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List of all user-created chat rooms #473
Always Talkin Bout Sumbody chat room [public] created by hakennabrown
Havin Fun,Talkin,Flertin and Jux Chillin
Bad Girls Room chat room [public] created by iveBeenABadGrlDaddy
Let's talk about anything and everything... especially if it pertains to my profile note.
feel the groove chat room [private] created by Baumpah
fantasy chat, let your imagination run wild,be what you want
Submissive Sluts in SC for Older Dom Male chat room [public] created by OlderDomMale601953
Sub sluts to meet Dom male in SC mytle beach area even if you are here on vacation..come be spanked , verbaly abused, and used By an experianced Master
Intellectual and philosophical Chat chat room [public] created by Scarletta18
A place where you can speak with intelligent people, bring up philosophies, theorys, and life in general.
Friends come here chat room [public] created by PinkPanda123
this is a place to chat and make friends so come on in
cross dresser dirty talk ANYBODY chat room [public] created by sexycindy94
dirty chat should at least be bi to enter this room. dirty chat
HABLAR DE TODO chat room [public] created by tony56
sexy black army men chat room [public] created by tiggerrules
sexy black guys that are in the army or navey hit me up
the hot sexy black arm black navy men 4 chat room [public] created by tiggerrules
sexy black guys that are in the army or navey hit me up hi
EntrepreneursMONEY chat room [public] created by gco76
Talk about project ideas to creating business online
AnorexiaNervosa ChatRoom chat room [public] created by Anorexxic
Nobody gets banned. Nobody gets blocked by me. Everybody has an open forum to speak their minds.
Kennys South Park Life chat room [private] created by XxKennyxX
welcome to my world of south park
DIRTY NAUGHTY chat room [public] created by dbaum
u know u want to chat room [public] created by dollbay
Just have fun and be who u are
momikis sex room gay only use me as you like chat room [public] created by momiki
Twelvies chat room [public] created by Snoopy1Love
This is a chat room for 12 year olds.
Discovery chat room [public] created by Trustworthyman
Speak Out, Not Pon–er What If, Make It Happen Here First Rule: We Must At Least Talk an– Not Just Breathe an– Pon–er Secon– Rule: Spam is not allowe–, NO WARNINGS.
help me at pre-algebra please chat room [public] created by HelpMe1206
please help me at pre-algebra. I suck at it, I really really need help
hockeypro15schatroom chat room [private] created by HockeyPro15
private chat room to talk to individual people faster
dumb creepers chat room [public] created by XxbabyshayxX
this is for the people who hate creepers with a burning pasion
pinoylovechat chat room [public] created by jerimiah25
a sight for having a chat with filipino's like me...exclusively as mc as possible for pilifino's or peopleliving intyhe philippines.. please allow my chatroom..
60scountry chat room [public] created by 60scountry
country music from 1950s to 1970s also general chat
all country chat room [public] created by 60scountry
general chat any chat 50s to 70s country
Real People Real Talk chat room [public] created by Grayce1
Real People. Real Talk. This chat room is not about anything but making friends and meeting new people
Yahoooooo chat room [public] created by aadityaagarwaal
Just for friend chat room where anyone can chat decently.
rainbow gathering lets make some connections chat room [public] created by mickeytopps
Montana 2013 people looking to travel this summer for free hit me up
Sex Room In Bangladesh chat room [public] created by aalmamun007
Hello Friend. I'm Bangali From Bangladesh. I'm male 30 years old. Sexy And Lover Boy. I Like Open relation with sex. So Please Come On in this Room Any Bangali Sexy girl And woman.
MaxPuppy chat room [public] created by MaxPuppy
If you want to play with me or want to own me..... Wooooofff
personal discussion chat room [public] created by felixphilip
Feel free, after u logout this room, u will get a more relax and some new valuable viewpoint to ur life. we will make u happy feeling and take life as a hopefull, we will teach u YOGA for making mind relax and be a young 4ever...
loveeeeeeeeee chat room [public] created by aalmamun007
sex sex sexroom chat room [public] created by sexybody14
Having sex here and having sooooo much fun
Weird Sex chat room [public] created by tacohore32
Talk about the weird ass stuff you like to do to the people you canoodle with, like eat their poop.
