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List of all user-created chat rooms #339
The chat room of casualty chat room [public] created by Mindnin
I cant give a description if i don't know who is in there.
sri chating room chat room [private] created by srikrishna999
Hi, I am interesting in love romance relationship
Larnaka chat room [public] created by blagacyprus
All ppl from cyprus can joing in this chat room:DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
roza chat room [public] created by helven
frds chat chat room [public] created by prasanth1992
welcome to frds chat.You can chat here with your friends
Japanese yoki chat room [public] created by Yokiamagusi
a Japanese female who is sexy and single
horny people 1 chat room [public] created by rubyadams
for horny people that want to talk horny
discrete daytime fun chat room [public] created by billyos
looking to have discrete fun daytime
i love solvenia chat room [public] created by shazeecool
to all come here and chat for anything....invitation for all
Blablalalalbla chat room [private] created by BiNoemi
Blalalalalalalalalalallalalalalala Warum 30 ZEichen?
zciel chat room [public] created by zciel
frndz...ect. good...& nice wat so e4ver.....
rachel chat room [public] created by zciel
frndz...ect. good...& nice wat so e4ver.....
Do you have a Weeeworld Chat chat room [public] created by EmmaRose11
Add me if you have a weeworld if you chat bad you willl be kicked out
4 some chat room [public] created by admire101
have your fun here and show others what you've got
SKYPE fun. chat room [public] created by m26ldn
Come here to get skype adds for adult c2c fun.
HackersRoom chat room [public] created by dimcode
For experienced hackers to help others and to discuss hacking.
girls chatroom chat room [public] created by fuciaflowergirl
This is a girls only chatroom. Any girl is allowed in, Please dont get into an argument and have fun!
Sassy Convo chat room [public] created by TrinityBruce
This chat is for GIRLS only. We can talk about anything thats on our minds ;)
Dripping wet chat room [public] created by Destinyf29
My boyfriend went to jail and I need some help playing with my wet
LEZBI CHAT chat room [public] created by TrinityBruce
Lets get serious on here NO BOYS ALLOWED ;) No pics? Your not welcomed!!!
Hornii Lesbianz chat room [public] created by lesbby
ur into women and ur wetter than ever? get in here then!
Final Fantasy RP HQ chat room [private] created by SetzerGabbiani
Final Fantasy roleplay room. You're free to join and roleplay if you like Final Fantasy.
KellBellsRoom chat room [public] created by KellBells
My room for anybody to come and chat! Anything goes here, but if you spam, I'll kick you out xoxo
Whatsuppppp chat room [private] created by wolfdale95
A room to hang out with the one and only!
boring rooooom chat room [public] created by Rbiz26
this is a boring room who want to enjoy it !!!
Ireland Dublin chat room [public] created by Bujak
Any One From Ireland But Also Worldwide
btrs big time fans chat room [public] created by min4lyfe
for persons who love all btr members but 1 over all
samantha1901 chat room chat room [private] created by samantha1901
it is for us to talk like we want with ouut everybody noing bout it
white girls for black men nyc chat room [public] created by freddy752
Were white girls that like black men can talk and meet from new York city or close by...
hi lov chat room [private] created by obamayowa
love only tellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
Sexy And Naughty Teens chat room [public] created by Horny6PackGuy
Common Sexy Babes And Guys Lookin To Hook Up With Em
timsonwhite chat room [public] created by timsonwhite
i will allways belive ture love
Share our Story NO SPAM chat room [public] created by salqa
im just create a room which is talk about art, education, computer, anime, movies . NO DIRT WORD!!
STORY NO SPAM chat room [public] created by salqa
i apreciated if you're talking about manga, anime, your story life, computer, recommended movie, and NO DIRT WORDS PLEASE
sexy 13 14 and 15 year olds chat room [public] created by drewdude10
im single and 14 and sick of adult date chat rooms so come and join my teen sexy room
sammies chat room chat room [public] created by samantha1901
for talking with me and being vey bad
sexting and or dirty talking chat room [public] created by hero360
Dirty talking conversations explicit
hannahs emo chat chat room [private] created by hannahsexyrose
Dnt ask about the name lol.come if ur bored or emo or depressed or whtever
love ya chat room [public] created by ladybug62399
no cussin nothen allowed or else
Whats up tits and dicks. chat room [public] created by shipo007
just for fun..i used tits for girls and dicks for guys...join this chat room doesn't matter if your Black, White, Indian, Muslim or Chinese...
