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List of all user-created chat rooms #580
kasinreid chat room [public] created by kasinreid
come and join the room and chat what ever u like to talk to about
LoL-league of legends chat room [public] created by darkwolf135
a chat room for people who play league to get together
only for sex soft sex chat room [public] created by bharath0420
for who are in INDIA mainly in south side
little slave private chat chat room [public] created by lesboslavegirl
anal lovers123 chat room [public] created by wyatttaie
a room for anal lovers duh talk how u want
friends only room. chat room [public] created by mrsbishop56
this room is basically for those who don't want to be hit on or stuff like about music and everyday stuff
real love for life chat room [public] created by nopervsallowed1
Room not for players or one night stands. If you are wanting real love and the right person like I do then this is where we should meet.
bartfast chat room [public] created by bartfast
just talk, just have a look females > 30 are welcome
Role Playing Only chat room [public] created by CrisiKrystal277
Strictly roleplay only! No being rude, or you will be banned. Any non-roleplayers will also be kicked out. No advertising. Understand? Good!
HerpDerpMapleSerp chat room [public] created by HerpDerpMapleSerp
anyone and everyone. pls come plssssssssssssssss plssssssssssss
broken chat chat room [public] created by hurtinghurts
lets talk about our feelings haha f no
singles knoxville tn chat room [public] created by tj262626
dating for shy men and women in knoxville tn
Idiot Bis and Gays chat room [public] created by DannyBruh
lol idk im just an idiot falling for people and getting rejected
13-17 teen chatt chat room [public] created by Shay8105
A chat room for teens , if you are older than 20, then stay off of this chat. This is not for pervs twice the ages from 13-17.
Walking head job chat room [public] created by Katelynxo
Its a very naughty and dirty room only to talk about S.E.X
Telugu chat lovers chat room [public] created by Ranjithatracy
A gift from my side for all the Telugu sex chat lovers
LasVegas2 chat room [public] created by mhar43US
looking for fun? Come join this room
cool awsome room yay chat room [public] created by girl1019
dating site it will be awsome okay
lund pund chat room [private] created by sk7894
hi all girls join me with sex chat
Wolfie chat room [public] created by OrangeWolfie
This is a place for all the Wolfies of chathour to get together and chat. Welcome to Hell.
good females only chat room [public] created by amalagrawal
female are come to this room and make yur self safe and free na nw
single california teens chat room [public] created by caring52073
here you can talk to single teens from california, please keep the language clean and safe for everyone... maybe youll find your next boyfriend or girlfriend here.. one rule: be yourself! :) have fun
Girl skype names chat room [public] created by joker4told
Girls leave your skype names or any other names like snapchat. Girls only leave names.
Korean-stuff chat room [public] created by Daradiba
We can talk all about Korean stuff here.
HumiliationWebcam Chat chat room [private] created by DDDSEXYWEBCAM
enter if you dare slaves losers, humanatms, moneypig, moneyslave
HackerEXPERTS chat room [public] created by preciousbeautifulbby
For those with knowledge, skill and expertise on being able to hack
lesbian domination chat room [public] created by emilyblue
a room for lesbians to role play dominate and be submissive
just fck up or shut up chat room [public] created by Residentygofanjulie
eh is sleepy just wanna IM with peopel so i hides here
Gravity Falls Chatroom roleplay chat room [public] created by nerdyrainbowdashie
Hey , open rp Chat room , I need a dipper , mabel , soos , wendy , etc from the show
Just a room for us chat room [private] created by emilyblue
Just a chat room for the two of us to chat and be naughty ;)
newfoundland chat meet new people chat room [public] created by dan171717
come in and converse with people from newfoundland have a good chat!
hard dick chat room [public] created by Sixthsense8572
Skype for c2c povi_victory for lovely chat... I am a hairy choco...