boredom killz chat room [public] created by hawaiian2
talk about anything and you can have as much fun as you want to :)
fgdgfdgfdhfdgdf chat room [public] created by aalmamun007
cfgvdxgdxgvbdsfgfcnbcfeebhb sdbdv v nhretnwvzd adfsdgv cxgwehags f gherd gdxcvdxfrfsf xcfvgxdgtfsdfg
gahroom chat room [private] created by GAH93
my my chat room [private] created by uthreja
my personal chat room ,i like adult chat
Mer chat room [public] created by SolaceintheChaos
Salutations, my slithering salsa sharks. Dr. Hocuspocus loves you, accept my love.
Chi twn chat room [public] created by jo214
chi town only no fony n!ggas ova here hit dis shit if u no u want sum a$$ or u no u wont sum dik be tru iight
Weed room chat room [public] created by lochlan66
I need to g on around the ballina Byron area, its to much of a trek to go to nimbin and I don't know anyone else. Help.
horny girls austraila chat room [public] created by wayne012
horny horny horny horny horny horny horny horny horny
xsiavash chat room [private] created by xsiavash
Gays Come Drop your Skype chat room [public] created by Kayasian
Let's j-o c2c. :) Really boring~
Kemetic Science chat room [public] created by Merkabah
Tama-Rean (Egiptian Science, Teachings, Concepts, Law, Order, Spirituality)
Me Friends chat room [public] created by Falconore
Only my friends are allowed in here
tamilnadu-india chat room [public] created by raamki
Internet Relay Chat lets people all over the world participate in real-time conversations.
Advice wanted chat room [public] created by BinBoston
Need advice on a roommate situation, all comments welcome....
Naughty Slutzzz chat room [public] created by RichJ79
If your a Naughty Woman and wanna chat and have some fun. Lets Skype. I need some sexy women in my life.
oldermale chat room [private] created by riyazahm786
hi 40-60 plus i like friendship aney one here daddies welcome
Random Stuff Room chat room [public] created by TamraJake
Just for random whatever! :P Come in and join the chat. :3
date uk room chat room [public] created by namzz
only for pplz who need girls or mans and lives in london
I like girls with small boobs chat room [public] created by bigguy72
for a and b cup lovers and the girls that have them
sailor moon fun and games chat room [public] created by sailormoon1
sailor moon chat here! :D fun and facts about all sailor moon
polite people english chat room [public] created by peninsula2011
north america , south america , eroup and arab :)
goog chat room [public] created by youngboat
nice u can enjoy better things
kids 10-13 chat room [public] created by jess53811
this is only for kids 10-13. you have to be a kid and 5,6,7 grade. no higher than that
ASIANA POWER chat room [public] created by Fireking12
youngstown ohio chat chat room [public] created by gin0213
a fun free way to meet local singles or friends
18 year old chat chat room [public] created by ThundaBoy24
WHERE 18 year olds talk about love and stuff and we just have fun and party all night long lol
kinky fun and play chat room [public] created by eire24
Looking to chat with people 4rm ireland
Bitch and Complain chat room [public] created by ipaidthebills
Cause your all fake & can't afford a hooker anyway!
helloooooo chat room [private] created by dpeppe
just a chat room that people can talk in private, that's all
LOTS OF POOP chat room [public] created by sweetstickyjesus
Poop, poop. and guess what, even more poop. This is a chat room all about POOP.
11-16 year old Dating Chat chat room [public] created by lolamay2000
Dating chat room for people 11-16 years old
chiran84 chat room [private] created by chiranjit84
ll i can do is be me...whoever that is... -Bob Dylan Without would be a mistake.... -Friedrich Nietzsche
toddbsu chat room [private] created by toddbsu
pamela and todd to chat alone and not be bothered
chatwithjoy chat room [public] created by rohitsinha
only hot girls are allowed who wants to share thier fantasies
true relation 2 chat room [public] created by subayer
relation is available but true relation is guys lets make a good relation which is a strong bonding..........
