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List of all user-created chat rooms #617
Scots at home or away chat room [public] created by Donnamags
A room for any Scots to chat and have a laugh or any ex pats who want to hear news from home.
teen sexting chat room 13-15 chat room [public] created by coolcat5200
a room where teens can sext and swap profiles.
Becca Room 3 chat room [public] created by TickleBecca
aaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
oi oi skinhead girls chat room [public] created by oioigirls
this chat room for all skinhead for around the world....
sad chat room chat room [public] created by smoshergirl13
for people who cut have anxiety depressed smoke drink do drugs
girls chat 11 chat room [public] created by aeron16
single chat only everybody yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
cinnsfunroom chat room [public] created by Cinnabon90
the super secret private fun room :P
Mngl chat room [private] created by itskristelbaby
This is awesome! All of you can be free to talk :) Friends, Date, Mingle and asociate
gay picture trade chat room [public] created by ThickOne96
Come and leave an email, or link up with others and trade pics, videos, or just convo
where chat room [public] created by tinku1990
only chat who finding true love
younger females for older men chat room [public] created by electraglidedan
Aplace that older men can connect with younger females
xx111 chat room [private] created by Sarahessexuk
My room so be as you want please
Ladies in fashion chat room [private] created by zanish
dresses, gowns, designer bags, shoes, etc. topics. This is a private room for ladies who loves fashion ^^,
gay support for chathour chat room [public] created by kittycats123
If anyone here has difficulty at school, at home, or anywhere, please feel free to share your thoughts. This forum is a safe place to talk, ask questions, and make friends. I'm sure you're all familiar with seeing the common profile that says "F*** off gays!", or " Don't talk to me if ur gay!' This really bothers me, and I'm sure it bothers many of you too. Just remember - when we stand together, we're biggerthan anyone. Most girls love gays, so I don't expect many of them would be impressed by homophobic language. And most people in general accept gay people, whether that support it or not. This is 2015 and it's our time to stand stronger and taller than ever before, then we can remain paramount and always be there to support and advocate for those in need. Thanks for reading and have a fabulous day!
Chicago Locals Only chat room [public] created by kburd78
A Chat Room For Chicago Locals Only. If you do not reside in Chicago look elsewhere!
ukchatrooms chat room [private] created by wetpinay25
hi 25f phils here wanna cam to cam..
jedale chat room [public] created by jedale
Friends Only *****************************************************************&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
All Girls Insane Asylum chat room [public] created by Cyberfang108801
This is my bedroom, it's open to any and all of my friends, or passer byers who find interest in me or just want to have a chat.
lolypop chat room [public] created by lolypop12345
Hi i m a handsom boy, i m in pune, pl chat if u unsatisfied
ITS UP TO YOU AND SEMBANG2 chat room [public] created by xxxboyz
CHAT anything YOU liked to CHAT here !!! EVERYTHING... Fun AND Happy ;-) PEACE for YOU...
cam sex fun chat room [public] created by ronjeff
join this group for meet ur partners . the members should ready to hav fun with cam ^_^
Xbox one Destiny chat room [public] created by M1STH4ZE
Who Have Destiny and Wanna playing and hang out also kill things
Xboxone Destiny chat room [public] created by M1STH4ZE
you Wanna play Add me gamertag M1ST H4ZE
spank ers chat room [public] created by dinngy2
bdsm chats spank gag scream do it all
miguell chat room [private] created by MiguelCorazon2
ophelia chat room [public] created by ophelia12345
am looking for a caring man who can take really good care of me
Ur Guna Regret It chat room [public] created by SolsticeEmbodiment
((American Horror Story)) Ur guna regret it. Ur guna regret it. Ur guna regret it. Ur guna regret it. Ur guna regret it.
Toe Fetish chat room [public] created by cami409
For people who like female feet and toes
love live forever chat room [public] created by emadkajo
if u believe in love sure u will find it one day
BlackStars chat room [public] created by BlackllStar
cherrystrawberry chat room [private] created by cherrystrawberry6969
Lets do it! You all alone there? Come...letd socialize! Connect.
