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List of all user-created chat rooms #265
hollar4all chat room [public] created by hollar4u
i create this free chat 4 all to help 9ja people to connect both at home and aaroad.
Lets talk cyber chat room [public] created by SweetPuss4427
Have some fun;) you all know you wanna. So just hang loose.
theodon chat room [public] created by theodon
am a gentle guy looking for a serious relationship
meeting friends chat room [public] created by wingo69
try and meet friends around your area. anything allowed
NO FAT CHICKS chat room [public] created by CthomasHowellSoulMan
BLACK AND PROUD chat room [public] created by CthomasHowellSoulMan
Let us continue to dream...................................................................................................................
shihan89 chat room [private] created by shihan89
straight guys also wants straight chat room [public] created by zeejay26
we can meet if you want! cam to cam and talk want you want! enjoy enjoy enjoy enjoy enjoy
Japanese-Hungarian friendship chat room [public] created by Suziezinha
For those Japanese, who wanna know more about Hungary, and for those Hungarians who like Japanese culture and Japan
bobbyfla chat room [public] created by Bobbyfla
olova chat room [public] created by Mjita
lets hook up so that we make frinds.friends that will meet for networking purposes and things will be taken from there
Adult hot chat chat room [public] created by sheelas
only horny males,lesbian females,welcome
Taipei FUN chat room [public] created by ChristinaYY
It'd Be Awesome To Meet Up & Hang Out HERE !!
aliceinwonderland chat room [private] created by caramelbubblebutt
private room,only a very nice person will have an invitation to come :)
Married but freaky chat room [public] created by aim2plzotdl
Basically men or women that are looking to chat it up with other men or women to see what they like
only americans chat room [public] created by crincklepie
only cute ppl allowed so all cute and hot ppl must come and meet other cute and or hot ppl and chat
lovers corner07 chat room [private] created by lovforu
love n love only love n love only love n love only love n love only love n love only love n love only love n love only love n love only love n love only love n love only love n love only love n love only love n love only love n love only love n love only love n love only love n love only love n love only love n love only love n love only love n love only love n love only love n love only love n love only love n love only
Only if you tickle chat room [public] created by SiLlYbEaRtickleme
I Dont Really Know what ever you want this room to be
Teen Chat for SIngles ONLY chat room [public] created by Alidinatale
15-20year olds only singles! ................................................................
Hot Humans chat room HHCR22. chat room [public] created by sugo945
For hot people only so if you are hot join this chat room but if you are hot go and do a plastic surgery i am Sago and i am from Australia,
Amith676 chat room [private] created by Amith676
Hi girls this is Amith from Hyderabad
WE all HAVE dreams chat room [public] created by groundeddream
FUN new chat room to talk about dreams and make friends
mancosmas chat room [public] created by Mancos
talking about friendship and love
sexy girls jus for fun chat room [public] created by jommy24
to meet with sweet girls and to have some fun
yuvraj251287 chat room [public] created by yuvraj251287
hi my name is yuvraj and i am india in gujrat
just my own room chat room [private] created by subu123
it should be very sexy, only most sexually fantasized people can join this room...........
Horny Bisexual Girls chat room [public] created by heatherb1129
Bisexual girls of any age can come here & chat ;)
vsd chat room [public] created by sanukichu
doug canada hot chat chat room [private] created by londonboy66
I really want to chat with a lady and dont understand this site yet at all, but please dont be shy! Email me at :, or whatever. I am not a freak.....quite the site!
for yunge people aged 16 or under chat room [public] created by ladygagabee
for any 1 16 or under ONLY !!! Ucant be any Older alrite .............
londonboy66 chat room chat room [public] created by londonboy66
This is my first time on site, and would love to meet (chat, whatever) some single ladies who can teach me the ropes please!
The Bored and Lame Room chat room [public] created by Tyroneix1
Just come in here to talk to your friends and shit like that LOL XD have fun
k9 1 chat room [public] created by bobby367
come and chat with me i am into all kind,s of sex and k9 sex
Minnesota Chat... chat room [public] created by ChristianGirl18
Come chat if you are from Minnesota!
littl boy chat room [public] created by rocklee11331
men that like littl boys hoooooooooooooooooooo hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
19 and under only chat room [public] created by richard1993
for teens who wanna get away from the old guys. all people over 19 will be kicked imediately
Faywomen chat room [public] created by JoyGandino
Meet females in Fayetteville to hang out with. CLubbing, etc.