Flings and Hookups chat room [public] created by Jdawg23
This chat room is for members who are looking for a quick relationship and are tired of dating sites.
JustFrigginFight chat room [public] created by XxKarinMaebaraXx
for those akward moments when Anime is too damn noisy,and people attack you e.e
Ask a Marine chat room [public] created by USMC1997
if there was anything you ever wantted to ask sumthing to a marine tis is the room i will tell you anything you are wondering or curious about
Marine Life chat room [public] created by USMC1997
if there was anything you ever wantted to ask sumthing to a marine tis is the room i will tell you anything you are wondering or curious about
dear dear chat room [public] created by Rohonxraj
hy all dear com xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Anti-Troll chat room [public] created by 2012OhioState
Don't be trollin' or I'ma ban you.Simple as that. Kay thanks bye.
canada chat chat room [public] created by torontobeahes
for ppl from canada to get togethe hook up or just chat
12 year old chat only chat room [public] created by AnnaaMell
only peeps who are 12 can chat here...
bitch i slap u chat room [private] created by ladybug62399
so come in be here and be confertable
Singles room room chat room [public] created by silverbullet455
a room for singles to come and hook up
sungre8 chat room [private] created by sunilgre8
hiiiiiiiiii ..................are u joining me.
Sexy Singles Girls And Boys XX chat room [public] created by SexyBossSophie
Single Or Looking For Fun ?? Heres Your Place To Be . This Is For People Looking For A Nice Time ... Spam And Ur Banned .... No Caps .. Simple Stuff , But Other Than That Enjoys xx
WASHINGTON 509 chat room [public] created by HUSTLED509
sexy webcam time chat room [public] created by Stussfella12
Come watch me take my clothes off n shower n bust a fatty
Candys House chat room [public] created by XxSkullCandyxX
Me and my freinds chat XD chat room [private] created by AkisaAru
Chat room for me and my true friends and Gal pals
doctor love chat room [public] created by keyaskrillex
im doctor love (keyaskrillex) u can call me by doc, its for anyone that needs dating help
-make new friends- chat room [public] created by yuki5535
this is a chat room where u are able to make new friends on this site
brittanymc6 chat chat room [public] created by brittanymc6
we talk about everything wat we wont but we can ever like as sex
Chi Town chat room [public] created by MontanaBoi26
Wats up everybody come check out my chat room for teens 16-20s, come here to have fun and meet new people. HOPE YOU ENJOY IT :) (MontanaBoi26)
sarahbnsf20000000001 chat room [public] created by sarahbnsf11
come on in and enjoy talking with me
16 or younger room chat room [public] created by KityKat454
I will check your profile, you must be 16 or younger, if not I will kick you out :)
funhouse123 chat room [public] created by mybestieandi123
chat freely as u wish and have some fun
Local to rhode island chat room [public] created by Smore451
Looking for a party in rhode island
KHOBAR DAMMAM chat room [public] created by Hijab
looking for sexy 14 year old girl chat room [public] created by digbick123
Hi, im a horny 14 year old, and im looking for some fun with a girl with webcams
Bi and Les Come Here chat room [private] created by GirlyGirl1748
Bi Girls Only(: And You can Also be Lesbian just talk to Pretty Girl but no Straights or Boys okay(: But you got to Be Bi and Proud or Les and Proud and Girls The Favorite(:
Texas south Texas chat room [public] created by kurtski
Have fun in Texas Have fun in Texas Have fun in Texas
Seeking An Arrangement chat room [public] created by Breeyona
This room IS FOR FREAKS ONLY! you Must be looking too meet new people, and You must respect All Mods(ME) :). You also Must enjoy your time because and have fun, because if not, you need to go to another room #Serious people only!
sexhour chat room [private] created by violetw69ntsu
talk about anything, make me want u, anything goes ;)
Horny Girls looking for men chat room [public] created by Jessloveslife
If your a horny girl looking for some fun, then come!!!