Daddys for Princesses chat room [public] created by Jenjenn888
Looking for ladies that like mature men for possible arrangement in the future
hot bich chat room [private] created by itchgirl
hang out and talk to you friends
Tickled Pink chat room [public] created by LATickler
For those who enjoy tickling and being tickled.
Musical Comedy chat room [public] created by seanogary
Interested in sharing comical music or videos come here! FUUUUnnnnnnyyyyy shit!
The Wiccan Coven chat room [public] created by Nathanbae14
A peaceful, accepting place for all Wiccans/Pagans to come and get to know other witches.
AnimeHigh chat room [public] created by BloomSwan
An anime high school role play room
The Wicca Place chat room [public] created by Nathanbae14
A place for Wiccans/Pagans world-wide to come and meet other witches.
woman that like doggin chat room [public] created by kellyy2001
Looking for woman that chat to a 14 year old girl about dogging no men thanks
Gay beastiality chat chat room [public] created by Huskylover4
Anyone in new Mexico that has a male husky?
a beautiful ride chat room [public] created by karthikDELHi
life is beautiful...:)life is beautiful...:)life is beautiful...:)life is beautiful...:)
sex fantasies 2 chat room [public] created by bolden10
all sexual talk is welcome...feel free to talk about any fantasies you have in mind.
Daddys little girl chat room [public] created by ayanababy
Intrested in daddy daughter chat
Gay 69 chat room [public] created by gayjohn69
any one looking fr gay love enter here
nightowls chat room [public] created by Musixux
Nocturnal people, night watchmen, night time wanderers and day-sleepers. Anyone staying up late and wanting to chat.
Bournemouth UK chat room [public] created by slave2use
Chat room for people from Bournemouth UK
arrayyane chat room [private] created by ameenmuhammetepe
serious things are still considered as nothing but groundless; but have spark achivement.
xxx trade chat room [public] created by GerMaleLikesDirty
Here gives all what u want and need
for you D chat room [private] created by islam717
Because we do not have mailboxes on Chat Hour, please make sure your important messages from our members are getting forwarded to your mailbox without being filtered. Plase take a moment to test this by sending a test message to yoursel
420 lovers chat room [public] created by jeffschemicals
We are offering 100% organic medical marijuana. We grow in you get all the wonderful flavors and aromas! Medical marijuana patients only! We can also assist you in getting your authorization! Call us at (631) 621-8869 to place your orders, local pickup and counseling for cancer and pain patients. OG Kush Grand daddy purple Northern light Bubba kush Sour Diesel Girls scout Blueberry Purple Haze Purple kush Blue Dream Green Crack White widow strawberry ak 47 and many more on demand. Phone...... (631) 621-8869
need a girlfriend or a boyfriend chat room [public] created by dillen132
if u need a bf or a gf join my room
perth novotel now chat room [public] created by GD72
Come here to meet discrete perth visitors on 5th Febuary now
Franking4you chat room [private] created by Franking4you
i am kind and funny, i love to chat with some one special to me,
old farts young tarts chat room [public] created by kcthom
you know what to do, you know what you want. Bring that girl to me and let me do what I want
LoveChatNicole chat room [public] created by nicole2020
i accept someone who want to love me. .
Werewiolves chat room [public] created by Maikota12
No cussing please and thank you
Unsure-of sexuality chat room [public] created by Maikota12
If anyone wishes to speak about it and needs someone to talk with, then come here.
Crush chat room [public] created by Maikota12
Anyone wanna talk about their crushes and what others should do about theirs,come here.
