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List of all user-created chat rooms #355
hot sexy chat now chat room [public] created by Nathan1866
girls are welcome, for fun hot messages and maybe cam fun
hyperpeople chat room [public] created by Alinamgr
hyper people are welcome to join in so what are u waiting for lets chat the room yohhhhhhhhhh
ID ROOM FOR CIBER WEB S.E.X. chat room [public] created by Xboyhb
DIVERSE chat room [public] created by kimmiguel
perfect, indefinate ,long, romantic, outreach, in-law, certain,correspondent,fun
spankos chat room [public] created by naughty1jay
Room of spanking enthusiasts, talking about their spankings, wether giving or getting them.
aaaaaaa1 chat room [private] created by 22mike22
enjoyment talks chat room [public] created by rakshitha264
in this room everyone can chat howmuchever they want to. no one will stop them
Chennai Kama chat room [private] created by Vino04
Only for Chennai Girls age from 18-30 are most welcome
Kiev Ukraine chat room [public] created by Runner28
I want to find out someone in Kiev. Who can help me out? Reward involved :)
peppyblossom21 chat room [public] created by peppyblossom
sharing everything. chill out and solving your problem... i am an ordinary girl from indonesia.......................................
subsanddoms chat room [public] created by mutangg
A room for dominant and submissives and find
Emily Casual chat room [private] created by EmilyJudd2012
No weirdos or gays i want to talk to someone
kunal1717 chat room [public] created by kunal1717
hi hw r u jhefd hdwwshwal jhdlwkjl wqjhdlqkhdx lwkjshadl lkwjdlj
UK Teenage chat room [public] created by DuceLi99
Teenagers from the UK only!!!???!!
BestFriends chat room [public] created by Snowcat91
Meet new friends why dont you?Try out my new chat here plz.
NAUGHTYNESS chat room [public] created by likesitdirty
A place to find a partner for mutual masturbation, webcam, phone sex and trading pixxx. NO WEBCAM GIRLS and there little web sites...if your going to cam turn the damn thing on and get wasting peoples time!
raja2001 chat room [public] created by raja2001
speak abt only sex in this room. it should be follow. we should be follow
Only girls who want to cam chat room [public] created by Zyaxos
Please, I want only girls, who want to cam2cam :)
WerewolfLycanChat12 chat room [public] created by minibeck1
say hello to real werewolf/lycan in real life
sexfinder chat room [public] created by choichoi111
if you want sex come in dafqwasdqweqweasdqw eqwdasd qwedas dqwe asd qwea sd
girls room 12345 chat room [public] created by HBTiD
all girls with big boobs and like hooking up are welcome
Fashion beauty lifestyle chat room [public] created by sweetheeart97
talk about fashion or beauty or lifestyle here! request posts for my blog= all a girl or boy could dream of!
dirtyfunloving chat room [public] created by lovesurya
any one can share your dirty fun and dirty jokess
my loner home chat room [public] created by ThePoorBoy
this is the current home i live in and..where i may stay at
skype user chat room [public] created by johanrullzz
all skype user are invited amd can enjoy thier chat unitedly no bad words be friendly..................................
Rockabellas-Freinds-World chat room [public] created by iloveeire
This is NOT pick up room, go to Adult Chat for that. This is a chat for casual conversation. If you have a problem with someone, put them on block. Perv's get banned. Spammers get warned. If you continue, You get banned. No role-play. No caps. No spamming. And no disrespect. Again, You will get banned.
indian aunties chat room [private] created by hadean
this is for only indian aunties
Chat here0101 chat room [public] created by Tyler343434
Chat whenever whereever whatever!!
For him chat room [private] created by trailrazor
idk but im confused so help me o.o
Some need friends chat room [public] created by Snowcat91
Some of us need friends so talk now and meet friends!(its possible that no one will join)
GayTeensUnite chat room [public] created by sexyblueblondie
All gay/bi teens welcome here. Come chat to everyone :-)
saps chat room [public] created by maytas6891
anyone can spend time .....................................................................