Dirty chat room44444 chat room [public] created by sargent04
Dirty chat girls only!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!&!!!!!!!!!!!
subusmile chat room [private] created by subusmile
any girls interest in chatting means please send me a message..!!!
Teens chat room 15-19 chat room [public] created by delan15
This is a chat room for only 15-19 girls and guys if your over aged please don't enter
Chat with abdi chat room [public] created by AbdisaShafi
Ask me what ever you want to know about me, i will tell you!
random txters chat room [public] created by crazyzombie3
meet here 2 swap numbers w guys or girls start a new friendship that may last a life time
0 creeps chat room [public] created by StaciLeeann
If you're weird, don't enter. If you're immature, don't enter. If you're annoying or ugly, don't enter, if you're young don't enter. This is for people who are bored and want to make some cool friends.
looking for girlfriend chat room [public] created by digbick123
hi, im looking for a 14 year old girl, hot. :P
frendly chat room2 chat room [public] created by XROCKSTARX140
FETISH CAM2CAM chat room [public] created by lustlad69
Mature, kinky, open minded play on cam with like minded individuals.
Sexyrooms2 chat room [private] created by NottyNat
do not enter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
guy wanting to see how dirty girls can talk chat room [public] created by youngerdude89
guy wanting to see how dirty girls can talk
me and you both 2 chat room [private] created by lookatme62
gays paradise chat room [public] created by taytay1062
for lesbians gays and bi ur all welcome
Braziilian in Las Vegas chat room [public] created by dodde
Room for living in Las Vegas !
LoveKing chat room [private] created by Jinu007
i am redy to chat with girls. i like and love the girls as very much.
group sex chat chat room [public] created by whitefanglover
for people who likes 3 sums or more
BEST MAN chat room [public] created by hroi
Somebody who want to achieve dreams chat room [public] created by Emersonlai
I'm finding someone who are willing to change and aggressive. Lets change together and create a wonderful life:)
Stage Makeup chat room [public] created by fredster1991
Talk about Stage Makeup-love it or hate it.
madhushan123 chat room [private] created by madhushankumara
hi my friends! this is the place you can meet me so easily so i am waiting for you
Onlyforonegirlonly chat room [private] created by Gmoneykilla
I cant wait tell well be able to chat to each ohter
17 gay male in edmonton chat room [public] created by AdamEve7
Fck me tonight if you want... bring a friend
Ohio-People chat room [public] created by audiboo16
Room for Ohio people or people near ohio . bi/les/gay/ or str8
country boys and girls 02 chat room [public] created by cowgirlforlife
only those country folk are allowed lol
Amish Spaghetti god chat room [public] created by Touchette19
fun chat to good around, make friend, not be perverted
Truth r Dare chat room [public] created by zSassybratz
A room to meet new people and let go of the stress of the day
tiny tit parade chat room [public] created by Hellhoumd7809
epic chat for girls with big tits and guys me who love them titties
me and u... chat room [public] created by jackjenner
me and u.............................
Eating Disorders Unite chat room [public] created by TheGoldenBracelet
Hi, I've lived with an eating disorder for as long as I can remember. And personally... I'm tired of hearing people nag me about it. In This room, you will get to share your tips and tricks to be the way you want to be. NO ONE IN THIS ROOM WILL JUDGE ANYONE.
Awesome pie fun chat room ever chat room [public] created by lillika
China experiance chat room [public] created by likewomen
China is still opening up, but much is yet to be discovered about this country. Let us share our experiances are foreigners in China. Politics, culture, history, people, etc.
for the alliance chat room [public] created by erik0289
Come and talk about wow with me and others
just for fun all the time chat room [public] created by NDman22
any one wanna talk and have some fun
14 Year Olds 123 chat room [public] created by justthelars
just wanted to talk to people my own age
gay boys in st.charlies chat room [public] created by jpdson
all boys talking to each other and wanting to hook up from 12-16 years old boys only
havana chat room [public] created by mcyazid
for all those ho are really stoned are very welcome here any time .