sugardaddys and sugarbabie chat room [public] created by babygirl14523
for sugardaddys and babies can find eachother
Pakistan and India Chat Roop chat room [public] created by rj5555
online Free Pakistani and India Girls And Boys Dating Chat Room
hot and freindly chat chat room [public] created by jack007xx
I am hot person any time chat witha me
Gay and Bi 209 chat room [public] created by MCAdrian
For gay/bi males or anyone who supports
GayToronto chat room [public] created by TORONTOguy21
gay hookups and meeetups for all kinds of fun. ;)
delhiyaar chat room [private] created by tanyaashree
jiojophjpojpojomml;','huihbjbjb jkknklnklnkllkmlknknjjnk
Chatroom for people i looooooooove chat room [private] created by TenebrisLupum
this is a pvt chat room for all the people who are most important to me ^~^
market chat room [private] created by neetish2
talk about market rates and how many sites provides chat
Chat For Kiks chat room [public] created by mindlessillusions
Just bored and wanna Kik, haha. No pervs please!!! Just comment your Kik or Instagram and Ill follow or Kik you c:
m.kamal.qatar chat room [private] created by mkamak30
hello every body my name mohamed from Egypt and i live in Qatar i search for really friend
TacoWolfes Taco Shack chat room [private] created by TacoWolfie
olderbbwlesbians chat room [public] created by bella624
older bbw women that love women!!
jackjaison14 chat room [public] created by jackjaison14
hi please add me in ur chat list
The Lez Room chat room [public] created by blazaroo
Chatting and having fun with people you meet online. Anyone is allowed inside.
13-15 only have fun chat room [public] created by amlbasketball
This is for teens who just need a place to chat or for someone to understand them.
cameras chat room [public] created by refresher111
Who wants chat with webcams. no limit
ArabsWorldwide chat room [public] created by JooryV
For all arab people :D Talk about anything,whatever u guys wanna talk about ;))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
gaylove123 chat room [public] created by abellol
find me . true love is of the heart and the soul , dont waste time just come on with me here and hook me up . get more friends to join to find their love
dad4son chat room [private] created by indianaDad4Son
where a dad and son can meet up and chat. private room.
reizeregr chat room [public] created by Reizerger
cool and I love to meet good interested women that are not for play here...........I need a wife here please, be careful how you chat with me if you are not here for seriousness ...thanks
okay hiiiiiiiiieee chat room [public] created by azuraki
nothing jjust jamming lalallallalalalal
The Nerd Zone chat room [public] created by theddavid
All video gamers unite! Were we talk about Mario 8bit all the way to Call of Duty! Come check us out
bextever chat room [private] created by ben1405
screw me on webcam chat room [public] created by AlisonLovesSex
add me on skype lila.winter18 add me to see a pen up my ass and hole also my below part!!
Making Simple Money Online chat room [public] created by pete144
This chat-room is dedicated to like-minded entrepreneurial men and women, looking to use their free time as a unique way to search into the thousands of methods of making money online, right beneath our very own feet! Everyone is welcome. No spamming is allowed. No sex talk. No adultery.
Kids and Woozworlds Talk chat room [public] created by NatKatty
Only Woozworld and kids talk! I luv Woozworld please don't talk about anything other than or kids then or I'm deleting my chat room!
Chaters chat room [private] created by Morkielover
This is funhbchrhijfheurhfhksdjfwjdifejifjiwhfidhufnifhruhfwifhdufhurhfuwrhifhrufhirhfuue
HYDERABADrocks chat room [public] created by rameshbabubathula
The people who are from Hyderabad. Please come to this room.
Meet your date chat room [public] created by Tucker091506
Everyone is allowed. Come and have fun dating new people!
hotcase chat room [public] created by erkookeysriv
only girls are allowed to its a hotcase...................
Boys meet girls date chat room [public] created by Tucker091506
This room will have girls and boys dating. Have fun!
Boys meet girls date 16 and up chat room [public] created by Tucker091506
This room will have girls and boys dating. Have fun!
16and up dating no gay chat room [public] created by Tucker091506
This room will have girls and boys dating. Have fun!
birahi siang hari chat room [private] created by stevendoncarleone
Indo's girl only, rasakan sensasi nya
Angell1996 chat room [private] created by irishDaddy1
Angell1996 Angell1996 Angell1996 Angell1996
south indian sexchat chat room [private] created by Anagha200
Only for south indians...come and enjoy the dreamworld
hack3rExperts chat room [public] created by preciousbeautifulbby
if you are good at this then this is the room 4 u
Tact taco chat room [private] created by TacticalTaco
CCV hackers chat room [public] created by Teejay365
Real Hackers that can help other hackers out code talk only
lylaye chat room [private] created by safr9
You must enter usernames of other members to allow them to use your private room. Only you and members you select can see messages in this room.