FayettevilleNCWomen chat room [public] created by JoyGandino
For Females to meet and hang out
Mushi Mushi chat room [public] created by Senkanji
just lookin for ppl to chat with an talk nonsense.
bladed and kobra chat room [private] created by DarkRyuu
jdhfjuh`fgiehdjcbjihbcikgjhccbdskifkichbdsvjbcdef dff ds dds
people form the uk and aged 13-16 chat room [public] created by missmossyxx
simple it is in the room name so u have to be in the united kingdom and aged between13-16 to enter
boys aged 14 from manchestrer chat room [public] created by monika9966
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! did this cos couldn be botherd writing however saying this means am writing so what ever
Shwe Myanmar chat room [private] created by Kolupyo86
To get more friends.To can join each other friends and share information.
Girl Town chat room [private] created by Danikiki
This is a town where girls are only aloud.And all the girls that come here will love it here!!!
online money sites chat room [public] created by devonta121
real money making site that pays by paypal
hot girls come here..... chat room [public] created by annawizesca
girls and guys come here hip place to hang out!
video chat room chat room [public] created by annawizesca
chatters with webcams exchange to make friends/ no cursing/ offensive language..... thank u.
Thong chat chat room [private] created by CarribeanThongGirl
private chat, full of happy bubbly people that want to laugh non stop
Bi sex room chat room [public] created by AlonnaSwagg
If u r bi and is single and wanna get laid ohhhh come get it
Bi sex roomz chat room [public] created by AlonnaSwagg
If u r bi and single and wanna get laid well ohhh come and get it
Doms-Subs Chat chat room [public] created by Blubonbon
Chat room for Real doms and subs to just talk and get to know each other.
Contact Spirituel chat room [private] created by Contactspirituel
Réseau de prière et de méditation
Dirt-y Chat chat room [public] created by wildthing77
free to talk about anything really, including being a lil bit diry-minded
indian chart room for hot and adult chat room [private] created by 420kabita0009
indian hot naughty young energetic
Young Teen Boys. chat room [public] created by greeneyes722
This Chatroom Is Were Young Gay/Bi/Straight Boys Can Chat Or Get To Know Eachother Andd Being The Same Age.
horny girls who wants to chat with teen boy chat room [public] created by davey14
girls who want to dominate boy
Dirty talk2.0 chat room [public] created by Dtfnow
For adults only who want to talk dirty
bi chats only chat room [public] created by candybear1010
this is for pople are bi and no fighting has to be nice people in this chat room
Horney Bisexuals chat room [public] created by girlsrbeautiful
This is for anyone thats bisexual and horney.
VikiAwesomness chat room [public] created by Viki1030
Talk Tew Mhe And We Can have A Lil Fun Lmao
surrey chat room [public] created by diddykye
looking for lady and love fun
dirtbikesandcars chat room [public] created by dirtbikechick101
anything about cars and dirtbikes
RpConnections chat room [public] created by Vladimirsbach
Place to roleplay and chat about anime, movies, w.e
Im new help me chat room [public] created by VicLovesYou
Hello I litterly just heard of this and I just made an account and I have no idea what anything is, Help
only rpers who dont piss me off chat room [public] created by emeraldflower
mine and only mine cause i dont need people pissing me off
Im sooooo bored chat room [public] created by Dipitinyourtea
Anyone from the United kingdom or Ireland.
1night chat room [public] created by kdogg3279
this room is for 1 night stands only
METAL ETERNAL chat room [public] created by jackthewrench
A room for metal and rock enthusiasts around the world.Rules are no fighting and no disrespectful BS.
Advice Room quick responses chat room [public] created by babeGemz
Come to this room if you need advice about anything.
Help me understand this chat room [public] created by Snowzz
This guy is writing poems to 5 girls for valentines day but he say's he only likes One girl what does this mean and do you really think he like's just this one girl?
