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List of all user-created chat rooms #214
Christian-Conservitive chat room [public] created by AbbyMist
This chat is for Christian people to fellowship and relax, just have fun and talk about things your interested in. Not intended to build relationships.
AWSUM PPL ONLY chat room [public] created by KayGurl1398
This room is for awsome people only if your are not awsome then stay away lol have fun!!! :D
lesbis heaven chat room [public] created by shahine27
RealWomenRealMenNoPAYPAL chat room [public] created by trojantroy711
Open conversation with good vibs
Pro---ana chat room [public] created by JamToast
Everyone needs some support!! :/
Mass chat room chat room [public] created by jujulove88
if u live in mass come chat here...maybe ppl can meet up and chilll!!!!
IAM GAY .IAM NBLA chat room [public] created by nbla
all gays come in :) :) vcbvbcvbcbcbcbdgd
Friendsforever chat room [public] created by AaryaPeet
a chat room for everyoneeeeeee ......
all about sex chat room [public] created by ijoke
even slightly horny? come lets share
Devaki chat room [public] created by devaki
iam interested in friends and actvity partner
meeting someone new chat room [public] created by celloboy1
Make new friends and have fun, who know u just might meet your significant other!!!!
979 chat room [public] created by lovleybabeoxoxoxo
it is going to be the under ages of 15 so that some of the kids can talk to each other at the same age and understand each other and we could also have fun talking to each other.
uneedsexxxchennai chat room [public] created by lovesexxxchennai
Hi I am male Chennai I am searching females and antis have some discreet sexual fun with broadminded housewife or widow or unsatisfied sexxxxx female or devoiced female if you?re like for sexxxxx and open relationship please mail me mohammedassif17 at gmail dot com or mohammedassif at hotmail dot com or mohammedassif at rediffmail dot com or call me or Nine One Seven One Zero Six Three Eight Three Three
BLAHRANDOM chat room [public] created by SammiM02
random convo's start em it shuld entertain ppl bc its ranom, nd weird less go!
Alexslife movie quotes chat room [public] created by Alexthehedgehog
Room.... chat room [public] created by pixydixy
lakshmiopps chat room [private] created by tevdiya
hi huny i wanna get with u private
Ask For Advice chat room [public] created by suffering20
Just get Online and ask for any kind of advice : -Relations , Computer , Internet , Social , Movies , Sports .... || Room Creator : Suffering20 || Moderators : 1-xxyara 2-PlnkBubbleGUM 3-Revooo || e to help with the room please message me I'm waiting with answers for you :D ----------||
the U.S.A chat room chat room [public] created by markus123439
a chat room for all ags from 14-17
Du Wydra Varden chat room [private] created by curiousboy2002
The wandering Fate- to all whom haven't read the inheiritance series
sexinging chat room [public] created by j2223
come here to talk sexy and get it on
honeybunny chat room [private] created by jennybunny1
private chat room only for friends
chat blue chat room [private] created by saidmlk
learn english , for friends only in meebo room , maybe it can work for theme
Dyslexic Chat Room chat room [public] created by SexiiChickX
this chat room is for dyslexic people to chat it dont matter how bad or not so bad form of dyslexicia -(btw creator of this room didnt write this because she kept spelling it wrong just incase you dont undertand )
An Early Bloomer. 10-16 yo Boy4Boy chat room [public] created by murphync
10-16 year old boys who are a "head" of the curve physically. Tade, cam, groups....
Advise Chat chat room [public] created by SexiiChickX
Just if anyone needs some advise just come on here and we can help it dont matter if ur 13 to 40 (and btw i am 13 year old gurl)
The RP Room chat room [public] created by Jackojack2134
This is a room where I'll RP and talk and do things like that... I just hope that it ends up being a good room.
