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List of all user-created chat rooms #311
upasana chat room [private] created by upasana
hi looking for frenz from all over d world,
Psychoactive Affected Discussion chat room [public] created by DruidusLogos
Discussion about any topics related to psychoactives and the human relationship with them. No talk about illegalities, keep it quite "theoretical". There's nothing illegal about an altered consciousness, only the possession of the means by which most achieve it, and even then not in all nations.
Gagas chat room [private] created by GaGaOoLaLa
♥♡♥♡♥ ♥♡♥♡♥ GaGaOoLaLa's Private Chat Room ♥♡♥♡♥ ♥♡♥♡♥
Blackpool Only chat room [public] created by Smiler1690
This room is for anyone from blackpool,Trolls will be banned /blocked etc.
Young peoples chat room 8-11 chat room [public] created by Pandasareawesome
Only people Between the ages 8 and 11 are allowed in!
Who wants to marry chat room [public] created by walid87
Who wants to marry بيىشاىتتىلبفثتثصفثص
chatatatatat chat room [public] created by Christian4204
yea,chicken is great chicken is great chicken is great chiken is great chicken is great chicken is great chicken is greater but chicken is greater
Who wants to marry walid chat room [public] created by walid87
Who wants to marry Meet here See all of the marriage Because it is the sacred link
Swagger Chat chat room [public] created by NoName101
A chatroom to talk about anything, doesnt matter who you are and what you talk wont get banned, dependingwhat you do....just learn to $W@G on.....
sexysexy chat room [public] created by walid87
sex is avery thing
adult babys and mommies chat room [public] created by babyscotty
anyone who wears diapers or who changes them
Gay Virginia Beach Chat chat room [public] created by GagaBackstabberr
Gay People In Virginia Beach Chat :)
lesibin chat room [public] created by preston14
girls date girls boys date boys
ByeObama chat room [public] created by BigRigWrecker
Discussion on topics and news about Obama's poor politics
wealthyonline chat room [public] created by thecoffeelady
People from all over the world share ways to become wealthy from online and/or home based businesses. I will share with you all my ways to success! These links will provide you with just a couple of many ways I earn income online. Visit to join ...
Joee chat room [private] created by HottieXox
For my joe..Love you lots even though we met todayyy
Geordie Chat Lol chat room [public] created by GeordieGirl12
Come and join my chat,You can be dirty if you want i dont really mind if u annoy me ur banned
dark and lost chat room [public] created by lostsoulx
ıf you bored! come here! bla bla bla bla bla
Testlkjfskld chat room [private] created by daffz
girls talk room chat room [public] created by chatguy16
its for cute girls to tlk in this chat room any girls can join
12 and 13 year olds having fun lool. chat room [public] created by RebekahTtx
for 12 and 13s to chat shit and get their facebook and stuff
13 14 boys and girls chst chat room [public] created by kalistarteen
for thirteen yearolds fknejvbekjbvkjwbvkjdbv
Talk carefree chat room [public] created by freddyistheboss
My room we are able to talk about anything, keep terms
SF 415 chat room [public] created by Despicable415
Only to people whos from C.A san francisco
rednecklivin chat room [public] created by countrygirlsarah8596
well read the name and enjoy ones like you :)
LMAO PARTY ROCKIN chat room [public] created by iluvyhuboo
pie chat room [public] created by youngnik
its fun come if you want and bring some pie
Single Girls nashville Tn chat room [public] created by kwn12345
a chat room for single girls in nashville tn
flirty fun chat room [public] created by kristiebishh
fun place where teens can have fun and NO CREEPS ALOUD
11-13 year old lesbians or bisexuals only chat room [public] created by monkeyboo00
any 11-13 year old hot lesbians or bisexuals wanna chat come here!
11-13 year old lesbians or bisexuals chat room [public] created by monkeyboo00
any 11-13 year old bisexuals or lesbians wanna chat
gaivotas e gavioes chat room [private] created by buicki
sejam todos bem vindos ao chat gaivotas e gavioes
Minecraft Room chat room [public] created by NeverShoutName
Just for fun or wanna chat with other minecrafter
teen room only chat room [public] created by beththebeautiful
talk,romance,dirt,and any talk
YouAndI chat room [private] created by kozmicXblues
I have nothing to say here, this room is private for a reason.
