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List of all user-created chat rooms #398
Adult Playstation 3 Chat Room chat room [public] created by Grey111410
any adult open minded and have ps3 ...anyone who not have ps3 can come in ok
Gay Paris Now chat room [public] created by kitomaschio
everyone ready to have a good time in paris get here, so we dont get lost at the main chat
For Bored People - Hehe chat room [public] created by Rinaiku
Hey all...well here I am, just sitting at home, bored xD so I decided to make this "For Bored People" chat room :D Enjoy ~
horny girl0061 chat room [public] created by muffin0061
ONLY guys who like to abuse a girl im into pretty much anything
horny girls who wanna be wet chat room [public] created by cozi19
girls who wanna talk dirty come in
Lesbianfriendly chat room [public] created by stacejoe
this is a place where lesbians can have a general chat to one another, please join x
Teen Email Pic trader chat room [public] created by jankser
come and email pics to each other, have fun!
auburn fans chat room [public] created by amberpapp
this is a chat room for people who like Auburn songs
awesomeness people are here chat room [public] created by kkinsey360
this room is filled with awesome teens who are super awesome ...... you better come cuz there are cute boys and girls in here must be 17 or under
TalkitiveTeens chat room [public] created by knuckleandbenhead
A place where people always talk!
fun room extreme chat room [public] created by lumberjack23
Nothin but fun in here. Anything goes
Flirter chat room [public] created by cchrispian
if you wanna flirt just join in the group
14-19 chat room [public] created by lindseeeey
just bored, no pervs are needed as well as old 40 year olds
Earn Money - Guaranteed Employment chat room [public] created by AlexTheGiver
My name is Alex and I am the host. I have decided to use Chat Hour and as a way to tell people about earning 20 to 80 dollars per referral to companies like Netflix, GameFly, Discover. Paid every day as well. It's incredible and no cost. It is amazing. Come check out it out, guaranteed Employment
Dominant Mistress and Slave chat room [public] created by Mistresskaite0123
i'm looking for a real slave partner to be trained and to own seriously. But before that well i will tell you this for you to serve me and impress me first you will be cost or charge ? will that be problem with you ? if NO then just message me back !!
belfast80 room chat room [private] created by belfast80
me and marys room...hello there mary hope your ok now x
Mathematics Help chat room [public] created by Yokizamy
I have a hard math problem, and i need help to solve it
sexy girls can chat here chat room [public] created by lilpmac260
and boy can chat with the sexy girls
Slave Chat 1 Room chat room [public] created by bobobear1
Only where women who are slaves of men an men who are looking for a slave of a women are aloud
luciferian chat room chat room [public] created by ashley1454
all luciferians are welcome thank you...
horny chat room girls only chat room [public] created by mestruckdough
vampires wearwolfs humans cats chat room [public] created by yumiXchan1
the humans have to be able to run or we will be food there has to be atleast 1 or 2 bad and good vampires we need some wolfs
OVER 50s Ireland chat room [public] created by luvtolick666
Chat room for mature men and women looking for fun, friendship, chats and more
Me and Cc chat room [private] created by kennyiswierd123
12 year old dating chat room yay chat room [public] created by RueHG101
a dating room for young love seeking kids like me!!!!!!
Random Chat 13-16 ONLY chat room [public] created by XximmortalxX
I will ask you all to kick anyone who is not 13 -16 years of age OUT OF THE CHAT ROOM
business opprtunity chat chat room [public] created by mjune08
anyone into entrepreneurship and wants to do business
Uk phone sex for girls xxx chat room [public] created by sam1992muk
horny uk girls who want phone sex with 20 m uk xx
mmmmmmmmmm chat room [private] created by taytayy16
posiblitys chat room [private] created by XxalexanderxX
Home in the woods chat room [public] created by TheDeadlyViper
this is a RP area of all sorts, come here to fight,chat,train or just chill.
teen chat 13-17 ONLY chat room [public] created by azshooter
chat rooms for teens for 13-17 year olds
Jackson MI gay and bi chat room [public] created by bigrigzier
gay and bi guys from Jackson Michigan and surrounding areas
rp69 chat room [public] created by slitthroat224
this is a room about role playing. what kind? You know ;)
sidneys bedroom chat room [private] created by sexychick221999
this room is to have funn.... Any type of funn
Horny teens chatroim chat room [public] created by likeaboss12
Talk to horny people and stufff hsshs
Lesbians Only Chat Room chat room [public] created by JennHornyLesbian19
Lesbian chat room. Males will be booted.
girlstosextwith chat room [public] created by kstalve24
just me looking for a girl to simply sext with.
