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List of all user-created chat rooms #322
single guys who want to date chat room [public] created by shygirl023
if ur single and 14-16 come!! and its my birthday!! :)
transformers chat room [public] created by katiness1234
this is for all the transformers fans out there to role play
sex room rp chat room [public] created by shadowedblaze
rp sex room anyone can come but preferably females
xakirax chat room [public] created by hung520
come in and join in inininininininininininiininin
Just be you chat room [public] created by autumn30
North Jersey usa chat room [public] created by Freemannj
just have fun bla bla bla bla bla bla bla to make it 30 character
11-13 gays chat room [public] created by gaypriderules
chance to meet and greet gay friends
hot girlsonly chat room [public] created by daddyosva
im 18 i want to see girls that are down with whatever
atti chat room [public] created by attisule
suleman is my name i'm from africa but living at italia
Rsgp Seller RuneScape chat room [public] created by pitdogsgold
selling rsgp $00.75 cents a mill only got 5m left
Emos R Us. chat room [public] created by ToriEatsRainbows
So erm hi. This is an emo chat, but you don't gots to be emo to join in the fun. :D Be wary of teh banning if you are fake or annoying. o.o Please no spamming, and remember, respect othas! :3 Kaybaii. <3
Fashionistas101 chat room [public] created by mirrors21
Girls or guys that's crazy about fashion! So lets talk it up!
technology center chat room [public] created by Amber1121
This room is for the technology fans....discuss about videogames,ipads,iphones etc.
Bullied People Chat chat room [public] created by cadet007
If you are, or were bullied share your problems; here...
RollingSex chat room [private] created by LovableSex
Come here ! Sex me up! Juz fcking fcking fcking!....
djschat chat room [private] created by chaosdemon07
well its mine and anyone elses who is my friend
hot talk in tallahassee chat room [public] created by Hotleo2000
i want to hav fun in this room possibly get some skype name and have some fun
usa private room chat room [private] created by samrock111
hey sir only pirvate ppl for girl only
Loooking to have a good sexyy time chat room [public] created by sodajerk22
Hey anyone just come on and have funnnnn
gay mean in michigan chat room [public] created by DbhHtsMich
a chat room to hook up with other men in michigan
gay and bi guys chat room [public] created by morganicflowers
for gay guys or bi guys to chat or hook up
gay or bi come and sexy chat chat room [public] created by morganicflowers
come on and come and talk there are no rules anything goes
FROM NY TO KINGSTON SATURDAY NIGHT chat room [public] created by marcusluppus
hey! how are you????? im from NY visitign and working in music with diferent artists in Kingston. Any plans tonite??? We are at new kingston with my other 2 parners! cheers!!! any plans ladies?? Dance???
malaysia hot chat room [public] created by pakmok
single but dont wanna be chat room [public] created by morganicflowers
find your true love here or just chat for fun
amira spentaneous chat room [public] created by amiraa22
talk freindely with diffrents poeple and diffrent cultur
East-West Coast chat room [public] created by cas327
For people who have travelled between the two coast and enjoyed something about both
12334567890 chat room [private] created by heatherleecovey
nice you can talk bad tak about stuff you dont know and love!!!!!!
ankit room chat room [private] created by Ankitgu62
THis is private room.............plzzz enjoyy the room.
lets have alot of fun chat room [public] created by calowea
we going to have alot of fun when we is chating
Parrty Timeee nigaahs chat room [public] created by Ariannadoes69
Anyone can join ? just chill or find somebody cute ^-^
relationship for everyone chat room [public] created by morganicflowers
come if you want to find a relationship with someone
AnimeComePlay chat room [private] created by Belgiumwafflelover
If you have to ask this in't the room for you
Emos in the front Creepers in the back chat room [public] created by Patcheli
Creepers are the least of our troubles.
Hot kids chat room [public] created by Patcheli
Anyone is welcome and there is no hating or masturbating :)
boyzz 13-15 chat room [public] created by BestLesbain
only boys 13 to 15 and cute higbafyiuwebafgyriehbgfgu uripgbuireqgbut hjugeihuirehbg ujwipgbuiregwuriewgtre hburgeuirehwu
Funny room88 chat room [public] created by Pressburg88
funny,funny,funny,funny,funny,funny.,funny,funny,funny,funny,funny,funny,funny,funny,funny,funny,funny,funny and more funny :D
Army girlfriends000 chat room [public] created by MCKENJEN000
A chat room to talk about our boyfriends in the army...