Naughtyyyy chat room [public] created by iHaylie
Horny and naughty chat ups. It will be very pleasurable!!
Bangalore Huduga chat room [private] created by Boy420
Guy waiting for a Girl... Kannadadalli Chat Madona Banni...
Want to Talk with me chat room [public] created by Paytonk2000
Boys only, because I am a girl looking for a BF! Ilive in Las Vegas, Nevada
Whites Chatroom chat room [public] created by Touchette19
Just hang out, make friends...blah blah
Oklahoma Chat Room chat room [public] created by RagingTaurus21
anyone from oklahoma is invited
Horny females chat room [public] created by Zakelmo07
For horny females to chat with males
Random Room with Chatting chat room [public] created by HeyHeaven
Random...........................with a hint of coco butter.
TeenTitans chat room [public] created by Starfier
My name is Starfire and i am the Princess of my homeplanet, Tamaran. My sister, Blackfire, has tried to rid of me a few times, but she now is under arrest. Hello friends of Earth! I fight with a group called the Teen Titans with Robin, Raven, Cyborg, Beastboy, and myself. I have a sister named Blackfire. But she is not nice at all. I have un ordinary powers that consist of flight, star bolts, and many others.
frendly chat girls chat room [public] created by XROCKSTARX140
Screw Off. chat room [public] created by Rayndum
Yep. Just like the title reads. x:
frendly chat girls1 chat room [public] created by XROCKSTARX140
frendly girl chat12 chat room [public] created by XROCKSTARX140
sexual misconduct take 001 chat room [private] created by feelinit96
stage 1: experimental of sexual stimulation phase 1 STAGE 1: Seduction
Bi girls and lesbians to have fun chat room [public] created by monicagm
i wanna make friends or maybe a relationship or just to talk
Giantess101 chat room [public] created by Lm799
Room full of tiny people, play with them, do whatever you want, their too tiny to stop you
Looking for a sweet guy chat room [public] created by LiveLifeForever
only guys 14-`17 who is sweet and cute :)
MyJapan Trip chat room [public] created by bowkmi
Going to JAPAN soon! So excited I'm going to be on for awhile now but glad to chat a little more :D
married and seeking fxxk chat room [public] created by bigtummyguy
married and seeking fxxk, cybersex, phone sex, cam2cam
Drama Free 101 chat room [public] created by BeckyJay19
This is a room just for people to meet, chill and talk without drama and pickin at eachother.
lesbogirrrl chat room [private] created by mirandabee
only lesbo's! I want to meet new chicks.
3ds room chat room [public] created by mekhi
if u hav a 3ds then send ur fc to people
Any girls wanna talk dirty chat room [public] created by tiger3645
i just feel like down with a "dirty" girl. :)
naked and naughty chat room [public] created by barnaby1985
naughty chat for a bit of fun, come in and have a good time
Teen and only teens chat chat room [public] created by Nevada13
Come talk to people! Please no gross things be your selfs and have fun!
rajuseenu chat room [public] created by rajuseenu
hello dudes like nude play Private room - You must enter usernames of other members to allow them to use your private room. Only you and members you select can see messages in this room. Private room - You must enter usernames of other members to allow them to use your private room. Only you and members you select can see messages in this room.
mistress slave chat room [public] created by shoelickers
femdom mistres slave all fetish people come here
melayu chat room [public] created by KarLJoe
sembang anak melayu modern, borak dengan kawan kadang-kadang boleh jadi sahabat yang selamat jauhkan diri dari maksiat
sex for fun on cam chat room [public] created by wellz200
this room only for anyone want to make fun on cam
manijani chat room [private] created by janimani
sex is like hot girls like ok girls
sexrose chat room [private] created by vikyre
hi this for all member not allowed only girl member allowed
pvt chat for lylia chat room [private] created by XXXXXlyliaXXXXX
hmmm let me think......just stuff :)
this chat room [public] created by baptist222
hello Jajjy is my name, am 31,I am single with no kid. i have blonde hair and black eyes, I am 5'7" and 139lbs.I am someone who cares and my dream and goal is to find and my soulmate and make him happy and also enjoy this amazing life together.With my lover,if you need me you can add me on yahoo my mail is so we can know each other.
