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List of all user-created chat rooms #363
jhontaylar chat room [private] created by jhontaylar
i just want sex,fun, enjoy,lovely
yale oklahoma area only chat room [private] created by silverparagon
for yale and surrounding area residents only who are looking to skip the kid enviorement and move on to bigger better things
bisexual around da world chat room [public] created by zad91
for sex chat n friendly purpose only for bisexual girls and boys
meth head chat room [public] created by mastamethmouth
this chat room is for people who snort smoke or inject meth
Phone Sex Or NOty girl chat room [public] created by aahpexcools
to Girls ... boy sex ...lets go join my roomm ..malaysia , asians , anything country can join this roomm..............................
Familyslut fun chat room [public] created by nehz
Here everybody can enjoy the sex in family but with my permission only
Singaporen Girls chat room [private] created by unknowndeejay97
For singaporean girls under the age of 20 to know more people and to voice out their problems.
diaper pee fetish chat room [public] created by freightliner
like to drink pee and wear diapersand wet them
cutest girl ever chat room [private] created by jarle123
this is for the cutest girl in the world!
anis chat room [private] created by anishoury
welcome to anis room,lets chat together and have a good time :)
For females chat room [private] created by Raghav70
@ all ages n stages from india
gay guys only allowed chat room [public] created by meechee123
only for gay guys and gay teen boys that are looking to see sexy people and one to know people
varietale chat room [public] created by mchelle21
hi all,feel free to use this chat room ;;) enjoyyyy ;;)
random ness chat room [public] created by the13lover
fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun
sexy little girl chat room [public] created by redneck123456789
If your horny or like big cock im me
Banglore people room chat room [public] created by axeaxeman
hi I m chiru from bang. so banglore people come nd chat in tthis room .
real shyt and real ppl only chat room [public] created by isoleana17
hey ya watt good if u real u welcom if u aint get gone d
isoleana17 chat room [public] created by isoleana17
feall ppl only thank u i dnt want no drama
Soooooo Today I Tried Sumthing Pretty Crazy O.O ha chat room [public] created by geezr
i just really wanna talk 2 sumone about it xD
Couples that watch Porn and lonely singles too chat room [public] created by NoRealNames4Now
Discuss porn and sex in a relationship... likes, dislikes and advice to make hot again in the bedroom
playboy... chat room [private] created by boypuvan
thiz chat 4 guys n girls 2 shared love n romance
Metalhead central chat room [public] created by xCFHxD1M3BAG
only for cRAP or country lol
Krakow chat room [public] created by tonylondon2012
chill out, talk about krakow , zakopane , fun..
me dear chat room [private] created by sumit142
only my friends ok dear ,.byeeeeeeeeeeee
rajjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj chat room [private] created by braju448
raju Daari tappina chinnari malli adegaanu mee amma perentani? maroo maaru chapadu amma Posted by Kopparthy at 8:20 AM 2 comments: Modate kavitha Padyam Sila Gadyam Jala Kavithavam Shala Posted by Kopparthy at 8:02 AM No comments: Newer Posts Home Subscribe to: Posts (Atom) Blog Archive ▼ 2007 (2) ▼ August (2) Haiku Modate kavitha About Me Kopparthy View my complete profile
malaysianchatroom chat room [public] created by emmasky7
org malaysia sahaja..........................................
str8 acting guys chat room [public] created by troycc
I wanna talk to bi guys like me
I want guys chat room [public] created by troycc
Bi guys talk to me!!! I'm young, fit, sexy and fun
Vampiresblood chat room [private] created by xionia
Friends of vampires and vampire. light and dark invite you to call our own .. kisses blood
priya room chat room [public] created by priyathecute
this is priya chat room all are welcome...:)
OKLAHOMA ONLY chat room [public] created by silverparagon
adults only guys and girls sex chat room chat room [public] created by mingelicker
Friendly flirting and humor this
amars room chat room [public] created by Amarsethi
dis room is just for people who r genuine. fake ids and fake people not allowed
TEXAS MADE Chat 2 chat room [public] created by TeXaSbOy638
TEXAS MADE Chat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Malaysian seeks marriage chat room [private] created by kmq1073
Mostly people make their profile on net with sincere and serious intention, but some just for flirt. I want sincere friendship because sincerity is the basic thing in every true relation
wichita falls texas gay teens chat room [public] created by dakota13
for gay teens in that area its cool no one well make fun of u or thay well be kikd off 13-16
YOU KNOW HOW IT GOES chat room [public] created by lukke28
14 year olds. chat room [public] created by AmazingAmyy
Join if you're 14 and wanna chat.