13 Year Old Chat Room Only chat room [public] created by Jr913
13 year olds :) And why does this have to be 30 characters long?
Oh Canada Go Canada chat room [public] created by Deathslay0
Goh Canada Goh for Canadians to talk
boys for girls only chat room [public] created by madisglad
boys meet a girl and maby ask out her
arunaaaaaaaaaaa chat room [public] created by arunachalam545
hardcor chat room [public] created by rimyounow
Fun sex chat don't be shy site to have good time plz enjoy
san diego chat chat room [public] created by pauli046
Downtown sd..... anyone here???????
Neverland chat room [public] created by SnowWhiteinBlueJeans
Talk about dreams for the future or anything ambitious :)
NEW ORLEANS MARDI GRAS chat room [public] created by pimpd1031
discussing mardi gras for people who have not been and for people will be going in the future
Filipino beauties at Hong Kong chat room [public] created by RickyFish
welcome all ppl~~ especially filipino beauties~
charliesmallzzz chat room [private] created by smallz33
misspriss chat room [public] created by Misspriss0512
All are welcome here for friendly chatting
just wanna hi chat room [public] created by karalara
hi hi hi hi hi no bullys allowed hi hi hi hi hiola hiola holaq hola hola holavhi hin hi
SG GAYS BI GUYS chat room [public] created by Twitter123
Welcome all sg GAY and BI . GUYS.
sex income.. chat room [public] created by Slaveforever
BDSM where you can hook someone that will sex you up
gaurav7304 chat room [public] created by gaurav7304
Financial Domination for pay pigs - wallet worms chat room [private] created by MzLucinda
Mz Lucinda controls your wallet and your cock... cash and chastity . Submissives, slaves, wallet worms and piggies are welcome.... Attention seekers are boring, empty wallets do NOT impress me.
tamilchatroom chat room [public] created by satheesh555
annaithu tamil nanbargalum ungal ennangalai ingu pagirndu kollavum.......
Mz Lucinda - Professional Dominatrix Chat Room chat room [public] created by MzLucinda
This room is NOT for cyber domination ..You may discuss broad topics with me and each other but I will NOT give personal detailed attention, wank fodder subs are so easy to spot and very boring. Being abusive, offensive & talking jibberish will get you removed from my room
Salt Lake Sexy chat room [public] created by trickk24
Sexy people in salt lake area to meet up and chat
Goths Punks and Outcasts chat room [public] created by KissKissDeath666
In this room Goths, Punks, and outcasts can come to chat with some of their kind. Enjoy...
Gay Erotic Wrestling chat room [public] created by muscledwreslter
interracial heel/jobber wrestling chat room
15 and 16 years old chat room [public] created by nimazergnima
JUST 15 and 16 years old ...just gay teen
sex and msn chat room [public] created by hornisouthlad
for people who just wanna talk about sex and swap msn.
VIZAG SEX chat room [public] created by chandrapix
ALL ENJOY=---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Round The World Stoners 18 Plus chat room [public] created by hippielass
Friendly chatroom for stoner's and non stoner's we are all adult's so please act like it and we will all be happy grab a cuppa or a drink light up a spliff and chill and be happy chatting xxx
12 year old biosexuall only chat room [private] created by Geeklychic12
kids 12 years old or 13 can come in and if ur bio only
thegallowgate chat room [public] created by thegallowgate
single male looking for nice female
Tarot cards chat room [private] created by kalankilanki
Want me to pull some tarot cards for you? I'm new to tarot cards and would like to give free mini reading to who ever wants them, and if you have your own deck of cards...feel free to help. :)
meet gibrila chat room [public] created by gibrila
join this chat if ur african like me
learning2012 chat room [public] created by srinivas2012
i like to have only clear chat i don't like any filthy language to be used in chat
i like girls a little bigger chat room [public] created by supercitral
i`d like the nicely rounded Rubenesque girls to say hi to me and make me hot!
i like bigger girls chat room [public] created by supercitral
you don`t like yourselves as much is I do?