LESBIANS WITH SKYPE ONLY chat room [public] created by lonelyemo
only lesbians this is a room where lesbians can talk to eachother and not like sexuzl way
Free Ban chat room [public] created by TJ128
If you join this chat room, you will be banned with no exceptions. Please do not IM the host inquiring about the fact that you were banned because you will be ignored. Have fun being banned :)
Brittney and Taylor chat room [public] created by BrittneyxDD
This is a room for me, Brittney, and my boyfriend, Taylor's friends, and for us aswell, If your friends with either two of us just come here and hang. This is just a chat room where ya can have fun, drama free sparkly environment for our freinds<33(;
kingdomdemon chat room [public] created by barkerboy98
A kingdom for demons of all types and lives under my rules and wifes
kingdomdemon1 chat room [public] created by barkerboy98
A kingdom for demons of all types and lives under my rules and wifes
kingdomdemon2 chat room [public] created by barkerboy98
A kingdom for demons of all types and lives under my rules and wifes
hook ups12345 chat room [public] created by owencollins
12-17 girlz only and owencolllllllllliiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnssssss
Drug Chat chat room [public] created by JessBee21
talk about drugs.. anything you want to know or advice you have.. let loose
Drug chat room [public] created by JessBee21
talk about drugs.. if youre high or how to get high lol let loose
if ur horny come in bi or straight chat room [public] created by cassidy69
straight gay or bi welcome under one condition gotta be horny
private24 chat room [private] created by tyrone24
singles group chat room [public] created by ahsolat
this is the singles groupand this is to find the love of your life
advice for ANYONE chat room [public] created by livluvbug
whoever REALLY needs advice! Im here!
dirtyand nasty chat room [public] created by rainaz
can say anything u what and do anthing u want
Skype Show if u know what i mean chat room [public] created by bubba048
give me a show ladies IM me for my skype name and add me on facebook also
janinaami chat room [public] created by janinaami
Join this room for fun This is a chat for casual conversation. If you have a problem with someone, put them on block.
Flirting with death chat room [public] created by CuriousAboutWhitePwr
Ever thought about killing people? Killing yourself? Talk about it,
foot fetish. chat room [public] created by dw314
for anyone who has a fetish or a foot fetish
foot fetish.. chat room [public] created by dw314
for anyone who has a fetish or foot fetish
Adultbabys only chat room [public] created by adultbabyboy30
This is for people that loves diapers/nappies,also loves to be adl,so please feel free to chat.thank you.
Island University and College Stuents chat room [public] created by bcwaterflower
A place for students to socialize and share
14-15 SINGLES chat room [public] created by RyanEC
Come here to find 14 to 15 yr old singles
kylamarie03 chat room [public] created by kylamarie03
lets have fun. skype cherryanne_bernabe
sanfranciscobottomalone chat room [public] created by bubblebuttneedluv
i want to hook up and give someone a special treat.
argue politics chat room [public] created by TheTroll
open to all opinions. For those who like to argue, not just chit-chat.