XXXCHATXXXTALK chat room [public] created by kanerubengwinn
horney talk from kane chat room [public] created by kanerubengwinn
LilSlut37s Room chat room [private] created by LilSlut37
Anything in here(; I am up for anything as long as its chat(:
LilSlut37 Room chat room [public] created by LilSlut37
I will do anything as long as its on chat(: Im Bi and 20(:
Bisexuall Chatroom chat room [public] created by cutie1818
Way to get to noe new ppl:D For ppl who like to explore both sexes!
Meet friends 1 chat room [public] created by gibacda
A room to know new people from around the world
Virtaul Fantasy chat room [public] created by onlyfourus
Hello All.. Here is a new room for your fantazies.. which is hot... So Wet.. without seeing eachother.. Join us.. find your partner and show what you can do more..???
horny sluts only chat room [public] created by hornybastard123
lets get horny and take off our close and send pics through email
Jennifer Mary chat room [public] created by Jennifermary1980
i will like to met someone with a heart..I am wanting to find someone who is honest, sincere, sensitive, and has a sense of humor. I am also looking for someone who can laugh at themselves as I do at myself..i am also looking for a man who is a romantic. Someone who is honest, loyal, compassionate, understanding, easy going, and fun. Someone who loves family life. A person who can have fun, but still know when it's time to be mature. Someone who likes going out and doing fun things, but also enjoys staying home watching a movie and cuddling with me! like a man who opens the door for a lady,walks up to my back while cooking in the kitchen and kisses me from the back And about me I am a very strong-minded and independent lady who also has a soft side.
countrylounge chat room [public] created by country4ever19
This is a place for every body to come and just chat and have a good time.
Knowledge and respect chat room [public] created by UTAustinGuy
For people who like to know about everything and not close minded
LilDevilndMexD chat room [private] created by DonegalCT
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- xD
party room of love chat room [public] created by sabortooth
any thing goes as long as you have fun and enjoy your selves
Yaoi Role Playing. chat room [public] created by Alicetherandom
A room where you can role play as a yaoi character. Create your own character, or use one that already exists. Everyone welcome.
the hood chat room chat room [public] created by akarokv
come chill with me and your boy and play and talk
bisexuals n lesbians chat room [public] created by sherry2sweet
Lookin for threesome age 19-21
Sexii People chat room [public] created by MelfromHel
This chat room is only for people who are soo sexii and hot! Are you?
afghan121 chat room [public] created by smile12345
any one well come politics and social be nice enjoy
TrueStonerz101 chat room [public] created by bubblegumWeeds
Chat about ur fav plant ;) Where to get it. How to get it. Or just chill and chat
h o r n y b a b e s chat room [public] created by ijoke
hot girls entertain us guys.............................................
sex talk by me chat room [public] created by rugbyboy22
just dirty sex chat for male femae and all rest of them so y not come and join in now
Scenes and Emos Only chat chat room [public] created by SceneGirl15
only Scenes and Emo. no people come in this chat to just make fun of emos/scenes.
