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List of all user-created chat rooms #554
Malaysiaa Chat chat room [public] created by thefirm1
Untuk rakyat malaysia, chat dalam ni menggunakan bahasa melayu sahaja. orang puteh tak boleh :D
Body Sex chat room [public] created by shahinmolla
pay for fun in new york queen chat room [public] created by skymonea
looking to make quick money im always on but looking for men in the 40's maybe with a friend too
Furrynekochat chat room [public] created by zouratheNEKO
for all the furry an neko ^-^ *smiles swaying my tail*
Pot Heads Unite chat room [public] created by blazemeout420
Weed smokers talk connect do whatever meet smoke and date whatever happens here stays here =] gentle men blaze a girl out!
xinjiang chat room [public] created by Tatap777
are you come from xinjiang? come chat with me.
14 - 16 chat chat room [private] created by Pornio
For us young uns to chat toghether and have some fun
AOT SNK To Comic Con Birmingham chat room [public] created by NoizNeko
Any Attack On Titan/Shingeki No Kyojin cosplayers going to MCM Comic Con in Birmingham this March 2014?
aksrock007 chat room [public] created by aksrock007
i am 27 year old 6 ft tall man have enough stamina.
teenchatgirl chat room [public] created by neutralist
looking to talk to some new people and maybe make a few new friends.. Some of my hobbies include being outdoors, having philosophical talks, working out, and spending time with friends. My goal or aspiration in life is to do what I can to help out the world as much as possible.Trying to list everything I like in this little box is impossible so if you're interested message me and I will gladly let you know all the other details.
make me hard girls chat room [public] created by mitchell124
Talk dirty to me, females only guys
Joshua Rain chat room [private] created by quiet4us2
My room so my rules lol. Not really.
frieends chat room [public] created by hadihassoun
lets be friends or maybe than friends
gayskype chat room [public] created by iggy14
come in if you are gay !!!!!!!!!!
Death by monster chat room [public] created by xAryannax
Fun friends emo sup taaaaaccccccccoooooosssss
Sexy room For life chat room [public] created by Neovon
Sexy time enjoy the love and joy together experiencing sexual or chatting time to chill and hangout :3
EasternEuropeROCKS chat room [public] created by StarFalliLove
the name speaks for itself ... we know we are cocky, but please try to respect one another , ty :)
ANY THING ROOM chat room [public] created by Madison13142
do anything u want as long as it not hurting no one feeling then u can leave\
hoke up room chat room [public] created by rainbowdash1971
u wana date get your ass in this room!!!!!!!!!!
i admit im emo chat room [public] created by dapurplefox
this chat room is for emos that want to make friends and chat
jahboy chat room [public] created by jahboy23
i like love, need one to know well i'am single man and likelove so much, if you like me taht add me
Teen Dating and regular talking chat room [public] created by JustaGuyfromAZ
Before you talk to someone say either " Date or Love chat" or " Reg. Talk chat"
Pajama Party chat room [public] created by SkittlesRULE13
fun crazy and parties! Don't go crazy or the insanity on the inside will destroy you :P
dasex chat room [public] created by Reynolds97
WMU Campus Valley tho chat room [public] created by puderdon
I reside in dem valleys. If you're awake and you live in the valleys or you can get to the valleys for fun then join in :D I'm black and well endowed.
looking for cute girl to text chat room [public] created by darrell1
my nummber is 3312228301 text me if ur cute send me a pic befor u text
carter raymond chat room [public] created by carterraymond
I love the king of glory,he's my saviour
NAUGHTY THINGS chat room [public] created by sexyjeng
guys are you interested about naugthy things if you interested enter my room :) let``s have fun
habesha2 chat room [public] created by eljahh
this is habesha chatroom created on 2014 anyone can join here
My chat only chat room [private] created by chicajouney29
come on in! om nom nom! domo lol
white power 2014 chat room [public] created by tgreen55124
support white americans we need to do something
Moms who want to watch their daughters get fcked chat room [public] created by daddie69
for sexy mothers into watching their daughters get fcked. also, brothers, uncles , dads.