Ballet boys chatroom chat room [public] created by Balletboysweetie
boys who are gay love to dance wear ballet uniforms(leotards catsuits unitards tights suspender tights shoes socks ) everything and like to mess aroun
anonymously chat room [public] created by anonymousmuslim
This is a room for me, and you, talk about problems together
Killerbee231 chat room [public] created by bryntkarl21
go2Costa Rica chat room [public] created by TikoNY
Talking the "wuz up" of the country!
KaylieeLuvsChaa chat room [private] created by KaylieeLuvsChaa
Kayliees Room for me and my friends to chat about just general shit!!
Gay male UK chat room [public] created by ethan2101
A chat room for gay men in the uk!
pre teens dating chat room [public] created by BriannaWubsChu
13-15 only no damn pervs alowed
Sex Slavery chat room [public] created by BustySexSlave
Come inside if you're interested in making me your dirty sex slave. IM me and tell me what you're in to
kurnool chat room chat room [private] created by silaspraveen
my name is silas i am from kurnool
Skype Sex Chat 15 to 25 chat room [public] created by SexWithSkype
Girls boys skype sex room for skype
sex all day chat room [public] created by nickibabyyy
come hear and let loose and find someone to help u with tht
wet ladies chat room [public] created by Sexysandra2000
ladies are you feeling as horny as i am, well i would love to chat with you if you are. Join me for a sweet chat
SMEX ROOM chat room [public] created by dessyboo1004
Xbox360 Minecraft Players chat room [public] created by LilithBlackBlood
looking for xbox minecraft players to multi play with
salave 4 girls licker chat room [public] created by salar4444
hot and wild 1 free cams for gilrs . girls u can have fun here i do 2hat ever u like and want wild and hot 1 for u girls,,,,,,
sexy me luvs u only ladies chat room [public] created by hornyhidaya12
i am a bi girl who of course loves girls 13 and older
emo gays chat room [public] created by babybee97
Only for teens 13-18 GAY GUYS ONLY NO GIRLS PLEASE
Hells Angels chat room [public] created by sandy36
Ask not for help ,Ask support 81
gay or bi teens 13-16 chat room [public] created by dakota13
for gay guys in they u.s.a teens only they boys of 13-16 are
LezBiLand chat room [public] created by Fabglam
This is a bisexual-lesbian room, ladies are more than welcome! Please keep it clean, if naughty do your own thing without making it Live aha, you can get dirty but on private with someone, please don't involve me. Have fun, relax, enjoy, and keep it drama free!:)
girls and women chat room [public] created by annelee81
girls only make fiends and talk
Seeking Friends chat room chat room [public] created by Amidamaru12
Come and lets chat..enjoy be friendly and respect your chat inaapropriate words to female :D
mitalov chat room [public] created by raducanumihaita
masa musculara vreau sa fac sex neaparat :)))
dark dragon yugioh duel team chat room [public] created by allanh31
all yugioh people that doint have a duel team are wants to join 1 send me a text or go to my yahoo ok think u all.
emo and wolfy chat room [private] created by emoluvagirl
Teen Chat 15 - 18 chat room [public] created by MelSmith97x
Anyone age between 15 to 18 and fancy's a chat plz join am looking forward to talking to you ;) xxxxx
Roleplay Chat for Pokemon trainers chat room [public] created by ArtzLaughterr
You can roleplay here :)) this is not a r34 chat so if u want to do rule 34 then go somewhere else!!