Sinister Shadows Wolf Pack chat room [public] created by WolfieBloodpaw
This is a pack for TEEN WEREWOLVES ONLY!! NO Therians, Furries, Lycan, etc. JUST TEEN WOLVES!! ASK ME IF YOU WANT TO OFFICIALLY JOIN THE PACK!!! We will have a conversation about it and I will get to know about you and see if you are worthy enough to be in this pack. NO HATERS PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pawsomebuddys chat room [public] created by pawsomebuddys
We can discuss about our pooches problem, and can also share our views and pic of or pets
DIAPERTALK chat room [public] created by GlennPBABY
lookin fer good time chat room [public] created by spinner23
anyone lookikn fer fun chat here
mexican boy over here trying to find a chat chat room [public] created by marcos619
im skinny tall mexican love musci chattinn, from new york city,wanna know more askbout me
Fun Chat 2.0 chat room [public] created by Codayh
In this room it's just whatever. Do whatever you feel like you need to do. Because i don't care.
Bored Married Women chat room [public] created by WpgPhotos
Place for married women to pass the time and seek what they desire.
A Rp chat that is like no other chat room [public] created by xXimadoriXxHatakexX
Swinnging mah BAN HAMMAH!!!...Rp have fun, find love, party, its whatever, but no god modding or auto hits
CHicaGo M chat room [public] created by tpb123
If you are From Chicago this is your room
hiiiiii chat room [private] created by johnrahul
neha1990 chat room [private] created by niha1990
i love to have fun in my life to enjoy every thing
neha1993 chat room [private] created by niha1990
facefarts chat room [public] created by mastercody
every1 with a fart fetish come in ;P
getting to know each other chat room [public] created by heyheyhey007
a chat room where guys can chat with girls.simple chat,teens only plz xD
989810jigs chat room [public] created by jignesh4205
man in leather chat room [public] created by lojobe
all male that love leather sex
Minnesota Room chat room [public] created by sofakingawesome
Looking for people from Minnesota . Saint Paul and Minneapolis !
sanfranciscobottomsfor tops chat room [public] created by bubblebuttneedluv
this is a room i created because their is no place online to hook up with san francisco locals.
los and lettes 3 chat room [public] created by juggalette1012
only los and lettes allowed who ever is not a lo or lette is not allowed
Horney ass hell chat room [public] created by JcJones
anyone wanting to talk to horney people
PEEING CHATROOM chat room [public] created by ziggs666
Come SKYPE chat room [public] created by JcJones
people looking to skype or message each other anybody welcome
join the best game - LEAGUE OF LEGENDS chat room [public] created by ziggs666
You can join the game from here
koodal chat room [private] created by viji1978
This room is for tamil guys and gals for kama koodal
12-16 year olds only chat room [public] created by jessalyns
We talk about anything... toast.... Tokio Hotel... BOTDF.... BVB.... Jeffree Star... facebook....
mete is a TURK chat room [public] created by METEYOUK
NNfffffffffffff g g r r hftg h jhtg j g hjgh ghgf fghf
san0011 chat room [public] created by san0011
hi same one interest with chat chat room [public] created by ali9887
i love blowing....jobssss.........if anyone intrested please come m always ready to b satisfie uu
naurasbird chat room [public] created by naurasbird
room for relationship .................................................
belfast 12345 chat room [public] created by tully6114
room for northern ireland people
girlss chat123 chat room [private] created by sheeladubey
only girls r allowed to chat here
lhai01 chat room [public] created by Lhai01
Simple , Finding someone who could be my friend or be my everything :)
solobrown chat room [private] created by solobrown0
be d frd of all.come and funn u we all lik it
vasuuu chat room [private] created by vasuu
hai ra how r u ra darling how old are you i want to chat with u
mikic chat room [public] created by mikic
stonepacka chat room [public] created by pepertual
i love young girls like 14 and 15
tamil hot sexy chat room [public] created by sarathfun
this room is for tamil users...........
MS PANDU chat room [private] created by MSPANDU
demendraddfv chat room [private] created by demendra
my prasnal freand ony hhhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Rubyluv.... chat room [public] created by rubysowah
love and married i will be happy to see people there
prettyfred chat room [public] created by prettyfred
love chat room were we can fine true love for ourself
superior room chat room [public] created by nejh2012
searching to havve a good relationship
sexistfun chat room [private] created by riteshhsd
anyone who want lot of fun with chat and sex chat me
Slut Chat michigan chat room [public] created by TSPmichigan
Slut Chat is a room to disuss the sluts that we've met and why we love sluts so much
Hooker Chat chat room [public] created by TSPmichigan
Hooker Chat is a place to discuss hookers and why we love them so much.