CAM2CAMONLY chat room [public] created by camwithmybigdikc
BRAKIN THE RULEZ chat room [public] created by coolblast123
Warrior Cats Roleplay chat room [public] created by Shadeyy
This is a chat room for all who love the warrior cats series, also, all who love to Roleplay! Tanksyew c: ~ShadeStar
USA politics since 2008 chat room [public] created by alexd83
general chat about the state of the government
Dom-Sub chat room [public] created by JessieMF
Any sub or dom can find there pet or master
no colors allowed chat room [public] created by crackface
racist people, white people, and hateful people with no respect
Tomboyz Only Chat chat room [public] created by ThreanThuAqaurianZz
Tomboyz Only,No harrassments,no sex chat,and no illegall activities
Lets all become stronger chat room [public] created by Natusfire
I want people to never give up on there dreams and their jobs loved ones and etc i want people to be Awesome and kind, Don't ever I mean Never count me out.
warriorcatrp chat room [public] created by cupcakeattack
all warrior cat fans! come to my chat room make up your own cat and have fun playing rpging and chatting with others!
Organo Gold buisness chat room [public] created by emilrodriguez
Organo Gold's mission is to improve the health, wealth, and balance in people's lives by sharing the knowledge of a healthy alternative to regular coffee. Get Paid!
pic share chat 16 or younger chat room [public] created by kcmcpro
come here to meet people and share pics with others also send to me anytime
14-16 year olds chat room [public] created by negritobimbo
This is so we can chat and have some fun. Join in if you are 14-16 years old. Please no people older or younger thanks.
ANY THING CHAT chat room [public] created by COUNTRYBOY133
if ya want to talk about music games or anything else please join
HornyLesbians or Emo chat room [public] created by emo5602
Have to be Lesbian Or bisexuals
ninja otakus chat room [public] created by ninjataco
this is where otakus can chat about anime manga and all things otaku
123456789987654321000 chat room [public] created by aarontschetter
This is a chat room that you can really do any thing in. This is made to be the best fun chat room that I have ever made.
social out casts chat room [public] created by cody6910
we are not nerds, geeks or veary friedly
music love chat chat room [private] created by COUNTRYBOY133
i love music join if you can figure password
saas chat room [private] created by saadroot
my free chatting room for fun and joy
LukeMillers Room chat room [private] created by Lukemiller
For Kashma M i'm right here! LukeM. ( not enough words)..................................................................................................................................
happy4us chat room [private] created by cutiesaj
a place to chat happy things for as long as you want
Ontariooo chat chat room [public] created by BeckyChathamKent
Ontarioooo is where we stand,meet people, joke, laugh and smile,
soccer playyers chat room [public] created by awsome556677
hello u have what you want back come and get it teens
Mistress mommy chat room [public] created by shadowedblaze
come in if u want to have a mistress /mommy
fun chat122 chat room [private] created by wildyguy19
fun room to cam and chat, and have fun and meet new people
SLUMBER PARTYYYYYY chat room [private] created by xXthatxcrazyxchickXx
Salem and rios place chat room [private] created by ArmyoF2
this is our place we chill and relax and get our job assiments from.
Sexy People Chill Out Room chat room [public] created by iSmokeKushChick
This is for the drama free sexy grown adults who want to chill and talk about anything. I don't care what you talk about as long as no fights occur.
Private Friends chat chat room [private] created by Kanrachanxx
Casual conversation and stuff like that, between the people we know in real life. No role play, no spamming unless it's for a joke and the person KNOWS it's a joke. No hard-core sexual stuff, no creeping people out unless they KNOW it's a joke.
me your match chat room [public] created by mappy126
u meet your solemates numberas and all
dj club rock chat room [public] created by Djsim2
people who are fun to talk to and are not inappropriate in any sexual or other ways.
screw me hard chat room [public] created by Logan077
looking to have some naughty fun? come here and find it
cheezehedd chat chat room [public] created by ledgy9
wisconsin chatters looking for some fun
Chat away all day chat room [public] created by Djsim2
all people can come but please be nice and no threats.
boy girl chat room chat room [public] created by whodatboi
girls and boys ages from 13 to 14
chatroom100 chat room [private] created by mybeanskeen
just a chat room for me and you ;)
plain girls boy chat room chat room [public] created by whodatboi
anyon3 un3r 16 girl or boy can com3 in
Perth Adults Only chat room [public] created by WOODY96910
Room for 18+ people in Perth. Open for general chat or something more.
