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List of all user-created chat rooms #301
myroom2000 chat room [private] created by UNKNOWNLADY
Very private room for private people
hot girs chat room [public] created by abcdboy
i am 14 years old and i am looking for to hook up
Black girl for white men chat room [public] created by mennoman
Black girls and women who are interested in meeting white or caucasian men
Singles 11-13 chat room [public] created by KaylaTheMonster100
You must be 11 through 13 to join this room.
Teen Bisexual Chat chat room [public] created by binky222
Come if your Bi, Gay, or Lesbian :) All are welcome...
Nick room chat room [private] created by nicholas14
dis chatroom 4 anybody dat i invite u nt invited u cnt come
ARKANSAS PEEPS chat room [public] created by hotgirl1011
please come and chat if from arkansas only and be polite to all violators will be banned
14 Year Olds Swag chat room [public] created by HaileyRae6
This is for 14 year olds only and preferably in Minnesota
horney guys and girls chat room [private] created by redneckbby003
if your herney come chat with me
THE SUPERLAMELAMACOOL ROOM chat room [public] created by lamelama
This is very cool room only for very cool special perfect people, powered by LameLama!
Furry Hang Out chat room [private] created by JeffrieWulf
A place for furrs to just hang out and be with their own kind. No fighting and limit the dama please.
kinky horny guys wanted here. chat room [public] created by alyssamaee123
im horny. im a hot girl, i need people to talk dirty to me.
THE SUPERLAMELAMACOOL ROOM2 chat room [public] created by lamelama
This is very cool room only for very cool and special people, powered by LameLama!
misstress-master-and slaves chat room [public] created by strawxxxwensdai
This chatroom are for slaves, masters and misstress only's purpose is to find and train each other
candybabe chat room [public] created by candybabe26
This is a chat-room for if you are feeling lonely or need someone to talk to. People who join are loving, caring NOT HORNY PERVS WHO WANT SEX!
Hetalia Role Play- APH chat room [public] created by jessybby77
A place for roleplaying as nation-people from Axis Powers Hetalia!
AnimeRPG-Room chat room [public] created by RinaKurosugi
Have Fun Playing as Any Anime Character you Want, Just have 5 Rules.... 1) Use (( ))'s During OOC Chats 2) Dont bring real life Drama into Stories 3) Dont Cyber, except in your own personal windows 4) Don't Kill Any Characters without the Owner's Permission Please 5) Have Fun!!! :D
furry foreplay chat room [public] created by furrypawwe
a place to go wild!! no drama, everything is feral but humans, no technology.
misstress-master-and slavessos chat room [public] created by strawxxxwensdai
15-25 is only allowed in this chat and rude chat as well as spammers will be warned then banned if you continuie. This chat is only to train slaves, masters and misstress to become better at their job And also to have fun with each other as well . me and my misstress will sometimes monator u and sometimes join in as well . i am currently in a slave misstress relationship. ENJOY
the kagimine mountin kingdome chat room [public] created by LenandRinKagimine
we r the kagimine twins and we just wanna have fun
People Who Want To Sext chat room [public] created by DignityBoi
This is a chat room for people who are willing to give out phone numbers to sext (sexting)
sexe brave room chat room [private] created by bravetype
only dating for skype hot chat cam 2 cam
zealand chat room [public] created by 16msydney
LoveBirds Room chat room [public] created by Shadowhawk1204
Couplesonly please! Come to share your love!
yu-gi-oh singles chat room [public] created by tank2023
people who love yugioh and looking for others who play and wanting something more.
holdyourfiyah sex chat room [private] created by holdyourfiyah
room for me and anb4398 to have sex.
Sexy chat 675 chat room [public] created by Eman675
Chat for sexy girls to talk about hot stuff
No Boys12 chat room [public] created by BestLesbain
Lesbians Only Boys Will Be Kicked Out!!
Tanisha Davis chat room [public] created by Tanisha134
I'm really fun to talk to!:)Please come and talk to me including boys!!!