texting.. chat room [public] created by fallenxpanda
anyone wanna text.. come in here haha
guys and girl chat anything is allowed chat room [public] created by bowman123
ya ittttttttt iiiiiiisssssss tttthhhhhhh eeeeeeeeeee thhhhhhhiiiiinnnnggg title says
rawrz chat room [private] created by SammyThePupX3
rawrzz chat room [public] created by SammyThePupX3
cheeky room chat room [public] created by corona121
hey, feel free to chat away about anything and have fun no weird shit
sexual skypers chat room [public] created by rocksteady24
sexual skyping. m or female. lets show off our sexyness
hrny girls heerre chat room [public] created by c39w
chat to say anything chat room [public] created by mnju11
anybody can join and you can say anything like how beautiful a girl is or even dirty talk if you really want
Asian1VideoGame2Anime3 chat room [public] created by oldblacksnake
talk about asian stuff mostly chicks video games and some anime stuff
tenns cool chat chat room [public] created by alyssatrocks
every teen can come and be cool and there will be no old guys
V-I-P chat room [public] created by MVPballer20
Chill have a good chat, dont start up problems and no harrassing other chatters,,, just chill
Dirtyy chat room [public] created by illmakeutwitch
If you wanna trade pix by email and just get downnn.stick around til it fills up :))
MSN Cam2Cam August chat room [public] created by captain350
People looking to cam on MSN when they are horny
dirty chat69696 chat room [public] created by jimmyj696969
any one wanting to talk dirty, join ;)
sexy gay chat chat room [public] created by mercyperez
only gays and bi and les\x can chat
men chat room chat room [public] created by markus123439
its a chat room for men over the age 14-17
awesome and epic ppl only chat room [public] created by missrock239
this room is for epic cool and awesome people only :) :)
RAGGLE FRAGGLE chat room [public] created by xXblueeyedkatieXx
is a epic room....!!!tehe for epics ppl
brandon rodriguez chat room chat room [public] created by carlos3333
i am 14 all 14 year old can come are ever one can come in
LesbiansOnly123 chat room [public] created by Scrumy123
only lesbians 14-18 no guys allowed!
What the deuce did you just ask me chat room [public] created by BrieMarie80
old men looking for girls to clean their home chat room [public] created by taraleebaby
if u live in joppatowne mayland and your 75 or older please visit this chat room if you want help making your bed.
India-Mature chat room [public] created by CoolBrezeM
A meeting Place for mature Inteligent people - Share your views, sorrows, Joys
SY BOOOOOO chat room [public] created by syboo
where homos are free to say wat they wantwen they want...... oh and i am straight for those who don"t know
Kaayla-Bear chat room [private] created by Bearbo551
Me and kaayla get to know each other, she's hot ;)
Nat3 dogs CaV3 chat room [public] created by Nat3dog
Talk about anything examples are skateboarding, football, dancing ,and relationships
Flirt N Chat chat room [public] created by CuteGuy32
Come and Chat, Flirt and have Fun!!
Kaayla-Bear2 chat room [private] created by Bearbo551
kasdlfjuasodfna;osldfoa;lsdbf aosud fhoausd hfo;aush dfaous hdf
The Christian Way chat room [public] created by definitive1
an open forum to express your faith ab=nd to learn from others
Houston chat meet chat room [public] created by Houstonmna
Looking for people in Houston to meet
bible room chat room [private] created by definitive1
a forum to meet and discuss witn]h other Christians
BabyGirl373s Room chat room [public] created by BabyGirl373
Ill do anything over CHAT and chat only. But ANYTHING. I'll do
Loveme373 chat room [public] created by BabyGirl373
Ill do anything here(; Anything.. Tell me what to do or say, and Ill do it(; Think of me as your personal sex slave
Teen Mom Chat chat room [public] created by traceycookee
Mainly for teen moms or teenage mom-to-be's.
anyone aloud chat room [public] created by reita13
anyone aloud anyone can come and it is free for evryone
fetishsex chat room [public] created by arst
who loves?? come on do self masturbation......
only freshmen 13-14 chat room [public] created by luisq14
dont be a douch and that all must be a freshman gggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg
horny wanna sext chat room [public] created by alwayshorny69
horny wanna sext horny wanna sexthorny wanna sexthorny wanna sexthorny wanna sexthorny wanna sexthorny wanna sexthorny wanna sexthorny wanna sext
loving hearts chat room [public] created by hiharish
love is great . who need love and life partners with matching tastes .can join this room all over work
oard nd just wana talk chat room [public] created by dustinschuth
really board just wanted to talk nd get to know ppl
good times42164 chat room [private] created by mark421
come on in and enjoy some good times with me doing whatever you like
cam guys and girls chat room [public] created by sivaji456
lets go cam..share ur skypes...
Dirty Talk FUN chat room [public] created by LookingForActionn
Come here sexy people! Have FUNQ Cybersex and dirty talk Need some people!