Gandharva World chat room [public] created by GandharvaHarpy
Rest, Relax, Sleep, Party, Life is all about those things~
Darkness Reigns Academy chat room [public] created by KusoMinato
This is a roleplaying school. Enjoy your stay its for all who like to roleplay and I don't judge your sexual preferences
hotest meeeennn chat room [private] created by killer2204
adult chat with flavour of love
girls looking for a guy to talk chat room [public] created by countryboyforlife
girls and guys can chat all exceptions
Emo Souls chat room [public] created by ETDBeats
yfhyyfcxfytfiugfyhhb hb h hbh hv hvjvyv bv huh bjhb hjh bbjh bh b hbh hbug hbuh bhihuubhuhhbuiiuguiyb bbugbu
people 12 chat room [public] created by cecelovesyou
Hey!!hi this is a chat room for guys age 12 and me so yeah nobody else idk it says to make it 30 so I have no choice
officiallysoccers chat room chat room [public] created by officiallysoccer
I was never talked to in the other chat room I was in. Maybe this time somebody will talk to me in this one.
hot boy lover chat room [public] created by jessikah2140
if you like or are a hot teen boy come to this page
Sexy Country Girls Chat chat room [public] created by blastinasstin
Home for all the sexy country girls to come chat
Cancer Ridden chat room [public] created by DemonCannibal
A role play room if you don't like it you can suck a nut...Im a nice person but you even mess with me a bit and your going to regret it.
fanny chat room [public] created by NiEKEFANNY
saya single, saya haus belaian, saya lesbian
bbw only chat room [public] created by matthewmount
im a guy look for a relationship
singles only 12 chat room [public] created by matthewmount
im looking for a relationship in texas
texas girls only plz chat room [public] created by matthewmount
looking for a relationship ..............
nairobiansconvers chat room [public] created by samkemmoja
meet and chat with fellow nairobian
private pics lets trade chat room [public] created by gbro76
Show me what you working with dont be shy
do it or else chat room [public] created by everyone1
u have to do a dare before coming in this room u need to take a photo and put it in your profile
Daddy Dom - baby girl chat room [public] created by MysteryX42
A chat room for baby girls to find their true Dom.
just enjoyyy chat room [public] created by vishwa4u
just wat ever u want
Desi Room For Bhabi chat room [public] created by rohit133
only sex for bhabi .................
GayTooX chat room [public] created by xoehan
hi whowhan to be my friends
goa india chat room [public] created by santoshlal05
all goan n near by indian girls enter
heya..wassup chat room [public] created by karthikDELHi
anne for meet up chat room [private] created by Annesmith23
chat me if you want us to meet.. :)
Problems hjelp chat room [private] created by kaitykat00
I need to about me and my bf and his daughter
CHAAAT MEH chat room [private] created by Rainbowish
Dis ish a chat room o-o loooooooolz
trip to ny chat room [public] created by mrssofia
trip to new york. fun trip._______________________________________
malay married chat room [public] created by syikin85
for married malay, guy or women.
gay teens 13-16 only chat room [public] created by Ryankce
gay teens 13 - 16 only!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
married malay chat room [public] created by wifeysarah
for married guy or girl only. thanks.
pro ana 2 chat room [public] created by thin99
help each other out pro ana xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Mya Room chat room [private] created by mya951
this it my room I get to pick who get to be here
Babe1802 chat room [public] created by dancestar990
Run By Two Girls, who love role play, any kinds of sports, and know how to have fun!!
the news ppl chat room [public] created by geej88
i just joined maybe you have as well. let's figure out what the hell this place is. it will be like old black men trying to figure out how to play guitar in standard tuning thus creating the blues.
sus123456 chat room [private] created by sus242
happyyyyyyyyyygyygyyyyyyyyyyyyygyyyy ....
abortion chat room [public] created by silkenpuss
if u think abortion is ok and just bc
hello........ chat room [public] created by karthikDELHi
hello :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
orang indonesia penggila sex chat room [public] created by Swandarisky
mari sini kita membahas masalah sex dan mari kita sex melalui net
9ja Pidgin Chat chat room [public] created by OyinboPrincess
This place na wey ppl go yarn in Pidgin :)
Free Chatroom chat room [public] created by Tamika123
For teens and adults. Talk about what u want in here! This is a free chatroom for everyone and no rules.