Extremely bored. chat room [public] created by cthirsty
If you are bored out of your mind, this chat room is exactly for you, because it is also boring.
dating private room chat room [public] created by badboyaltima
If youAre interest in meeting with me.please feel free to expressed
ZamakLjubavi chat room [public] created by razarac85
zamakljubavi je mesto na kom provodim svoje slobodno vreme : )
Menstrual Help chat room [public] created by Jaciec
If you have questions or issues with your period, come here! We'll do the best we can to help out. Those that know a lot about menstrual cycles, please come in! We could use all the help we can get!
BREAKERS chat room [public] created by Tkorver
Lets talk guys, make some friends
type O chat room [public] created by annetchi
anyone can join here. anyone can join here. anyone can join here.
Sex Room hyderabad chat room [public] created by male29hydhot
Sex Room hyderabad Sex Room hyderabad Sex Room hyderabadSex Room hyderabad
raja2014 chat room [public] created by rajarani2014
hi welcome sex chat000000000000000000000000000000000000
Gippsland people of Victoria-Australia chat room [public] created by DrSprog
If u live in the Gippsland region of Victoria-Australia come and have a chat
JennyDollsss chat room [public] created by JennyDoll
rushirock chat room [private] created by rushi17
i am rushi...............i am always intrested to do ladies who r intrested comn on
sir chat room [public] created by johnsir990
i am a sexologist. u can answer any question to me
sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy chat room [public] created by avi2010
skype sex eny time chat room [public] created by 13yearoldb0y
looking for Skype sex with girls eny age
Sims 3 chat room [public] created by kimcash
this chatroom is for the sims 3 players to talk about the sims and to make new friends.
Play for fun always chat room [private] created by hotjjjxxx
13 year old skype sex chat room [public] created by 13yearoldb0y
please join I will have Skype sex with u im only 13
hotchats chat room [public] created by angela1001
welcome to my hotchat, where we can know each other betterr
golden showers mmmmmmmmmmmm chat room [public] created by mick5344
love to be peed on by women mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Boys Club For Gays chat room [public] created by Gamer13144
If you are 12 to 15 then you can come here the chat and make new friends.
porn stars chat room [public] created by isaac099
This description is 30 characters long, i think
Mumbai gays room chat room [public] created by Ruddra26
have fun chat and get to know each other .... be decent .. enjoy
Need sex at Kolkata chat room [public] created by delhicpl83
For those looking encounter in Kolkata
talk bout life 74 chat room [public] created by imabadgirl74
tamil spcl chat chat room [public] created by jagan90
come nd join all tamil frnds girls nd guys
SOOO WEIRD chat room [public] created by Jessabear
Just be you, no guys hitting on girl that are to young no pervs have fun
Creepypasta Role-play chat room [public] created by ShadowVi
Come role play if you know them
Single 18n Up chat room [public] created by isaiah5194
Single and ready to mingle 18+Up
Crazy Teen Chat chat room [public] created by CrazySarii
make crazy friends, and enjoy lifeee
Crazy wild Teen Chat chat room [public] created by CrazySarii
make crazy friends, and enjoy lifeee
MmmHmm You Found It chat room [private] created by TakeYourLittleKitty
An intimate little private place for conversation
braunes gefieder1 chat room [private] created by simon0188
der chat über Federn und Gefieder von hübschen vogeln. komm rein!