AWESOME. chat room [public] created by niagotthatswag
women who just want to hook up chat room [public] created by zwick1
only join if you are 18-25 and you just want to hook up
Join the MOBE n Make money chat room [private] created by iMRevolutionary
How would your life change with an extra $5,000 per month that you can pocket while "working" less than 5 hours per week? Would you buy a new car ? a new house ... take that long awaited vacation?
wc chat room [public] created by joesalam
Get rid of your worries , Dating new friends
Insane Catz chat room [public] created by BeeBuggy
this is for catz like me... BUT THEY HAVE TO BE INSANE O.O
trisha room chat room [public] created by trisha911
hey come join me here, am just new wanna have someone or more friends to be here with me
rainbow room 2000 chat room [public] created by iluvjackson
very fun NO ADULTS ALLOWED happy talking and all nighters ready to PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!! lots of people may think its not fun, but it is so join or i will kill u!!!!!!!!!!
single young teens chat room [public] created by kacieee
for single teens to meet and have funn!
The clique box chat room [private] created by Kristengregory
Marianas Trench chat room [public] created by JetpackMTFL
We just talk about marianas trench... Yea
boredchat chat room [public] created by jacklight
boring chat room for people who are bored. come and chat
HornyChatting chat room [public] created by coolass23
this is a free Room you can do what you want! :)
fantacies chat room [public] created by sharkbate233
what ever you want to be then come, let out and chat about your fantacies
Pixels Heart chat room [private] created by PixelHeart150
Where we discuss. And share. All that stuff.
korean kpop annyeong chat room [public] created by anabell1998kpop
idk anything anybody im so bored
TeensLifeezDaBomb chat room [public] created by WhisperedWords
No negative energy!!! or your kicked madafaka! xD but just have fun in general
Emo-Goth Romance chat room [public] created by xXDemonKingXx
No descrimintation. No racial profiling. No upseting others feelings. Banning will be don to those who disobey rules. This is a room for Gays, Bis, and Straights. ENJOY!!!!
girl pics chat room [public] created by vwgti69
trade girl picsof teens girls you know but nothing like porn
strip chat room chat room [public] created by pamela143
horny sex for fun later face to face
Kickin It Chill Af chat room [public] created by OgMagiK
Just a place to kick it, for anyone who just wants to chill. No haters please, no argueing. If you want to argue then leave the chat or IM the person don't cause drama shit in the chat.
MyMT - General chat room [private] created by mymtdebbie
MyMT Chat Room for medical transcription community.
yheng chat room [public] created by yheng23
finding friends,and I want someone will make me smile .
chat room 15 chat room [public] created by bballking15
chat room just to play around and date
hnjw67ab chat room [public] created by XxLenKagaminexX
nsguChkfghk DhjhaDhoyhVHHgkjjnmk
seas of cheese mothalicka chat room [public] created by niizhgekek
when the going gets tough and the stomach acids flow, when the cold wind of conformity and nipping at your nose....
Always Chillin chat room [public] created by hakennabrown
Chattin,Talkin,Bout-Stuff,Flertin,Makin Faces
little dove chat room [public] created by desmine
love don't cost a thing,the beauty of life dose not depend on how happy you are but on how others can be because of you
awek melayu 2013 chat room [public] created by samsul91
khas untuk awek-awek yang horny
m4m feet and dick chat room [public] created by micheldoha
guys showing feet and cock to another guy
Nathans Room chat room [public] created by nathan1999
kulitan time bwahahahahakulitan time bwahahahahakulitan time bwahahahahakulitan time bwahahahahakulitan time bwahahahahakulitan time bwahahahaha
thelostones chat room [public] created by thelostones
nice1964 chat room [public] created by nicechat1964
decent friendly chat room for gujaratis in india
Everyone is invited chat room [public] created by 40001
Funny,cool and where u can let you're hair down
Singaporean or Vietnamese stay at Singapore chat room [public] created by anhchu14
Singaporean or Vietnamese stay at Singapore
skype girls skype fun and cool chat room [public] created by bikeylov
wel cum all girls , who hav there own skype id
madu147 chat room [public] created by MADU1258
can with me sex in all those ok girls
gabi ay umaga chat room [public] created by jeffrey08
party party lang dito.. tugstugs!
naija elite chat room [public] created by sulex007
these room is for nigerian male or female single seeking for date.
mbayekunda chat room [private] created by boygambia3
friendship and mature chatting is a characteristic feature of global contemporary society and require holistic approach for the continue flowering of the universe
Hot chat room for aussie chat room [public] created by marccc23
For those who want to meet hot girls and hot guys in australia particularly in melbourne,so what are you waiting for? Sign up and hook up!
johnjohn7129 chat room [public] created by johnjohn7129
enjoy the life with the people ,
mumbaikars love chat room [public] created by jayheartkiller
come and flirt and enjoy...............................................