FOR FAT MEN LOVERS chat room [public] created by moobman
10-15 chat room [public] created by RawrxBro
only people 10 to 15 aloud adgafgfhghathwyheyneyhethetheh
Masturbation Ways chat room [public] created by AlexKyo
Come discuss differnt ways to masturbate
Army000 chat room [public] created by MCKENJEN000
kl chat room [public] created by olivepat
malaysia chat. everybody can have a chat .
ANYONE UNDER 12 chat room [public] created by danielAutton
talk england chat room [public] created by devinfarmer
people to come on and just talk with each other boys and girls
Basrah - Iraq chat room [public] created by Se7enUp
هلا بالاحباب و الخلان .. هلا بيكم وانشالله تقضون وقت خووووووش رائع
GAY ROOM 2 chat room [public] created by boywholikesyou
gay's talking about sex other things and stuff and f**king
who wants free giftcards like psn xbox ebay amazon chat room [public] created by freegiftcardsYa4real
no i promise if u do it u will just be helping me outby giving me .50 cents on app and u 25 cents and it helps u to
RAGULMANO chat room [public] created by ragulmano
iam smart boy i wnt a girl to chat with hot and sexy
Lesbian Cyber Chat. chat room [public] created by xXToxicSerenadeXx
If so, you're more than welcome here.
guys and guys chat room [public] created by gabe132
where guys can chat with guys so come join
LOVES FOR EVERY ONE chat room [private] created by HEERA2012
vel2012 chat room [public] created by vel2012
tell letter ..............................................................................
rosey chat room [public] created by rosealina101
just to chat ,to hang out and to make friends
9673379012 chat room [private] created by 9673379012loveme
Censored--Chat Room--do watever chat room [public] created by talhotblonde
Do whatever the fuk you want to do cuz i dont really care
ragulmanofeb chat room [public] created by ragulmano
nise hooooot sexy only girls hot and sexyyy
good buddies chat room [public] created by PranjaliParihar
this is a group for all loving sweet and dear friends ... i hope mah swt friends will enjoy it !!!
Buff guy looking for ladies chat room [public] created by Danielbigpp
in the name is the description i just wanna chat text or skype so hmu
Daniels chat chat room [public] created by Danielbigpp
hey just come in for a good time and chat about anything
10 to 12 girls only chat room [public] created by pheonix556
have fun and be nice to others talk about boys and make up or share whats bothering you
sidneys chat room chat room [public] created by sidneyboo
wel well well well well wlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll we just talk and no creepers aloud in
friends101 chat room [private] created by austinstarr30
for friends who enjoy life and freedom
straight 18 year olds chat room [public] created by VegasGiRL00
only for 18 year olds! no liars and fakes....and no old people
XBOX MINECRAFT SERVER chat room [public] created by bullsfan33
Join For Available News On Updates And More
Minecraft Seeds And More chat room [public] created by bullsfan33
Minecraft Servers Talk seeds or Xbox Ideas. _________________________________
ezha friends chat room [public] created by allenheza
exclusive for good peesons only:)))
lovely riends chat room [private] created by 1nolo
for all types friends around the world
suck and phuck chat room [public] created by mrjemp69er
seeking females DTF in 714 ages 18-35
Robin Malik chat room [public] created by rmmalik11
theresa78 chat room [public] created by theresa78
am looking for lovehrfgbiohnko;jmglmlkfvfvjhfvjhfvhfvjhfhffgbfvbdjhfvjhgfvrtfgyfvgfvtfgdvtrtsdfghcgvbzxczx
Gamestop ChatRoom chat room [public] created by bullsfan33
Join And Talk About games and meet many people
bisexual male chat room [public] created by mark912
bisexual male who to see in cam to cam.
bi. male chat room [public] created by mark912
bisexual male who to see in cam to cam.
young bi or lez chat room [public] created by Kiersteinlovesyouu69
Yuu dnt have to be h.o.r.n.y i honestly juss wnna nice conversation bc guys get on my nerves bc of y looks. ;/
kiss11 chat room [public] created by Doggy11
anish111 chat room [public] created by anish111
feet lovers i love feet from girls chat room [public] created by ilovewomensfeet
having fun and talking about feet and woshiping them
In a relationship chat room chat room [public] created by KEViN14WEED
Great convos & might fall in love with some1 else
nude sex chat chat room [public] created by connorboy
for lots of people who have had sexx
football team chat chat room [public] created by connorboy
any footy supporters chat room
football team room chat room [public] created by connorboy
all team supporters can cha all the time
european in malaysia chat room [public] created by jabjaba
for the european peaople who lives in malaysia
i am maranda cosgrove chat room [public] created by marandacosgrove
hi evreyone it is me maranda cosgrove
Wolf-Dog-Animal Roleplay chat room [public] created by Kitchi
A roleplaying room for animal lovers. Please tell us about your character and enjoy!