Friends To Be Found chat room [public] created by Pyromaniac1
This is a place to have a nice chat, find friends, or even just to role play if you want.
Lyoko chat room [public] created by RivenW
hmm randomness XD everyone is welcomed unless i dont like u <_< hehe o:)
the brothel house chat room [public] created by slavecorrado
a room where men and women meet to have sex
The Kid Chat chat room [public] created by faerielight
For kids 8 - 13!!!! Plz share and keep it clean in there.
Qatar life through Korean chat room [public] created by Sang1002
I would like to share our different idea and thinking about all of things
The CherryStrawberry Bar chat room [public] created by cherrystrawberry6969
Lets hang out at the Cgerry's bar, have some fun guys. Enjoy. I welcome you all ma berries ;)
love one other chat room [private] created by inusah73
if you love someone you will never hurt that person in your life
Verbal Abuse chat room [public] created by SubBoj
For Gay, Bi and Str8 into Verbal Abuse , Domination or Submission .Rough and Twisted No Limits Fantasy Chat
420time chat room [public] created by billyj164
marijuana laws in nampa idaho united states
nasty twisted taboo chat room [public] created by SubBoj
18 + no limits fantasy role play for gay,bi,and str8 how are into ,forced sex ,gang bang, abuse, humiliation....
Vida343 chat room [public] created by vida343
My name is Vida and i am new to this program and i would like to make new friends. Nice to meet everyone.
DuckyBunny chat room [private] created by BunnyMichaelis
This is our room, baby. Ours only. xx
All the room names are taken chat room [public] created by kaywight09
Bored! First time on here and would like to talk to someone, anyone
Nicole 23 chat room [public] created by nicole2020 Nicole if u like me come here to know me better:*
US GOVT chat room [public] created by yeharoca27
Need help with my government paper and would appreciate some ideas.
Only if you want a boyfriend chat room [public] created by Andrewiscool
I need a girl to talk to please may you join
Nude Webcam for 5 Minutes 5-10 Bucks chat room [public] created by vanessav90
Nude Webcam for 5 Minutes = $5-$10.00 Looking for older men ages 40+ to entertain. Anyone welcome really.
Nude Webcam for 5 Minutes 5-10 Bucks chat room [public] created by vanessav90
Nude Webcam for 5 Minutes = $5-$10.00 Looking for older men ages 40+ to entertain. Anyone welcome really.
pickuproom6 chat room [public] created by bigteddybear69
I have no kids but I have 5 greyhound that I save from be kill and a greman shep 2 ducks 6 chickens 1 blue and grey tom cat call tommy and a yellow bird call Sammy hi i am looking for some 1 to love and take care of if u want to chat
greyhound chat room [public] created by bigteddybear69
I have no kids but I have 5 greyhound that I save from be kill and a greman shep 2 ducks 6 chickens 1 blue and grey tom cat call tommy and a yellow bird call Sammy hi i am looking for some 1 to love and take care of if u want to chat
greyhound dog 69 chat room [public] created by bigteddybear69
I have no kids but I have 5 greyhound that I save from be kill and a greman shep 2 ducks 6 chickens 1 blue and grey tom cat call tommy and a yellow bird call Sammy hi i am looking for some 1 to love and take care of if u want to chat
teddybear chat room [public] created by bigteddybear69
I have no kids but I have 5 greyhound that I save from be kill and a greman shep 2 ducks 6 chickens 1 blue and grey tom cat call tommy and a yellow bird call Sammy hi i am looking for some 1 to love and take care of if u want to chat
Rich Men RichMenOnly 5 to 6 figures chat room [public] created by Sexyloner14
Lonley rich men that's looking to mingle and spoil their girls
Kenjii and Kohaku chat room [private] created by NanakoChan
Kenjii and Nanako chat room [private] created by NanakoChan
KENJII COME chat room [public] created by NanakoChan
Mother and Son chat room [public] created by dano110
Any Mother and Son who has thought about or has had sex with each other
gay world11 chat room [public] created by Nikasan1012
its all about gay people and so deal with it
naughty fridaynightzz chat room [public] created by Attila93
Looking for naughty partners from Brooklyn for make this night better
ohio chat fun chat room [public] created by TheNoobE1
if your from ohio come chat have fun and talk about other places you would rather be
sex room fo teens chat room [public] created by lookingvirgin
Fo horny ass teens to meet other teens and hav sex ;)
never have I ever chat room [public] created by taylorxp
a chat to play drinking games, for those who have nothing better to do on a Friday night. like me =P
Creepypasta academy chat room [public] created by BloodyRose2258
Welcome to Creepypasta! You have been accepted to be a fellow creepypasta along with others!!! no rules and just have fun! even slendy cant stop you!!!