GAY M4M LONG ISLAND chat room [public] created by chris4funn
Harry Styles chat room [public] created by LalaHoran
Harry styles. Talks. Talk back
Bis andLesbians only chat room [public] created by Sexychocolate246
for single bis and lesbians 13-17 to come and mingle
RISK TAKER chat room [public] created by ladariuscraig
rapeiscool chat room [public] created by tabana
A chat room that you can explore your most wildest fantasy.
k9 beginner chat room [public] created by lilbtch90
looking for help..................................................................
Roblox Exploiters chat room [public] created by newmoon1324
Hackers helping hackers. These words are nothing at all. I am saying this just because I need 30 words in the description.
Sorrowmd Chat room chat room [public] created by Sorrowmd
Anyone can join feel free, feel free and talk about anything,
phone sex NOW chat room [public] created by thtswutsup
exchange numbers and get off with a stranger! EXCITING!
look4love chat room [public] created by peace4people
to people who look 4 love or a life partner
Southwestern Pennsylvania gay men chat room [public] created by hairydude647
Southwestern Pennsylvania men and either chat, IM or even hook up. This chat serves Southwestern Pa, Northern West Virginia, Extreme eastern Ohio, and Western Maryland.
nudity show chat room [public] created by aung1979
show genital or nudity for women, men, transeksual and other is they age are 18 or more
Gorgeous01 chat room [public] created by Gorgeous31
Chat to mee please. And u can send me pics 2
sex problem chat room [public] created by aung1979
for everyone who have some problem about sex in they life, write in the this room, my be any frien a can answer your problem
The Panda Lover Room chat room [public] created by NessaStar123
hahaha u don't have to talk about pandas lol. just go crazyyyy lol
The Blood Room chat room [public] created by KuzukiHiruko
this is the room where anything goes and yes it is a battle arena
kidnapped rp chat room [public] created by lilly567
for people who like kidnapped books and shows this is for you!!!!
hot-n-heavy talkin chat room [public] created by thepanther49
a chat room that members can use to talk to someone who needs some love
Love is everywere chat room [public] created by alemao15
For every one who is looking for the big love
9 inch fat cock manchester chat room [public] created by manchesterSTE
my cock is 9 inches , im seeking fmales for naugty fun manchester , leave hotmail addy 4 chat must be local
sex sex sex and fun chat room [public] created by graciewacie
lets have some fun, and get to know each other.
TALK UR MIND OUT chat room [public] created by iSELA713
COUSLER chat room [public] created by iSELA713
NON-STOP COOLNESS chat room [public] created by iSELA713
Egypt Guys chat room [public] created by 0196068723
For all egyptian To talk and have fun
Nashville and Murfreesboro Area chat room [public] created by wa113r
Girls who wanna hook up tonight or make a date someday this week.
Paradize chat room [public] created by Gogettha
Everybody is invited to paradize!!
Horny girl4girls chat room [public] created by Eatmerawrr
For horny lesbians wanting to have fun and talk dirty
Nashville Area Hookup chat room [public] created by wa113r
Any Women looking to hook up I am here and would love to!
Friendly chat room to meet others chat room [private] created by Rukiasan
This is a place to make frineds. Please do not try to ruin anyine elses day1 :)
Laos Chatroom yay aha chat room [public] created by sayphire
for ppl who wanna meet laos pplz or thai pplz
boys who like bad girls chat room [public] created by loveable26
boys who like really really bad girls
sprint cup nascar chat room [public] created by de939600
nascar/imobs/ww/mma/boredom/games/sports....anyone welcome it an open chat
Single Swagg chat room [public] created by mottoswagg
single can meet other people swagg
Richmond VA Gay Chat chat room [public] created by slmfool
Gay guys in Richmond looking for fun, friendship, etc -- check it out
BikiniGirlsLive chat room [public] created by JakeHalsted
Bikini Girls Lookin for Fun Chat
scituate ma chat room chat room [private] created by maevemurphy
Have to be from scituate ma and in 6th grade
BikiniGirls chat room [public] created by JakeHalsted
Live Chat for Bikini Girls dis very night
sexy ladys chat room [public] created by westd32
all females come on in ,y names dustin just hit me up if you wanna chat with me
Naughty Anime Roleplaying chat room [public] created by NaughtyStarla
Come in and enjoy a drink and meet some sexy playmates for the night.
roleplay time chat room [public] created by sexyything18
a room to have fun roleplayying.