adilt chat room [public] created by faisalsinha
intrested in wife swapping pls couple come n take my .itch wife n give ur bitch to me for enjoying
worldwide fun chat room [public] created by xashley
This is a chat room where you can have fun, so enjoy :)
Furry-Anime Chat chat room [public] created by HayaiDansei
A place for Furries and Anime enthusiasts to hang out with each other. Perverts will be warned, and then sent the feminist picture. Spammers will be banned.
optiKal illusions chat room [public] created by optical007
how to trick the eyes in a pleasant way. and protect images without detection.
adultt chat room [public] created by faisalsinha
im mrried n having hot,sexy,horny bitch wife she loves monstsr cocks so we r intrested in swapping
5454 chat room [public] created by linkanme
Lets..Just...rp... . . chat room [public] created by DemiEmoVampWolf
Just .. rp .__. ok ..................... sooooooooooooooooooo just do eet ?
PARASHURAM.Y.S HOT CHAT ROOM chat room [public] created by PARASHURAM
wel come friends come n chat wit me
Din0atemeface chat room [public] created by din0ateme
have fun do what ever u can sing dance all full of ideas be welcome to have as much fun
mohdadi chat room [private] created by mohdadi
hi joint me please, am a new user in this chat room, interested friendship with all of u
TEENS16 chat room [public] created by jock1234567
a chat for only teens and 16 year olds, please be nice and common if u aint a teen begone
young generation only chat room [public] created by TUSHAN10
tis chat room is for the young people from 13 to 16 years olds can join and hav fun.
stripp foker chat room [public] created by rossana029
just join horny guys and play with me well,i always have fun going naughty on cam,playing ONLIE STRIPP POKER with my friends, kirsten katie and victoria..and even in person...can you join me babe??
NUSstudentcomelah chat room [public] created by KLHwang
We need to talk about dude n gurls in sg...
summerfairy chat room [public] created by summerfairy
A little bit of this and a little bit of that
nani chat room [public] created by EMMABEEE
i love any one who accept my request
Chat Administration chat room [private] created by CAReconciliation
Room for those wanting to get away from drama.
boy for sex chat room [private] created by budhadeb2009
for sex for sex for sex for sex for sex for sex for sex for sex for sex for sex for sex for sex for sex for sex for sex for sex for sex for sex for sex for sex for sex
Cock 10 chat room [public] created by Gian280
WElcome everyman Have Big DICK and SERIOUSLY looking Friend
Tiffany looking for you chat room [public] created by TiffanyLovesYah
I'm a girl looking for an online relationship.
qqq chat room [public] created by xxxcool123
qqqsdfsdfsdfsdfsdf sdfsdfsdfssd sdfsdfdfsdfsdfsdfs
holystan chat room [public] created by holystan
I am a Cute medical doctor looking for a serious relationship only. I?m not interested in casual acquaintances or more friends. I want to meet a woman whose interested in a real, long-term relationship and all the thrills that go with that ? holidays, romance, and fun of course. I?m rent-free so if you?re interested in a long-term thing, let?s get to know each other and see if there?s some magic between us. i simply believe in true love across borders. join me on the yahoo messenger
tiff chat room [public] created by lon3soul
tania soul chat room [public] created by lon3soul
random chat bout anything to kill time
HungerGamesFans chat room [public] created by CloveAndCato
For all Hunger Games lovers who have read the books and seen the movie
hornytoad chat room [public] created by hornytoad300
over 50 years old and horny as hell
SANDRA i prijatelji chat room [public] created by Sandra1971
Dodjite na druzenje na Passion chat
private chat having fun chat room [public] created by russianbeauttty
talk privately and nothing more
ebidec1 chat room [public] created by ebi2009
hai i am from india and i like to make more friends.
cute les or bi girls only chat room [public] created by michaelababy
a place where girls can talk and get to know eachother ;)
needFriend chat room [public] created by mdrashedkhan
I need friend to pass time in chating.