Dripping chat room [public] created by Wildgirlxo
Get wet and wild xo ;) i looooooove to have fun
daniel8742 chat room [public] created by daniel8742
am a young but strong player to the knowledge of those that have seen me play
Kota Daeng chat room [public] created by bhonbhiz
Komunitas Anak makassar yang doyan Chatting
wat do u care chat room [public] created by hannahbanana1104
we can like girls who cares wat u guys think our lives our choces
Happy times chat room [public] created by alexghst
Anyone girl looking for some good time after facing this harsh world can join here and feel happy rest of the day.
smiley200 chat room [public] created by smiley900
Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite. How was you? Where is you? This is the chat room for you to discuss about you.
Gore chat room [public] created by GoreLover
This is just a room for gore lovers, if you are just there to hook up get the hell out.
lacey chat chat room [public] created by Laceylove138
date and sex chat room [public] created by ALEX123445
Come and talk to me, and this is a date room
Teen relationship and sex room chat room [public] created by ALEX123445
Come and talk about relationships and maybe a little bit about sex, if you are really interested
Cameroonians chat room [public] created by jbleumusic
American girl looking to connect with my roots. Just found out I my family is from Cameroon.
jeffs room chat room [public] created by jeffrice
Talk about Christianity, Philosophy, Music ++ for thinkers
hotterchat chat room [public] created by sibi107
only girls are needed for this group to start the experience about sex
Ba am chat room [public] created by Lilvampire123
Anyone could come you talk about whatever is interesting
Older-Younger chat room [public] created by Nathaniel22
not necessarily daddy son, but for younger men like me who prefer mature men without the drama
Older - younger chat room [public] created by Nathaniel22
I prefer the company of older men, not for money or because I hate my dad, but rather they have less drama, married ones are great, no strings
Happy Ebola Friends chat room [private] created by PetuniaChan
For htf people only, maybe some friends.
nighmares are real chat room [public] created by kayla5172
Scared yet no well welcome to the dark side all the fears come to life are you ready? I know I am hahaha
Adult Free chat room [public] created by blank00
Just Nude and try to fun whatever
Blades Room chat room [public] created by BellsOfBlades
My wife and I are Bi chat room [public] created by jdsiyanks1
MMF, chat to talk about experiences with your wife and other men. or your bi experiences
Voca RP chat room [public] created by LukaV3
(Don't have to be a voca to rp just be yourself, and have fun.)
you know you need it chat room [public] created by MRstrictspanks
this room is only for bad naughty girls who needs spanking
Arianna Vanti Apartments. chat room [public] created by ArianaVanti
This is where I draw and stuff.
AdelaideBiFun chat room [public] created by bisexsa80
Just for open minded people...
girls horny chat room [public] created by eimra
girls who live in the Philippines come on and chat
Clubpenguin Toontown chat room [public] created by ClubTown
Welcome to this place! well here are the links to play these games if you play these game here the rules be kind to others DONT POST SEXUAL OR SAY ANYTHING ABOUT THAT no trolling no bulling
Emo Soulz chat room [public] created by ETDBeats
Come Chill and Talk,Check out my Youtube Channel, ETDBeats.