Bored...But Wanna Chat chat room [public] created by AceXJokerCard
This Room Is If You Wanna Chat & You're Bored.
writers room chat room [public] created by suthunbelle
anyone who writes anything-novels, fan flicks, romance, sci-fy, whatever
for-hot-emos-g-or-b-16-or-under chat room [public] created by rarrwisurbeautiful
find love friends or anything you want say wat ufell and talk
emo bozzzz chat room [public] created by angelbabyyy
its 4 emo boyzzzzz and who like or lovee emo boyzzz and emo gurls idk as long as ur emooo
Shanghai Sex chat room [private] created by Shanghai8888
Private chat area for open minded Shanghai ladies looking for English men for chat, sex, etc
Football in Ukraine chat room [public] created by skoys
football news in Ukraine... conversation.....
hi am here to see who is fit to wear the crown chat room [public] created by repairer
the crown is meant for anybody that prepares for it
frnds ka room chat room [public] created by Ankit8909
come & chat with me! come & chat with me! come & chat with me! come & chat with me! come & chat with me!
rajs world chat room [public] created by Rajpro
any 1 can enter it with decent thinking
younggirl chat room [public] created by jay508
we will talk about girls that we like
lizaaxel chat room [private] created by lizaaxel
I looking for a man who will love me for the rest of my love. Im simple, caring, loving.
karthik naughty chat room [public] created by jkarthik2u
any one can join here...i love to make friends here.preferably girls
just stressed chat room [public] created by 314159
wanna just complain about normal teen stuff.
choki choki chat room [private] created by athi23
STRICTLY suga suga n luluboy only
circumcision chat room [public] created by xkveta
for all circumcised men and boys who want advice about circumcision mother son 11 years old.
Doctor for love chat room [public] created by drrao333
to chat with females who want to discuss on love ,friendship. sex and aids
Nintendo games chat room [public] created by GirlYoshi
A room to talk about Nintendo and the Mario bros
the night club chat room [public] created by logi215
this is the chat where everyone can have fun and get a long
trip to world chat room [public] created by bissia
talking about international good places to visit
strictly buziness chat room [public] created by donmonica12
money making is all we are concern with, that is the motor of the chat room
THE HOOK UP chat room [public] created by Hornyasshell
dirty chat only lez chat room [public] created by sexysoph2012
only girls and who like to dirty chat with girls
THE HOOK UP IN LOS ANGELES chat room [public] created by Hornyasshell
THE HOOK UP IN SAN FERNANDO VALLEY CA chat room [public] created by Hornyasshell
dirty chat for les only chat room [public] created by sexysoph2012
dirty chat for les and ur single
mari chat room [public] created by eesan
friendship like a true love but love is not a like good friendship.
franceniceturistbisex chat room [public] created by bisepournice
pour turist comme moi aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa a aa a a
13-15 teens chat room [public] created by TheGirl14
hi anybody who wants to talk 13-15 welcome!
Korean Pop Lovers chat room [public] created by jidolor
My Name Is Jon I Love Kpop And Making Friends With Koreans
Diepsloties chat room [public] created by Ktez
Diepsloot lets rise up,our area is known 4 bad thhngs. Let make image of suprise: by Kholofelo Ramohlwa
cybermore chat room [public] created by ridd82
dirty adult for getting off or meeting up
volleyball181 chat room [public] created by MSTORM2014
here u will take about volleyball and volleyball only
Finding Mr.Right chat room [public] created by rachelynn
finding mr.right for me. i had my first break up with my first boyfriend and it hurts so badly, i need a friend to cheer me up,.
sex lovers 243 chat room [public] created by badboy243
when your alone and horn come visit sex chat
SHOW MUST GO ON chat room [public] created by Allinstryde
Anything goes i promise when your caught in a dream!