AllAboutSex chat room [public] created by RyanHot
Cam2cam Chats are open. NUDe chats are allowed
cybersex123 chat room [public] created by ththorpy
naughty kinky fun come join u wont be dis apointed
Talk Nerdy to Me chat room [public] created by Justanotherguy2000
Let's be awkward together! Talk about movies, life, sex, or whatever. We just don't claim to be the cool kids.
Geeks chat room [public] created by Verdelen
For geeks of all trades, Dungeons and Dragons, Larpers, gamers, computer geeks, ectectect
Singel Girls chat room [public] created by skylersieg
For girls that want to talk to other girls.
Grunge Chat for grunge fans chat room [public] created by grunger420
Are you a fan of Nirvana, Alice In Chains, Pearl Jam, or any others? If so, chat here! :)
K POP lovers chat room [public] created by angel12340
for people who listen to girls generation, SHINee ,super junior and more
Private Luv Chat room chat room [private] created by RAiNBOWDASHluv
Private chat room for luvers who want to have... PRIVATE TIME!!!
GAGRASSI chat room [public] created by justin1010
A DRAMA MOVIE for people o r gay or bi C:
2 TEEN CHAT chat room [public] created by bignick2ko
Come meet and talk do wat ever u want......................................................................................................................................
wanna see my dick chat room [public] created by sexxykolten
if u wanna see my dick and u wanna send my some pusy and tits then cum in
Antony D cruz chat room [public] created by Antony9840389110
Girls this chat room is for who and all wants to have sex can leave your number i will call yourl
Wearedominicans chat room [public] created by chilosa15
Talk with other teen Dominicans in English or espaņol.Perverts are banned
old4young11111 chat room [public] created by 35guy35
anyone an join, talk about whatever u want
Los Angeles Adult Room chat room [public] created by jammy123
Hi guys. Anyone from LA? Lets chat and have a good time
gay utah chat room [public] created by bttmboi59
For gay men in utah. And are looking to chat with other m m
Friends sex chat room [public] created by Raghavan123
Here im ready to chat pls hurry
an pimpsroom chat room [public] created by vikki43
clients and workers welcome,agree to my rules and enjoy the fun & patience pays here
micheal jackson fans chat room [public] created by valerie987
if you love him come talk about him over here and mabe yyou can learn something new about this great insperation
Cougar sexchat chat room [public] created by Covinaboy
Looking for cougars who like to talk nasty
upsetting breakups chat room [public] created by jjduncan870
its always good to tell pepole
Web Programmers chat room [public] created by hannahgail03
Question and discussion regarding web programming..
Female-Female DUBAI chat room [public] created by KrazzzyKay
Only Females wanting to interact
Femdom ind chat room [public] created by nithzz
females who wants to dominate and men who want to b slaves ...hop in..
FOREX BUSINESS chat room [public] created by Najeeb4x
This Room is specially made for Investors. Anybody who wish do invest in Forex can share their thoughts here.
FAT BOTTOM chat room [public] created by HUGE9iNCH
looking for horny mom chat room [public] created by kalidrink
any kind of woman sexy moms hot moms
asian room96 chat room [public] created by single96boy
for women and men dating........................................
Need help with a project about Denmark chat room [public] created by Baetter
Hey, I need help with a college project about Denmark. Care to help me out?
feel love chat room [public] created by douaa16
this tchat for peopel to meet a new person and love our selve
Bbm group chat room [public] created by Betbetboo
anyone with bbm is welcome... swapping pins are accepted.