big time rush fans onlyt chat room [public] created by biggsetfanofbtrever
come nownfughewigewiugbviewbrgvyuwrbdevdfbvwubvuwdbu
sex talk aka 69 chat room [public] created by sexme69666
straight out talk about sex and so on
Lady Gaga Fansss chat room [public] created by AdamMonster
Lady Gaga Fans Only , i love lady gaga so freaking much
Emo RP Chat chat room [public] created by ArtzLaughterr
Just a chat for roleplaying emos, you got a problem with that?
chatty chat chat99 chat room [public] created by winnygirl99
The Unholy chat room [public] created by Unholyxincubus
Anime lover, and those who know the meaning of Darkness are welcome no bible humpers.
married man room chat room [private] created by kytty4you
married man can come here and have a good time with something in change :)
Lesbian Girls Only no boys chat room [public] created by ilovegirls490
A chat room for lesbians and lesbians only to chill and meet other girls
EMO NOM NOM NOM chat room [public] created by szamantha
CUT CUT CUT.....................................................................................................................................
Freaks Only today chat room [public] created by JaylenL
if u wanna talk freaky come here
MMA Girls Lez room chat room [public] created by callla
African Lesbian Room. A Room where successful. travelling career girls relax and talk freely about their feeling for their fellow especially African women in Africa or else where.
Movie Scene Chat chat room [public] created by Rulakir666
Want to discuss the state of play in todays movies? then roll up and say your say....
Stylish Chill Session chat room [public] created by TyroneStylez
Stylish chill chat with awesome people
Book Chat666 chat room [public] created by Rulakir666
Lets talk about your reading preferences, discuss anything and everything literary......
cyber bullys chat room [public] created by leonard8
be a bully or be bullied. Whatever floats your bout
Anime shoujo manga chat room [public] created by MinamiSadachi
I like romance that is all lol just come to talk and have fun.
Oceans Home chat room [public] created by ThePinkShyOne
this is my home and i hope you enjoy your stay here
lets chill out chat room [public] created by caitlindubose
have fun just no flooding my chat room
KESTIOUS chat room [public] created by KESTiOUS
free cam 4 hot girls chat room [public] created by salar4444
hi i am a very hot 1 for girls love 2 do what ever girls like a slave so u can try me at yahoo msn or skype
My Friend and me like Wtf XD chat room [private] created by okudo92
SAN DIEGO - CALIFORNIA chat room [public] created by camilyz
To meet people and talk about san diego
Some Effin Diversity chat room [public] created by Etchnman
For those of us who want an intelligent conversation with people regardless of race, or sexual preference.
Serbia2012 chat room [public] created by SayMyNameAB
Its all about Serbia! Caribbean seeking truck loads of info about Serbia/Belgrade
lesbians sexy chat room [public] created by MAiSABFF1
only for lesbians mjjjfhdsdtstdiytdiddddddddddddddddddddddddd
Quietly Loud chat room [private] created by Bearbo551
We are going to have fun in this room with me and you
Naughty chattts chat room [public] created by MartinxD
Come and be the new you :D Be as naughty as you like ..!
arabic drdsha chat room [public] created by talal933
you can chat with arab male and female
ho chat room [public] created by assweed
LONDON EDGWARE chat room [public] created by skilltripatu
Ppl from edgware only here ! Let's chat mf's .... yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Whats yo number whats yo size chat room [public] created by GrapeJuJuDrink
This chatroom is NOT an adult room. Despite it's misleading name...No spamming, no trolling.