Doha Chat and Meet chat room [public] created by Dohamale4fun
Chat and meet in Doha, open to all
Swimming charoom chat room [public] created by bonosolo
Am looking for friends to share evrything with them
Good news chat room [public] created by RLima
If you want to know new people and have a small talk, welcome!
Uncle Room chat room [private] created by YerUncle
Room for UNcle and hsi private friends.
Uncle Room 1 chat room [public] created by YerUncle
FuRRys ROOM chat room [public] created by tankxavier
furry room come on in and chat an have fun no pervs :)
Chilllax chat room [public] created by ajstyles90
only for people luking to chill,, no perverts please
parents suck chat room [public] created by questgirl123
to talk about how parwnt suck and why
Fin Domination chat room [public] created by PrincessKendra
Financial Domination is to help money slaves, pay pigs, find a mIstress/Princess to begin serving.
gay chat or first time ottawa chat room [public] created by klowe66
specialness chat room [public] created by silenceandisexual
send dirty pictures and talk about anything that you feel like doind it dorsnt matter if your gay lesbian or straight i dont care cause myself im bisexual
bristol uk chat 2014 chat room [public] created by fitty87
social chatroom for people wanting to connect and meet new people in bristol
Everywhere chat room [private] created by Kalapoli
Romance Love poetry Love poetry music
Science Chatroom chat room [public] created by vir12raj
Discuss philosophy and application of human knowledge.
nightangle chat chat room [public] created by Adityamgr
join our room for romance,loving,friendsip chating
The Dark... Embrace it T or D chat room [public] created by TehBlaze
PROUD INDIANS chat room [public] created by ajstyles90
older guys talk with younger girls only chat room [public] created by jchamp222
any kind of talk dirty clean fun let get to know each other
Wolves of Heartbreak chat room [public] created by TrustintheDark
A epilepsy of two warring wolf packs.
Single and Ready to Mingle46 chat room [public] created by LunarStar
Hey this chat room is for anyone that's single and want to date me!!
Fuuk Me chat room [public] created by Daddy069
In this chat room you and a partner of your choosing can have an anything goes conversation. Talk about whatever comes to each one of your minds naughty or nice.
Nerdy Nebula chat room [public] created by AndraditeChick
welcome nerds! keep it clean! have fun! :D
Lesbian Teens in Chicago chat room [public] created by kylanation
For girls to meet each other and just have a good time. No boys please!
Anthro High School chat room [public] created by Frostfang
A high school hidden in the darkness allowed for all creatures to join, the occasional human allowed. >.<
this is the best chat room ever bitches chat room [public] created by antd10
this is the best chat ever have fun
AnorexiaIsMakingMeCrazy chat room [public] created by Teagan2014
anas making me go crazy and i can't deal with it anymore
Thinspiration room chat room [public] created by dancerchick02
to inspire and help people lose weight
Pioneer Roleplay chat room [public] created by BuieChild
Basically Role playing stuff about the 1800's. Nothing inappropriate please!
relationship searching chat room [public] created by gohard18
r u looking for a relationship
cute korean people or kpop chat room [private] created by maryxiong
cute guy,kpop,liked to listen to song,or liked to dance,liked to watch movies,and had fun time,meet new people
pagibig chat room [public] created by em0ti0nal
kachat nga ung makulit...;) para hnd nmn boring....
i want an older man chat room [public] created by mizzr3dd
older men looking to talk to young woman looking to have fun
Indians N Rest chat room [public] created by ajstyles90
All indians and non indians are welcome
VEGETARIANS chat room [public] created by ajstyles90
Assassins Hideout chat room [private] created by SilentxBlade
A hideout for members of the Creed
lahat panget dito chat room [public] created by uglyy40
hindi porke panget ka.mahihiya ka.
UGLY CHATROOM chat room [public] created by uglyy40
Open All Chatroom chat room [public] created by mart5689
you have to open your all worries problems and etc.