milky boobs chat room [private] created by Yogira111
hot long penis searching breast milk to suck common baby
13-16 year old 1 chat room [public] created by awesomeepicgirl22
13-16 year old people are allowed
Drunkies go to here now chat room [public] created by beepboop
Don't worry about slurred speech here.
hot boy g4 chat room [public] created by jeemys
i need do sex and talk with others peoples and i see them
indian lesbian fun chat room [public] created by glorianick
all indian lesbians can use dis chat room
pinoy sa NCR chat room [public] created by dentech
eyebol kahit saan. shot kung kailangan
ppl 13-15 straight boys and girls and lesbians chat room [public] created by iAmNick24
ppl hoo not in the age limit will be booted
HOT-ONES... chat room [public] created by ASheroBOY
HOT. IN. HERE... Is all you need to know... Esle who is it... Are you in...?
Sexuality chat room chat room [private] created by Dacoda
were you can talk about sex, basically the name says it all
k9taboo chat room [public] created by doggtired176
No limit people. K9 people taboo people come on!
aysha12345 chat room [private] created by aysha12345
adult iam indian please chat
south african chat chat room [public] created by bigvan82
anyone from South africa miss chatting to like minded interested
bi dayton ohio chat room [public] created by amberply222
for bi ladies only for 18 and up
austin massage chat chat room [public] created by lmtexp
for people looking for great massage in austin, texas now
Ebs and Tay World chat room [public] created by ThisNiqqa
GOT TO BE HORNEY..................................................
Rubby Dub Dub chat room [public] created by ThisNiqqa
Got to be horney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Horney Bitches chat room [public] created by ThisNiqqa
Get Ur Horney Ass In Here..............................
davion chat room chat room [public] created by davion2012
i like girls who r really sexy
THE L WORD lovers chat room [public] created by Brandiiii
all who love the l word must come here!!
18 and up bi ladies only chat room [private] created by amberply222
if you are not 18 and and not bi stay out
His Grace chat room [public] created by adesam08
we are who we are by God's GRACE.... without the grace man will fall in disgrace... come to know His grace... LET'S TALK TOGETHER IN HIS GRACE...
The new cybering chat room chat room [public] created by RainofFire1
any girls looking for some "fun" come stop by ;)
indian bestieezz foheva chat room [public] created by Ashlesha
welcome to indian bestieezz foheva.. This room is for casual chatz not for adult chatz so just be decent n frdly
Freak on chat room [public] created by shadice105
For all of the freaks all ages
Riga Latvia chat room [public] created by DenielDeni
If you are from riga, go in. Qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq
cat fat rat chat chat room [public] created by scissorlover
This is NOT pick up room, go to Adult Chat for that. This is a chat for casual conversation. If you have a problem with someone, put them on block. Perv's get banned. Spammers get warned. If you continue, You get banned. No role-play. No caps. No spamming. And no disrespect
I will do anything swapping photos chat room [public] created by Austin98
Swapping photos naked or anthing else u wanna do
teen chat 16-18 chat room [public] created by sexymera16
this room can only be access by teens 16-18years
Shy Emo chat room [public] created by ShyKawaiiEmo
Emo chat it up and do what ever.
holidays in Barbariga next week chat room [public] created by Pocitnikar
Anybudy near by? next week.. I want to do something hot.
Threesome. 2 girls one guy chat room [public] created by xx0sammy0xx
Any girls up for some rigorous exercise!
THE LIGHT OF PARADISE chat room [public] created by Badrino
Hello to you all Thank you for choosing this room I hope that you enjoy chatting here, but I hope you talk on topics that have meaning. Badri light Привет вам всем Благодарим Вас за выбор этой комнате Я надеюсь, что Вы любите чате, но я надеюсь, что вы говорите на темы, которые имеют смысл. Бадри свет
.... Hippies .... chat room [public] created by WindshineMoonflower
Good People, Good Music, Good Times! Peace, Love, and Music!
Videogame chat room chat room [public] created by Drakion
Talk about any video game you like. I do streams now just starting to do them. Ask me question I will answer them.
