room [public] created by goofy1313
anyone can chillaxxxxxxxxxxx here
1314year olds only chat room [public] created by stargirl56
just come and do whateverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
nihonjin chat room [public] created by Jack008
hello everyone let us chat! Hajimemashite
boring things chat room [public] created by EileenBaby
for very brd peeps and very border peeps
kiwi ahmed chat room [public] created by kiwi3
naughty wives chat room [public] created by crocketdile
adults only mature talk and fun adult conversation
The No N00b Room chat room [public] created by Mimitchi09Returns
Plz Get Out if you dont belong here
anything chat room chat room [public] created by jason15946
chat about anything i don't really care
new moon chat room [public] created by jason15946
Chat about new moon and all that.
Blood Donors To Real Vampires chat room [public] created by AjVaughn
It's for real vampires who like to drink blood and meet humans for their survival
talk bout anything chat room [public] created by Vana15
anybody is welcome to chat on here an u can chat about anything
Texas is great chat room [public] created by Vana15
if you like texas or live in texas you cann chat here
Rasta chat room [public] created by VocalStylist916
Free love and liberal minds...
taken.but cheating chat room [public] created by doug0909
where you can get to talk to any taken spouse about what they do without their spouse there.
Dreamers Innocence chat room [private] created by lnnocentMadMan
Role Play Chat Room chat room [public] created by SexyAssCandice061
were everyone can play in a fun way with men and girls so u should have really funny here but u have to beep out some words i know it suckz
Dubai4Pals chat room [public] created by DubaiPal
Come one all you guys and gals from Dubai, lets sit and chat, make friends, hangout and go party!
naija base chat theatre chat room [public] created by chrissteve
hello nigerians this where to meet make friends and lovers who will be close to your heart
Sri lankan lesbi chat room [public] created by sandu83
any sri lankan lesbian can jjoin with this chat room. hi girl b noty !!!!!!!!!!
cocooooooooooooo chat room [public] created by soniarahman
msn1234 chat room [public] created by broxybear2
Pro Ana... chat room [public] created by wishiwasthinner
this chat room is for people who have eating disorders,
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