Etdbeats chat room [public] created by ETDBeats
cin ijjncijdnijinjddnkonknjnjinhijjninhbhjhnbhjhnbhj
fxck toddlers chat room [public] created by ToddlerFxcktoy
where pedos can talk about baby sex fantasies
Sexting on Kik chat room [public] created by jordan21king
Sexting on kik. ask for kik names ;) girls
LGBTTEENS chat room [public] created by taytkdiva30
for those who need help or want to ask questions or who just want too chat and make friends with people who understand
Blow Jobs chat room [public] created by joeschmoe10
A chatroom for anyone who wants to talk about oral sex (giving or receiving).
UndeadArena chat room [public] created by MollyKester
a place to fight and roleplay. i can and will ban anyone spamming or harassing anyone in the chat. if that's not clear enough, contact me for more details. Undead arena is run by the undead jester, Molly. It's basically one on one only, and no god modding.
Happy Tree Firends chat room [private] created by PetuniaChan
HTF PRIDE BRUH! If you got ebo- la la la la la la the join dis chat!
Roll playing123 chat room [public] created by schoenrussian9
come rp with me but only stick to one topic only until we are done with that topic..
Have some fun chat chat room [private] created by xzubin009
Only for Adult Chat ..., Mature girls and boys can join the chat room
CountryFolksForLife chat room [public] created by ManderLou
I love country boys an girls! looking for new friends! maybe a country girl as my girl! yes I am bisexual!
Im his chat room [public] created by imhis78
The life of a submissive wife, tell your story.
girls426 chat room [public] created by pradeep426
who are looking for me chat here
MInecraft challenge room chat room [public] created by Nateboy28
Minecraft challenge applicants come in or find out more about the game here!
jessica13bi chat room [public] created by jessica13bigrl
bi girls n those who appreciate them
older les girls chat room [public] created by aliceJ503
20f new single looking for older women
oXxXEmoWeirdosXxXo chat room [public] created by JayLuff
Room for weird emo, goth people to hang and chill out no BS PLEASE AND THANKS ❤♡♡❤♡♡
RIYADH SaudiArabia chat room [public] created by pinkysharjah
all guys, girls pls come to this room me in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh city.see my profile.. njoyyyy hv a nicce day
Broken Chat for bi male chat room [public] created by Sabariaf
For single who broken hearted,it is the chance to fix your heart broken.Let's enjoy with us
deepdeepverydeep chat room [private] created by deepdeepverydeep
i am looking for an indian to come to chat me ,,,,friendship... open talks etc.
ONLY FOR HORNY OLDER MEN chat room [public] created by Shuperman1841
Hi, my name is josh and i want a big fat cock down my throut and up my tight little butt i am 14 and I WANT OLDER COCK i support NAMBLA and other organizations like it:):):):)
horny like me tonight chat room [public] created by Sonnybone32
Hi I'm sonny I am so horny any ideas or advice on my problem I need to hear your advice please
insta followers chat room [public] created by maryfilipina
add and follow me in instagram. I'll follow back.. nice to know u guys..
indian crosser dresser chat room [private] created by asha0358
talk about anything related with cross dresssing
New Life reborn chat room [public] created by allalone2015
reborn your self here .... change thru positive people
Dream a better Dream Roleplay chat room [public] created by Sakyubasu
A room for rp and those who enjoy it. All characters welcome. Strict to casual rp is welcomed, also ask me for lessons
Teen age only. chat room [private] created by aryasigdel999
This is a room for only for 13 to 19 years old.
KoreanCuties chat room [public] created by ishiie
This chat room is for all people that want to become friends, Specially just for Korean. :) <3
lets meet for real chat room [public] created by natcar207
real people really meet in person,public place for safety
BBW BISEXUAL chat room [public] created by gabbwbicurious
If your plus size n bisexual this chat is for you
Telugu hot SexChat chat room [public] created by sri20127
a hot chat room only for telugu speakers
heeey chat room [private] created by AnonymouslyYours
Emo Scene Anime Music chat room [public] created by KittehGoesRawrr
Anybody who's Emo, Scene must watch anime?! Right..?? Any who! Bye-Bye my fellow comrades.
sex hot room 654 chat room [public] created by deepukhan
get fr a relationship.........................................................................