VFriendly chat chat room [private] created by Vennila83
this is a friendly chat room. No sex chats
Talk a realtalk chat room [public] created by PJ96
A friendly chat room where you can discuss everything except pornography. Find friends inside. Good day!
dom me chat chat room [public] created by amberlynn86
for daddy doms tochat with the baby girls
dom me chat room [public] created by amberlynn86
for daddy doms tochat with the baby girls
General Chat for Everyone chat room [public] created by Sekxii
Actively moderated to insure a safe and friendly environment for everyone.
rajesh16yrs chat room [private] created by rajesh16yrs
my name rajesh kumar from ramnagar, nainital, uttarakhand, I like to chat about personality development. Do you know how to develop his personality.
good fun chat room [public] created by zargham1
good g and cking mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
hackers free chat chat room [public] created by preciousbeautifulbby
hack chat for anyone that is good in this area
Psychic Chat Room chat room [public] created by preciousbeautifulbby
For anyone who is interested or psychic themselves.
balkanika chat room [public] created by balkanikaeu
Kentucky Chatter Bugs chat room [public] created by kygirliegirl
For all ppl from the kentucky area to come and chat so sit down and lets chat :)
Philippines Hottie Guy chat room [public] created by alrien90
Philippines nicest,hottiest guy! - Trolling chat room [public] created by preciousbeautifulbby
Has anyone used the website to troll? lmao
faroe island chat room [public] created by basc
for people in faroe island that are visiting and want to meet some new people and have some fun
whats app and blacKberry pin. exchange chat room [public] created by strilyoung
This room is were you can easily exchange ur blackberry pin or whats app number with friend
BlackBerry ping And whats app exchange room chat room [public] created by strilyoung
This room is were you can easily exchange ur blackberry pin or whats app number with friend
naughty adult chat chat room [public] created by tillon86
sex chat for adults that want a little naughty
Satin and panty lovers chat room [public] created by Satinlover144
For lovers of satin and panties
SUICIDE OR CHOCOLAT chat room [public] created by Tinty
so, nothing to do. want to talk to someone?
ANY ONE THATS UNDER 30 chat room [public] created by jakerulez69
30 and younger will talk and have a fun time
kens chat room chat room [public] created by kennethreilly
lets talk be friends and get along
emo mute chat chat room [public] created by extrodanaryme
For people like me who are mute and emo
emo chat girls chat room [public] created by bmthbroken
Gay Arizona Chat chat room [public] created by andrew2536
Gay Arizona people only!!!!!!!!!!!
sex with boys chat room chat room [public] created by london2809243
we talk about sex, having sex, wanting sex and we will play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hacking Tutorials chat room [public] created by Becky1717
Learn how to hack, Must be willing to learn
about issis and american control chat room [public] created by 190nthef3nce83
views on iraq insurgents and what anyone can fo about it
Learn2Hack chat room [public] created by Becky1717
Learn how to hack inside this chatroom.
Sad things chatt chat room [public] created by redconverslover
talk about sad things and problems
board catt room chat room [public] created by redconverslover
things to do when board and taliknig about bordisam
teenage relationships and sex preferences chat room [public] created by eddielacy
Teenage girls talk to me via text message and have to ask for my number and my kik
SAN DIEGO Shards chat room [public] created by jon040
jeffreys room chat room [public] created by jrosario179
help me find my iphone. it was stolen in school and i need someone that knows how to track it even though its off
Thread Bare Blunt chat room [public] created by LoveBush
I love direct to the point chat, bizarre and sexy
KiK PeOpLe chat room [public] created by Whitebait
come here to yarn with kikers from all parts of the globe maybe even get a few details while ur at it ;) enjoy, be polite
we love black bbw chat room [public] created by Monalisachinda
If u dont like bbw please leave us... lol
420 somewhere chat room [public] created by HippieHeart420
i want this to be an anti perv zone, no i dont wanna see your cock... ive smoked the herb and wanna have random conversation ....JOIN MEEEEEEE
Im Done With Men chat room [public] created by Bemefull
Whether your tiered of having to deal with guy's, bi curios, bisexual, or just lesbian; this is a place were you can chat, flirt, and make new friends
ana tips Anorexia tips chat room [public] created by daretobeskinni
helping people be a ana or loosing weight
Adviceee chat room [public] created by ParisRandolph
Questions anyone??? Questions questions question???
CooolPeopleOnly chat room [public] created by LouderThanSilence
You Heard Right Join Now and Tell Your Friends
DirtyChaaat chat room [public] created by LouderThanSilence
join the dirty chat because why not
Indian chatroom chat room [public] created by mewithranbirkapoor
all indians are welcome, Only indians cause this is ment for only indians.
Alberta People chat room [public] created by SexxC
Come on in for friendly chat, everyone welcome
Fandom Chat room chat room [public] created by bekweasley3
This is a chat room for all the lovely fangirls and boys out there, from Hunger Games to Doctor Who, this is a place for us all to chat and vent about fandom probz or just to meet and chat with others in the fandom! If this sounds like the place for you, then allons-y and chat!