ONTARIO SINGLES chat room [public] created by bigboytalonatgm
Procrastination Central. chat room [public] created by Clefairy
A room where weirdos, gamers and procrastinators unite to create something immensely strange yet fantabulous. cx
Loppuny chat room [private] created by Loppuny
chat room where i talk to friends in private! :D
Random Chat room Lol chat room [public] created by mperry1993
For my friends and me to chat in
gay girl chat room [public] created by kingkitty12
any gay girls can come and come miss with me and an get my number fr
imstraightbutintoshemales chat room [public] created by Craig37
i have an obsession with shemales and want to chat
teluguroom chat room [public] created by revanthk
friends hot chat in telugu language
xBored Teensx chat room [public] created by Prettyimperfection
Teenagers who are bored, come here and talk to other teens. Music, video games, movies, talk about anything. Just end the boredom! I'm not going to warn you about the rules. You guys should know how to act in a chat room. Have fun! ^_^
THE LAND OF THE PAGAN chat room [public] created by priest462
imagine there's no hevean it's easy if you hell below us above us only sky imagine all the people living for today you may say im a dreamer but im not the only one i hope some day u will join us and the world as 1
My Little Pony RP chat room [public] created by ShanChan887
This is an 18+ MLP chat room. Rules: Have an OC, There is only SOME sex allowed, some romance allowed, no drama llamas please, and lastly have fun! :D ~ShanChan887
akron chat room [public] created by gembookluver
adult hookups from people in akron ohio
laughable chat room [public] created by indy77
a chat room for people who need or want a boyfriend or girl friend and do not argu
CROSSDRESSING TEENS chat room [public] created by joey1990x
High School Anime Rp chat room [public] created by AkayaKayakMoon
High school dramas, boys, friendships
HSAP High school anime rp chat room [public] created by AkayaKayakMoon
Boys.., friendships, dramas....and more
Anime high school rp chat room [public] created by AkayaKayakMoon
Dramas, teens, friendships, boys....and more....
Big blacks Dirty girls chat room [public] created by Foxracer3
Your sxy but also like to Play in the mud or mud riding. Come on in
get naughty chat room [public] created by irishboy1994
females 20-40 only girls wets be wet and add irishboy1994
The Cabin chat room [public] created by ScorpionsRose
Naveah's home, nestled in the mountains of unforgiving territory. Tread Carefully....
Death the kids chat room [public] created by DeathTheKid30
Hello all might know me ass the grim reapers son death the kid but please call me kid,Anyways this room is my room where u can hand out and have fun if you know what i mean*wink wink*
Kids Hang out chat room [public] created by DeathTheKid30
Hello everyone im death the kid the grim reapers son...and i hope u enjoy this chat room..have fun now
fewdse chat room [public] created by RacistBlTCH
Kent - Töntarna Kent - Töntarna Kent - Töntarna Kent - Töntarna Kent - Töntarna Kent - Töntarna Kent - Töntarna
sdcnlsdjlnkvl chat room [public] created by OiSTFU
Kent - Töntarna Kent - Töntarna Kent - Töntarna Kent - Töntarna Kent - Töntarna
yuvaanov chat room [public] created by yuvaanov
auusie love chat room [public] created by mcnickle
jkdg fbkjashbzncjwalk,ehvjmshbL./Msjneia
GayGuyTalk13to19 chat room [public] created by Davclark
Only guys, I mean teens lol, Just Chatting lol.
Girls Only for girls chat room [public] created by aleey96
girls for girls that want only girls like bi or looking for some girl friends
friendly chat chat101 chat room [public] created by sassy98
Everyones welcome!!! Come to talk,gossip and giggle then come this way lol. Both gender allowed!
black women for australian men chat room [public] created by Connorqw
black women come and talk to white men and do what you want :)
Conversation polie chat room [public] created by FranklinCarter
Un homme américain va visiter Paris en Février 10 et aimerait rencontrer une fille de Paris.
hot and sex chats chat room [private] created by marilynxD12
for only those who wants to have sex with me $
i love Japanese girls chat room [public] created by bowe02
I'm wanting to get to know any Japanese girls!! Feel free to get in touch
handsome and pretty chat room [public] created by tri20
welcome to my room ....hope u will enjoy it
EnoughLiesAboutSochi2014 chat room [public] created by ivanTheTribble
I'm from Russia, and the current geopolitics-fuelled smear campaign against the Sochi Olympics makes me puke...
peterborough SINGLES chat room [public] created by bigboytalonatgm
Peterborough hookups open for chat ..