120 chat room [public] created by manish302
dream boy hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot
brunei sex chat room [public] created by sierra28
a place to meet with new people
Emo Chat Room 13-18 chat room [public] created by Killermate
I dont care, just dont be a hater
chat now chat room [public] created by yasmin78
my room will be fun people can chat play and find new friends
Nice People room for nice people chat room [public] created by MelodieSong
Emo Chat Room00 chat room [public] created by Killermate
I Dont Care, Just dont be a hater
want to have sex with someoone chat room [public] created by barbiegirl01
talk like your horny and you feel like you wanna have sex
MEEEEEEEP chat room [public] created by katandthehat
aussie teen lesbian chat room [public] created by MissMiki96
for lesbian GIRLS looking for a relationship or just some firends
fuun room chat room [private] created by keegan103
this is a really fun room. come join ?
Bored as Hellllllllllll chat room [public] created by gapeach93
all the people that don't have anything better to do should come and entertain me, thank you and buh bye!
tonight chat room [public] created by ryjo
anyone looking for a good time
Lesbian girls chat room chat room [public] created by TayTay25
This is jus for girls, no boys allowed. The age group is only 15 through 18, nobody higher and nobody lower plain as simple.
black girls are chat room [public] created by Yellow30
so i am watching this movie.there is this white guy married to a black girl.she is in the passenger side with this yellow dress on off the shoulders type with a short length.her legs are beautiful. she is the most beautiful girl i have seen. i think what a dream come true to be in her presence and take her places. have her drive my car and accompany me. that would totally be all i would require to be no necessary she would be free to do what ever she wanted when we were somewhere. i know this sounds stupid to some but it is the truth.
yeaintknow chat room [private] created by dusty16
do i need to describe what is going on here.... testing 1212
join to chat with BBW chat room [public] created by tabitha46
anyone interested in BBW, join and chat.
looking for love in the usa bf or gf chat room [public] created by Karliksb
you can go here to look for a boyfriend or a girlfriend
webcam people chat room [public] created by animemonster
if you have a skype, tiny chat or facebook or twitter
Nagpur Gay Sex chat room [public] created by pyasaSachin
All Boys from Nagpur wanted to have gay sex feel free to chat and do the sex with me
holdyourfiyah chat room [private] created by holdyourfiyah
a private chat for me and the ladies to have fun in.
physcopathic fam chat room [public] created by 580JUGGALO
juggalos/juggalettes welcome lets chat it up fam see whats craccin whoop whoop
tamil chat girls chat room [public] created by sharmibala
only for girls kama pasikonda girls matum vanga sexapathitherinchikonga
Pro Suicide and SI chat room [public] created by StevieAylaMarie
lets talk about it and I guess self harming can be in there too
420 Hour Chat chat room [public] created by TheDuchess
Its 4:20 somewhere! So if you celebrate it religiously, or even sometimes, come join the circle and chat it up!
Writers Word For It chat room [public] created by Dailydude
Come on in and talk about writing.
Killermate chat room [public] created by ShadowProductions
Killermates chat and stuff, no haters
Killermate Chat chat room [public] created by ShadowProductions
Killermate chat and stuff so please join
chatroomtachatchat chat room [public] created by xBubblegumBittch a
The NYC Room chat room [public] created by Shakillacraves
Chill Meet singles Hav fun Be ur self Find ur companion Hookup now
Radio online chat room [public] created by wantot
Welcome to Radio Online Enjoy Chatting and Listening. Thanks You
GuysinGstrings chat room [public] created by assoutingstring
Gay guys that love wearing gstrings and showing off that ass like me
Figzton chat chat room [public] created by Michelleboy
This is a beautiful,clean chat room so different from other rooms.these room doesn't permit slangs and insults.
nick looks for love chat room [public] created by efgh
single men and women can come and chat to each other and find love
ramji chat room [private] created by ramji27
am sexual man .. i need a sexual girl to chat.
Teenager-13-18 chat room [public] created by yoursweetjuice
anyone can join in. feel free :D
only4 indians chat room [public] created by hunar20122
hi this is indian room so join it
jingskie chat room [public] created by Jingskie
Hi I am simple... I am looking fo a man of my life...A long time marriage..A husband who knows better than I am..and more matured than I am..
723 chat room [private] created by naughtybaby2001
I am a man looking for a girl for adult chat
kadak chat room [public] created by vibhas84
hottx and simplicity activity so too good
Female20 chat room [public] created by Dill268
this is female room ...........................................................................................................................................................