2011996 chat room [private] created by pm996
jbnhjnkjhnjhnhjnhhhbjhjbnn jhnhj njhhhhhhhyhyhkkkjkhkhhhhjhjhjhjhjhjhjhyjhjy
gay boy chat 10-18 only chat room [public] created by mattbrfc
just want sum chat fun with young lads who r into sum dirty fun or who want to meet for sum sex or to lose their virginities
private sex chat chat room [private] created by Tani93
only for people who are up for some sex chat ;)
rajeshrojesh chat room [public] created by rajeshrojesh
Hi i am M 25 i am interested in chating any girl can chat with me
jeanhiladocoylo chat room [public] created by hiladojean
im simple honest easy going, down to earth lady and funny
helen mc ghie primary gals chat room [public] created by sabs1
gals only, helen mc ghie girls or any girls who know then.
Dubai Anything Goes chat room [public] created by SteveDXB
as the title says anything goes, join in for all those looking to arrange a hook up
Dubai Chat and FUn chat room [public] created by SteveDXB
a room for all peeps in dubai to chat have fun and arrange hook ups
religious talk. chat room [public] created by sabs1
only females for now. you will give ur views about your religion n why you believe in it. no insulting or else u will be banned. no atheists who want to cause corruption
SEXY GIRLS FOR SEXXXX chat room [public] created by MAYANKA007
1on1 webcam sex chat room [public] created by Grassmouth
for men and women who wants to have 1on1 fun
eph chat room [public] created by zenieph
let's chat.jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjdddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
tobin chat room [private] created by smarttobin
Hi i like to have friendships from people interested in long relationship
Islam Forever chat room [public] created by Decency99
This room is for all who already Muslims or want to Revert Muslim!
Bengaluru chat room chat room [public] created by XViki1234x
Come in bangloreans lets rock don't hesitate come come
sex fetish chat room [private] created by angelofmusic023
come talk to people who love to try all sorts of activities while having sex .
me and some friends chat room [public] created by Djsim2
anyone who knows me or wants to know me can come
Teen Uk Chat chat room [public] created by Zarah14
Chat for girls and boys under the age of 18.
docklands1 chat room [public] created by docklands1
gay chat room for 18yrs to 25yrs
SUR 13 Members chat room [public] created by bebebonita
For all SUR 13 gang members...... SOUTH SIDERS FOREVER!!!!!!!!
aunties come here chat room [public] created by anbanar
aunties of any age join my chat room leave a message
sexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx chat room [public] created by samxxxlsam
horny people come here chat room [public] created by tooshatish12
Come here if your horny but only 25 and unders can come
SAGAROXX chat room [public] created by SAGAROX
GALS onlyo chat wit me..i wil be waitin..join fast:)
Political chat 22 chat room [public] created by kmaa3m
Only serious chat about the health of our GREAT NATION
Kashmir Problem chat room [public] created by RobinSin
a very open minded Chat room, where no room for communal hatred or regionalism !
Otakus Fanfictioners and Fan girls chat room [public] created by SandHeart
Japanese LOVERS who want to share their intrest for Japan and it's culture.
open topic chat chat room [public] created by hearbreaker12345
can talk about anything no restrictions to topic
Chelsea Teens from chatroom chat room [private] created by LetsKillTaylorJames
If youv seen the film Chatroom. youl know what im on about. Ready for therapy? ;) PRO SUICIDE ROOM. not encouraging just talking
Ottawa And Area chat room [public] created by 23maleOttawa
Toronto, Ottawa , MTL . Everyone should get along and have a good time. Canadian Pride~!
Ottawa Ontario chat room [public] created by 23maleOttawa
People living in Ontario, Canada. Specefically the Ottawa area. Toronto, Montreal are all fine as well. Hell, Anyone from Canada is welcome here!
body info chat room [public] created by xxjden
if you have a problem with your body or pain or something so write down your question to
someone life chat room [public] created by leay
we talk...we share..we care.........
dirty time chat room [private] created by lauraxoxo
talking dirty. using all kinds of words ;). i will pleasure you all night long. i will suck your dick and ride you hard
gender idenity chat room [public] created by dyannc
people to talk about this ongoing problem
NicePeople chatroom chat room [public] created by AdamGainey
Come in, be friendly not a pickup room go to Adult-chat for that. Any harassment, bullying or Compulsive lying you will get banned other than that come in with smiles :D
Marwin chat room [public] created by marwin89
only girls no boys pls and thanks for your understanding
Adam-Chat chat room [public] created by AdamGainey
Everyone is welcome to chat. Any harrasment, bullying, sexual content, Offensive wording or compulsive lying you will be banned. Be friendly and speak to one another you wish to be spoken to.