Gay kids hh chat room [public] created by gayboy11yr
come plz !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gay kids 11-15 chat room [public] created by gayboy11yr
come plz !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
shy girls chat room [public] created by Smexybeast2
a place for just shy girls to be themselves
boylover chat room [public] created by boylover2112
boylover pics trade. Meeting other folks with same interests
Fantasy RP Chat chat room [public] created by Haruhikoe
rp only. anyone allowed. =] this chat is for those who like anime chat but sometimes it dies or some one takes over the conversation or theres a troll. lol this is for you guys. ^^
rahul private chat room chat room [private] created by rahulxyzxyzxyz
Hi only my friends are invited
MW3 and Black Ops II Players chat room [public] created by LiGeek
I have MW3 & Black Ops II. I want to play online with some more good players, so add me. My PSN Name is Li-Geek
sex room49 ........................ chat room [public] created by lovesu49
gdygbdzvjbkcxnvm, lkjdfuiishvyugsdfjnv;lzdigojsdfiuyghjkdsvnl; xkjouxiofhgudsfjkv, ndfl;isuyvsgudflkkkkkkkuviodfshghdfiogusopdfigklnsuidfgsdfjn jhdfbisdfgjs;dgjdso
Im at a Payphone chat room [private] created by Darkdeity9194
the payphone chat room for everyone to talk.
me knowa and night chat room [private] created by ravendawn333666
tis for me knowa and night ls;kdjf;laksdjf;lajlsdkjf
Thamus Private Ride chat room [private] created by Thamus
This is my place, I may let you in and if you do manage to get in the door you better bring it. No lapdog lurkers, either participate or get the hell out! Guys, all the women in here are MY women, you can chat with them with my permission, but be respectful or I will kick your ass
daxpatel chat room [public] created by Daxpatel
Hi welcom all of me 9429538444 for anyting.
Love and Dating for 13 and older chat room [public] created by KittyGotSwagg
If your single and need a boyfriend or girlfriend, come to this chat room where you can chat(flirt) away!!! :p
boy from singapore chat room [public] created by vassy88
hey im bored, so girls come try me
WORLD DOMINATION chat room [public] created by XxGibbyxXTatoyaXx
I am starting a faction to lead an army of slaves and destroy the pest known as the goverment and control the world Rp only!!
King and Queen royal kingdom chat room [public] created by XxGibbyxXTatoyaXx
This is my kingdom, you will respect my rules and demands, respect my queen, i will be loyal to yall as yall are loyal to me
adultsexfunchat chat room [public] created by alexhus
hi wel come to my chatroom hope you enjoy all are welcome ok
trade piccs chat room [public] created by esphammett
im a good looking guy tryin to trade pics with hot women :)
sexymama chat room [private] created by justinfeb
justin chat room [private] created by justinfeb
hotsexymama room chat room [public] created by hotsexymama696911
hello im here to see if we click or see if we have anything likes or dislike with one another so stop in & say hi & tell me all about you & ill tell you about me. thank you for stopping in my hot private room..... hotsexymama
rape victim confession chat room [public] created by iliketoheargirlsmoan
a room were girls young and old can talk about what happened to them and admit things they normally wouldent
sexyraj chat room [public] created by sexyraj26
Hot and hand some waiting for hot message...............
im looking chat room [public] created by denver12
horny and wanna cum in my mouth
chill place chatroom chat room [public] created by XlilmizMarlenaX
just a place for every one to chill or chat orbe weird do whatever i dont care
BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS PEOPLE chat room [public] created by Pilotmark1
A place where the people living in the BVI can meet others :)
No limits Gay rp chat room [public] created by raamuk1
If you are interested you are welcome
shreveport louisiana chat room [public] created by tod111
this is for people in the shreveport bossier area
mothr f----kk chat room [public] created by shamilkumari24
dfeggsggfgfdgsgsf gsfdgfgsgfs sgsfgdfg
VASSS1 chat room [private] created by svasss1
fdghdcsaj nhhdoid xsgdgsai gdgsidg
doin big things. and im only being me chat room [public] created by boobobear
catch a new people . have some fun. haha ,nd plzz speak engligh
nottingham chat chat room [public] created by tightywhitey1980
for people of the east midlands, canwe all just get along??