CANADA COUNTRY chat room [public] created by mcrsma
I don't know what to say so lets says just social chat
arab sex chat room [public] created by rebal12dubai
dubai hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
dirty minds are here chat room [public] created by wanttowatch
anything you have done or want to.
open chaaat chat room [private] created by 0001siyu
speak to many,listen to a FeW speak to many,listen to a FeW
Mumbai Chatt chat room [public] created by Vinoddddd
Lets have some fun.Join me girl to enjoy your nights.
loverz stand chat room [public] created by joeswaggamania
where real love can be found no matter what the situation
heydeyo chat room [public] created by heydeyo
hornyg chat room [public] created by bakis
fat people chat chat room [public] created by josephshyne
all fat men and women are welcome
ann 1234 chat room [public] created by kojojulian
more people online for more chats and for tite relationship
All friendly chat room chat room [public] created by MidnightDeath
A chat room where everyone is welcome! No one is judged or labeled! It's to make friends no sexual content you will be kicked out if you choose to ignore this .
malaysia sex chat chat room [public] created by hamboy32
meeting new peeps chat room [public] created by dizzymemot14
come and make some friends and have fun. we are all young
WANNA VIDEO CHAT chat room [public] created by rbt6100
if youre looking to video chat come here
D8 chat room [public] created by bawel1abiz
Forum khusus perangkaum dunia 8, kaum the thespian
4 fun chat room [public] created by lolycat
a nice groupe 4 girls only fun !
Trouble Maker chat room [public] created by gokonk
we are TM ! we are Outsider n Ladyrose !
teen werewolves of america chat room [public] created by wolfiecrimsonmoon
all teen werewolves and wolf therians! chat here! tell me where your pack is and what rank you are,I'm trying to map out the packs in america.
the thespian chat room [public] created by bawel1abiz
perangkaum dunia 8 kaum the thespian
cheetah chat room [private] created by faizi349
nananana3 chat room [public] created by bluuueberry
lolololololololololololololololoolololololololololol :D
Comedy needs chat room [public] created by MinMin86
Tired of fakes and dirty, Comedy needs, racist back off.
twice the fun with sex chat chat room [public] created by MALEKCHAAR
if u wanna have sex or get laid join the group horny girls only no gays allowed
DancingBear007 chat room [public] created by DancingBear007
Stripper - Friendly Bear Dancer
texas married and lonely chat room [public] created by texasron
NO GOD NO FUTURE JUST DIE chat room [public] created by 123YESiDiDsayit
not freindly humann desease enter if u dare
HUMANSCUMBALLS chat room [public] created by 123YESiDiDsayit
all of u consuming idiots warmongering baby having desease known as humans
G room for Gs chat room [public] created by queentash
this room is for people who like talking to Gs chat room [public] created by chaplin666
myanamar chat room
woowee chat room [public] created by woowee
only for mumbai guys n gals chat room [public] created by pisceanhunk
this chat room is for mumbai guys n gals.. who can talk wid each other... n date, fling.. or do whatever they want to do...
giddu chat room [public] created by giddu1985
all r welcome in this chat room for fun
bilik seks chat room [public] created by mikhail85
kepada sesiapa yg boring2 tu jom la join room ni....xde niat ape pon just nk appy2...mane yg blh layan kpala tu ok la...mane yg lurus tu jgn la join....
looking for emo love chat room [public] created by forgottenheart
Yu might find yur emo soulmate here;)
8Luck8 chat room [public] created by dip88
..Talk me.friends.........,?..,,,.,'...........'.,.,..
lonely 90 chat room [public] created by sen90
having fun in my room makes me happy..
Kids Chat Room Only chat room [public] created by Becca12014
This is for kids only! Don't ask anyone to go out and don't talk about explicit sexual chat. Please don't ask for personal information. I will be watching you. Like a Hawk!
ME AND A FREIND PRVT CHAT chat room [private] created by abcdboy
infinite chat room [public] created by lil1g
Talk about anything! its simple and awesome.
Sexy Chatz chat room [public] created by ZombieQueenForevea
totally the place to go when u wanna talk dirty and when u wanna talk to dirty peeps for gays lesbians, bisexuals and straights. STOP ON IN :D
Date Finder chat room [public] created by gumdrop84531
this is a room to find a boyfriend or girlfriend, Remember talk dirty!!!!