Brooklyn 2 Jersey chat room [public] created by Allinstryde
Anything goes i promise when your caught in a dream!
find your friends in bangalore chat room [private] created by r1a1h1u1l1
room to find the person of your thoughts,the one you want to be with.
INDIAN SEXX CHAT chat room [public] created by TULLYA
love and relationship chat room chat room [private] created by kiney
Antwerpen chat room [public] created by bethechange13
Iedereen die van Antwerpen is, WELKOM!
lovers lol chat room [public] created by george20105
for love only loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee u
Game Room - Fun Video Game chat room chat room [public] created by Chrisoh99
Only about games, Pc , PS2 , Wii , XBOX 360 , and more ...
blk men for white women chat room [private] created by Miz71
blk men who lovewhite women for real conversation
gay people and gay frends chat room [private] created by slick9800
online gay chating for gays no one eles you'll be booted off
feet room chat room [public] created by lukewarm413
this room is for feet lovers and fett lovers only
XtensionModz chat room [private] created by XtensionModz for hosting chlallange lobbe ies and awesomehacks visit that sit
lovey dobey chat room [public] created by teairra26
find ur teen love be free do wat ever u want
nippon chat room [public] created by dreana
A japanese chat room for anyone who is interested
chat room for 17 and chat room [public] created by drew424
hey this is for teens that want to chat and get serious
Indonesien chat room [public] created by cupcakegals
Room ini buat anak-anak Indonesia
chilling chat room [public] created by JustAnotherAngel
just a place to habg out and chill
hidden river chat room [private] created by JustAnotherAngel
a private room to hang out with friends
hot79love chat room [public] created by hot179love
for hot ladies admin,s mail or
whatever xxxx chat room [public] created by korixxxx
for ppl who are bored and just wanna hang out n chat a lil bit
drew424 chat room [public] created by drew424
this is for teens that want to do whatever
teens girl-boyfriend chat chat room [public] created by patrick6
Where if a girl or boy wants a girl friend, they meet here.
girl-boyfriend chat chat room [public] created by patrick6
Where a teenager can gain a girlfriend or boyfriend.
all cd chat room [public] created by hotteencd19
all crossdress are welcome here stop in
Screw You chat room [public] created by Quincy24
For all those who fust feel like sayin "BLEEP YOU im going to be my self and you can't do a damn thing about it" please enter
fukin crazzy bitchs chat room [public] created by brookesnookijwoww
just from people who dont like to talk about pussayy ass stuff and actuly want to have a good time
Southern US chat room [public] created by Jawgaguy
like it sounds...sweeeetttt teaaaaaa
Ga. over 50 chat room [public] created by Jawgaguy
like it sounds...sweeeetttt teaaaaaa
lovely chit chat chat room [public] created by lovelybone01
for people who r ignored wen they tey to talk!!!! this chatroom is for the outsiders!!
Cams ..... chat room [public] created by liamfd
give e mails ous an have fun ....................................................................................................................................................................................................
Pleasure zone chat room [public] created by Monstertje
for ladys who love ladys only!
cub chat all cougars welcome chat room [public] created by southplaya
wanna chat with a smart cub not dirty im a nice guy
Scandinavian chat room chat room [public] created by ladyishtar
for people who are interested in scandinavian culture and people,this room is for you! JOIN :)
bisexual and lesbian chat room [public] created by hunniibunn
for bisexual and lesbian girls to chat & get to know eachother . (:
Chicago Chat room chat room [public] created by KawasakiNinja1
lets hang out sometime. only if your from chicago
furry chatting chat room [public] created by Salmu1234
if your furry/ scalie and looking for just a normal chat join this chatroom
Rose Tavern role play chat room [public] created by rainbowkity
Come in have a drink, get a room, find a job. Anything you need the Rose Tavern can acomidate. JOin the Role play, join the fun
jus4fun chat room [public] created by ptrick96
Just a place to exchange messengers n chat n cam n share pix.....