AWESOME chat room [public] created by XxxMyaxxX
Teens only.12 through 15 i guess.Thanks!
akash010 chat room [public] created by akash010
all about sex.every body chat with me any time. I am always free.
laylass room chat room [private] created by laylasperm
i want to chat and have lots of fun with u guys
gay kids 13- chat room [public] created by donavincoatsdatemepl
13 - looking for gay love and want to get a boyfriend or friend
lonely sadness chat room [public] created by kmskyra
for people that are feeling low; suicidal. Or not. For help or advise or just to chat so you don't feel so alone, if you are not feeling low, depressed or suicidal please, try to help people in this room that are, be there for them. don't give up, you are worthy of life. (NO HATE PLEASE!!) "save me from myself"
13 year olds in this place chat room [public] created by Camlan
this room is for oung people to 12-14. NO PEOPLE 20 and above.
Cortez Inc. German Lobby chat room [public] created by DonaOnAir
Music, Chillin´..and more... for all nice guys & girls... German and English preffered..
mental illness chat chat room [public] created by carterdawson226
any one who is dealing with mental illness and needs someone join the chat
roleplaying only twillight or harrypotter chat room [public] created by ilovelesbians808
i will only allow cirten things to be roleplayed
straight up Dirty Uncensored chat chat room [public] created by 0jswagg
Uncensored chat anything and everything goes. Unlimited users so u really wanna be here
New Experience chat room [public] created by MasterSean9068
Looking for young guy who like to cum control, bondage, slave training etc.
FaceTime play chat room [private] created by Jmathes00
Looking for a woman to play via FaceTime
for 3 years old only chat room [public] created by Swendswag
thi chat room is for 13 years old only so if ur not 13 dont come in
sex man chat room [public] created by hameedmonpanchu
do u interst im in fully intrsted
I NEED CHATMATES chat room [public] created by roelandmitchie
letshavesomefun69 chat room [private] created by pu3547
hllo my sexy lets have some fun ;)
gujarat chat room chat room [public] created by pintu003
gujjus want friendship want date and want fun
Jerseyville IL area chat room [public] created by KrystianJon
for anyone around the Madison, macoupin and jersey county area. in illinois
fursona rp chat room [public] created by bubblegumthefox
a fun chat for furrys. free for all :D
Mumbai Hangout chat room [public] created by baystack
All Mumbaikars are invited. hangout and chillout.
Adminykazly chat room [public] created by greennEo2
Adminy-suki! zajdite - pobazarim! Caution only for strong people!! War alowed. Wariors-welcome!!!
Tamilkumar chat room [public] created by tamilkumar98
i want need chennai girl friends
beyou chat room [public] created by fallingbloody
talk about whatever you want to see how many other people agree with your life style. sexuality, religion, music, these things.
Girls who wanna skype chat room [public] created by sigurdBOOY
Girls who are looking for a boy to skype with ;)
ask me a question. chat room [public] created by MissBeautiful17
hi i am Lena an i just want to learn how to work this chat hour thing.!!
tuluswill chat room [public] created by tuluswill
cool and funny and mom son shake hand
broken emo chidren chat room [public] created by brokenheartedrmogirl
come here if you need to talk to anyone
nc hook up 69 chat room [public] created by joeloy345
hook up nc...................................................................................................................
scienceroom chat room [public] created by joss82
Talk about science and future. Making ideas about new technological items
PureTanSexy chat room [public] created by PureSexyTan
Need To Earn... come And Get
Older Men I like chat room [public] created by TerraKiley
A room where young ladies can talk to father figures when they don't have a Dad in their lives.