11yearoldchT chat room [public] created by dyl123
11 year old chat 11 yearold plzs only
SEXY CHAT 101 chat room [public] created by daro134
SEXY CHAT 105 chat room [public] created by daro134
r0leplay room chat room [public] created by shadowedblaze
everyone is welcome come if u want to rp ^_^
Quebec chat chat room [public] created by Batfreak
If any one of you is from quebec you should come and chat here! / Si vous etes du Quebec venez chater ici!
mathmaniac chat room [public] created by mharfemicaroz
assignments, homeworks in math, tutorials,i can help you
tdot talk chat room [public] created by coolie123
girls and guys from toronto welcome
The Pansexual chat room [public] created by Howiling
Pansexual means loving someone because of her/him soul and of who that person is regarding to personality no matter gender. Very different from bisexuality which means liking a puzzy and d!ck same time.
Xbox room chat room [public] created by FaZeTemperrz
Join @>@>@>@>@>@.>@>@>@>>@>@>...................................................
TOPICS chat room [public] created by iSELA713
Freakydritysexual chat room [public] created by NightKiDD10
Dirty talk only && find hook ups!!
sexest chat room [public] created by 22luoma
horney wanna talk dirty and tell people how you want it
northeast india chat room [public] created by GirlzRunawAy
welcome everyone who loves to chat with peoples from the northeast india....................................................................................................................................
helloooooooooooooooooo chat room [public] created by SeungHeon
Think logically in a non-mathmatical sense chat room [public] created by MyNameisMark
i just want to talk. Discover other lives out there.
funfor everyone chat room [private] created by 8indarrell
Anyone wanting to have a stimulateing chat
Cutties Looking 2 chat chat room [public] created by PuertoricanSexyChick
Girl and guys willing to chat.
dread life till the next life chat room [public] created by thehippieone
anyone who has or loves dreads are welcome.
NM new mexico albuquerque chat room [public] created by ninjettekriz
chat room for people in new mexico
Missouri Ppl Only chat room [public] created by BabieBooh
Its for Missouri people to get to know each other
EMO ELMO CHAT chat room [public] created by ECHOELMO
Kinky Girls101 chat room [public] created by cassiea
come join this room chat room [public] created by Beast10
come on in plz to chat wif me plz plz plz
EMO ELMO CHAT90 chat room [public] created by ECHOELMO
This is a chat room 4 people (Like me) that has a foot fetish
Lady Gaga chat chat room [public] created by XxUrBestFriendxX
This chatroom is for all you little monsters who want to show their affection for Gaga. Paws Up ('''')
18-over chat room [public] created by Eriq21
cute girls having good talks with guys
horse and k9 lovers chat room [public] created by maddiegirlb
A place to go if you really love your animals and want to speak with like-minded people. We can talk about anything without judgement.
private jack chat room [private] created by princejack
carlos private chat chat room [private] created by carloscpt
The purpose of this chat room is to have a private space in which I can get to know individuals whom I meet and that I would like to get to know on a more intimate level.
pagal da puttar chat room [private] created by mubashir147147
purpose of friendship with all nationals
1065 chat room [public] created by eswareshu
hi to all i am new to this help me pls
Horny 13 chat room [public] created by Corzza1443
For Horny 13 year old peoples that are interested in talking about sex and stuff like that! :)
love band 2013 chat room [public] created by balouch4you
here i invited to all young gays or girls to came here in my room watch what is new in love band 2013, may be some some one lucky in life make long trams relation with each other happy life , be happy in love life is for every one ?
frnds my real frnds chat room [private] created by manjula54
privt for only my frnds..............................................................