Only in Ohio chat room [public] created by Lonely1970
friends can gather from Ohio here
forest anime chat room [private] created by SoulGuardain
this is a place where anything can happen and its how hard it may hit that may count
EMO chatroom 2014 chat room [public] created by sakuraemo
i dont care .i want kill meself
Talk about Nyc chat room [public] created by whowantsinformation
I want to talk about nyc, places to go and something like that
friend-ship room chat room [public] created by fatimoujahid
well; i create this chat room;to communicate with the people who wants make friendshiip
HORNY FEMALES ONLY chat room [public] created by masterpate1
come on in and have some fun. you will explode with ecstasy.aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
bathroom picture plz chat room [public] created by hhjhgjhgg
im looking for girls who can send me a picture from there bathroom to my email
Bangalore2012 chat room [public] created by Geoboy79
For Bangaloreans looking for new friends and fun
langue francaise chat room [public] created by OiseauCorbeau
se joindre cette salle de chat!
Guys and girls horny chat chat room [public] created by Boneralert1
any girls or guys wanna talked to me or anybody else about horniness
Fun Time for everyone chat room [public] created by LoveAire
Have Fun Here if u know what i mean
The Burg Chat chat room [public] created by graciesden
Look 2 meet locales and chat.Mind over matter I dont mind and U dont matter
EMO CHAT ROOM 8D chat room [public] created by crazygirl1234
The Riders house chat room [private] created by TheSlayers
this is the house only my beloved can come in and my friends
transsexuals chat room [public] created by basher012
all transsexuals welcome. just thought i should make one for transsexuals as there wasn't one
tx chat rm chat room [public] created by shorty77573
no foul lauange, say hi .if you have a problem with some one block them.
TyPiNgRaNdOmLy chat room [public] created by XxAliceHunterxX
Bored? well. come here and just talk to random people. That's how i'm feeling. i would like it if everyone here was under 20 and older then 13
Hot UK Girls Looking For Hot Uk Guys chat room [public] created by Chrisoze
Does what it says on the tin, one requirement, you gotta be hot :-D
St0n3r5 chat room [public] created by dalton92
If you toke. thats whats up. fckn join yo.
Friends Chatting chat room [public] created by DaniJRT
A friendly chat room were you can meet new friends.
Room 808 chat room [public] created by brinekash
Rock u wild and smooth. We run things and things never run we
dirty room for 13-16 chat room [public] created by skate4233
for singles 13-16 years old and to flirt
Hotest chat chat room [public] created by CachorritaDulce
this is to people who is hot, and want something else that talk . good luck babe;
rizee1 chat room [public] created by rizee1
Brandi chat room [public] created by Brandi2095
If your goin to talk to me, dont be talking about how your gonna f*** me kk ?
Lesbians 5 only chat room [public] created by Kellbell955
It is what is is. it is only for lesbians and you can say whatever you feel like.
Harrypotter Freaks chat room [public] created by klingkling10
Well, I think the title is self explanatory
boys and girls who are 11 chat room [public] created by sadie2012
Sex Rp Room chat room [public] created by Mania19Male
Hello this is a room for Sex Porn and stuff like that 18+ not under
Sex chats only chat room [public] created by jaccool
this chat room is only for boys & girl who are ready to be open in sharing about their allll
Your Not Alone Teens chat room [public] created by podj
For teens to talk with orther teens about things that or happening to there body.
Random chat feel free chat room [public] created by Goblin666
Feel free to express ur self no body I'd gonna judge
Funny Town chat room [public] created by podj
Every one knows how embarising it is when you joke and every says your not cool here every one can write jokes aslong as your not makeing fun of a joke,and is not involving drugs,cocan,tobaco related products, and absulutly no sex talk, if any of these are broke you will be kicked out of the chat room,
navy clipper chat room [public] created by navalsoldier4296
im new to this and just seeing what it is all about
australia in brisbane city chat room [public] created by usg1974
want to meet friend......................................................................
Furr rp and chat join today 8D chat room [private] created by Teskci
senual rps alowed, no god moding if rping!! that just makes people mad. And have fun.! p.s. no sex :p
yep chat room [public] created by jaywest
Abcdedghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz blah blah hook up chat whatever you want
duurty chat chat room [public] created by datboiispliffy
this is a chat for people who like talking dirty or wana get to know more about each other, this is not a casual chat, sex talk only!
horny slut chat room [public] created by jimcain69
for horny girls that like to cam to cam
bad2008 chat chat room [public] created by bad2008
its everything just for girls that just want to talk
WetLesbians chat room [public] created by glamourgirl3333
A chat room for horny and wet lesbians to help each other out..