Jays713 chat room [public] created by BlackJay713
Idk really, just talk here and i dont really care
looking forlove chat room [public] created by countryboy555
looking for love and dating and looking for bf
chatmedivya chat room [public] created by divyaxy
Nude Trade Chat chat room [public] created by SexyBomb12
This room is dedicated to people who are willing to trade nude pics of themselves with each other
Jhen and Bo chat room [private] created by BoMoore
ONLY me and Jhen! Nobody else please!
dirtyg4me chat room [private] created by jong4chat
just you and me me and you or you and me
spyke gay webcam chat room [public] created by laci92
Gyere és verjük ki közösen élvezünk hatalmasat :)
Outsiderz chat room [public] created by Alabamgirlz
Gerneral conversation, hook-ups, friends, lovers, casual talk, if you got booted this will be the spot to hang.
vizag hot chat chat room [private] created by elvy2000
only hot people are alowed, please maintain the respect of others.
Hungary gay webcam chat room [public] created by szomjas1
gyere és élvez velem sykén nick :lasex1 Come and enjoy with me Syke nickname: lasex1
life of employer chat room [public] created by Holis08
any thing you want to talk about n_n
Friendship in Dammam-saudi Arabia chat room [public] created by SexyM70
Hello girls I wish chat with you for friendship
Friendship in Dammam chat room [public] created by SexyM70
Hello to everybody in DAMMAM. Chathere to introduce itself
Frndship for only girls chat room [public] created by Samm288070
Girls join mee and enjoy fun i am single looking for girl frndship pls be my frnd and make me enjoyed
Mollys chat room [public] created by mollyscout123
if you want to chat join this chat room
role-play chat chat room [public] created by PrincessTasia
do whatever role-play you want but it has to be your own character and idea
tamil lesbian chat chat room [public] created by kavitha12
tamil lesbians onlyyy.................
hellroom chat room [public] created by hellbert
everyone is welCUM,need advice tell me.....
bdsmfetish chat room [public] created by Sub777
bdsm foot fetish cbt and femdom chat room anything goes
hot play now chat room [public] created by sexymaria4u
north indiana bi chat room [public] created by sivartretxed
for all bi's men and weamon. looking for nsa fun
viratandme chat room [private] created by sexyfromindia
just for a casual chat with my friend
Gay for str8 cock ottawa chat room [public] created by Gatgay
Gay in ottawa want to meet str8 for sucking
THOT chat room [private] created by SMURF2416
anyone not creepy or a cerial killer . pretty much fun normal ppl ok ;)
freaks welcome chat room [public] created by SMURF2416
anyone up for a fun chat and isnt naked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the official 13-14 year olds chat room [public] created by cornergirl
Join this chat room and nobody over or under the ages of 13-14 you will be banned!! Enjoy this chat and meet your match.
S.O.S. chat room [private] created by SMURF2416
sw florida ADULT chat lol 18 pluss chat room [public] created by cbux40
meet, chat, cam, what ever chat room , flirt, argue, have fun
romance123 chat room [private] created by Tingu11
i need to romance good chick
EthioRising chat room [public] created by ted2014la
The room is open to all with open mind. Mutual respect is of utmost importance while discussing topics and offending language or act is not tolerated. Enjoy !
13 yr old girls only chat room [public] created by kieron01
im a 13yr old boy and i live in skipton (uk) and im single
word cup chat room [public] created by tonyCJDW
anythink about word cup, all user wolcome here
World Cup 2014 chat room [public] created by dlhanson1015
know your football or gtfo damnit
GOTHIC EMPIRE chat room [public] created by webxmusic
A place where everyone can get together and talk, have a few drinks, meet interesting people and to party with the world :)
ALCOHOL 420 chat room [private] created by webxmusic
A place to get together and to party with the world 24/7
learn languages chat room [public] created by cocker
A room for students of languages
College Age Christians chat room [public] created by AthleticStud8
For College Age Christians that want to talk about anything from school stuff, relationships, being single, God, The Bible, And anything that is going on in your lives.