CLEAN CHAT FOR EVERYONE chat room [public] created by shmexylass123
CLEAN CHAT ONLY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dev.k chat room [public] created by Dkbose1
Good friendship,adult chat ,i am very good boy i like it indian girl.
fun me now chat room [public] created by mmmsexi
interested in making a memorie?
party-r00m chat room [public] created by ATB55
peterobnna chat room [public] created by peterobnna
i need love and care lovely girl that can we living togather
fun me now Etown chat room [public] created by mmmsexi
me anyone memory forevr i nvr before i so want now
gals nly chat room [public] created by luvlygal15
nly 4 gals n all guys will b kicked off
BF GF Finder chat room [public] created by FreeSpirt66
Come and meet your perfect match online!
Beastyloverrrrrr chat room [private] created by sweetsophielime
mallu-2012 chat room [public] created by hotcd82
maluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu indian employees
Dirty Chat Room 11-14 chat room [public] created by GregLovesGirls
Where 11-14 Year old can chill and talk dirty
only girls allowed for love chat room [public] created by karim1990
too make love and have fun on cam ..
Sex1234567 chat room [private] created by peter961
if u got webcams chat room [public] created by 96753
let chat web cam...............................................................
rao chat room [private] created by durgaraoch
i wannt sex chatting girls iseeking
fun cool room chat room [public] created by hottie24000
girls love girls chat room [public] created by melurmerah
bi, lesbian, first timer to talk about sex are welcome
Taboo and You chat room [public] created by tweeniner
Taboo chat room. Explore your fantasies here.
Enjoythemoment chat room [public] created by Shaikzahed1
Srif orginal id walo ke liye fake id wale door rahe
video call sex chat room [public] created by sam4543
people with tango skype yahoo can come to this chat can get heated up in the room and be saucy
Kids Chatting chat room [public] created by prettymomma
Chatting for just kids! its to find love or just talkabout problems
Dogging Australia chat room [public] created by aussiepops
Looking to start proper dogging site that travellers and locals can use as a guide to dogging and having real people posting there sites times and dates .. I need help from a couple .. Mabey English who has had experience in dogging .. My goal is a free site that's is available too all with no cost involved .. If u can help txt dogging to zero. Four. One. Four. Four. Zero. One. Two. Three. Four AUSTRALIA DOGGING IS THE CODE JUST TO VERIFY ONE CONTACT IS MADE AND NUMBERS EXCHANGED THEN VERBAL CONTACT WILL FOLLOW .. LADIES ARE ENCOURAGED TO CONTACT AS THERE SEEMS TOO BE A LOT OF MEN WILLING TOO DOGG BUT WERE ARE ALL THE COCKOLD AND DOGGER COUPLES.. Once group established I nope to have yearly meetings in different states too refine and take Q&A on technicque tactics when dealing with strangers and ways too insure a safe and clean experience for all involved..SKRUTINIZER. And hopefully member no 1 .. Each member with follow numerically lets get cracking
room blink 125 chat room [public] created by geli87
horny girls only... i realy means it. open minded
Soul Eater Friendly chat room [public] created by CronaGorgon
This is a Friendly chat room for people who like soul eater
gay from uk England harlow essex chat room [public] created by glezna
animalcrossing wild world friend code exchange chat room [public] created by nicoleboo88
where you can exchange friend codes and visit towns
xx skype xx chat room [public] created by xxarthurxx
if u need skype just come here
animal crossing wild world codes4 u chat room [public] created by nicoleboo88
friend code exchange and able to visit towns
phone sex chat room chat room [public] created by stalls
For people of all ages that like taking dirty and sending pics through kik
3 some fun chat room [public] created by ShortNSweet072688
Couples looking for 3 somes, it is a lot harder then you think. Maybe this can help some ppl do just that
erotic couples chat room [public] created by valveopen
couples, swingers, vooooing... welcome... Indians more than welcome
egyptian guys for forigen wemen in egypt chat room [public] created by actorman1
we offer friendship for all forigen wemen in egypt with cool and nice guys
sala de chat chat room [public] created by tinchooo
Sala de chat para chatear sin registro
cam to cam sex chat room [public] created by jane091904
want to sex in this come on then you will see hows it work so can you??