19 and under chat chat room [public] created by cutebunny14
NO ONE UNDER 19 CAN COME. idc if u thinbk that 20 is ok cuz its not. go be pervs some were else.
Gods Word chat room chat room [public] created by discerner
A serious chat of questions pertaining to our daily lives being answered by the Word of God. If further clarification is needed, just ask. If mocking or insincerity is recognized, then that person shall be ignored. Thank You to the glory of God.
New Orleans Area chat room [public] created by who69dat
Anyone from the New Orleans area.
young girls here chat room [public] created by lilmeghan1999
young girls for older guys. fun fun fun hehehe
People who wanna trade pics or talk dirty chat room [public] created by Tazygirl
this room allow u talk dirty and u can trade pics
caribbean chat room [public] created by sauce2011
a room for people of then caribbean to chat
sahil888 room chat room [private] created by sahil888
i want to chat here personally
SingleTexasTeens chat room [public] created by NeedsLoveToo
I want Texas Single Teens! Only come if your single and in texas and you can be 14 to 25.
San AntonioSingles chat room [public] created by NeedsLoveToo
I want San Antonio singles. Flirt, have fun, and just plain go crazy. NOT to crazy. (: lol
freakyswagg chat room [public] created by swaggjunior
this is a chat room for swaggjunior
guitar pro chat chat room [public] created by guitardude97
we talk about guitars kapos chords songs and tab web sites its a cool chat if u can play
Asian Entertainment chat room [public] created by sector990
Talk about Asian Drama, Music and Entertainment here.
14 through16 year olds only chat room [public] created by Lydiaeve9898
i would like only 14 through16 yeat olds in here.
Gay KANSAS CITY chat room [public] created by kcdckmeat
adult gay ens chat and hook up room
Hot 15 year old girls and guys chat room [public] created by Terma8ter
Come on in just chill talk to guys and chiks about whatever the he'll you what from sex to school
asian xxx chat chat room [public] created by rooman11
only asian boys girs are allowed any other will be kicked off
skype userz chat room [public] created by jhgkflkjouytgfjbytdc
any girls who wanna get on skype and talk or WATEVER! :)
Teen naughty chat room [public] created by Bayofofo
naughty chat for young people having fun
Wow amazing chat room [public] created by Bubbleraped
Pothead and drunks lol Kik bak
Resume Service Price 35 chat room [public] created by ResumeOntime
Worldwide Resume service at a low price! Need a professional resume to get hired? Visit my site or email me: You will be Happy!!
Happyhours chat room [public] created by KingMemo
every body wellcome.You can talk everything what you have in your mind.over 18 everybody can join and talk.
big teens chat room [public] created by mandapanda53
this is a chatroom for teens that are chunky
Philipine Anime Lover chat room [public] created by kira321
This is a place where you chat with other people about anime, games, and etc.....
Houston Sex room chat room [public] created by Houstonmna
If u want to do it and live in texas come to this chat room
texas chat kid and teen only chat room [public] created by hunter13dallastx
the name describes it enough kids and teens near dallas texas
girls and gage chat room [public] created by rainey12
anyone thats a girl 13-16 can talk to each other and me:)
only lesbo babes chat room [public] created by shilpi7
babes iam hot come have fun with me
NEED SOMEONE chat room [public] created by gelo12345
music lovers. . lonely and emo. . . . .