CEBU TAMBAYAN27 chat room [public] created by kindred27
Sud na mga mga chaie/choie. Chat'2 lng pra magkaila tah ! It's going down, I'm yelling timber You better move, you better dance Let's make a night you won't remember I'll be the one you won't forget
Allentown Pennsylvania chat room [public] created by king7598
If you live here join this chat
Middle Eastern Indians chat room [public] created by Desirable8Artist
'Rounding up them Indians! 'Keeping it calm, cool, and to the point.
greatmeat chat room [private] created by greatmeat
taboo xxx,xoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxxoxoxoxox
asik chat room [public] created by arie2407
gue lg pengen chat sex karena gue lg sange
sophia love chat room [public] created by saltshaker2
if you like to party you are in the right place. i love hanging out at friends house so i consiter you friends
M1n3cr4f7 f0r Hack3rs chat room [public] created by JoeBryant1337
This is dedicated to those who break rule, This is not a place to advertise Hack tools but to help people make their own hack.
SweaterxDelilah chat room [private] created by LeSweater
A room for luhf'n and hanky panky! :D
242442343544 chat room [public] created by DLCXVi
Talk about your favorite games
rajuffff chat room [private] created by RAJU7004
oldman chat room [public] created by JARRAJ1952
searhing a privte bank job
13 Year old flirt chat room chat room [public] created by Risky00042
Just 13 year olds please. Be respectful. Ask for Kik, skype or what ever else
dateforfree chat room [public] created by nelzh
dating matured women and making them feel great in bed
Saudia Riyadh chat room [public] created by Riyadh2013
To meet new friends,sharing ideas and educating each other
376 chat room [private] created by pandit25
aau maje kare mera lund taiyaar hai ab aa jaao
strapongirls chat room [public] created by country910boy
Girls who like using strapons on guys
alphafem chat room [private] created by alphafem
my space my rules if i invite you then you can come in but only if I like you haha
hubs who have shared the wife chat room [public] created by pdan61
talking with others that have had the same experience
World Cup 2014 damnit chat room [public] created by dlhanson1015
shits about football damnit, and no not the kind of football that you throw
Get to know me good chat room [public] created by Kcialava
Would love to chat to girls only. If you think I'm hot then we need to chat so send me line plz
Heya qt chat room [private] created by ValentinBG
Join please :p You seem nice and I wanna talk
charlotte71 chat room [public] created by charlotte71
my love site how can i be in love
pasok pinoy chat room [public] created by tomrule
anywhere here in manila you are welcome and anyone who wnts to go here youre very much welcome
Wives 4 BBC chat room [public] created by Bostonguy20121
Wives looking for Big Black C**k
Horny people 17-24 chat room [public] created by mollywilson13
Talk dirty to people cos I don't care how dirty
The Demonic Star chat room [private] created by TeslaNovaStar
A room for me to log in and out of like a sneaky ninja. People may also chat here, but never do so meh.
dorisemilyn chat room [public] created by dorisemilyn
have a good friendship , regards for alls ,
Daves room. chat room [public] created by slam999
Im dave. i love to chat with females
Holy-people-only chat room [public] created by CollinHull
Do not cuss or be kicked out by me or one of the owners on the chat room
frequency and vibrations chat room [public] created by balancedones
about sound and my blog dearmusicyouvechanged
nibiru and the red star kachina chat room [public] created by balancedones
all about the approaching large mass anomalies chat room [public] created by balancedones
about why i was banned and this stupid chat room
nata text me 6472065011 chat room [public] created by balancedones
nata text me 647 206 5011 i miss you
6472065011 nata call me chat room [public] created by balancedones
NATA IM BANNED chat room [public] created by balancedones
iamafloydfan chat room [public] created by poisongnat
lets chat all about pink floyd.
Sad Girls Room chat room [public] created by AlexisNYGirl
i am a lonely sad girl from new york
funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn chat room [public] created by devilgoddess23
have fun talking to whover you want and no sexual talking
all night fun chat fun bugs chat room [public] created by headyhead
flirt fun in oklahoma tulsa and surrounding areas talk about ant and everthing
BisexualXxXcouples4bbc-latinos chat room [public] created by xxchubbylatinoxx
4 bisexual/curious couples craving juicy long,thick bbcs to deepthroat and take deeply in all holes
Female Led Relationships chat room [public] created by tulsanemo
A room for dominant wives, girlfriends and the husbands and men who serve them. Real only, please no cyber....this is a fast-growing dynamic and it's nice to meet others living the lifestyle.
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