Little Angel needs LOVE chat room [public] created by iamLittleANGEL
I need friend,love,someone to lean on,and who will understand me.
buttsex chat room [public] created by iowalaes
im sigle d horny if u are a hot girl and want phoe sex ask for my number
Bad bitch ass Niqqahs chat room [private] created by SunnieManic
A day to remember, is an amazing band.
anagathe chat room [public] created by anagathe
the future description chat and funny with each other. system is work with friendship and your own ideas check.
Kays Chat chat room [private] created by byebyebye
Randomness... Casueslkayschatbyebyebye/kay
hot singles in teens or not chat room [public] created by lolipop8
all girls getting boys and boys getting girls
SwaggerChatRoom chat room [public] created by MikeyRocks1990
This is room from please be nice, No need for SPAM! SEX CHAT, or anything else will get you banned
Vere Lounge chat room [public] created by Verve1
Let's talk about health and wealth about energy drinks, food and fat.
here we are one chat room [private] created by shyamprakash
WELCOME to open our heart all feelings,happiness and sorrows
Funhouse RP chat room [public] created by JanelleMinxCrow
Long Para Roleplay preferably. New Roleplayers welcome.
wtf am i doing chat room [public] created by TorroCrazey13
im bored as f***! ummm.... yaaaa soo come on xD ahahaha boredom
T33n OnLy chat room [public] created by Tj3Menierez
have fun chat and be your self no old ppl
salaciencia chat room [private] created by theudis
chat privado de
seeeeex chat room [public] created by theshitt
im really horny! people should uh help me out with that
tamil kadhal chat room [public] created by jose0001
join this every one.................
love2211 chat room [public] created by rahulammat
hey....any bdy want 2 meet new ppl so join frnds
horny sexroom chat room [public] created by mattv2518
any girls that are horny and keen to c2c or talk dirty or role play
XxexplicitxX chat room [public] created by Bisober
Meet and hook up! Best way to have the orgy or your life, chat room. Friendly bi, gay, and straight chatters.
rrrr chat room [public] created by rs747120
kpop fever chat room [public] created by rainfairy
a place where all kpop lover can share their thoughts about their favorite kpop idols
Indiansexchat chat room [public] created by Rinkuanmol
Group sex india sex chat in hindi
patrickgbed chat room [private] created by redbird41
A privete place for friends to chat to and experience new thoughts ideas and wishes
Suren chat room [public] created by Ravi9464
This chat room is for youngester only.
james47882211 chat room [public] created by james47882211
this night go on and on..aftermid night.............................................................................................
LONDON SUGAR DADDY chat room [public] created by awi80n
Sugar Sugar Sugar Sugar Sugar Sugar Sugar Sugar Sugar Sugar Sugar Sugar
jesus loves u chat room [public] created by cleorickfdo
if u wana a clean chat a friendly chat or wana know about jesus come here and have fun
Henry8g chat room [public] created by Henry8g
My hand can heat what my eyes can't see
HornyRoom 123 chat room [public] created by Widget123
Korean Connection chat room [public] created by ilovetoswim
Get to know people in Korea, particularly here in Seoul. Meet friends, get acquainted with Korean culture.
Central Florida space coast chat room [public] created by Taylorgangordie321
melbourne, palm bay, orlando, tampa, and any other neighbors
gamal123 chat room [public] created by gamal222g
باغلى الاحباب والسيدات هلا مرحبا بيكم فى الشات
SG chat chat room [public] created by zoeyl0ves
for singaporeans~ guys and girls,, pleace come in!:D
xXHOTXx chat room [public] created by oneeyestyle
famous hot males & females society
Browns Mills NJ chat room [public] created by spikespiegle
People from b mills rejoice and come shoot the shyt
HaYn Chat chat room [public] created by localhawaiian1
come and have a good time chatting and making new friends
If you have no one to talk to chat room [public] created by XRayeyes123
If you're bored out of your brains and have absolutely nothing to do or no one to talk to...