Online job opportunity - 500 dollars a day chat room [public] created by GoGetter25
This is a room for anyone that wants to make cash legally online. Message your interested and I will get you details. Must Reside in U.S. or Canada. You will get kicked if there is discussion other than trying to make money
Room for SINGLE and COMPLICATED chat room [public] created by Rhowsz
i created this room to find your own perfect match !! please we don't recognize a dirty minded person .. thank you .. hope you enjoy .. (by admin RHOWSZ)
smother me chat room [public] created by slaveforyounger
ı need a girl who can smother me
couple looking 4 bi female chat room [public] created by sandratony
we are a couple lookin for a bi woman to come play with us tonight
What is wrong with you all chat room [public] created by Jordnan
umm... I don't know what I'm doing. .... I'm such a noob! :p
mew mew chat room [public] created by cherrykiss101
this can also be a role playing chat room! but i wont allow the dirty RP
hi girls out there chat room [public] created by johnjames12345
to any girls who want to chat and get horny
Private personal chat room [public] created by Kaiyleefrog15
We are here to taslk not judge
Older Men for Young chat room [private] created by JNAngel
Just for people who may have a similar love for older men like i do, im 18 but i love extemley older guys 30 - 35
lombok chat room [public] created by 020292
f you have a problem with someone, put them on block. Perv's get banned. Spammers get warned. If you continue, You get banned. No role-play. No caps. No spamming. And no disrespect. Again, You will g
you and me sex party chat room [public] created by zzbbc
you and me from one world, we are family travel one dream A thousand miles meeting in chathour. come together. put your hand in mine you and me......
mgama chat room [public] created by mgama
chat akata kamathi onama kenek enna mage chat room ekata
mnaykin chat room [public] created by yazcat
only girls can join these room
Singless-Looking For A Gf Bf chat room [public] created by PrettyNPinkPolo59
Siinglee ,, Looking for a girlfriend or boyfriend this is the room to be in.
Singless-Looking For A Gf Bf-- chat room [public] created by PrettyNPinkPolo59
Siinglee ,, Looking for a girlfriend or boyfriend this is the room to be in.
pics of young girls chat room [public] created by redneck123456789
You like pics of young girls I have some and if you give me your pics I will give you my pics email me at
Naughty ppl every age chat room [public] created by klaryy101
Being naughty every minute gett ready i will give my phone number away
Teen Emos ONLY chat room [public] created by AshleeyAciid
you gotta be atleast 12 - 18 you older? gtfo.
egypt cute chat till mornning chat room [public] created by egyptroy
serious people only wanna have a nice productive conversation
Tyjohn Room chat room [public] created by hackerpro1212
come in dont be secred im not gay im the relate nigguh you ever meet on here
General Music chat room [public] created by BrianCrowden
disscussion about diff. types such as rock, metal, pop, alt. etc. etc. a place to chill and make friends that also have a thing for music.
CJs bedroom chat room [public] created by cjthetiger
its meh bedroom deal with it xD
Sportsclub chat room [public] created by Baseball12347
For ppl into sports baseball football tenis basketball hockey lax anything bla bla ext ext more and more come in and chat in this room if ur into sports
Seek for truth chat room [private] created by basheerdaee
This is to seek for the truth abt GOD almighty
13-16 year old boys chat room [public] created by iloveboys13
this chat room is for boys 13-16 only!!!!
prit2222 chat room [public] created by prit2222
hiiii plz come & meet me. u interested me call me my mobile no. 08007200108. plzzzzzi
french guy jacksonville chat room [public] created by frenchguy069
french guy alone in jacksonville looking for some girls
young males for mature chat room [public] created by Hoggie91
for young guys who like mature older ladies
Flirty People That are Cute chat room [public] created by SydneyLuvzYou
Ppl who want to be loved ;) And be awesome
Harry Potter Role Play Roomiee chat room [public] created by HarryPotter16
Say your character. I am obviously harry/
Date Me F--- You chat room [public] created by babyblackberrieyb3
a place to hang out make friends n find sum one who is willing and ready to be a freak on cam for you :) come on in and enjoy while it last :D
slenderman rp chat room [public] created by kiba15
join me and dive into the world of the urban legend "slenderman" i still need someone to play as my master so if your interested plllleease read my profile and join up (other creepypasta's may be included)
IT technical help online chat room [public] created by pextreem
This room for a any kind of hardware software help for all. if you want help....... join with us....hackers are with us
13-15 YearOldSinglePeople chat room [public] created by twilson14
13-15 year olds that wanna have fun
jakki chat room [public] created by jakkisat
hi this is jakki from mumbai. i want any teen gay to have fun
SHAMEFUL LONERS chat room [public] created by Angere
Any one can join does not matter to me.