Arizona Hook Ups chat room [public] created by primesequence16
Come here if you live in AZ and are looking for someone to hook up with.
GIRLS SEE ME NAKED chat room [public] created by CokRock
lets get it in chat room [public] created by kingford1
lets find love gurl and quit all this playing around
ALEX22 chat room [public] created by muyguy
NC room chat room [public] created by shontera
if you live in NC and you can come to the four seasons mall nd ur lookin 2 get freaky with 13-15 year olds this is the place to be ;)
xxx696969123 chat room [public] created by alin697 chat webcam xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
just chatiiiiiiiiiinggggggg chat room [public] created by katney
we are boring. so we are here. chatting. talking.blah blah blah
story horse chat room [public] created by Starryeyed21xx
just have a laugh and to be yourself
juicyschoolgirl chat room [public] created by littletickle19
any hot young guys know how to please a girl
Teen boys sex room chat room [public] created by rajavelu51
Hai here cum to gay fair botom boys n girls sex chat
Saso chat room [private] created by freddys
Iooking for someone to enjoy life with.holidays,weekends away,good food,living life to the full and a relationship.
hanumangarh chat room [public] created by kapil7071
Offers MBA, MCA, Msc, BCA, BBA Distance Courses. DEC, UGC Approved
secretsUrges chat room [public] created by secretUrges
for ladies who need to be controled and taken to the edge....begging to cummm
room service chat room [public] created by BbySha1995
for boy online yg nk sex n stim ^_^
freddys chat room [public] created by freddys
Iooking for someone to enjoy life with.holidays,weekends away,good food,living life to the full and a relationship.
cowboys and cowgirls please chat room [public] created by lexigirl93
for the country folk out there that wanna talk lol
cam2cam chat girlz2boyz chat room [public] created by billy6969696969
cam2cam chat have fun play i dont no im 12 so ya cam with me im not gay
Friendspath chat room [private] created by jamesboje
I could skip a heartbeat, and I would survive, I could be in a car crash, and still be alive. The clouds could fall out of the sky
pooooop chat room [public] created by jsfd
I like to hold in my poo how about you?
aus goes chat room [public] created by winfieldblue1
aus girls and boys welcome, date, chat , flirt,im,pm whatever ..:)
Loveme2012 chat room [public] created by neal134
love each human being and live life
Males only chat room [public] created by Skaiterboyy
This Chat room is for Males only
Fun role play1234567 chat room [public] created by Natalyissexy
Horny guys only To play rle play and it will be lots of fun but no videos Or pics please
konek stim chat room [private] created by arai01
jum2 msok2samgap nih,,,,,,,,,,,hihihihii
older men for young. chat room [public] created by amysmalls
find young girls who like older guys
Hunger Games Clove and Foxface chat room [public] created by BVBPurdylegacy
I love the hunger games! And the 2 toughest girls Clove And Foxface! trust me i look up to them! i even have my own set of throwing knifes! ^.^
Alucard home chat room [public] created by TheKingVampire
this is my home and you are welcome in it
Nats Epic Room chat room [private] created by NatSparrow
deleted the other one, so started another one.. the usual from us, and only the close people to me are allowed in :)
3ds friend code exchage chat room [public] created by mariofan2312
join now and meet other people and exchange friend codes with other people that have a 3DS
mattmuller102 chat room [public] created by mattmuller102
best place ever for u can chat on earth
benav chat room [private] created by benav
Looking for new friends in Accra
just for teens 13 chat room [private] created by jessicaisthebomb
I dunno just wanted to make this
just for teens 13-19 chat room [private] created by jessicaisthebomb
I dunno I was just bored so I made this and I was sick o groos old men hitting on me bleh so I made this just for us :3
planet playboy chat room [public] created by Djsnipe
Caribbean style welcomin one an alll! To Djsnipe chat room.. Rules no guys dis respectin to ladies an ladies be fun!