Social workers chat room [public] created by Abuzeking
In pursit of social justice and gender equality
Date-with chat chat room [public] created by Camili
Its for people who want to meet someone, date someone, or just have wonderful time chating with other people
homeboy chat room [public] created by 1beastydik
come have sum fun and start to meet new ppl and find out a whole lot more about them
are you my hot cam chick chat room [public] created by supercitral
I need to get undressed for you, you need to get me hard and make me cum...
in tune chat room [public] created by teddymorg
chat about music and the latest NO JUSTIN BIEBER CHATS unless its about how rubbish he is...
Girls that want to fart in a mans face chat room [public] created by jimjim79
For guys to chat with girls that like to fart in their faces
13-15 YearOld ChatRoom chat room [public] created by Lexianna98
Find friends and singles of or around your age!
i love sex chat room [public] created by jevon510
this room is only for the horney ladys that want dirty talk
Hot Sex in Bangalore chat room [public] created by sanforbang
For those who want to have sex in bangalore
Charlieborbor chat room [public] created by charlieborbor
Looking For Your Right Men For You
herpes chat room [public] created by joreex
people with herpes, share experience....
Date chat13 chat room [public] created by Ryan303
just date and have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Razors Are My Medicine -Emo- chat room [public] created by DripDripBloodDrip
Meet Teen Lesbians chat room [public] created by ElmirasEmberess
I've noticed that all the lesbian chat rooms have adult women in them. Teens only please.
Lili chat room [public] created by EmileLiliRochefort
SOhniyan Kuriyan chat room [public] created by Nicebabby
jksscso dsuvbsv svhsvsov v dfabv u yjdgv hdgggpgspgnNV\BV
Emo Teens 14-16 chat room [public] created by AmberDawn1997
chat room for emo teenagers ages 14 to 16
Dad and Son Roleplay Chat chat room [public] created by 20boyny
Someone be my dad and tell me what to do
king8 chat room [private] created by king8jr
haha haha haha lol lol lol lol
SueRox chat room [public] created by SueRox
Dallas Cowboys rock!!! Girlz Rock!!! Guys Roll!!!
shelbysroom chat room [public] created by XshelbybabyX
welcome to my room anyone is welcome
H O R N Y girls only tht want to vc chat room [public] created by kkswagg
Cannibalism Volunteer chat room [public] created by cyruslafane
Looking for willing volunteers Cut Up And Consumed
chatting for 16 years chat room [public] created by cintinab2
its for girls and guy that are sixteen
Lets Get Efd Up chat room [public] created by gcruz123
here we gather as a community to discuss how much we love getting f***ed up
stoners420 chat room [public] created by Joshuax420
only for stoners, and smokers, pot heads must come to this chat room.
liverpool older ladies chat room [public] created by shinyeye12
young men for older ladies.ready to meet now
Virtual Swingers chat room [public] created by david007col
People looking for occassional relations online
em0 and g0th chat r00m chat room [public] created by emoteenstab
where emos and goths alike can chat and make new friends
emoteens chat room chat room [public] created by emoteenstab
do u feel out of society or cut urself then come here
Gay Dirty Talk and etc. chat room [public] created by malone952
Gay chat romm where you can say anything sexual you want. feel free to be kinky lol after all it is Dirty Talk (;
shirazia bian inja chat room [public] created by bardia2570
this chatroom free for everybody around the world,from iran to U,S &... .i am shirazy..shirazy people can coe here to chat is hof and fantastic.
Sexting For Blacks chat room [public] created by DhaThickest
black teens who love to send nude pics
chennaitamil chat room [public] created by satheesh555
tamil nanbargale ungal ennangalai ingu pathivu seiengal...
KENYAN SAFARI DELIGHTS chat room [public] created by nichoms
For all those adventurous wishing for a pristine & exotic safari to Kenya.
talking with only sex...... chat room [public] created by abhilove123
Hello Annyeonghaseyo chat room [private] created by song3soo
Casual chat just for fun and this description needs to be at least 30 characters^^
saxy ladiees chat room [public] created by zero4430
i dont fudging know.i have to take a piss and aprrently this has to 30 words ass ass ass ass assa sss fude shit quick way this is finished BUTT.