- -16 years old- - chat room [public] created by Angere
i want to talk to people my age and mostly girls
EL PASO CLINT SOCORRO SAN ELI chat room [public] created by raymond0123
share ideas, fun stuff , jaja any partys around, thigs happening on schoool or i dont know se abla espanol
EL PASO MOUNTWOOD CLINT SOCORRO SAN ELI chat room [public] created by raymond0123
share ideas, fun stuff ,pics, fb, jaja any partys around, thigs happening on schoool or goingon life or frustriting family..................... OR SOMETHING!!!!!! we talk in spanish too..... se abla espanol nambien
EL PASO MOUNTWOOD CLINT SOCORRO HORIZON YSLET chat room [public] created by raymond0123
share ideas, fun stuff, pics, fb, jaja any partys around, thignns happening on schoool or wats goingon yr life, frustrating family........... I DONT KNOW JUST (JOIN) we talk in sapnish too,,,,, se abla espanol tambien---- ORALE!
sexy gay talk chat room [public] created by romankelly
gay sexy guys talk to each other
Open chat fubu chat room [public] created by Twerpie101
Here is your fuc buddies! Where you can talk to anyone and do meet ups!
The Sexy hot ay room chat room [public] created by Themonster122
where gay ppl Can Express themselves
come in my friends chat room [public] created by XArthurX
come and chat with me very nice person haha..oh and im from norway by the arthur
ms chat room chat room [public] created by madhus990
This is a shared user created chat room for anyone to host
conversas intimas chat room [public] created by edlipe
sou um garoto e quero ver garotas bonitas tenho cam
roxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx chat room [public] created by sachindu
chat & get more fun.if u like 2 get fun come onnnnnnnnn
joyz singapore chat room [public] created by joyz1212
Heya looking for fun guys to chat with. We can chat about anything. Feel free to check it out. Cya darlings!
dominant men chat room [public] created by borntofly88
I am in a relationship but he is not dominant and I'm highly submissive just browsin around havin fun
cool95 chat room [public] created by shawneden95
this chat room is fun to be in
sex chat95 chat room [public] created by shawneden95
for people that wanna get it on
CountryMusicLovers chat room [public] created by dirtygurl45
Love country music??? Chat here!@
American Car Related chat room [public] created by NorwegianMustang
A room for car lovers devoted to V8īs
single but looking for love chat room [public] created by jeff196
find that someone speical to love for the rest of your life and have fun with
Thee Awesome Room chat room [public] created by TheeeOne420
Cultural Chat chat room [public] created by mutee
this is for the Sex chat who ever wants to talk on Sex they can and if any one wants to do Gay can then he can do that as well so enjoy
HADES chat room [public] created by PHANTOM0308
sunney chat room [public] created by sunneyfans
hi i am 24 years male 1111111111111111111111111111111111
kailangan ko ng ka chat na babae sa fb chat room [public] created by GravyBoy
kailangan ko ng ka chat na babae sa fb, sige naaaaa. kaht friendly chat or green or dirty chat
sureshlali chat room [public] created by sureshlali
male , to have girl friend
sunday morning oovoo or skype chat chat room [public] created by Eventsguy
for anyone who wants to skype or oovoo
ladies only for me chat room [private] created by zkolt22
My personal space 5 chat room [private] created by ChubbyBunny93
For me and my close friends only. others are not allowed :P
12 year old dating chat room chat room [public] created by sexybribri01
tigger 1 chat room [private] created by Tigger2512
hi my nickname is tigger how are you today hope you are enjoying the sunny weather today
SC teen hookup chat room [public] created by logical15
For teens in South Carolina. Anything from chatting, to getting to know each other irl.