Just Chill Out- and laugh chat room [public] created by amieloo1999
this is a chat room to just CHILL !!!!! any bad language and you will be kicked out, simple as, go by the rules and u wont be kicked out x
mr talk alot chat room [public] created by Djsim2
anyone who wants to talk alot are welcome
areksby chat room [public] created by mic1979
areksby it's just for indonesian people chat,and for girl 20-30 age year old
teens straight chat room [public] created by Markdshark
this chat room is for only teens that are straight fromthe age of 13-17
bluebird chat room [private] created by anthonyraj
indian friendly chat room dubai
k9 thoughts chat room [public] created by k9gilly
Ever have thoughts you shouldnt have ?....
Sonic FC Chat chat room [public] created by ShadowxYukia
Roleplay or discuss sonic characters!
bigat chat room [public] created by bigat
hallo people,hola oi eu falo mais
NEW RUNESCAPE PLAYERS chat room [public] created by conorforrs
Who ever wants to start again on runescape join this chat
who wants to have sex chat room [public] created by pincheloko13
chat with people and be interested in having sex
gay teens 13-18 chat room [public] created by 13249
this is the Chat room for ppl age of 13-19. so teens can be teens in this chat thanks .
STRAIGHT GIRLS HOT CHAT chat room [public] created by SAGAROX
me waitin for straight girls to chat wit me..friendly or u lyk it
Dating for 16- chat room [public] created by zazeria
Chat room for meeting people, chatting and Cyber-Sexx. 16 and under. If you are older than 16, go to the adult chat room. If you do not abide by these rules, you will banned.
Single and Ready to Flirt chat room [public] created by Jayvee26
No Description Basta Magasay lang
Guys and transexual meeting room chat room [public] created by Donnieblueeyez
Well this is a room for guys and Transexuals to meet
Bi lez gay straight 18 years and down. chat room [public] created by Antimony98
Only for people who are 18 years or younger. No pedophiles, please no dirty chat.
only sexy girls allowed chat room [private] created by tejpratap
sexy girls are allowed only, coz sexy is waiting for u
ajooze4 chat room [public] created by Ajooze
am from nigeian and i live in lagos av been to england in 2003 and i am willing to be granted another chance again and my sister live in england.
13-17 teen chat room chat room [public] created by timmylechy
for 13-17 teens that want to chat
12 years and up chat room [public] created by Axl1399
a chat room for ppl kinda my age,becoz i felt like it :D
Gothic people chat room [public] created by Anna24680
This Chat room is for Goth and Emo people only.
meeeeeeee chat room [public] created by azherr
please add me on the face book
Akatsuki Chat Room chat room [public] created by LeafNinja
For akatsuki members yo chat with each others
looking nice freindship chat room [public] created by whitestars1
i really like nice freindship so pleas come a good person for nice and true freinship only here
Akatsuki Members chat chat room [public] created by LeafNinja
For akatsuki members to come and chat
r0maNia chat room [public] created by c0nnect
all welcome:00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000)
RoMaNiaA chat room [public] created by c0nnect
BEACH PARTY chat room [private] created by justin1010
K-pop fanz chat room [public] created by hanalovely
Enjoy it.. No spamming No disrespect No role Play Like music K-pop?
guest6666 chat room [public] created by jolly321
feeling emotion love happinies mood
BEACH PARTY. chat room [public] created by justin1010
FOR 16 AND UNDER AND GAYS AND BI PEOPLE o and if ur straight must not be rude tho ty C:
nor100 chat room [public] created by nor100
looking for serious and term relationship with a right woman.
ouaddouh chat room [public] created by nor100
looking for serious and term relationship.