I like my women thick chat room [public] created by MrBlu
I like thick women so I figured we can all talk about em
4 Stripers Only chat room [public] created by Poosie1
Need all the info I can get from real strippers on how to become a stripper and the ups and downs of the stripper world. Wanting to become a stripper.
MEET AN GO chat room [public] created by pjojr
just meet and chat ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
dirty talkin girls chat room [public] created by dirkdiggler85
who wants to get fisted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ALL KENYANS chat room [private] created by davinki
i would like to chat with all the kenyans countrywide and know what they like,do,think,and expect from this blurred future of kenya ,UKO POINT LAKINI?
looking to meet melbourne girls chat room [public] created by benn01
im here to get to no girls from melbourne come in and say hi ;-)
callmeprissy chat room [private] created by lilmissprissy
a room for me and you to roleplay in. i enjoy being the shy/innocent type and getting into rough/hard sex.
diaoko chat room [private] created by diakoglip
hello i need somebody help me to improve my English
Doctor Who RULES chat room [public] created by Amypond444
Only for DW fans! Only for Amy Pond fans! Only for Rory Williams fans!
do chat room [public] created by laxsingh
hiiiiiiiii friend i want friendly chat
hyderabad rocks chat room [public] created by sjith
hello friends this is from india ,hyderabad city chat room.
at home jobs chat room [public] created by workfromhomemom
anyone interested in making money
IRbrothel chat room [public] created by hanala
cmon in to use a white german slut
IRbrothel for you chat room [private] created by hanala
Comin use the white doll hanala
lushlauzs room chat room [private] created by lushlauz28
hey naked pics swap :) and must be over 18 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
single chat chat room chat room [public] created by john17bhoy
this is a pick up room dont be shy give it a try
sexyirl123 chat chat room [public] created by sexyirl123
chat, meet people, have nice conversations
i feel alon chat room [public] created by gianiss
cam please i am alon ......................................................
xx web cam chat chat room [public] created by hornysam12
please use your webcam at this room, this room is only for those who wanna do webcam sex chat with full honesty and privacy
want to lover chat room [public] created by vural
people who want to be love..........................................................................
SLAVE MASTER CHAT ROOM chat room [public] created by Slavish123
ZAKIEL chat room [public] created by stugunit
xhimi chat room [public] created by xhim
seriozi nnnnnbvhyfyfyctctdresewseesrs4rsrsrs
IRBrothel Black chat room [private] created by hanala
Heres to you blackman, a white mom.
kara chat room [private] created by lamin102
hello how are you respet everybody
jen chat chat room [private] created by actup77
just a roomsdfdsfsdfdsfdssdfsdfsdfsd
Fallenangel733 chat room [private] created by LAballer17
ngobrol bareng chat room [public] created by pratama80
tempat ngobrol sambil bercanda, atau curhat ataupun ketawa
thelugu chat chat room [public] created by vivek1418
thelugu people chat cheyandi ikkada
osagyefo chat room [public] created by OSAGYEFO
lovely and caring lady to datee
teenzOne chat room [public] created by smexcii267
,16yrs and above 28 the oldest..please obey the for fun..likes of of it,,do whatever u please..strictly beautiful people only
tamil - india chat room [public] created by thozhan
just for decent friendship and first preference for tamil speaking indians
Spaek Italiano chat room [public] created by richigio
lukes chat room for single boys and girls 13 14 chat room [public] created by lukedog12345678
I want it to be so cool so come lldjdnfndjfnxjfnfnfnfncnnfncnnfnnfffnfn
chicago ts chat room [public] created by MZANGi
this room is for ts, friends and admirers... no haters please.
rzs chat room [public] created by rakjat30
This is NOT pick up room, go to Adult Chat for that. This is a chat for casual conversation. If you have a problem with someone, put them on block. Perv's get banned. Spammers get warned. If you continue, You get banned
physicians chat room [public] created by negarin
for physicians, nurses and other medical staff
transexuals in chicago chat room [public] created by MZANGi
this room is for ts, friends and admirers. no haters please!