MCDarkVeils Chat chat room [private] created by MCDarkVeil
This is a chat room for me and mah buds to chat
Doms looking 4 subs chat room [public] created by ShadowDawnRose
as the name says doms and subs
Detailed rape roleplay chat room [public] created by SadisticMaster
If you are female, respectful, smart with an imaginative mind then come in and play
mn. 50 s chat room [public] created by tommyyee
fun chat serious only happy holidays
easy talk chat room [public] created by pib120
aloow doing any type of fun inside this chat room
manoj22510 chat room [public] created by manoj22510
i m new here,i m searching for telugu hot girl
RandomYoutubers chat room [public] created by thewiggymarie
Talk about youtube and anything...RANDOM!
Latvian - Riga chat room [public] created by iv59
For people who are in latvia / Riga
Sportsbar chat room [public] created by RiMack
A place to relax and enjoy the company of friends
hot jjjon chat room [public] created by jjjon49
any fatis xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
FROM BRAZIL chat room [public] created by Mark132
For people who wanna know more about this country and the people who live here...
Houston bi bittom for tops chat room [public] created by mike4uxoxo
Mike 49 mwm looking for fb's
ninetails room chat room [public] created by Ninetales66
a place for ninetails to hang out
searching partner chat room [public] created by samir150
lun jo matho tatty jo topo gui me teety me chud me anja cha likha jadhija
search love chat room [public] created by samir150
gui guyi gui gui gui guigui gui gui gui gui gui gui
babs chat room [public] created by samir150
gui gui gui gui gui gui gui gui gui gui gui gui gui gui gui
PrivateChat chat room [private] created by katty1268
This is for me and my friends only.
one only chat room [private] created by missright2
only certain amount of people, for honest people,
kent chat room [public] created by hattieboo15
anyone whos from kent in uk can join this chat rooom :)
13-17 Chatroom chat room [public] created by KrazyKirsty
For people in the adolescence range
dirty and nasty chat room [public] created by rainaz
u can do any thing and and say anthing
sanfrancisco bottom for stoner top. chat room [public] created by bubblebuttneedluv
looking for a hot stoner top who will smoke with me and more.
for 16 only chat room [public] created by amerz35
relation for 16 and help to have friend
kinky people only chat room [private] created by bacon11
only my friends can join this room
LETS get SCENE AND EMO chat room [public] created by mikalaiSbleeding
Anti-Bullying Chat Room chat room [public] created by brighan
Come here if you're a victim of bullying, or have been one. We can talk about, your problems and if it stopped, how or what you did to stop the bullying. Also come here if you are or were a bully and want to talk about why you did it. And if you feel what you did was wrong.
marry now chat room [public] created by 00mohamed00
this room we will offer it for man who want girl and for the girl who want to marry from man
imtiz111 chat room [public] created by imtiaz333
in my chat room all the people are invited from any part of the world
love dating romantic chat room [public] created by cat5568
im looking for a guy from 10 to 13
house of night fans chat room [public] created by RueHG101
this is 4 all house of night fans like me
looking for asoul mate chat room [private] created by josephineasare
Am here looking for a soul mate whom am going to spend the rest of mine life with
HOrny people22 chat room [public] created by bigpaully
for people who want to have a little fun females are encouraged
Horny Talks chat room [public] created by HornYtalian
This is a room just for teens who want to ask each other questions on different subjects of life.