FUN ROOM FOR EVERYONE chat room [public] created by countrybabe42
its for guys and girls thaty have humor and like to talk to each other sponsered by countrybabe42
xxxroomxxx chat room [private] created by KJ95
u and i only and thats it unless its a 3 sum for my cum
KSKSKS chat room [private] created by FL4SH4CANDY
Candy,ya zhdu tebya tut,solnce)
Narcissistic Personalithy Disorder chat room [public] created by NarcissismNut12
I want to talk about Narcissistic Personality Disorder and it's affects on people
Narcissistic Personalithy Disorder 1 chat room [public] created by NarcissismNut12
I want to talk about Narcissistic Personality Disorder and it's affects on people
adult fun with cams chat room [public] created by camwithmybigdikc
a room for horny adults to meet and have fun on cam2
Pro Ana Help chat room [public] created by kayleeisdead759
A chat room for people with eating disorders, or on the verge of becoming pro ana.
couples united chat room [public] created by kinkcouple
for couples looking for other couples
couples united1 chat room [public] created by kinkcouple
for couples looking to chat with other couples
ellas chat chat room [public] created by cuteemogirl1
come chat with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ellas room chat room [public] created by cuteemogirl1
hey come chat with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111
ellas chat room chat room [public] created by cuteemogirl1
hey come chat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
who wants to make money online chat room [public] created by ScorpioJokerxxx
if you want to make money msg scorpiojokerxxx i will give you a link for one of the best ptc sites , so easy to make money
couples united4 chat room [public] created by kinkcouple
for couples intersted in talking to other couples
BelfastPeeps chat room [public] created by male25belfast
People from belfast and northern ireland
mexican men seekin woman chat room chat room [public] created by fc18
im lookin for hot young mexican or latino males
Eating Disorders Chat room 1 chat room [public] created by TahviaSkye123
A safe place where you can talk about your life and the struggles that come with an Eating Disorder
couplesunited5 chat room [public] created by kinkcouple
couples lookin 2 chat with other cpls
Blood Lust Bar chat room [public] created by ChiSaito
This is a place where you can drink up to as many acoholic drinks that you want at the price of 1 cup of blood.
Phone sex club chat room [public] created by callme4fun
This is for all the ladies that want to find a phone sex buddy
dirty talking bi girls chat room [public] created by SunshineRain19
any bi girls wanna talk dirty, come inside
Y.O.L.O chat room [public] created by Ariana69
You Only Live Once Baby -moans-
Party Spot 221 chat room [public] created by TweetyBird221
Come &&' Have Funn .. Chat About Anything ;) If You Know What iMean ! Come On Its Fun !
BLACK OR WOMEN INTO BLACK WOMEN... chat room [public] created by royco
Hook Up In Maine chat room [public] created by senorcrab
People in Maine can "hook up" with one another.
ChatItUp...... chat room [public] created by lovelymhe
Boring Lives chat room [private] created by ChrisAC9913
For those teens who are bored and whose life is boring
kids only 12 and under chat room [public] created by boyyss
this room is for kids who want do show stuff on internet and find people ur own age.
DimLight chat room [public] created by adam1221
nice place to hang out. meet people and relax
Naughty speak chat room [public] created by chrisd1001
Flirt, talk naught, HAVE FUN! .............................................
single girls plz chat room [public] created by curnick15
hi my name is alex i am 1chat i am a male and looking for a relationship girls only join this
irish banter chat room [public] created by Bangdbang
good clean chat, no creeps, even if yar local meet up for a pint, it is possible to have fun wiht no sexula intention ya know lol
quickstick7777 chat room [private] created by quickstick7777
it is a priviate room for my pleasure only
girl only looking for a great girl chat room [public] created by loveme171122
bisexual or lezbian girl wanting a sweet but naughty girl
LosAngelasCalifornia chat room [public] created by ozatay
eating issues chat room [public] created by superdorkx0x94
pro eating disorder for any one struggling that needs to talk
San Antonio TX 210 chat room [public] created by DeeeBad
Just Talk & Khilllll , Drama FREE ! NO SLUTS OR SLORE OR HOES!