Bangalore Chat masti chat room [public] created by aftabbaby
To Bangalore people who are free to share their thoughts and emotions
SC teen hookup chat chat room [public] created by logical15
heya everybody, looking for South Carolinian teens? come here!
skype or ym chat room [public] created by BatangPanjangStim
australian trash talk chat room [public] created by lukeaustralia1
a room for people to talk and have fun
Welsh Fun chat room [public] created by Jofus
Naughty Flirty Friendly Welsh Chat
sai chat chit chat chat room [public] created by sairamm
sai ram offering meeru sweekaring
PLs help me to speak english chat room [public] created by jhairalin
PLs help me PLs help me to speak english because if i grew up i can speak better and clearly thnx
Girls come join me chat room [public] created by Ejsing
Come in and jojn me girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
orgasim chat room [public] created by roxy6700
to talk about sexy lifes and find your perfect match
owoni love chat room [public] created by owoni
it is made for a relationship and love date
upankaj60 chat room [private] created by upankaj60
i love sex...............................................................................................
Wine Women Wealth chat room [public] created by yog1
free to all. chat as you like and enjoy life and friendship with all
Amalies chat room [public] created by Amalie94
private rooms for me chat room [private] created by Watitis
mkmuthu chat room [private] created by mkmuthu
hi i need girls only i love chatting
ottawa ontario dating chat room [public] created by lookingfortherealdea
i live in the capital, and am hoping to connect with some real people for dating
Manserious2012 chat room [private] created by manserious2012
I have 18 years, I live in the Ivory Coast, I'm 1.68m and 65kgs, my eyes are black and I'm in shape
manserious chat room [public] created by manserious2012
I have 18 years, I live in the Ivory Coast, I'm 1.68m and 65kgs, my eyes are black and I'm in shape
madln45 chat room [public] created by madln45
nothing.well i think you should come to it
lal chat room [public] created by mithoo14
have a nice chat with me and know me
13 -14 year old only chat room [private] created by Sna101
only 13/14 year old's only. no old ppl. just teen chatting and talking.
Wee Natter chat room [public] created by bisexualblue
Random Chat about all sorts of crap lol, just chat about enything, plus am bord so cum talk to me :-) xxxx
Amman-Dubai chat room [public] created by CookieMan246
Chat with Jord. ppl to keep in touch with homeland
mart chat room [public] created by mmart
come and talk share everything what ever
jai karnataka chat room [public] created by 84Abhi
Hai if anybdy frm karnataka join dis rum, make new friends wat u wnt@
north indian chat room [public] created by sam54665
itzz too coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool n too hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot
mathi chat room chat room [public] created by gmathi
i want one girl njhggfddxughyug hghfgfdffxfcfcghvhgyhf
pinky chat chat room [public] created by Pinky1234567890
bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored
NO FAGS OR HOMOS chat room [public] created by leonard8
pretty much says it all, come in if you dare
FIFA 12 chat room [public] created by StrombergLFC
My FIFA ID IS: Stromberglfc Invite me if u want to play :) NO SPAM!!!!!!!
Buthole island chat room [public] created by Sexyback1230
:) :) ;) ;) ;p;p everyone is welcome
sex nd love chat room [public] created by joskally
its all about fun.mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
my own room chat chat room [public] created by sexonbeachoo7
for u my dear friends so we can chat anytime
want to play ghost recon chat room [public] created by dannyg11
looking for people to play with
warsaw polna now...... chat room [public] created by puyol0820
Warsaw polna. So lonely. And now .................
Screamo Room chat room [public] created by Andrewthefallen67
where you can talk about screamo metal or nu-metal with others
JohnMary chat room [public] created by johnmary
Hurt me with truth. Never comfort me with lies. I am so friendly and caring. Love to help others always it makes my life meaningful
sex talk uncenserd chat room [public] created by coolmax3
talk about sex and say preety much anything u want to
L u v chat room [public] created by ice94
Only relationship a
welcom chat room [public] created by cooljon9
come on in to my chat room its really cool
Hornyboysandgirls chat room [public] created by simonv17
for horny people :) haha asdasdasdsadd
13-15 year olds GUYS ONLY chat room [public] created by the13lover
tink gays bears bis idc who u are if ur 13 14 or 15 come in
random banter chat room [public] created by averagegirl4
just want to be cheered up? this is the room for you, jokes needed! :)
young men looking for mature women chat room [public] created by jake530
young men looking for mature women
wife swap on cam chat room [public] created by akcouple2play
swap ur wife on cam or just meet new couple to chat with or more
yoai hetalia chat room [public] created by Canada16
roleplaying with me I do get very perverted and I am shy so ya......