damos cyber room chat room [private] created by daddydoo
only for women that are interested in intimate chat with me
Gayteen chat usa chat room [public] created by makeitnasty98
A chat room for Gayteens can talk to each other and expressa anything to another.
Gemmas Room chat room [private] created by Gemma984
Private room - Gemma's Room - Nice friendly people only!
benwilliams mate chat room [private] created by benny2k1
allison128 jake ben usher james skeu lkio jeusn aeun
Boring Sundaay chat room [public] created by HellaciousOne
Casual talk about how boring your sunday is lmao
damos fantasy room chat room [public] created by daddydoo
i would love to chat to any women who enjoy open and intimate chat.
meet people at least 1000000000000 chat room [public] created by pesty100
sharing not too sensitive info is legal, but all at ya risk
Horn peopleonly chat room [public] created by letsdothis1
Come on in and lets show our cocks, and Vagina's over the net
My Private Chatting Room chat room [private] created by 0Zyzz
Room just for chattinggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg
regular chat chat room [public] created by redex
um just have fun and dont be rude hav a great time
lovegame69 chat room [private] created by lovelybabe39
for personal talks regarding relationships or any problems... :)
teen mommie chat chat room [public] created by 808bbymama
chat for teen moms expecting or those who are already mommies :)
interracal metting chat room [public] created by menkyo
chat room for those who want to date outside of thier race
pakistan....karachi chat room [public] created by 03132800874
HI, can we be friend,s? My Name is m ismail am a handsame & young looking for true love relationship , i Have gone through your profile today, and I was very happy to contact you for us to know ourselves more. You know that distance, age and indeed color cannot stop true love or friendship, So I will appreciate it much, if you reply me back ( To enable me send my pictures and more information about my self to you and to tell you the more reason why i contacted you. I wait for your positive reply, take care and have a nice day. m.ismail reply me back (
christsandra14 chat room [public] created by christsandra14
hello my dear how are you doing today, I'm looking for a woman that is honest, trusting, loving, kind, caring and faithfulness, because that's the best qualities in a relationship. Its have being a little over seven years sire seven years since I have dated anyone on email
r0om for all chat room [public] created by nickkazuko
just do what u want :)..........erm.....all are allowed!!thanks
single and searching in tenn chat room [public] created by rjbeck
single male looking for his mate in tenn
emmagllll chat room [private] created by TinyxCutie
come to this room so we dont have to i/m each other we can just chat it out :p
ontario bi males unsensored chat room [public] created by iL7iNANDBiGGER
talk abought anything you want to
Hetalia chatroom 1 chat room [public] created by Hetaiisawesome
Hi! lets do something that is related to hetalia!
hindustan chat chat room [public] created by amarghotra
wel come every body chat in our room and enjoy each other make funn sunn
Kansas Jawhawk Room chat room [public] created by KU1Fan
For Kansas people just wanting to chat.
Midnight Bloodtear chat room [public] created by WinterQueen411
this room if for those who are into being goth and for anyone who is lets just say not considered normal or excepteed
13 years old mingle chat room [public] created by Connell99
bored jikhskdhkadhagdkasgkhagskhgaskhgaskhgkahsgkhsagkhsahkgashkgkhasgkhasghsa
pewdiepie chat chat room [public] created by grudgegirl
lets talk how cool pewdiepie is <3!!!
malaysian adult chat room [public] created by alibabareza
sex, date, fun , and enjoy from your time
pu chat room [public] created by pktullu9
hi i am man chat with girl who is open minded
PeopleFromNairobi chat room [public] created by oneinchpunch
Any expat that lives and reside in Nairobi Kenya
gladikris22 chat room [public] created by gladikrish
u must enter usernames of other members to allow them to use your private room. Only you and members you select can see messages in this room
For SingleZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz chat room [public] created by Amethy19
for all singlezsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
My Place - Come On In chat room [public] created by xAriProdigy
For all those badass people out there. Come & chat.
sangam chat room [public] created by sangam1234
hi guys how r u? time is money. Pls do not waste d time
letshavefunnow chat room [public] created by gherulis
everyone who wants to have some fun now ... come and join
Drewha chat room [public] created by Drewha
Nice Guy honest hardworking carving funny hansome
Tired of crime chat room [public] created by gra1967
if you are sick of crime and you feel unsafe at home
Fun or Masti chat room [public] created by anjan1979
Lot Of Friends Fun & Masti Done here.