karachi Gay chat room [public] created by karachi1983
for Any mature / Decent top from karachi only (malir side)
Looking for older woman chat room [public] created by Samuel1230
Room for people looking to meet some one more mature for a nice chat.
rrajaramgopal chat room [private] created by tikkuchaudhary
dil to pagal hai hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
hot talk chat room for guys and girls chat room [public] created by scrapbuckit
just here to get naughty and have fun . its open for all ages
onlyladieS008 chat room [public] created by bunty008
phillipines chat room chat room [public] created by micko122
want to know someone and meet someone...
hackers olny chat room [public] created by flucmc287
any race or gender, hackers or peeps in need of help lol
indianshere008 chat room [public] created by bunty008
Boyfriend love Chat chat room [public] created by chelseabuns0
Talk about your boyfriend and how much you love him Girls Only
MellsiaVenter chat room [public] created by MellisaVenterxx
hay boys if you paypal please come on this and send me the cash and i will kindly send about 5 nudes of myself, since i got fired i need some cash
Pradeepvb chat room [public] created by pradeepvb
kuala lumpur angel night chat room [public] created by ryanmoderator
for anyone who nearby and looking a sex partner... come join us
Maka and souls rp chat room [public] created by MakaAlbarn44
This room is for me and soul or other members to hang out and rp
mom come to my room chat room [public] created by john3464
in this is only for moms to chat any mom is online come to my room and have fun
YoungandGay chat room [public] created by ChocsMYS
For teens and young adults who've discovered themselves.
sexnadia001 chat room [public] created by nadia0001
Want To See My Nude Pics And FREE Cam? Come on my page
all the sexy people chat room [public] created by issiah
Only the sexiest people allowed
twiztid people chat room [public] created by twiztidcookie
just come chat lallalalla no hate please i want everyone to get along oki whoop whoop :D
court chat room [public] created by Courtsweet01
nice, single, respectful and willing also interested on me
I want Slave chat room [public] created by amir97
Any Girl Who wants A Boy as her Slave
InnerWorldandSoul chat room [public] created by XHichigoX
The inner world of the hallow and Ichigo, all are forbidden to enter this realm, the eternal fight for souls lies only between the two
will see chat room [private] created by dmd7
come and join with me i am waiting for you
Los Angeles-OC chat room [public] created by wolfofcali
Talk with people around your neck of the woods. Have fun!
WebcamC2CSEXYWOMANS chat room [public] created by Joshua292
anyonecomehiimnewpleasehelpme out
Alienation thesis statement chat room [public] created by TwasMeSarah
I need help writing a thesis statement on alienation. Smart people only please.. it's serious not a hook up thing please. i need help.
The Best Chat Room Ever Ever chat room [public] created by Molllly
deadly craic jendjwncdwjfcndwjfcndwjcndjfnbcfjdc njdwc nfhjc dnvbdsncbzcmnvbsmnvm hs bhdsbdshvbdshv dssdshvbshbsshv
Candy Lovers Only chat room [public] created by CandyLover1
for those who truly love candy & how it makes you feel. Nothing sexual just shameless indulgence!
I am an exclusive member chat room [public] created by criber
is it a way of saying your banned from room
daddys and their lilgirls chat room [public] created by lilnatty
im a daddys girl age 48 lives in washington
Resfector Indonesia chat room [public] created by 087779533785
pencari wanita-wanita cantik di seluruh nusantara
Setters chat room [public] created by Tkalyn13
This chat room is for chatting with SEXY GUYS OR WOMEN!!! Have fun!!! Ages 15+
lincolnshire chat chat room [public] created by bigboiben
Come chat if your from Lincolnshire
indiana transexual chat room [public] created by ZoeyTaylorTS
transsexuals in and near indiana
Gay babies chat room [public] created by Graciehello
A place for all people of the rainbow to chat:) and their supporters!