money and more money chat room [public] created by phwebz
only 4 rich guyz who want a seriously fast relationship with no strings attached and are wiling to spend on there women including travelling to wea they are
horny - trade pictures chat room [public] created by kaygee4
come here to trade pics, male or female ;)
come and fun chat room [public] created by hottestboy1
enjoy the fun and know all other pairs
invited chat room [private] created by oxar12
paulatyler cum with me baby chat room [public] created by paulatyler15
The important thing is to just start writing! You might want to start by making a list of your unique qualities, and some events in your life that you feel have formed you into the person you are now. Once you have a list in front of you, the task of beginning writing won't seem so daunting. Don't worry about vocabulary and grammar at this point; just think of it as a rough draft. Then you can post your draft here and we'll be happy to help you with "tweaking" it into a polished version. Between these two sentences, you could add detail: I have been exploring music ever since my sister started taking piano lessons. [maybe relate an incident when you were listening to your sister play, and were carried away by the beautiful sounds?] This affected me so much that I insisted to my parents that I also wanted to learn piano. Since many people are unfamiliar with the erhu, you could describe it in more detail, and particularly how it differs from the Western stringed instruments. How is it tuned? Can you play intricate melodies with just two strings? Is it higher pitched or lower than a violin? Are there such things as erhu solos, or is it just an accompanying instrument?
Teen Sex Chat room chat room [public] created by TheTruth59
This room is to allow Teens in your to come on here and chat about anything...including sex!!! Make sure they live in your city!!!
manu116 chat room [private] created by manu116
a girl friendship loving dating
germany chat also english chat room [public] created by qwackduck
chat in germany or english choose i dont care lol
dog sex chat room [public] created by stefana21
horney lesBs chat room [private] created by mimzer
for all horney lesbians!!!!!!!!
9090 chat room [public] created by tmx9090
sex http://www.chathour.
only married ones chat room [public] created by musthu47
here s a room fo married guys n females to talk independantly.......
CHihuahuas chat room [public] created by liltexas
Only chat about your chihuahua dogs question and answers about chhuahuas
Tennessee people only chat room [public] created by mabtlwm
for tennessee residents only, really want to meet some people my age as well.
Few silent Desires chat room [public] created by AsilentDesire
some desires were never fulfilled chat for those
Meet People in Dubai chat room [public] created by hmdmtr
This room is created to socialize and meet people living in Dubai
LG chat room [private] created by angcha
sayuri mydori chat room [private] created by mydori
i want to know a lot of people^^
dare or truth chat room [public] created by karkow
in this chatroom u will play truth or dare game with me and u will have to be honest.!!! lmao haha did i just sound like a weired old creep.? well i had to say " dare or truth" cause it says "truth or dare" is taken so i flipped it lmaooo
For Gay boys chat room [public] created by iMGAY171
It for gay boys 12 to14 to talk about things gay boys do. So join it is going to be fun
deepak89 chat room [public] created by deepaknayak
i believe in is a god's gift
GO Room chat room [private] created by CClicker
So two people can Chat alone have fun and not worry about anything. Just GO..... have fun!!!!!.
william36 chat room [public] created by williams36
cool love more than love i want a sweet baby i can take care ok
Online Counseling chat room [public] created by TanzaniaGirl
Have you stuck on how to deal with particular challenges in your life,This is the right place for you.Warmly welcome we believe in confidentiality.
girlswholikeolderguystohangoutwith chat room [private] created by chazer15muk
this is where they all can speak of whatever they want
luckylips chat room [private] created by lickylips
any1 intrestd can cum..i love 2 chat...plzz................................................
im 13 years old in kansas chat room [public] created by jacobave
enjoy this awesome frieking amazing/cool/stupid/lol/XD/sweet chat room!
Madras chatroom chat room [public] created by Madhanthemass
Pls chat i am madhan i am student pls pls chat pls pls pls
real girl chat room [public] created by moniqueforfun
lets get play with me hit me now
spanking her bare ass chat room [public] created by cathycat20
girls that need to be spanked on the bare ass by an mistress
ghsfyufdyugfyuew chat room [public] created by carlos3333
travelling gays to lebanon chat room [public] created by hotsexysex
for non lebanese gays coming to lebanon not able to find a partner
hob chat chat room [public] created by nasro18
free Chat for all boys and girls
Online rape Roleplay chat room [public] created by JasmineCumslut
Chat room for online roleplay only
Party Rock Crew chat room [public] created by RebelxXxGirl
Party Rockers in the house tonight!!