Girlie chat room [public] created by bcstar99
For girls , only one boy hav fun here cam together ...............
L0nd0n NSA chat room [public] created by bucano
Do you want some NSA fun right now?
I AM DONE chat room [private] created by doesu
no nope not happening nein non iie
aussie talk chat room [public] created by masterplumber
aussie aussie aussie..... aussie's only
sweetlove09 chat room [private] created by sweetlove09
i am single woman here looking for a honest, loving caring man, humble, faithful and trust wordy man to spend the rest of my life with. I am not just looking for a shorten relationship but i am looking for a relationship that will last till the end of time. I want a man that will treat me like a real woman and will never hurt me for any reason. I want to be loved like never before;;.. The reason why i said this is that i have been hurt so much by men cos i believe people quickly and it gets me into what i never expected..I think you understand what i mean?
alcharly chat room [private] created by jecriz
I fill horny , i want you! im jecriz ,im a good person!
Bang a slut chat room [public] created by ChuMagneto
Any dirty talk with hoorny girls
wkd room chat room [public] created by wkdnick2013
all the wkd ppl join all the nice lasses only
armpit chat chat room [public] created by shanesilva333333
love armpit sex come and will masturbate talking about sweaty armpits licking and sniffing them
12 -14 chat room [public] created by rowan12yrgirl
only fot 12 to 14 years old all countries avilible chat and fun come fasst and we can add each other in facebook and video call
aliens are boring chat room [public] created by nobigsecret
shapeshifters have no life outside of me
jaanvi7 chat room [public] created by jaanvi7
i wanna chat to strangers...i love to make friends
Just girl chat room [public] created by Wonka06
If you girl, come in. I search woman in here
erotic12345 chat room [public] created by erotic12345
hhdklshfsdvnjdf dsjsvhosdhdvhdvd ojvcoxdjvodisufoidhvxcohvl
ry and me chat room [private] created by fullmoonrunner
RY!!!!!! *SUPER GLOMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*
horny kitty chat room [private] created by santiagonikki
horny are allowed inside my chat room, size is not requirements but stamina is needed, kitty can also play but must be all the way!
Calgary Chat 2 chat room [public] created by dam41
calgary and area locals,,,come on in and say "hi".
sexting girls chat room [public] created by Natethegreat1990
M4M Rochester NY chat room [public] created by JustinC1970
Looking for a hookup in the Rochester, NY area.
Fun for fun chat room [public] created by allsosweet
Let us have kinky fun! I hope you'll enjoy it.
NepalUSAchat chat room [private] created by sanjukumar2013
Nepal and USA friendship. The main target of this chat room is to maintain healthy friendship among the people of Nepal and USA
spanking BDSM chat room [public] created by pablosub
only for serious and dominante types
The Slang Gang chat room [public] created by GeorgieLuvsYa
For all you awesome people out there! XXX
sexyplayboygirl chat room [public] created by playboygirl154
hi chat with a sexy girl and im a bisexual I know weird right well im here to rock a girl and a boys world
Its All About Money chat room [public] created by futurejosh
how to earn six figures every month in a years time of hard work?
User Chat chat room [public] created by Sexxygirl19
Come and chat with Sexxygirl19
Inner Freak chat room [public] created by caramel212
Allow your inner freak to come out!!! Don't be afraid to show your wild side!!!
I am seeking a cute lady chat room [public] created by alovingman2013
in san diego, we should talk and get to know one another.