CrystalsRoom chat room [public] created by crystalcuttie
Hey guys just a room to chat to me ... idk just for fun
rajaramgopal chat room [public] created by tikkuchaudhary
dil to pagal hai hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..................nnnnnnnnnnnnnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Tyson Fun Parlour chat room [private] created by tysonaussiedude
Fun room where anything goes with my kind of friends
fun and friendly chat chat room [public] created by greenthumb024
anyone can join. have a fun chat with everyone. no racism or intolerance of races or religions different from your own.
bengali xxxxxxx chat room [public] created by bittu96
Fully enjoy xxxx only adult person
have me now chat room [private] created by Adamrockhard1537
Sooo horny!!!! ;) I want you guys to suck me off
come suck me chat room [private] created by Adamrockhard1537
Horny is the word!! and u need to come and suck ne
wohs mac chat room [public] created by o0kelsey0o
Hi . i do my cam show on my site now , so if you have a card like visa gift card or prepaid card or allowed on ym site , you can use that card if ou didnt want to use your credit card okay , but dont worry the cardpage on my site is for verifying method only and you can see there its safe and secured ! so if you want to watch just talk me to skype kelsey.brooks08 okay see ya there !
thunder kiss 65 chat room [public] created by Blooddrop88
im looking to talk to 14 year old girl in grants pass and im just a fine goth gent looking for someone to talk to someone from grants pass orgon or Medford orgon also stupid sexul things or yay you probley get the hole thing but this is my first time trying this site out
boys and girls to hang chat room [public] created by Mikailabear
For boys and girls to hang out and talk.
bassmangel chat room [public] created by bassmangel
Sec chat room [private] created by Chrissaa
Sec is going to come chat with me so leave me alone.
everybody loves me chat room [public] created by theyloveme
Hi im glad to have u in my chat room!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Malawi Blantyre chat room [public] created by nkagula
Malawi ladies and all men Who are Outgoing
G-Cp chat room [public] created by GoldCooper
achu chat room [private] created by anwar2014
i am a TV journalist from Doha
vg sex chat room [private] created by ssalamm
hot chatting for sexy chat room [public] created by atanudutta
jo sex chat karna chate ho ohi aajaye...
Left 4 Dead 2 chat room [public] created by AWESOMEMANiNACOAT
A Left 4 Dead chat room only u have to have played the game to join.
submissive shemales chat room [public] created by zoeytaylor
submissive shemales transsexuals
solve the problem chat room [public] created by tri20
if u have some problem...just cht in here, we can solve together
couples for couples only chat room [public] created by jillnbob
where real couples meet.. please no singles..
salah chat room [public] created by ahmed05840
homme +femmehomme +femmehomme +femmehomme +femmehomme +femmehomme +femmehomme +femmehomme +femmehomme +femmehomme +femmehomme +femmehomme +femmehomme +femmehomme +femmehomme +femmehomme +femmehomme +femmehomme +femmehomme +femmehomme +femmehomme +femmehomme +femmehomme +femmehomme +femmehomme +femmehomme +femmehomme +femmehomme +femmehomme +femmehomme +femmehomme +femmehomme +femmehomme +femmehomme +femmehomme +femmehomme +femme
older mm chat room [public] created by chitown1007
chat with older guys any topics
Asoju Yoruba chat room [public] created by deunstoppable
Omo Yoruba Nile Loko, This is The Room For U To Chat Here
Eater of Souls chat room [public] created by SoulEvans099
Do what you want here. I really don't care, as long as you don't get blood on my screen.
instagram straight flexing chat room [public] created by makaylababy123
try to get yourself new follower by posting bout ur account no one over 18
wake up now chat room [public] created by divarer
do you want to work in the comfort of your own home? ask me how? I am herentohelp
sex chat with 27m chat room [public] created by th30
hii girls.i'm here to sex chat with u.if u are interested we can even share our whatsapp numbers
wizard tower chat room [public] created by cloakwiz
good morning have a cookie with me
indiana transexual meeting chat room [public] created by ZoeyTaylorTS
a place for indiana transsexuals to meet :)
LetsgetStupid33324 chat room [public] created by illcutyou
this is for the hyper people and people who are bored
hot for girls chat room [public] created by boza1304
This room is only for horny girls :)
sexy for girls chat room [public] created by boza1304
this is only for horny girls. :)
ass sex chat room [public] created by derf5460
anyone who wants to talk about anal sex
cross dresser sex roo chat room [public] created by derf5460
where crossdressers go for sex
i need you chat room [public] created by matinz208
let's talk one on one about relationship and love
rape 1 chat room [public] created by HOTBALi
people you like forced sex join in
Goddess Datura Financial Dominatrix chat room [public] created by goddessdatura
for my pay pigs slutty sissy boys walletworms and paypigs
Kims Pad chat room [public] created by kimf4f
A friendly adult chat room. Please respect everyone else's racial, sexual and political views. General chat, flirty chat , sexy chat etc MUST BE OVER 18.