Falconers chat room [public] created by Bolt12
Room for falconers. And anyone else.
Brit Teens. chat room [public] created by keza8431
For young people, just for fun. To meet and talk to new people and escape everyday life and drama. No sex/perverted talk. No disrespect, racism, spam etc. or you WILL be banned. Just for fun, casual conversation.
Salvation chat room [public] created by Zedek
Holiness is a character of kings ruling in their kingdoms.
school time chat room [public] created by babygirl026
bullying, fighting, gossip, detention, teachers, friends, enemies, boyfriends, girlfriends,
WHOOP WHOOP Juggalos chat room [public] created by Jman15
Juggalos for life. MWCL Juggalos and lets only
Jade and Bane Home chat room [private] created by Wolfbane01
My beautiful wife and our house
TAMPA - St Pete - FL chat room [public] created by TPAm
Meet and greet people from Tampa area and St Pete area from FL, USA.
Battle Feild chat room [private] created by ArmyoF2
this is the area where me and rios train or do missions
Bane and Jade HOuse chat room [public] created by Wolfbane01
To my beautiful wifey ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
All sexy girls chat room [public] created by JohnnySwift
Hey sexy girls you can chat wit hot boys here this is not casual
WEB CAM RAHUL chat room [public] created by rahulwild
HIP HOP cypher chat room [public] created by SourceMagazine
in here we spit bars and network, also check out the chatline at 712-432-4946
naughty sex talk chat room [public] created by Matt8424
Come to get horny, stay a while, even touch yourself
HAITIAN CHAT chat room [public] created by MORETOLOVE24
Cabin Living Room chat room [public] created by ZanzaxThexBlade420
Are you LIVING? Then this is your room lol This is the part of my Cabin that we all chill in ^^
kids under 15 chat room [public] created by louie99
only 15 and under 0000000000000000000
egmfriendzone chat room [public] created by Joery777
emos gothics or metalheads wanna make friends me it is also common for other people (be nice to me and to each other)
Girls only10089 chat room [public] created by Ddubzx69
If u wanna cam PM me nd then ill respond to u sorry im not gay im straight
horny families chat room [public] created by countryhumping208
for families that play togather
room indonesian chat room [public] created by rezkyes
untuk mencari kepuasan,,, aqh bza memuaskan yg mau kontol qh
Humiliation talk chat room [public] created by dzzy306
talk dirty to each other and tell each other the things you want to do to them
naked guy on web cam chat room [public] created by rahulwild
want to see me naked join my room
Sex chat6969 chat room [public] created by Ddubzx69
You can talk about w.e u want only about Sex tho
Friendly96 chat room [public] created by Aralana
too many hackers in the friendly chat thats hosted so come here
nevada chat room chat room [public] created by VegasGiRL01
anyone can join. idc about fighting or drama keeps us entertained anyway
XBloodStainedWallsX chat room [private] created by NeuroticxNeko
There is were all come to play,, come to laugh, come to bask in the way of pain. Pain? Best enjoyed in the rain. The water cover and drowns, although pain brings a frown...
Sinqles chat chat room [public] created by BreeMUlaa
This room is for singles. Come in and have fun dont disrespect each unless it necessary lml
CAM GIRL chat room [public] created by shanedion73
who's interested?if not?don't enter...
UK14s and 15s who are single looking for love chat room [public] created by LivvyMae
So basically,this a chat for 14's and 15's who are single,cute etc. and looking for the perfect princess x
CuttersBurnersSuicidalSelf Harm chat room [public] created by SamanthaxX777
This is a place for anyone who self harms themselves in any way or is suicidal to talk to others who are going through self harm and maybe suicidal thoughts or actions as well. NO HATERS!!!