Anime chat room for anime chat room [public] created by Canada16
an anime chatroom where anyone can talk anime
Joyti chat room [private] created by Rahulbari
Hay on base of my eart that not a galexy
Ballet Chat chat room [public] created by Balletman12
for girls and guys who go to ballet classes or just love ballet
corpus christi 1 chat room [public] created by korakora1
girls only plz no gay guys or none of that bullcrap
newguy4445 chat room [private] created by newguy4445
Lets chat about c2c in pvt. the wilder the better.
18under only chat room [public] created by volleyballgirl23
Only people under 18 are allowed in this room!
RP hangout room chat room [public] created by xxxLeon15xXx
a place for ppl to just RP and hang out....
HALO 2 OUTREACH chat room [public] created by elicool321
okieboy chat room [public] created by the13lover
Looking for a boyfriend Who is 13 chat room [public] created by Bri1515
Someone nice kind funny sweet and 13 or 14 years old
Swing My Way chat room [private] created by Damian421
Swingers, Bi-ladies & Straight Men. Straight Couples curious of the Mormon Lifestyle
RANDOM NOT 1 chat room [public] created by elicool321
wendy maesteg chat room [public] created by wendy6844
for private chat only with very special friends
hot guys no girls chat room [private] created by Princess1419
hot guys pleass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;) <3
my sweet taylor chat room [private] created by redix69x
this is a private room only taylor can enter here
Prime chat chat room [public] created by TheHumanPrime
yes this is my chatroom for RP fans so...*clears throat* don't mind the background..feel free to read it
13-15 year old bi guys chat room [public] created by chrisManning
a room for bi guys blah blah blah well you get the point
Thinking about sucide chat room [public] created by Cassiel15
help me decide on life or death
Spit swapper chat room [public] created by adadad
Ladies who want to watch men cum chat room [public] created by KingsColas
Want to watch all the free cumshots. here is the room
Stunnas World chat room [public] created by dre1stunna
swag chat room all day every day
amadz chat room [private] created by zmsweet
hello, am here so i can just chat in private....and make new friends...
jerseyy babyyy. chat room [public] created by lovinglife21
this is manly a chat room for people who are from jersey! but other people are welcomed too. have fun!
One lonely man chat room [public] created by Caj691
I'm recently separated and looking for women to talk to.
jck4olderladies chat room [public] created by blazeeboy
young guy who liked 60 plus ladies .ladies that like a boy toy or just a naughty boy
BI SEXUAL WOMEN 18-35 chat room [public] created by truckerswife1213
Coles dark Room chat room [private] created by Cole6969
camerashy and coles talk room we rule the land
Coles Room with Camera Shy chat room [private] created by Cole6969
Camera shy and coles dark room for chat
Lalala-RAWR chat room [private] created by samsam2000000
I donno... lol come in if you dare... :P
Lesbian Studs and femms chat room [public] created by Studboimanny415
A place where studs and femms can chat LESBIANS only!!
Arizona Heat chat room [public] created by faze6
anyone from Az. welcome. 18+ adult content. please be considerate.
kps chat room [private] created by kps0555
chat with me here it is secure
IM for fun tonight chat room [public] created by NickiiisHorny
Im males/females, for some fun
Evansville chat room [public] created by avery974
lookin fot fun, so do just that and be yourself.
PINOY ABROAD chat room [public] created by Dyoan
Friendly chat, persons who lives at the philippines
sexy skype room chat room [public] created by charzar4956
For anybody who wants to skype sexy with someone
sunystar44 chat room [public] created by sunystar44
join dis chat room if u love kul chat..
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