Furies For Love chat room [public] created by JangosLover
a place for furry lovers to hang out and chat among them selves.
Marsel chat room [private] created by DavidJoy
Acting and film making chat room [public] created by Samantha1414
Anything about performing arts or movie making
DjMuziq Chat Room chat room [private] created by MrDjMuziq
edit room forf our up comming shows
PoliceStateRaceteering chat room [public] created by 3leaf4ifyourlucky82
informants tell on people to have them surveiled or the police or some politician doesn't like you or just the police not liking america and politicians wanting to place the blame loud horns sirens and cowards this room is for anyone that thinks the noise racteering must stop even by officials martial law outbursts of hatred
FMR Radio chat room [public] created by MrDjMuziq
Private CHat we're working here
lobby5673 chat room [public] created by nick8865
Funfunfun best time herehimhmmmmmm
Girls cam2cam sex chat room [private] created by iamlovinggirls22
I want to meet a girl for camsex :)
SpiritualChat chat room [public] created by Ana360
This chatroom is for ANY who are spiritual in nature, and because this includes any and all, from christians to witches, an Open mind and peaceful attitude is necessary here. No profanity, and no one will be turned away, unless they are rude or dangerous. No "pick ups please" go to adult chat for that.
yesyoudo chat room [public] created by canwesayheyto
for you hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
old men teen girls chat room [public] created by Delaney2000
chat anyway you like even if you enjoy sex chat
i need girlfriend girls 13-16 join chat room [public] created by iwantsexygirlfriend
i need love pppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppplllllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
single and 14 chat room [public] created by codycoolio
anyone whos single and 14 or under
WitchesChat chat room [public] created by Ana360
No profanity. good clean fun. Witches to warlocks, catolic to alcoholic, all spiritual welcomed. Open MIND NECESSARY.
hi7896786 chat room [private] created by maher19750
looking for a close girl frend chat room [public] created by tony2255
its hard to find a girl to hang out with
Inuyasha rp chat chat room [public] created by Kagome066
throw back to inuyasha, role play room
weirdoes chat room [public] created by bublegirltia
a place for people to talk and be WEIRD
Girlsflexin chat room [public] created by Babeflex
For lesbian hook up.lesbians cn look for partners in here and av fun.
Mongolia only chat room [public] created by mongolzaluu2014
АНХААР хэн нэгнийгээ доромжлох, бэлгийн дур хүслээ бусдад тулгах, соёлгүй үг яриа өдөх зэрэг зүйлд бид таны хаягыг хаах блоклох арга хэмжээ авах болно,
phil3232 chat room [public] created by phil3232
cyber fun for consenting adults
Saitos Play Room chat room [private] created by SaitoHajime
A room for Saito and his close minded ways. If you are here, consider yourself lucky.
whatsapp1 chat room [public] created by jackeson
to add people on your whatsapp come to here 4 that
hyderabadies chat room [public] created by naidu143
welcome you chat room [public] created by darewmythun
lets meet and share lets join to me you all of you most welcome
safe pet dog and cat talk chat room [private] created by safesir8owell
All about well being of dog and cat
Pet dog and Cat chat chat room [public] created by safesir8owell
All about well being of Pet ad owners
Salon du Francais chat room [public] created by jhp78
Francophones seulement meme des etrangers qui apprennent la langue
jillubhai chat room [public] created by jillubhai420
welcome to all girls iam jeelani jillubhai room is welcomes you
Rape and Abuse chat room [public] created by ThanatosAO
Exactly what the name says. Rape and Abuse. The filthier the better.