OLIVION chat room [public] created by lovehero
These people forget everythings easily and its duck soup for them to ignore the things that they dont want! But We gonna to prove it to them that we were,are and will be exist!
2ne1 chat room [public] created by KaceyWaffle
i dunno. We just talk about 2NE1!
Skype room room chat room [public] created by jbuckets17
hi im 19 m looking for female to video chat with, just faces
gay cali chat chat room [public] created by 13gayboi13
if ur gay and in or near cali come on in
surf planet chat room [public] created by kalatrix
Hey hey. . . .
cyber world p.i chat room [public] created by keiya12
a place where chatters are welcome to chat and have interesting topics and new friends but nasty and xrated topics or censored was not allowed
ravishashi chat room [private] created by ravivs57
this is to chat between ravi and shashi
ravivs57 chat room [private] created by ravivs57
this is for ravi and shashi only
hey lets chat chat room [public] created by ambiebaby
just have fun! be nice..... that's all i have to say.
chitter-chatter chat room [public] created by ambiebaby
just have fun! be nice..... that's all i have to say.
want a friend come to me chat room [public] created by myloverloveme63
just want to get to knw you tell me bouit u and wht u like you want to meet a friend come to me
gals who wana cam with boys chat room [public] created by varan1
only 4 gals who wana use cam with boyss
Naughty Teen Boys and Girls chat room [public] created by niceboy90
This room is for everyone loves clubbing, party and dirty chat.
naughtytalk chat room [public] created by essexboy92
dirty chat room for anyone only rule is you got to talk dirty
Hot Guys CamxCam chat room [public] created by lemaonx00
Hot Guys CamxCam______________________
tastynoms gaming chat room [public] created by tastynoms
chat about and review games that are coming out or are already out. From remembering the classics to anticipating the new arrivals of the gaming world. Tips, help, cheats and secrets we got it all. (in association with tastynoms gaming channel.)
LOVEWITHSEX chat room [public] created by abhialert
Brazilian room chat room [public] created by Neto0901
Let's be friends, everybody! south americans, north americans, europeans, everyone!
40DD Fun Bags Fan Page chat room [public] created by BustyKitty
Hey baby! Come and feel my big all natural tits, my tight twat, or my little mouth. Theyre all here for you to touch and rub:)
horny lesbians20122 chat room [public] created by juliet20122
for lesbians only and to hae sex
Weight Loss Challenge chat room [public] created by amandasue
Interested in learning about a great weight loss meal shake that tastes like cake mix, and an opportunity to get it for free? I would be happy to help!
kerala aunty chat room [public] created by smartboy27
secret house wife join here 28 m here /i am looking sexy enjoy life with me
moniquealvarez123 chat room [private] created by moniquealvarez18
im chubby im 18 years old and i live in woodburn,or
emos say rawr chat room [public] created by justcallmeash
for scene/emo. please b considerate. bullying, harassement, and some forms of behavior r not allowed. thank you.
luv4u chat room [private] created by kiki143
room for any one who wants some kiki luvin
no age to alllll... chat room [public] created by varun23
to al girls and ladies to chat openly with anyone..
brooklyn teen dating chat room [public] created by kokouroni
for teens who wants to date only
lesbian chat roomm chat room [public] created by AwesomeFace2424
can do what ever your want no boys except me chicks can have fun and everything
pennsylvania chatto chat room [public] created by travv
yea pa is where its at come on down and try out
17 Year Old Bi Chat chat room [public] created by Doorbel16
for people around 17 years of age and are bi/straight or gay
do what ever u want chat room [public] created by AwesomeFace2424
anything goes sex and nude is included
awesomely awesome chat room [private] created by ninjagirl13
this room is for awesomely awesome people!!!! and this is where we talk about random stuff!!
girls for older men chat room [public] created by ripplebrookman
for girlt hat want the experance of haveing an older men,not young boys but men
FLORIDA PEOPLE LOOKING FOR FUN chat room [public] created by gugag89
this is for the Fl people who are looking for either a loving relationship or just some hooking up
bored as chatroom chat room [public] created by hope4thebest
come and waste time iiiiiiiiiijjjjjj efjwkfj sdkjf dskfjsdkf jdskfjsd fksdjfkds fskd jfksdfjksdfj sdkfjkjswkefjwoefoweif oewfi oi woeiofiweodewido wqeido o
Games mw3 chat room [public] created by dbz723
we will talk about games like cod or something else
Redneck Boys N Girls chat room [public] created by 1966dart
Where people are friends and can make friends.