Come here if your a boy from uk and who is a teen chat room [public] created by LivvyMae
Any boys from 14,15 or 16 chat here am looking for a understanding,beauitful,blue eyed,brown or blonde hair,cutie and who's cuddly.Please be from the uk so then if anything sparks between us we can visit xxxxxxxx
My sweet house chat room [private] created by StrongForever
this is my house and you are welcome in it
jades bed room chat room [private] created by jadethefox
1234567891012345678910 12345678910
horny 5 chat room [public] created by hossamhossny
i love horny girls i have very nice dick
Midnight Fun chat room [public] created by WinterQueen411
for anyone who thinks they can chill with the cute weird gurl
Shreveport LA chat room [public] created by stonerbabe93
lookin for people in or near shreveport, that can hook me up.
HOT GAY STUDS chat room [public] created by JoshNZ86
HOT GAY HUNKS CHAT IN HEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!CUM IN N GET OFF
just the two of us wink wink chat room [private] created by Mrbubles2fu
Just for me and someone else. NO ONE ELSE.
Dat room chat room [private] created by Mrbubles2fu
Just for who ever i please. NO one else. thank you.
hot lot chat room [private] created by zesuren
a place to talk of anything kinky.
Bilik ranjang chat room [public] created by AbgNkMain
18sx - No kids allowed. If u're under 18 pls stay away. If u feel that u're a good person pls stay away too.
Coffee shop chat room [public] created by RomanceGuy41
come on in and have fun and chat away
nola shemales chat room [public] created by skiskiyo
i would love to talk to some local girls im new to the game
relationship problem chat room [public] created by jones8
i don't know whether its just me or him or whether were just not meant to be together. help and advice would be nice x
anti Bullying room chat room [public] created by cadet007
If you are or were bullied, come and share...THIS IS NOT THE PICK UP ROOM GO TO ADULT CHAT FOR DAT
joshuanator chat room [public] created by Joosh55
Egyptian lesbians chat room [public] created by anadolly
its for lesbians girls in egypt
Emo Singles1374 chat room [public] created by Lindsay1374
If ur emo then come chat to find someone to love, IF UR 16 and UP ILL KICK U OUT! thankk you have a nice day :) so 16 and under can chat :)
tyflirt chat room [private] created by tyflirt
anyone who wanna have fun chat me
For everyone who wants happiness .. chat room [public] created by miszsexyjhay
The basic thing is that everyone wants happiness, no one wants suffering. And happiness mainly comes from our own attitude, rather than from external factors. If your own mental attitude is correct, even if you remain in a hostile atmosphere, you feel happy The best remedy for those who are afraid, lonely or unhappy is to go outside, somewhere where they can be quiet, alone with the heavens, nature and God. Because only then does one feel that all is as it should be and that God wishes to see people happy, amidst the simple beauty of nature.
cyber for lovers chat room [public] created by momochan0209
all packages are available any gender are welcome come and join lets have sum fun and GEB.
fansofdavidchat chat room [public] created by CameronFromTX
This is a test for the new fans of david chat.
Yawdie Vybz chat room [public] created by abharvey
Adult, swing, dates, Romance where anything goes!
sadistmasochists play room chat room [public] created by littledeaddoll
A room for masters and mistresses to find their pets
Bali chat chat room [public] created by dody222
if you stay in bali let's have fun chat,,,
babelishus chat room [public] created by Lovydove
all the babes can chat on here wooo hoooo
Bali Island chat room [public] created by dody222
if you stay in Bali, let's have some fun chat ^_^
looking for descreat love affair chat room [public] created by mikey29483
this room is for men and women looking for desreat love affair this room is for single,married,div. adults, there are alot of us looking but tend to be shy about it here u can open up your mind and have fun.
girls who need black guys enter here chat room [public] created by blackcobra69
u ask u will find out, pop in an u may not want to pop back out
Sexythangss chat room [public] created by rainbowjizz
urhhmm idk its like really super awesome(:
chatme hot chat room [private] created by lornz6
chat all u want and make fun in it!
oak ridge chat room [public] created by justinb555
lookin for ppl from oak ridge guy or girl
girls needed apply within chat room [public] created by blackcobra69
country boys and girl chat room [public] created by naenae1884
Join this chat room and find your country girl or guy:) maybe even me:) are you ready for this baby!!??