Its Not About The Sex Or Cam chat room [public] created by SaoirseMudaon
A welcomed clean chat room. Where actual conversations can take place with slight flirtations, just no full on Sex messages.
sexy bitches be like lets have sex chat room [public] created by katey606
bitches be like i love u until I die
Jcman love chat room [private] created by Jcman2808
For singles to meat and get together and chat about what they want to do
13 year old boy lets sext on kik chat room [public] created by DjBlend
Dirty boy waiting to chat we will meet eachother in kik my kik is DjblendO_o on kik
alyssas room chat room [public] created by alyssaCheer
lookin for cool peeps not pervs
Chicago 50 and over chat room [public] created by ssherry64
where people 50 and over come for good conversation
Sexoroom chat room [public] created by Fdmaster1
individuals looking for sex, one night stands and sex in various occations/ sexting and sharing fantasies
cfnm old boys chat room [public] created by dudu7070
for ppl who know what cfnm is .......
opeth chat room [public] created by mokshashanti
anyone who seriously loves Opeth
Physics Quantum chat room [public] created by Mabeuf
You know what I mean. Looking to connect with fellow travelers on the road.
Adventist Chat chat room [public] created by musicmanern
Where other SDA members can meet and discuss different issues
michelle16 chat room [public] created by michelle98
call sex with f 16 and word coming for and chatting with me
michelle98 chat room [public] created by michelle98
chat with me im f 16 come along and we will have fun
Peaceful Suicide planning chat room [public] created by indieFawn
For people struggling, and serious about exiting but in a peaceful and dignified manner
loner teens chat room [public] created by Disturbed98
For teens (14-19) that need someone to chat with :D
true love chat friendship chat room [public] created by jessek4dolor
matured dating chat for responsible men and women
telugu muchatlu chat room [public] created by madhusreee
room for only telugu talking fellows for all types of chat
Decent People101 chat room [public] created by DecentChubbyGirl20
fun random conversations. making friends.
20yrs old Limassol handsome boy chat room [public] created by marios95
im looking for Cypriot girl for having fun everyday!
busy making money chat room [public] created by Xanayde
All about believing in yourself and not afraid of taking risk. I will show you a way to create wealth and a family working together to achieve one goal.
sexy boy for sexy girls chat room [public] created by hotiegl
only for hot girls whos want sex or satisfaction
elles room chat room [public] created by elle1515
Girls girls girls come in for good time
a good timee chat room [public] created by madisenlovely
are you ready for a good time well then come join
Sugar Daddies Wanted Today chat room [public] created by Sexyblkluver50
fpr your desire; come into this room; bring all your friends; Here let's explore our wants and sexualities. You want a babe who will treat you right; stay in this room this is your luck night.....
Sugar Daddies We Want You chat room [public] created by Sexyblkluver50
fpr your desire; come into this room; bring all your friends; Here let's explore our wants and sexualities. You want a babe who will treat you right; stay in this room this is your luck night.....
Sugar Daddies her3e are your babies chat room [public] created by Sexyblkluver50
fpr your desire; come into this room; bring all your friends; Here let's explore our wants and sexualities. You want a babe who will treat you right; stay in this room this is your luck night.....
Sugar Daddies here are your babies chat room [public] created by Sexyblkluver50
fpr your desire; come into this room; bring all your friends; Here let's explore our wants and sexualities. You want a babe who will treat you right; stay in this room this is your luck night.....
Daddies wanted in here3 chat room [public] created by Sexyblkluver50
fpr your desire; come into this room; bring all your friends; Here let's explore our wants and sexualities. You want a babe who will treat you right; stay in this room this is your luck night.....
Birmingham Girls chat room [public] created by jamesember99
Birmingham UK Girls chat to me 15-17 s
Silicone Boobs Lovers chat room [public] created by fakebooblover81
Chatroom for people who love fake boobs...!
lick unwashed pusy chat room [public] created by nv78
i love unwashed woman....................................................
saks chat room [private] created by jonnysaks
time to play !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
saks1 chat room [public] created by jonnysaks
play !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
Sex Chat for Normal People chat room [public] created by ian140298
This is a sex chat group for normal people (not for GAY, LESBIAN, etc.). In this group u can share ur opinion or ur sex ecperience and u can make a sex chat with other people.
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