ole folks chat room [public] created by patty2222
over 40 chat, what every your fancy for conversation :)
just got dumped. Single and bored chat room [public] created by Evahem21
bored. looking for a friend to talk to
Interracial lesbian love chat room [public] created by patty2much
for lesbian girls who like girls of a different race than their own. ex: white girls who like black girls and so on
vegina chat room [public] created by xOGx
anyone can belive chat room [public] created by harlee12
for emos and anyone that wants to talk
this room for friends only chat room [private] created by nick830
friends only this is a radnom description b/c of thirty charecters long
friends only 1 chat room [private] created by nick830
random description random decription
17 yr old kids chat room [public] created by heaveplay
just for 17 yr old's or down or not over 30 can u get it
jays oo7 chat room [public] created by jayschat
wish to chat jays will be available to chat for free time and chat
teenchat 13-16 year olds ONLY chat room [public] created by nick830
teen chat looking for someone or just to chat come on in!
priya9321 chat room [public] created by priya9321
hi Private room - You must enter usernames of other members to allow them to use your private room. Only you and members you select can see messages in this room.
Middle School Chat Der chat room [public] created by MajorXena
A chat for middle schoolers ONLY! (5th - 8th grade 9th - 10th might be accepted)
Middle School Chat Derp chat room [public] created by MajorXena
A chat for middle schoolers ONLY! (5th - 8th grade 9th - 10th might be accepted)
so sexy and....... chat room [private] created by kolrena
just for who interested in sex and make fun together not for love
cop talk ww chat room [public] created by jessesbecker
have funand talk hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
18-30 chat room [public] created by bigmac33
people trying to have fun skyping ;)
hot girls skypers chat room [public] created by Zach253
girls wanting to skype with zach253 im a fun guy with a 11 inch penis that i love to show offf
fun Room chat room [public] created by Brian132699
Meet new people to have fun ;)
Gay or Bi gay teens in Montana chat room [public] created by JerBer16
Hey if your gay or bi and in Montana then come here and talk:)
ages 13-15 bi people chat room [public] created by lovelyneon3719
This room is for but people who are either single or taken! Maybe u might even find a girlfriend or boyfriend!
gay philadelphia chat room [public] created by allnatural16
combination of gay chat and philadelphia chat duh
Decent People is Here chat room [public] created by coffecloe
Welcome to DECENT ROOM.. u are free to Message here.. with a decent attitude.. i would like to know u that RUDE people are not allowed on this room.. Enjoy. Godbless. Thanks
Gamma Alpha Phi chat room [public] created by Sarahleeissupreme
Help us prove where our pledges loyalties lie
ggay chat room [public] created by joemendoza
:).......................................................................... .........................................................................................................................................................................................................................
Korrupy chat room [private] created by korrupt4
This is for me and terri guess yall are out of luck
feminization thoughts chat room [public] created by davidwiusa
for those that like to see others dress up or for those that are curious about dressing
feminization chat chat room [public] created by davidwiusa
for those that want to have others dress up for them and for those curious about dressing
Anime Manga Club chat room [public] created by Gamtav
homestuck, inuyasha, fruits basket, black butler, nabari no ou.....etc.
feminization curiosity chat room [public] created by davidwiusa
for those that want to have others dress for them and for those curious about dressing
Horney people wanting fun chat room [public] created by Rockme12345
Just who evers horney An wants to talk to someone to get off or just enjoy the attention of someone else
affordable nails chat room [public] created by deathfairy
what would u normally pay 4 a full set of nails?
need gf o bf...for ever chat room [public] created by michaelhucian maaasahan..happy together..
cavite liberated clan.. chat room [public] created by michaelhucian
ok..ito mababait lng lhat dont interest just txt me..09193558568
horny lesbians onlyyy chat room [public] created by raynababy
talk about whatever turns you on and share pics
new lesbin chat chat room [public] created by ladyshy3
Come let have fun and look for our love once who can't find as yet love you all
stoner furry chat chat room [public] created by Toruwer
furry stoners wanting to chat and maybe get to know one another
Geektropolis chat room [public] created by AnimeLovingNiceGuy
Game of thrones, big bang theory, video games, star wars.`All things geek. Guys and girls welcome.