Online Gamers chat room [public] created by item7
A room for ps3 online gamers to meet other psn users.
Clinton Missouri chat room [public] created by ArmyRecon
For people from Clinton, Missouri.
cougars in florida chat room [public] created by treezboi
to all cougars who are interested in a younger men come here. in florida prefferably.
EPIC PEOPLE CHAT chat room [public] created by GANSTERGiRL98
sex at skype chat room [private] created by Fazrio
like it like that chat room chat room [public] created by lartha
fun and awesome and get to talk to me Lartha
MA PIECE chat room [public] created by RomanSionis
c'est une pièce où l'on peut chatter simplement :) voila tout
Maximum Ride Lovers chat room [public] created by marshashonka
anyone who loves maximum ride books can join and talk about ANYTHING
Single Canadian Teens chat room [public] created by CurvyCurlGurl
gather all you single canadian teens, here, you never know when you could meet someone who you might connect with, and maybe even live near!!
shit man chat room [public] created by pretzels530
hi people wats up im not an old man cuz im just a teenager
the group... o.o chat room [public] created by jared93
group members only mother uckers :D
soso fun chat room [private] created by xxhornychatxx
aaaaaaawaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassaas v v b v bvv bv bbv n b v c b b nbvcvb g b bvvb nbbvv b n b b b b b b b b b b b bb b b b b bb b b b bb b b b bb b b
404 Error chat room [public] created by Stark21m
Just people to hang and chat from ATL.
horny nasty chicks chat room [public] created by freakykim21
if your horny or nasty come in
freaky bisexual and lesbian chat room [public] created by freakykim21
come chill talk dirty nasty do wat evey come in nd have lots of fun in hear
sex monkey chat room [public] created by ashlynd
enjoy ur time here ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh tht feels amazing lol
WEDGIES CHAT ROOM chat room [public] created by bassmasta5295
Military Girlfriends chat room [public] created by EOakley
This is a chat for anyone in a military relationship. Meet new people who share the same complications or relationship troubles that you do.
smiley face chat room [public] created by boobear73056
i just need someone to talk to
News People On This Website chat room [public] created by kevinpapa1
Idk im just new to this LOL :P
Animal People chat room [public] created by brainer56738
well just talk about animals and which ones u want and how much we r against the abuse be kind to people please:)
sex talk22 chat room [public] created by nick2234
hot and sweaty drty chat chat room [public] created by womenpleaser
discuss your dirty stories with different people and go private for a dirty one on one
graciuosly chat room [public] created by graciously
looking man who will treat me a ldy
GYM1203 chat room [public] created by dev1203
This room is for Fitness freak, Gym Instructors, bodybuilders to solve their Fitness Queries.
Health and Prevention chat room [public] created by nrb2k
All health concerns covered and valuable information shared.
internacional chat chat room [public] created by jackieloca
este chat es para todos las personas y todos los idiomas.
Book Report chat room [private] created by livluvsanimals101
This is a private room for only the people who i know that told me they were helping me.
akshhar chat room [public] created by akshhar
welcome to my home...............
any naghty horn girl chat room [private] created by dhill001
girls can come on to my chatroom and talk dirty if they want
Dubstep World chat room [public] created by Dubsteplive
Come Here To Tell Us What Your Favorite Dubstep Remixes Are
Gays in Chicago chat room [public] created by 15yroldguy
Gays who live In Chicago who want to want something big or suck
JACKS TABLE chat room [public] created by jackthewrench
a place to sit down , have a drink, and chat
North Florida Chat chat room [public] created by KinJin
North Florida Chat come in chat hangout
friend eliana415 chat room [private] created by rajafg
Just to chat with my friend eliana415
boobs 4 me plz chat room [public] created by TheAmosRocks
If you flash me your boobs, ill show you my dick.