Venice Gay chat room [public] created by HotelNow
Welcome to gay people in venice :)
Teens only uk chat room [public] created by Jayboi96
Have to be aged between 14 and 21 No older no younger And just have fun
dfghjk chat room [public] created by bigjc99
erftgyhjklkjhgfdsfghjmk,lkjhgfdfghjklbv kjhgf
Alli and Mikey Chat chat room [private] created by MRedlich
for my girlfriend and I <3 **********************************************************
mental help chat room [public] created by leonard8
a room to get helped in trying times
12 13 yr olds chat room [public] created by CherryKissesxx
no adults only teens ill be watching ur dutty language lol jkes xx
sexay chat chat room [private] created by bhagya23
wassup!!cguys m bhagya n here to chat with u guyss yay! :D
Lucidious chat room [private] created by Lucidious
This is a chatroom for members of a wolf pack known as Lucid Dreams, or A.K.A, Lucidious.
YOur so welcome to be here chat room [public] created by Southernbelle4eva
Hi yea this is for my peoples that i love(:!!!!!!
gay mumbai1 chat room [public] created by desibear1971
Safe space for men who want to get laid in Mumbai
my cool room2 chat room [public] created by taitophantom11
no swearing be nice enjoy^^ and hope u have a good time and whatev. srry it had to be 30 words long so i just went and put that in there *clears throat* enjoy^^
im gone . . chat room [public] created by giovonna
flames chat room chat room [public] created by flameguy13
everyones allowed in this chat room can swear,flirt,talk,chat,friend request,tell about the chat room,all sorts of things to do in here but do not call anyone a slut if u want to say that word put it as sl-t ok have fun go ahead and get in here its popular i even know justin beaver and eminem
roomgha9393 chat room [private] created by GAH93
roomroomgeorge1 chat room [private] created by GAH93
13-16 year olds cha chat room [public] created by Spottums
This is a room specifically for anyone ages 13 to 16!!!
normalchatroom chat room [public] created by michaelstevens
we are cool as long as we dont have no bu.ll shiot!!!!!!
selective mutism anxiety autism other chat room [public] created by Poisnedroses
selective mutism anxiety autism other
11-15yr old Single chat room [public] created by Jewelboo11
single 11-15 year olds that are looking for some love and same as for me im 12 im single im a female my names jewel
Single people 10-20 chat room [public] created by Jewelboo11
People that are single and are look ing for love on the internet
Momof3BoysNJ chat room chat room [public] created by MomOf3BoysNJ
just a friendly chat room for anyone to chat in
sex room132 chat room [public] created by kikyo132
sexy boys to come n duck me though chat
pervert members chat room [public] created by nampil
for members who is willing to pay for a cam show
singles age 12-15 chat room [public] created by erika587
a room for teens to meet and greet new people
Amaya room chat room [private] created by JonRen
For mes and Amaya to enjoy and speakles.
Parenting and family life Chat chat room [public] created by MomOf3BoysNJ
a friendly chat room to discuss parenting and family life
whozthereyar chat room [private] created by whozthereyar
i m new to the site... wanna check it...
not single and just wanna chat chat room [public] created by lexis231
just wanna chat and your not single:) ppl wont think ur cheating ur just here to chat!!
just chatting- chat room [public] created by lexis231
jut chatting in here.... nothing bad or sexual
newlove533 chat room [private] created by newlove533453
I'm looking for a man who has a good character, caring, loving, understanding and an amazing person. Someone who can make my world turn around. A man who's responsible enough to take good care of me and never leave my side. Someone that can make my heart and life fruitful and meaningful.
Yaoi Talk Only chat room [public] created by XxYourUkexX
yaoi... no straight talk, only guy on guy yaoi
ADMIN and MODRATORS ROOM chat room [private] created by raffy04
to build infirtant information regarding in the blog matter..
teen sex 69 chat room [public] created by Teensex69
hyyyyy i wanna sexxx with any girlsssssss
Taipei fun from France chat room [public] created by Jimss09
24 M France Need Fun in here ( Taipei )
chat wit meh chat room [public] created by lexis231
just come chat with me. I have gotten lots of guys lolz
teen sex 69 69 chat room [public] created by Teensex69
hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii sexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
janesmith201311 chat room [public] created by JaneSmith1234
who's bored there?? Come here!