Help me please and i will give a reward chat room [public] created by tt86
i will tell you when you join the room
Horny people room 8312 chat room [private] created by jman8312
Only the horny is allowed to talk about their emotions
dip143 chat room [public] created by crasher123
my name dipayan i need girl with whome i can make relation from kolkata.thanks.
bety chat room [private] created by betye
lets chat and discuss ideas and share different life experiance
freemid chat room [public] created by freemid
check of love i know you agree live all about love
Perverts chat room [public] created by jman8312
Any one who had those pervertive moments.........
Kind person chat room [public] created by tt86
need people who live in grand junction or somebody who is living there
Iceys house chat room [private] created by iceyblue23
heheheheheheheheheee ohohohohohohoho
frndship with me 4 girls use chat room [public] created by apsd
any girls who want to chat with me ...........a love and sex chat i realy like it and plz contck quickly i want u hot and saxi girls
Milfs for Toyboys - uk - bury chat room [private] created by kurtischadwick
any milfs from bury want a toyboy? contact me got skype msn as well :)
emmachat chat room [public] created by emmamc
hi people love to chat and make friends,nothing more at the moment ,if u fancy chatting with me just let me know
Darwin chat room [public] created by Coenr
Darwin people gay/bi/straight. Anyone is allowed to use your public room. You and members in your friend list can kick out anyone in your public room.
NiceGuysHere chat room [public] created by AnimeLovingNiceGuy
Only nice guys and girls. You will find no jerks here or trolls. report all of them.
Batman And Wonder Woman chat room [private] created by thatguy1123
This chatroom is just for Batman and Wonder Woman
Health And Well Being chat room [public] created by Tamiam
About health and staying at peek performance and eating healthy also mental health
interracial fun chat room [public] created by mrcameltoe
For the people how like color in their come on in and let's have have lot's of fun join. Me
sub4domainant chat room [public] created by rhea0263
world of domination if you are interested to be owned by mistress enter here
sub4dominant chat room [public] created by rhea0263
world of domination if you are interested to be owned by a mistress enter here
MINECRAFT FOR XBOX chat room [public] created by minecraftgirlXBOX
JUST TALK AND ASK FOR HELP :D i will also tell some good video's to view on youtube And finally give people your gt's and let them add you for a multiplayer on xbox ENJOY
MPD or DID chat room [public] created by Ednel
If you have alter personalities, here we can talk about how to deal with, like how to trigger it, how to switch, how to control it and much more...
Only for you rose chat room [private] created by raeesaalam
Wanna feel inner beauty of rose
boys vs girls collision chat room [public] created by aviebond
for all youngester and cretive girls and boys
frendly chat room [public] created by praeen
iam nuwan.i want good friend.i think u like to me.
Used Panties chat room [public] created by justaflirt4unow
A room designed for the panty lover. Talk about panties you have seen, smelled, or stolen. Doesn't matter if they are family members or not. Daughters, nieces, gf, step daugthers, sister, whoever. Also invite c2c.
boy love chat room [public] created by wixxy2112
talk about boy love and fantasy
xDirty Lesbian ChatX chat room [public] created by xSexyLesbianX
Chat for lesbians who wanna get down dirty ;)
olny for grand junction people chat room [public] created by tt86
i know its lookin odd to add a chat room like that but iam really need to talk to anyone there and iam gona send him or her a reward if its done so what do you think are you up for it
fashion room chat room [public] created by steveohom
brings all the fashion lover together, and all those who have a sense of fashion in there own way. thank you , lets promote the trend and the brand yo. thank you
Boys and Girls Teens ONLY chat room [private] created by kaylaspeaars13
This chat room is for any teen boy or girl allowe to talk an get to know boys and girls and a chance to get a boyfreind :) lol :)
dipsey1992 chat chat room [private] created by dipsey1992
wanna chat? if so hmu cuz i would like talk to new ppl
Red dead redemtion chat room chat room [public] created by Bristoljosh56
talking about red dead redemtion
lesbian only girls allowed chat room [public] created by haruhix3
there ar no gays allowed in this chat room
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