kolly wood chat chat room [public] created by jamubarak
hi any one here come to chat. my id jamubarak@gmail,com
ladies only pusy licking room chat room [public] created by airjumper2
i your lesbian or a bisexual and you want some nice pusy this is your room
San diego lovers chat room [public] created by macZ
dating room for san diego ppl, serious ppl only ,, come on and join
my personal life chat room [public] created by pweetyme
if you feel like no understands or get you come and click my personal life
horny no strings attached chat room [public] created by mattyboy88
come in and talk about what ever
13 -16 year old onlys chat room [public] created by pen10111
i want to meet guys 13- 15 years old
gay arabic chat chat room [public] created by wqwq55
لكل لوطي و شاذ يحب السكس الكلامي او التعارف او النيك وكل شي جنسي
skype wank chat room [public] created by yets
just girls who wana watch me have some fun
SexyRosy chat room [public] created by Rosysexy
IT Party TIME and if u want to free webcam
my sexy girlfriend chat room [private] created by Animesh143
sec chat on my chat room my friends are allowed
Emo teens that are single chat room [public] created by Killer1178000
For emo teens that are looking for a relationship
preteen boy gay chat room [public] created by dmitruk
i am 32. Gay. i like 12-14 years old boys. who want chat with me?
Hornyppls chat room [public] created by chatman2012
this is a chat room for people who want to have sex and i have to have a descritipion on this.
c2cwithme chat room [public] created by HoTBoD66
six pack and hot bod guarantee
hahaha chat room [public] created by syafiqaiman9
This is a shared user-created chat room for anyone to host
LIMA OHIO Room chat room [public] created by CRAMZ
if you are in OH come in :) if not still come in all are welcome
Exchange pics chat room [public] created by ChillGuy4120
Any ppl wanting to trade pics on kik or email for fun :D
any females maybe to swap pics chat room [public] created by truesoldier412
Looken for sexy pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
boyfriend5815 chat room [private] created by lyndsey911365
my boyfriend i love you babe so much
Religious Beliefs chat room [public] created by fftl1827
Religious Discussions ab0out different religions and such
cule chat room [public] created by coreywayne12
wildbuddies013 chat room [public] created by cutykaren
how naughty are you?? wanna try how you naughty.. ;)
Raynell Tap Sleep Broke chat room [public] created by bullding
One on one LIVE on YOU TUBE!!.....Sowing the World u Fag, Scrub, Chicken,Wimp
13-16 single chat chat room [public] created by lyndsey911365
come meet ur love blfisd fjjsddsjfbsdf sdf sdfdsfds
Jacks living room chat room [private] created by Jackthepanther
its my room when.....................................................................................................
lhen2 chat room [private] created by lhen2
want to meet nice people who can be my friends and more than that...
share pics chat room [public] created by partyanimal10
A place where you can share pics and even have a chat on cam if you like!
A place for schizophrenics chat room [public] created by Lifesanillusion
This is a chat room specifically made for those that have schizophrenia.
akolhenlib chat room [public] created by lhen2
want to meet nice people who can be my friends and more than that...
slave for vilya chat room [public] created by vilya23
for aspiring slave...someone willing to serve and give pleasure,make vilya pleased and happy...
teen snm room chat room [public] created by Rdh612
teens who are into snm can chat and meet up to roleplay
Gay Jocks chat room [public] created by spazzface
Gay athletes, masc men, frat guys, etc.
JordanSex chat room [public] created by samisps
Jordan Sex ,, dating ,,, have fun all arabs
Jordan Dating chat room [public] created by samisps
dating in Jordan ,,, have fun all arabs
sexual fantasty roleplay chat chat room [public] created by sweetbrittney28
chat with people about your secret fantasty roles you like playing and act them out here
spokane wa chat chat room [public] created by ripperjoey4507
lets gather for spokane peeps. lets chat and get to know each other.
room215 chat room [private] created by maybe0101010
chilll zone chat room [public] created by morethan13inches
just hang out have fun chill out chat it up
Tagalog chat room [public] created by qmarkp
Only for Filipinos,Pinoys,Pinays,Bicolano,Capampangan,Ilokano etc.