wat sup chat room [public] created by sexychula956
Teen Flirting Chat Room chat room [public] created by MichaelJunior
There may be a teen chat room, but what about a teen flirting chat room? Enter to meet other flirtatious teens ;)
Venezuelaa chat room [public] created by gitanalenise
This chat is of country Venezuela
Cute guys 2233 chat room [public] created by MaddyKelly225
Guys to the age of 16 no horny creeps
18 plus only sex chat chat room [public] created by james198063
just as the title says this room is for ADULTS only and for sexual chat only
For girls who get down and dirty chat room [public] created by MegaD4u
You want to get sexy just come in this chat
TALK DIRTAY chat room [public] created by MegaD4u
FUKIN' GET NASTY AS CAN BE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Waiting for people.......... chat room [public] created by MegaD4u
Im just bored looking for some cool people to talk too
hyderebad chat room [public] created by kishorechowdary2013
hyderabad aunties nd girls come to this chat room an share everithing
delhi chat1 chat room [public] created by male27delhi
come delhi people and chat here for friend
bangalore123 chat room [public] created by everfrendly
welcome to bangaloreans... we can chat here
Pre-Teen Dating chat room [public] created by isaacReecer
Just a simple place to pick up a nice hot pre-teen in your area welcome all desperate guys and hot girls looking for some new toys again WELCOME!
shikasden chat room [public] created by shikha4u
i love girl chat room [public] created by karlamunoz
hi girl i love u promise and with talk you now
meri tanhai chat room [private] created by saifuae200
inocent people always come i love to make friendship so kon baney ga new lucky friend..:)
31 years old korean guy chat room [private] created by gil8713
lets start friendship^^ I wanna make new friend fist.
British Bands chat room [public] created by luck94
Talk about life friendly and talk about stuffs
teri chat room [public] created by terirobert461
i want a real man and am looking for a serious relationship
Horny teens 14-19 chat room [public] created by brandonpurseee
hey have fun ;) have fun ots and lots of fun
brisbane lovers chat room [public] created by royaljatt90
cmmon guys let make love.. girls n boys let meet each other
feroz chat room [public] created by ferox143
hi dis is feroz am an graduate from hyderabad age 24yrs hgt 5.11 aand 70kgs wgt very very handsome and fair with muscular gym body i am looking for female here to have some fun . .. . . contact me soon to meet me call me on 8688759142 or
humiliate .me chat room [public] created by sonofbich
anyone need a slave and if u like to humiliate me, come here...
seng chat room [private] created by bustard
Hell i'm a male seeking a female to chat
KL city chat room [public] created by AhmedShehab
Malaysian chat room boys and girls meet her but i don't know bahasa malayu
real chat 02 chat room [private] created by pandey02
hi friend chat with me my room
erotic123456 chat room [public] created by erotic12345
jfjoidglzsvlc hoasnvfmngirahgvjifgbf vjcbjfiusvj fjvbjsdf vbnfkvbjsdfvbkcjbv jbsdvbcjksl
babe sex chat chat room [public] created by C8rli4
make love for gay straight and bi!
hyderabad 88 chat room [public] created by rahul80093456
hi all females ............................................................
L-WORLD chat room [public] created by greyfield
Sydney Girls Make Cash Tonight chat room [public] created by Ray9182
I wil explain all when you are in the chat room
ADMIN AND MODERATORS chat room [private] created by KHHPajhay
to build a private conversation regarding the blog matter
come chat with me xox chat room [public] created by Bellaluvsu101
guys come chat with me... plxz be under the age of 20
kik and skype naughty fun chat room [public] created by Sexymale1984
this is for people who are into webcam fun or trading pics via kik or whatapp
Yummy girl here chat room [public] created by TeddyRoe
just trying to talk to people tell them its FREE to join my site. and talk here too is fine. ill give you freebies for joining and messaging me trying to win a contest
CRAZY PEOPLE UNITE111 chat room [public] created by CuteGingerGal
The title says it all Dodododododoodofododofoododoodofo
ineedasianbf chat room [public] created by cookies92
asian girls and boys who is looking for asian as well :)
love for me here chat room [public] created by krisymissy46
am just a pretty cool nice woman who want a good thing for her self and my husband thank you.....
goodlov45 chat room [public] created by loveiale236
I am an optimist and well balanced lady. Nature presented me beautiful tender appearance and complaisant quiet character. I'm exquisite and passionate, full of life and brilliancy. I always reach the aims and make all the decisions by myself. I am a creative person. I've got well-developed sense of taste and style. My imagination helps me to perceive the world. I am quite independent.