HOT CHAT AND SEX CHAT chat room [public] created by getme123456789
Eruka Frog Fanservice chat room [public] created by FroginACage
Eruka x OC roleplay. C: Come see and roleplay! 18+ allowed you will get banned.
mine and a girls chat room [private] created by sexyboy10101
i am horny and love sexy dirty pics from hot babes
room ng mga rakista chat room [public] created by Slapshock
Welcome to all rockers outside the world.. ^_^\m/
dating room mr.f chat room [private] created by mrfantastic21
for the ppl of the dating room
borreedd as hell chat room [public] created by chrisfarrell3
everyone join if ure borreedd ,, a little like me :)
MR.FANTASTIC chat room [public] created by mrfantastic21
for single only chat room [public] created by liltledevil
for single only... respect to other...
10 tell10 chat room [public] created by logged0utOfLife
late night chat to talk about anything
cougarssekingcubs chat room [public] created by Freakaboutcars
older women wanting young guys
Talk to me if youre horny chat room [private] created by SexyLion34567
I'm looking for some horny boys to talk to.
Testriffic chat room [public] created by Testriffic
Come and join, the perfect chat site needs you!! Looking for an influx of new and crazy people to chat and have loads of fun with!! ;)
camsex with me chat room [public] created by GauravJi
Galz can join me for Cam Sex :)
jeb chat room [public] created by jebtaz
want to talk about wife leavin, would like female input
lady gaga 2012 chat room [public] created by Lalarox
if ur going this yr, check here for all the latest goss :)
love to chat with me chat room [public] created by summerann3211
girls looking for guys...we wanna have a little harmless fun so come on in
RolePlay Chatroom chat room [public] created by xXxXAliceXxXx
A chatroom for people who love to RolePlay.
Singles chat 14-16 chat room [public] created by qzTricKsHoTzqz
If ur looking for a lover 14-16 join
Anime Fans1 chat room [public] created by MewMewichigo3
anime fans can come or anybody no bad words no fighting
AssWholesNotAllowed chat room [public] created by cutiepie666
personally i hate asswholes so if your an asswhole then fly off..
sexy girl room chat room [public] created by loveletters
girls who are looking for boy friends
NOMNOMNOMs chat room [public] created by DannomYummyNoms
where you NOMNOMNOM people lol
Battlefield Alpha chat room [public] created by LightningRockLee
This is the place where I learned the secret of becoming a Ninja.
room for lover only chat room [public] created by needgirlfrnd
hi this a room for lover who wants to find there love
Lamented Dreams chat room [public] created by iRainboh
:) No BS. Come in and be chill.
match maker room chat room [public] created by needgirlfrnd
this is a room for single who wants to find love and partner
stoners and stonees chat room [public] created by albertov
a chat for open minded and mature people who are not limited by socially imposed bullshit.
hi123321 chat room [public] created by marcodpollo
lets go chat, come on,, just join the chat
cmeandenjoy chat room [public] created by ramesh11061989
come and enjoy........................................................
ali sexy chat room [private] created by alighasempour
if u want to be called sexy chat room [public] created by sexyboy10101
for me and girls that want to send pics
real lebias true lesbians and gays chat room [public] created by mappy126
u can exsprees feelings and give numbers emails or hang out
bicurious boys chat room [public] created by charlies18
A place where boys who are bi curious like myself can come and chat and see what happens. :D
teen LF hot girl chat room [public] created by heros1234
girl who wants to have fun and talk dirty
dirty talk12345 chat room [public] created by heros1234
guys and girls to talk hot and sexy
Ticklish feet chat room [public] created by Ticklemaster3
People interested in tickling and ticklish feet
11 and 13 only chat room [public] created by MirandaGirlify
this chat room is for 11 and 13 people Only:)
idca345678 chat room [public] created by idk12345678912345678
teen loveers chat room [public] created by ScottTruesdell
this room is for teens who want a relationship
All Fun And Games xxx lol chat room [public] created by ifyourdtfmessageme
Talk about random things, if people are trying to meet up let it happen... y else am i here :)
loving teens chat room [public] created by ScottTruesdell
this room is for teens looking for a relation ship
Lao Vientiane province chat room [public] created by Nuok
i love my country and i live in Vientiane
MoonLight chat room [private] created by emmische4
wellcome to MoonLight room, be polite here and have high capacity please we don't want to bother or call down or despise anyone!
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