13--14 year old singes chat room [public] created by likeaboss12
looking for horny girls to text or sext
minnniedogs chat room chat room [private] created by minnniedog
if you are jared please dont come in and be mean or i will kick u out ok. this is my awesome chatroom
Brony Chat chat room [public] created by Oreocake42
A chat for mlp lovers everywhere
Only for boys and girls 10 11 12 and 13 chat room [public] created by elonzo9
Only for the age above anyone else above kicked
indo gay community chat room [public] created by bayuznxxx
ayo gay indo sini kita akan saling kenal jadi BF or somethink bisa dari kalimantan danlain2
sampad chat room [public] created by sepehr20
here is for who study/studied/will be studing in sampad schools
St. Joseph Missouri chat room [public] created by Reefachiefa
Chat room for people who live within 20 miles of st. Joseph Missouri
Light Skinned Boys 18-22 ONLY chat room [public] created by NaeNae1200
New and Looking So Black Light skinned males Hit Me Up !
13-15 yr olds legit chat room [public] created by Toby9559
hang out. chat. just talk and suck. we can be immature xD. or mature 0_o. bahaa!
-15 chat room [public] created by sararyder
ONLY FOR KIDS/TEENS 15 AND UNDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
14-20 girls only chat room [public] created by tyreezy
you have to have a pic a real pic not a fake one come do whatever yu want
SexHUB chat room [private] created by Secrawler
Anything in the air.....................................................................................................................
Do u like to squirt would u send pics chat room [public] created by Squirtonme69
Just send me pixs and I will send u great ones back just send at
Gossip Addictes chat room [public] created by AllyBat
A chat room where gossip lovers can chat about the latest and jusiest gossip in there lives.
lovejoy chat room [public] created by sandralove123
I am very trustful and sincere young girl, who despite all life?s difficulties still believes in good people, miracles and fairy tales. I?m interesting and easy-going person, who always seeks for something new to learn about. I like communicating with different people, make everyone around me smile and always be in a good mood. I love animals! As for me I have a nice and lovely retriever. I like to walk him in the morning.
bored as uhm chat room [public] created by Mak13
If your bored you can join my chat room
REAL SINGLE MEETING... chat room [public] created by doit4music
Tired of looking on the regular chatroom only to find people who are not looking to meet that special someone... Well I had that problem and wanted to help fellow members that felt as me.. Please Real Singles..
alona chat room [public] created by alonagutierrez
small clean hhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
bedroomchat chat room [public] created by krissylt
non censored- get eachother turned on. have fun!
the fun one chat room [public] created by tyler5222
join nd chat women ladys ..we can talk bout us nd fun ill do anything
chill swag teens chat room [public] created by freshjoseph
TEENs, who are chill who are a bored as f-ck as i am. and wanna have intellect conversation.
threesome room chat room [private] created by taylor10411
where you can chat, meet up, and have a threesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Guys looking for curvy girls chat room [public] created by dfwnubie
Room for Curvy Girls and the guys who love them
dirty girls onlyyyy chat room [public] created by ayo301
lookin for some 1 one on one talkkkingg
rockin chat room [public] created by rockinchick671
no pervs have fun no bad words and sorry if my little sis comes on my account shes only 12 about to be 13 so just ignore her kk bye have fun
eesap chat room [public] created by eesap
hye any bigsize any age..
underground gamers chat room [public] created by MissHoneyBunnie
Gamer chat. xbox, ps3, pc, etc <3
sister chat ONLY chat room [private] created by Thegracefulassiasn
Pinoys in Riyadh chat room [public] created by cmarko
Pinoys working Riyadh are welcome here
Conspiracy chat room [public] created by XxJewelxX
Ever hear of the Illuminati? New world order? Bilderberg? Freemasons? How are the political leaders of today linked to Nazi Germany? How many of your freedoms have the officials stolen from you while you were looking the other way? If you know what I'm talking about, congrats. You're awake.
mature female chat room [public] created by tingling1985
its for mature and nri females who living alone or who not satisfied with their sex life
F Buddy chat room [public] created by titsilove
People look for an F Buddy, come chat get to know people in the same boat as you
Room for Runners chat room [public] created by captainhky
This is room for those who love running! Lets share our running experience and passion. By the way, please NO creepy/sex/adult chat here.