Romance is back chat room [public] created by ibmemon
get a chance to find ur loved once :)
gay san diego chat room [public] created by sander198100
A place for gay men to at and hook up.
Inzest chatroom chat room [public] created by pdjs
für die die inzest machen und lieben
nanu960 chat room [public] created by nanu960
find true friend ant faith full friend i mean i want a friend that is never hurt me
meth lovers chat room [public] created by cmlauncher
A room for partiers to talk about mostly getting off etc...
in Cebu chat room [private] created by jcduk
hi I wanna make philipino friends in Cebu! nice to meet u!
SEX ONLY INDIAN chat room [public] created by Shadevsml01
be millionaire chat room [public] created by safesir8owell
My touch will make you millionaire
Gay chat love chat room [public] created by itocomparan
To meet gay guys that want love or real friends
be poor chat chat room [public] created by safesir8owell
blessed are the poor but good in deeds for they become rich with my touch
girls only ha ha chat room [private] created by sujeeshraman
good table manners chat room [public] created by safesir8owell
the good old table manners tradition
fashion chat chat room [public] created by safesir8owell
good fashion sense brings prosperity
sumair65 chat room [public] created by sumair65
Anybody can come in chatroom or you can call me at 9603739711
punk rock and vampires chat room [public] created by gortexfangs
I've never created a chat room before and i'm bored, so I decided to try it.
Travel and Experience chat room [public] created by MMM0100
Travel and experience..........................................................................................
Idk watt chat room [public] created by TenshiLynn
-w- idk wat or how to do anything so im just doing random stuff...
Anons Only chat room [public] created by Anon319
Governmental abuse in society and rumors of SuperBowl
hot rooommmmmmm chat room [public] created by hungittalian87
ngentot bareng buat cewek gatel chat room [public] created by Dhico
cewek , tante , janda yang haus sex !
hench chat room [public] created by kenairich
cool ajju69 chat room [private] created by arjunsexy69
hi am hera to change your mood and tentions. just chat with can get relaxation
Teen RP Room chat room [public] created by PickingUpThePieces
just Hang out and talk.... Rp too...
vet care chat room [public] created by alexpadilla
what does my dog have if he vomits food and water
69 chat chat room [private] created by Problem69
All who want to find their second half or just want have fun come in this chat.
13 year old girls allowed only chat room [public] created by jahred2933
on ly 13 year old girls alowwed to join that need a date
Waterballoon pretend it is summer chat room [public] created by ChatSnackAttack
A place to be wacky, but sophisticated and... oh who am I kidding, it's just wacky fun. ...and Jr. Mints.
Fun time happy hour chat room [public] created by ChatSnackAttack
Now with 17% more fun! Toss a pillow at a stranger, look for loose change in the couch cushions, be yourself... if you're wacky and like fun.
Scott Room chat room [private] created by AdventurousMan43
I am just wanting to relax in my own room with Nurse Ratched
Sext here chat room [public] created by izaiyahRikaze
Here it me a guy... And I'll looking for girls to sext with, if any girls out there wanna sext real good here is the place!
BDSM 2 chat room [public] created by zoeytaylor
for people who like BDSM,i'm very submissive
shychat room chat room [public] created by KJ2smiley
this is a chance for bi and gay people to talk and chill and maybe even hook up
Dirty talkin with me chat room [public] created by XXXBabyGooGooXXX
Come on baby join its going to be a real good time
crazykiller chat room chat room [public] created by SkilletGirl
A place online where a group of people can get together and chat about a particular subject or just to chat. Usually you will need to sign in at least so you have a name in the room and then you can see who else is in the room. Some chat rooms allow you to talk to one individual without the others seeing your conversation
Marky chat room [public] created by Marcus41111111
This room is for mature women who would like to chat to me
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