... Hippies... chat room [public] created by WindshineMoonflower
Good People, Good Music, Good TImes!
gay chat for 13-17 year old boys chat room [public] created by jlaffey15
place for 13-17 year old boys to have fun and to hook up;)
Darius and AshMari chat chat room [public] created by DariusVincint
Public chat for Darius and AshMari
Hell On earth chat room [public] created by SayukiPrincessNeko
Watch as the trees and village burn...
Friends in Rhode island chat room [public] created by sunnyblonde
Anyone from Rhode Island,looking to make friends with other Rhode Islanders,only no swearing or vulgar language permitted
Talkn nasty nd dirty up 2 age 19 nd below chat room [private] created by cumboy2
a place where u can talk 2 me nd people alike about anything that is horny nd nasty freaky
60 plus chat room [public] created by big44dds
this is 4 over 60 yr olds 4 sexy chat
Dialogs chat room [public] created by Dialog
For those who desire to converse, in English, with mature adults who are 40 and over.
bloomington normal il chat room chat room [public] created by ravi75
normal bloomington chat room,normal bloomington chat room,normal bloomington chat room,normal bloomington chat room,normal bloomington chat room
Ash high school chat room [public] created by nudefurry
Im the teacher,a very perverted one,so follow my rules and things will be fine.
Chat For All Ages chat room [public] created by iamcool3426
Hey All People Can Come Here And Chat Ok Broz!!!
naenae chatroom chat room [public] created by naenaebabie20
it going to be blue and pink in
irakkkk chat room [public] created by haidarshahi1
welkom in irak we like to see you so mach love iraq
slave to master chat chat room [public] created by masterjt101
all s&M lovers, into bdsm and kinky fun
EAST TEXAS CHAT chat room [public] created by SWEETGUY1131
place for people in east Texas to come and chat!
Recreational Dicsussion chat room [public] created by TheTemplar
Feel free to visit this chat-room and simply have a recreational chat with the individuals that are part of this particular room. Anything inappropriate will result in banishment.
bearsssss chat room [public] created by ricky2369
bears are welcome in here and welcome to chat with anyone. please no drama though.
Bored in Rio Rancho NM chat room [public] created by Cutebutevil1129
Bored as hell and just wanna chat!
thegeekroom chat room [public] created by thegreylady
for geeks to get together and talk without worrying about non-gamers.
innocent chat chat room [public] created by RayneGoins
just a place where ytou can stay innocent
Where Love Hides chat room [public] created by The1uwant2cum4u
Here Dwells The Domain Where Love Is Searching For You
Cute 13 year old singles chat room [public] created by cheerchick2589
Cute 13 year old singles looking for a cute romantic other <3
lets have fun lolol chat room [public] created by Nate567
anyone who wants to cyber is welcome
Chill Niggi-s Only chat room [public] created by Mittens01
My room is mainly for ANYONE ! But on the chill ones , You keep it clean && Lots of flirting <3 :* Lmfaooo . Lemmie stop . But Im seriouse . Keep it clean ( Unless you a little bit on the dirty side it okay :) ) Find someon interesting , && I want to have alot of flirtiez <3 :*
Broken Family chat room [public] created by Biofreezedog
Are you playing a game of Monkey in the Middle with your parents? Come and we will help you with tips on how to cope with the crazyness with advice fron people just like you!
Fun times tehe xD chat room [public] created by PabloSwag
A fun chat room ;) that has no rules!
dirty chat and camming chat room [public] created by niceguyferu
for anyone who wants to talk dirty and exchange msn addresses for cam to cam fun
frendly chat chat 12 chat room [public] created by XROCKSTARX140
love chat chat 123 chat room [public] created by XROCKSTARX140
ATX-austin tx -CHAT chat room [public] created by MRCHOPPADOWN
ayy people from atx come chill and chat
Black Berry Users chat room [public] created by Ladylove36
If you got a blackberry phone come join the group for lots of fun
Leilas chatroom chat room [public] created by leilaclaire
Just a nice chat with anyone! Please, no negativity.
Butch Here. Need Women. chat room [public] created by Lhay21
Lesbo here are Nice,humble,cute,kind,cute,caring,patience and most of all lovable. Need Women to loved and cared.
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