Suicide-Help chat room [public] created by LoveDrunk23
Welcome to the suicide chatroom,made for anyone who needs it. This chatroom however is NOT made to make fun of people. Not only is it not tolerated,but really? Noone has a perfect life. Not even you. So if you need someone to talk to,or feel like you just want to talk in general,this is the place. So yeah, HAVE FUNN ! ^_^
Just Chillaxin chat room [public] created by TheTan06
A room for casual talk, no sex stuff please. Just a room to chill
JUST TO TALK FRIENDLY chat room [public] created by REDCAKES
A Kingdom Of Fury chat room [public] created by KnightzDawn
A Kingdom where thy speech is not usual. Thou shall be of Viking Blood. Thou shall Fight! And thou shall DIE!!! WAR! HAHAHHAHA! WAR!
TRUST MANOJ777 chat room [private] created by MANOJ777
@@@@TRUST@@@@FAITH@@@@@ LOVE@@@@@@@@@@@FOREVER@@@@@@@@@@@
San Diego-GAY chat room [public] created by beastsdhc
Local gay guys looking to hook up.
Parallel Universe chat room [public] created by dundernuts
This place is out of this world
loverboys chat room [public] created by lizzyboo16
13-17 only so we can talk about any thing you want to
Ana ChatHour chat room [public] created by Lyra97
All Ana's who are not ready for rehab
anytime chat room [public] created by lapdanceplease2811
are you bored,anytime is a place whou can talk about where you can talk about random stuff
CELL PHONE NUMBER GIVE AWAY chat room [public] created by Kayla5543
Military Chat Room2 chat room [public] created by newtothis42808
This chat room is for people in the military, those married to people in the military, or anyone who would like to show there respect for people in the military.
DONT WORRY chat room [public] created by pkbadu
IT IS NICE TO BE NICE. make a good friend who is not jealous but can ADVICE you
CLEAN TALK ZONE or CTZ by GCA chat room [public] created by OfficialGCA
BOOKMARK MY ROOM:) "The heart is a strange thing, You can't control it. It loves when it loves." Hello if you have a youtube video to promote here on my custom just contact me=)
Sex Cam Chat Room chat room [public] created by Johny305
This a chatroom where you can ask to cam with other people.EVERYONE is allowed
yugioh wc2011 chat room [public] created by darkace45
anyone who has yugioh wc 2011 can exchange friend codes and duel
gay bi Los Angeles chat room [public] created by idaniei
for guys who want to find boys in Los Angeles
Relationship and Love Advice chat room [public] created by Serenity42
Place to get and give relationship advice with friends, lovers or family..
13-15 lesbian chat room [public] created by hottielezzie
This is a room for girls ages 13-15 single, lesbians. I don't care how you guys talk, role-play, fun, regular, it doesn't matter.
SHANOBI 123 chat room [public] created by The3rdApostle
ENGLISH PLEASE......................................................................................................................................................................................................
take it chat room [private] created by 69bigballbuddy
we want sluts an sluts only ready to take it in the mouth an choke on it
HOT bisexual in need for love chat room [public] created by Lezbinbaybe
guys or gurls i just want a lil fun at LOVE...yhu want a gurl who can rockk yhur world well join meh heren mi room<3
HOT biseaxual n need for love chat room [public] created by Lezbinbaybe
i need to fine mi mate at love a guy or gurl it dnt matter as long as i can fine dere soul
HOT BISEXUAL chat room [public] created by Lezbinbaybe
looking for love and ii need it.....wanna join meh n mi bed ;)))
RaNdOm FuNnEsS chat room [public] created by XxJellyBeanXx
ThIs Is JuSt A qUiCk RaNdOm ChAt RoOm !
EMOS ARE GAY chat room [public] created by nerdswagg
dirty messaging only chat room [public] created by slushy13
if u really wanna message some one and wanna get really horny this is the place to be just to tal dirty and meet new people u might even geet to meet them and sleep with them
sexy good time chat room [public] created by hiddenangel91
looking for some good fun. No young children allowed must provide age upon entering
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