I WANT A HORNY FEMALE TO SEX CHAT WITH chat room [public] created by kolaiscool
I want a one on one conversation with a horny women
Im new to rapid city lets talk chat room [public] created by Drherbmen
I'm new to this town and I wanna meet nw people. Sooooo let's talk
Gainers and fat apreciaters chat room [public] created by Biggins400
a Room where you can freely talk about being over weight and gaining weight
chats LV chat room [public] created by DiNaRsss
chau esiet sveiconaati mana istabaa es gribu vienkaarshi pachatot jo nav ko dariit.
HBG chat room [private] created by dtalesdragonawolf
playing the HBG (heart break game)
tavana chat room [public] created by tavana
you can come her to do waht you like
alwankabar chat room [private] created by vipersnow364
pishon45 chat room [public] created by pishon45
man looking for a lady fro serious relation
aleya room chat room [public] created by aleeyaa
mencari cinta malaysia...bosan hdup sorang2
JobLess chat room [public] created by wise35
People who need job abroad from Pakistan.
My favor chat room [public] created by ruvenmart
Looking for a gal date & etc...
janda ku chat room [public] created by farlian
janda-janda kacak..................................................................................................................................................................................................
Zombie room chat room [public] created by MrrZombie
Come talk, be chill and awesome! Please lol. Lets have some fun =D
Yiff RolePlay Room chat room [public] created by PlatinumWolf
This room is for yiff roleplay ONLY. No spreading any business, or asking for private chats, be open and free here, but keep it clean, don't harass. Find a soul mate, or a fling. HAVE FUN.
tamilan gay chat room [public] created by sirajsucker
join this chat chat room and enjay
Skype Requesting chat room [public] created by Toffnm
Love----For--------All chat room [public] created by Massger
Give & Take ..............................
Over forty chat chat room [public] created by landon1617
Place for flirty and sexy chats
Hello dear friend chat room [public] created by favortow
Hello dear friend my name is Mis Favor I saw your profile in chathour i just having some feeling on you that is why i want you to contact me with this my email address so that i will give you my pictures for you to know who i am (
Byte room chat room [public] created by luckycool01
Enjoy girls in my chat room do what u want n angry girl not allowed all sexy girl invited hv fun
Uae Ladies chat room [public] created by teen43ver
Avalible only for Ladies in UAE
Deprestion hurts. chat room [public] created by Black1tty33
This chat room involves speaking out to others who are in need to talk to someone about things they can relate to. Anyone who uses harsh language, or voilence is not tolerated.
InSaNiTy for now.... chat room [public] created by SlenderGirl
no flirting >.< you insane? emo are welcome to
Dancing Bear chat room [public] created by DancingBear007
Personal Service to Special Ladies; Dancing, Swinging, Pleasure, ect...
Personal 77 chat room [private] created by ibrahim1977
Personal Room for friends on my contact list
Renaissance Man For All Women chat room [public] created by Boaz33
This is a chat room for lovers.Single sexy ladies,Brazilian,Latino,Black American Guyanese, Trini,White,German,European lets talk about what women want !
biglady chat room [private] created by solonoid
only for the big laddies for loving and chatting, dating, men not allow in this chat only ladies
Love fat guys chat room [public] created by Dhiego555
For everyone that loves fat people...
Just gay Teens looking for real love chat room [public] created by tom16xxx
A group for teenagers looking to meet the boy of their dreams!
Home of Rima chat room [public] created by TheQuickShot
if you wondering..yes this is the chatroom i made out of being bored and having not much else to do..but creating this chatroom did give me something to do
msn addresses chat room [public] created by cfraser2k12
any 1 that goes on msn and lyks dirty chat lol chat in this chatroom
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