DTF... chat room [public] created by DaveRoberts
All dtf girls and guys get the chat started.. See where this leads for everyone!
vastu chat room [public] created by karmasutra12
for free light minded chatters
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu... chat room [public] created by DaveRoberts
Big passion of mine so any ideas for training, questions about any area of bjj of even just random chat for everyone in the bjj world.. Post away!!
lefunbedroom chat room [private] created by musicdude67
this is my bed room of fun times hehehehehehehehehehe
sapak gamu chat room [public] created by rmangala
Sex walata open wela saralawa kathakarala winoda wenna enna
only 4 jith chat room [private] created by soumyap
this is only for some one who is so special to me.
need ko grls malapit sa dapitan chat room [public] created by pox13
meet agad. hindi maarte.. ung game at maganda.. cute guy hr.. may place ako
Coolest chat room [public] created by Notdad
Coolest chat room just check it out chat with other peeps and have fun enjoy haha cool I guess awesome ikd hatter gonna hate
easygoing chat room chat room [public] created by fulloflife28
this room is for easygoing people, who will not get upset with other chatters.
VocaloidRoleplay chat room [public] created by VocaloidOliver
For those who love Vocaloids, come along and roleplay! Other fandoms can join too. (( BTW, my real account is Lumashinesprite c: ))
Frindly cheat chat room [public] created by Ashokkutty
This is a shared user-created chat room for anyone to host
Hold my hand and walk with me chat room [private] created by LadyOfTheForest
Come sit with me in a field filled with wildflowers and we will talk and laugh together
nagesha chat room [private] created by nagesha
anyone is allowed to use your public room. You and members in your friendist can kick out anyone
horney nights chat room [private] created by naven13
mostly for sex lovers to njoy sex chat
zhouziyangbb chat room [public] created by zhouziyangbb
VocaloidRoleplayersUnite chat room [public] created by VocaloidOliver
Pretty much. Come along vocaloid roleplayers, come join me! Act in character or in hilarious OOC! UTAUloids,Engloids,Vipperloids are welcome too!
hindi indian chat room [public] created by shubh98765
decent chatroom for the peoples u know hindi or english frm all over the world
Exclusive for hot girls chat room [public] created by saxoclevin
Find and Enjoy the other part of the lift!!!
Aloha STATE 808 chat room [public] created by allaroundfun
Aloha everyone and welcome! This room is for friendly conversations/casual chat only. Just be respectful and enjoy meeting new people.
Seangly Room chat room [public] created by Seangly
ស្វាគមន៌មិត្តទាំងអស់គ្នា ( Welcome All Friend )
robert chat room [private] created by robertrac
hot robust austalian dude residing alone in north sales wales lookin for a luvely partner for long relationship
betsusan chat room [public] created by betsusan
am betty susan, from texas 30yearsold of age new here online and am a cool, honesty person
betsusan30 chat room [public] created by betsusan
am betty susan, from texas 30yearsold of age new here online and am a cool, honesty person
sabino chat room [public] created by lezahs
want to chat,i dont want anything bad in my chatroom
LaughOutLoud chat room [public] created by NewFur
For anyone who just wants to chat when they are bored
chat about ps1 games chat room [public] created by ryan12204
only for ps1 game users and anyone is free to join give your opinion but dont be rude
friendlyz chat room [public] created by XCutieSwagX
For anyone who wants to chat and get aways from others...No f*cked up bitches needs to come and start shit in here!!!
luv-you-boys chat room [private] created by prettysailorgirl33
talk sexy or be wild! iit dont matter just have funn!
KISSES FOR U BOYS chat room [public] created by prettysailorgirl33
You and me alone chat room [private] created by alisoft
Lets talk if you are interested in me
bad student chat room [public] created by shariful001
I am not good student.I am a bad student...pls help me.......
Fredericton New Brunswick chat room [public] created by jackoby1986
People from Fredericton. Open to anything and everything
shoooter chat room [private] created by ralphxxx
toxic chat chat room [private] created by goku217
only toxic squad members from nms
theropy room chat room [public] created by 123directioner456
where anyone can come and express thier feelings i will help you get threw anything you need
Mature Love Connection chat room [public] created by AllKnighter
Mature males and females looking for a connection.
florida gays chat room [public] created by devin1994
gays in florida . im just making this room cuz im a sex slave
Ocean County NJ m4m chat room [public] created by bottom4all
Discreet hookups in Ocean County, NJ.
hello mere dost chat room [public] created by desiboy99
यहॉ पर किसी भी तरह की चैट करने की आजादी है आप सब बिना झिझक के चैट करे...................................
SaveTheWorld chat room [public] created by boyman2
We're here to preserve Earth & that's our first priority. Pot, sex & all other natural forms allowed...
hindi sex chat room chat room [public] created by desiboy99
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