pin yin chat pin yin chat chat room [public] created by lij539
Anyone likes pin yin chat can join in, love the person when u see him/ her 1st, 哈哈
Recalcitrance chat room [public] created by OmOverRuler
कभी सुकूं नहीं मिलता,कभी जूनू नही मिलता, ये ज़िन्दगी कुछ एसी है कभी अपना नहीं मिलता कभी सपना नहीं मिलता .....
making friends with skype chat room [public] created by lij539
Anyone has skype account can talk here, welcome to here
skype account chat chat room [public] created by lij539
Making friends with a skype account
i love u guys chat room [public] created by lij539
hahaha, love chat , anyone come to my room
vida loca. chat room [public] created by Pakostief
Girls who wanna make freinds. worldwide.!!!
Internet sex room chat room [public] created by Jewelboo11
have sex with any1 u want have 3sums 4sums 5 sums
punjabi indianadult chat room [public] created by hkpreety
All indians punjabies are chatting here im also from punjab
party city chat room [private] created by Emoking123456789
where i take u in the back to have some fun
maydix chat room [public] created by maydix
i like make frd and enjoy to life all day and alllllllll time hol life...........
Do what ever you want chat room [public] created by chloe6666
This is a chat room to express your opinions meet new friend and everything@
Preteen Kids CHat chat room [public] created by JesheaXP
Yo..Join us!Its Fun here! :D (9-15 only)
date people chat room [public] created by cattherineb
just chat and then see if u wanna date them
Teen Love Chat 12-16 chat room [public] created by Bella13Love
Need someone to love u for who u r? come to teen love chat u can find the perfect gf or bf
Open relationship here chat room [public] created by Chubiboh
Come and visit my room. Lets talk chat and smile
algebra chat chat room [public] created by killerj07
Discuss and help each other with algebra problems!
kerala chat 22 chat room [public] created by dortodor26
only frends ship only.. good frendship.
gay dating chat chat room [public] created by Braddorton
where gay couples can come together and talk
Testchat chat room [private] created by pathanigirl
just to test this! let's see how it works
Extrachatroom chat room [public] created by pathanigirl
Lets see if this works,am trying something else
negocios chat room [public] created by rocioOG
oportunidades para emprendedores, networkers, mlm.
lun phuddi chat room [private] created by usmanalihayderi
love chat it is very goood and personal chat
masti point chat room [private] created by filzaaaa
fun an nly fun ..will be having lot fun
big boobs lady chat room [public] created by rajkps
sexy lady sexy chat sexy video
bad boyz chat room [public] created by pixiestardust
This is for girls and boys to talk how ever they want to .
become friend chat room [public] created by xmartabelieber
this chat it's for people search new friends :D
minecraft creator chat room [public] created by thatguy443
Anyone who has mine craft and Facebook who want to join a server
RelationshipsForEveryone chat room [public] created by KiFTherobot
For those looking to talk to other in long distance, or for those who just want help and advice.
hai people chat room [public] created by idoesselfharmer
just random chatting, anyone can come and chat here
1DHQ chat room [public] created by MissHunter98
basically anyone who loves one direction
master needs slave chat room [public] created by jessek0112
a room for slaves who want a master or misstress
slaves looking 4 master chat room [public] created by jessek0112
any slaves who want a master and any master looking for slave
slave 4 master chat room [public] created by jessek0112
slaves looking 4 master to dom them
lesbian for ladies and girls chat room [public] created by jaycechatting
for lesbians all age and feel free to chat all you want
13oldcornor chat room [public] created by iwanadateyou
13 year old girls only please no girls that wont go with old guys
bbb chat room [public] created by jhhhh
nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn nnnnnn
sex bitch chat room [public] created by venesh
u can have sex chat and have sex with the one.. cool..
private play chat room [private] created by 43yomaleperv
This room is for private roleplay. Only by invitiations
T or D anyone chat room [public] created by sakura14
T or D for anyone herp a blerg
idk roomsssssss chat room [public] created by toribay
chat. duh. ok cool. this is supposed to be a long description
talk2us chat room [public] created by talk2meplz1234
come in and chat no older than 17 no talking stupid. come onnnn
Arab swagger verify chat room [public] created by buchiboy
I am the arab first son let make it a better place to leave...
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