seeking russian woman chat room [public] created by DragonBornX
young, smart, kind, and not afrade of adventure and new things
Who want to die chat room [public] created by rajuk123
People who have their life or guys who dont want to stay in this world please join us and share your issue and try to solve your problems
animefreaks ALLOWED chat room [private] created by animefreakikra
talking about anime -JAP CARTOONS AND MUSIC
Wanna Cum chat room [public] created by DaTylerNator
Talk Dirty to other members and make each other cum
EU TIME TIME chat room [public] created by syedabidi
Pleas this chat room join only honest and true peoples take care( Love is life)
uber hot girls chat room [public] created by cyan1de
for all the uberly uber hot girls to who are looking to chat to some decent guys out there.
blair27 chat room [private] created by irishdame27
only nice guys and nice girls////no creeps
amirazstandstam chat room [public] created by ilairashi27696
this chatroom create for someone who serching for fun and enjoyble talks
i want horny girl chat room [public] created by misterlove11111
man search horny girl for open discution and more
blairmullally27 chat room [private] created by irishdame27
awsome people no creeps poeple that love life and wna chat
language chat room [public] created by Am88
Room for people learning English and other languages!
jenschatroom chat room [public] created by actup77
nabaghana 86 s friends chat room chat room [private] created by nabaghana86
nabaghana86 im from odisha im intrested in chating and make new friends
sofi chat room [public] created by sophia30
fun nothing much come in and see
normal people lol chat room [public] created by NicoleMckinlay
:) .........................................................
eddyhouse chat room [private] created by eddybaba
any serious girl cum in let chat
Korea Holic chat room [public] created by NorazoLim
Language, culture, music K-Drama/Movies come tall aboout anything and everything Korean
Nepal chat1 chat room [public] created by Zacoindia
All nepalis are welcome! Come lets chat and get to know each other!
Nepal yo chat room [public] created by Zacoindia
Inviting all nepalis. COme and lets have a ball.
kimoworld chat room [private] created by vipk89
kimo's world chat room my own room to meet my friends and keep in touch and have a nice time
GirlsOnlyForever chat room [private] created by YouAndMe4Evaxx
girls rule xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Girls Rule x chat room [private] created by YouAndMe4Evaxx
girls rule xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
BOB xxxxx chat room [public] created by YouAndMe4Evaxx
little monsters chat room [public] created by Sahell
hi all the pixie little monsters!
BOOM BOOM AFRIDI chat room [public] created by HameedAfridi
this chat room creat only for Afridis.
ozzyfansroommmmmmm chat room [private] created by Talons00
runnnnn forrrrrrr the shadowssssssssssssss
sexxiibabyz chat room [public] created by nyasiabooz11
love to talk! love girl talk!if your in here your very nice and friendly
skype meeee chat room [public] created by karalara
im xx-kara-xx ok hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahhahahahahaahhah im irish im 9 btw
message abou sex chat room [public] created by joshoman66
talk about sex, meet new friends, and get to know each other ;)
slaves with money to give chat room [public] created by richy5040
i a master looking 4 cash slaves
slaves with cash chat room [public] created by richy5040
want a good cash slaves for my social needs
Beatnic Voice chat room [public] created by Beatnikcool
Chat about your creations and writings and drawings and what you want to create, write or draw. What you have read and like most. Really just chat about the things that make you happy when you're doing them. This is a General Audience chat. No Vulgarity Allowed Please.
Help me with my English chat room [public] created by DenisV
I am from Moldova...My english is very bad .....Help me!!!!!!!!!
asian lessbian chat room [public] created by jacjaclee
only for gal pls guy dont come in
irish cilhdren chat room [public] created by karalara
ygfr5dftgft6fdredftde4r f tdf4rdtf
Free money chat and referral trade chat room [public] created by Getster
Talk about anything related to making easy money online and post your referral links. Free $5 to Paypal or Amazon:
future love chat room [public] created by sexyskyler19
find that Mr. Or Mrs. Right. Have fun.
Just plain funny stuff chat room [public] created by FragOutPranks
If you love laughing and chatting it up join the room
Gikuyu hut chat room [public] created by Wayne670
Its a kikuyu chat room where we embrace our cultural and traditional ways.
SEX CHAT1111 chat room [public] created by hornygirl000
Well this is a room for people to have cyber sex in.
anything goes over 30 chat room [public] created by lonelyone1973
open chat no rules. fun times open to all.
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