Taboo Chat and Phone Play chat room [public] created by tabootony
Come in and play. Lets Have some fun! Taboo
hottttttttttt................... chat room [private] created by SAJAY143
this room for a sex chat and make hot
fuking on skypy chat room [public] created by ahmadsadon
just 4 people ho have skype n hot sex
edmonton gloryhole gal69 chat room [public] created by gloryholegal69
edmonton gal with my own private gloryhole booth....looking for well hung men
paul white chat room [private] created by olivia38
this chat is for paul when he comes online!!! so PAUL U BETTER COME ON QUICK!!!! ily btw! <3 =)
social chat room [public] created by Aaronishere
Fun room Join Now. you would have a lot of fun here
naughty talks chat room [private] created by simmi0688
anybody interested in having naughty talks...
emos 16 and under chat room [public] created by xxhaimixx
This is a room where you can talk to other emos and maybe make some fwendz.
My Sweet 13 year old chat room [public] created by AlexisGyall18032
My chat room is for 13 year odls that want ot do what they want !! and 14 year olds
lesbian beauties chat room [public] created by bigboobshun
a chat room welcome to lesbians no boys cuz dey ugly
Single Guy from Edmonton chat room [public] created by AJ2000
im looking for a girlfriend from edmonton
Looking 4 A Girl chat room [public] created by johndeeregirl602
this is chat room for single lesbians that want to met new ppl and maybe hook up with some girls :)
15 or 16 year old Females Only chat room [public] created by Williams69
No Males Females Only and females must be 15 or 16 years old
punkass ppl chat room [public] created by taterboo
for punk azzes only no girly frilly girls and no girly frilly dudes no no adults
family fun time chat room [public] created by hotbud22
family fun time is here and it is always good to have family fun
The New Two Day Hangout chat room [public] created by SheBeMe
No Whispers! Just Come in and pull up a bean bag chair
If u live in usa illionis chat room [public] created by Lesbian190
this is if you live in usa illionis
Girls are God chat room [public] created by goddessmegha
Come and join all who think girls are superior to boys in everyway and boys r even inferior to their feet....
no labels just chat chat room [public] created by Duhhbxtch14
a room with no labels just for people to chat and have fun :D
Join the club chat room [public] created by Phunk2
If you ar so depressed that you will lose your mind
Displaced Wire Club Ppl chat room [public] created by SheBeMe
For ppl from wire world with -sob- nowhere else to go
cool people only XD chat room [private] created by SkylarAnn
indian -saiful chat room [public] created by msaiful
Jana Gana Mana Adhinayake Jaya He Bharat Bhagya Vidhata Punjab Sindh Gujarat Maratha, Dravida Utkala Banga Vindhya Himachal Yamuna Ganga Ucchala Jaladhi Taranga Tubh Shubha Name Jage Tubh Shubha Ashisha Mange Gahe Tubh Jaya Gata Jan Gan Mangaldayak Jaya He Bharat Bhagya Vidhata jaya He! Jaya He! Jaya He! jaya Jaya Jaya Jaya He!
my frens chat room [private] created by smartyoy
hi m name is sangay...m interest in makin frens and love to chat wit fren.......
teenagers love chat room [public] created by koolkid2222
for teens lookin for a good time
FRIENDS and LOVE chat room [public] created by vivianChile
you can find people who can be very special in your life!
teens love room have fun chat room [public] created by koolkid2222
for teens to fall in love any teens are alowed!!!
LESBIAN GIRLS 18-29 chat room [private] created by jaylenbabes
have fun with eachother , YOU MUST BE SEXY to be selected in this room :]
karan punjabi jatt boy chat room [public] created by karankarwal
hi chat me english, hindi, punjabi
its not what you think.. chat room [public] created by thatgirl1
Where people can talk about things that they don't think other people will understand. Just have a nice time and be able to vent and listen.
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