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List of all user-created chat rooms #191
JimmaChat chat room [public] created by Yal2009
Jimma chat room connects all persons around Jimma and all those who love Jimma
Jamesblack chat room [public] created by cajetanjames
Am Mr James, so sweet in love and relationship.
jeff chat room [public] created by jovert
DIRE AND DIRE HOOD chat room [public] created by equalright247
hornys room chat room [private] created by horny133
horny dirty sex talkanyone horny?[;anyone horny?[;anyone horny?[;anyone horny?[;
QVegas chat room [public] created by QVegas
It is just for me and when i wanna chat with certain people
ekwere chat room [public] created by ekwerestephen
boys and girls that need new friends, from any where in the world.
sexxxxxxxxxxxxx chat room [private] created by horny133
ladyboys seeking man chat room [public] created by lovelysheboy20
for all men out there that been looking for a ladyboy joined here
ceriafm chat room [public] created by putry
selamat datang dan diharap anda enjoy
Intellectuals Welcome chat room [public] created by Darklight11
Talk anything that stimulates thoughts or ideas :)
Samrat chat room [public] created by Samrataryan
Hiiiiiiiiiii........... Plz join me yaar
man of girls chat room [private] created by jhoneywalter
those who are interested in video sex chat
hajus chat room [private] created by hajus
i am a cool honest and god fearin woman reaty looking forward
teens lesbian room chat room [public] created by AutumnLovingwelham
Please no guys this chat room is for girls only do whatever you like im not bothered, if males start comming in i will set to private and choose who comes in.
ruby my love chat room [public] created by aki198821
i love ruby from 5years i dint propose her
Bangalore India chat room [public] created by romeau147
Welcome to the mad mad city of Bangalore. Peopole from bangaore can meet up catch up to know each other... Cheers to the UB city
chokers chat room [public] created by freckles123321123
any one into choking?my girl and i cant get enough of me choking her out
Chennai Wala chat room [public] created by crazyarive
Looking for chennai aunties who is interested in dating
wanna ride this cowboy chat room [public] created by cowboytx105
im very horny and i have webcam and skypee and yahoo
ADVICE NEEDED. chat room [public] created by adviceneeded
this is a chat room for anyone who is in need of advice or thinks they could give me advice.
12-14 year old lesbian chat room [public] created by RockinTheElements
A chat room for 12-14 year old lesbians and bisexuals to meet each other
lesbians from newcastle aged 11-14 chat room [public] created by zozoxx
if yo want sex aged 11-14 lez from newcastle upon tyne come in here
kohla pwes chat room [private] created by SinisterSaint
When in the course of human events, it became apparent that all people have to enjoy themselves.
naughty girls and guys chat room [public] created by KimmehSaysRawr
for naughty talk, for anyone who likes to get naughty ;)
all the bitches here chat room [public] created by poorsailor
I am so horrny and looking for the all type girljust join us and keep going highs.No matter who you are what you doing
Bajan 4 sex chat room [public] created by Bardos
Any chat that leads to a date, a good chat, a good relationship, even if nobody gets nailed....but that is the intention, to find a foop-buddy
Flirt For Singles Chat Room chat room [public] created by JeydonP123
Just a chat room for the single guys and girls who want to flirt.
Forever Safe chat room [public] created by KyloHinako
i want to be safe, and happy can i not have that.
Starks Room chat room [public] created by StarkBardolf
this my room just for chilling, fighting and ect XP
Tamilian chat room chat room [public] created by Karthi12345678
hi tamils, come to this room for meeting together
Tamilians chat room chat room [public] created by Karthi12345678
hi tamils, come to this room for meeting together
Buddhism compassion wisdom chat room [public] created by Rahula999
Mahyana buddhism. Speak to Buddhist monks and retreatants
kimse yokmu chat room [public] created by onlyxtacy
kiseler yokmu ya neresi burası ne kadar sıkıcı bir yerdir anlamadım gitti gelsinde lak lak yapalım birileri
MUSICAL chat room [public] created by rayanna2011
room for evEry body arabic and frensh and english people
UNDERAGE 16 CHAT chat room [private] created by ALi131314
الي عمره اقل من 16 فقط الي اكبر لا يشترك ؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟
sirf hum tum chat room [private] created by joe4444
abhi na jaoo chor kar kr dil abhi bhara bnahi
rob chat room [private] created by nash190489
girls talkz chat room [public] created by ruma20
chat room only for indian guyz and girls
13 and 14 find flirts chat room [public] created by quaboo
the 13 and 14 year old find someone collect each other numba and find the right boyfriend or girlfriend
blaxican black and mexican chat room [public] created by vampire2be
speak spanish and ur black come
lesbian4eva chat room [public] created by vampire2be
anyone welcome please joiun the kd
single teens 13 and 14 chat room [public] created by quaboo
if you single than come find your girl or boy and start getting numbers and emails.
xtrim chat room [private] created by xtrimlove
true love lives deep down in my heart and I have my personal key for it. xtrimly cj.
kenya and quasia chat room [public] created by quaboo
me and my cuz chating for hours
dreamtowards chat room [public] created by dreamtowards
it is just for meeting different frnds frm different places
skype sex cam2cam chat room [public] created by naked4u
just for sex for cam show .... for fun
lookin for guys to talk to 15-17 chat room [public] created by trinablazzin7
join if you would like to talk to me, check out my profile? add me as a friend ? (LL)
Blood donors for vampires chat room [public] created by Elina13
If your a donor ineed of a vampire or a vampire inneed for a donor come on in : )
KUSH WORLD anything goes chat room [public] created by bigwilly19
sex is the way! explore your mind here! thankyou and have fun!
THE DARK HOLE chat room [public] created by bigwilly19
chi chat-chicago chat room [public] created by nellurz
anybody from chicago or that loves chicago!!
cleass chat room [public] created by oksoe57
i need to see younger girlnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnmmmmmmmmmm
SOMALI TEEN chat room [public] created by coolboyuk11
dogyyblues chat room chat room [public] created by dogyyblue
lol for freainds olny srry ^^''
sing it chat room [public] created by singergirl132
show ppl your talent and have sing offs or wateva just have fun with ur talent (absolutly no sexual or illegal activities pls!)
big tits girl chat room [private] created by carlyrose
just so we can talk on here :)....................................................................................................................
me and you forever chat room [private] created by T3mp3stt
shhhhhhhhhhhh... its only for us xD
korean1 chat room [public] created by lonelysoulpal
im looking for a korean girl who is beautiful, innocent, cute and loving
Fanfiction Roleplay chat room [private] created by SayuriHayashi
This is for my Girlfriend and I to Roleplay on... So Bugger off...
sex Buddies chat room [public] created by texam01
If your looking for sex tonight
ALL ARAB ROOM chat room [public] created by SAUDi86
saskue baby chat room [public] created by xxbabygurl323xx
this is a group for all saskues and sakuras (me&maybe others) to get together :)):) i love you saskue:):)!!!
love and and anime and also emos really go togethe chat room [public] created by diabluo
this is only for ppl that have a black heart with anime
female sex chat chat room [public] created by skilley4
open to discuss anything about masterbating,giving advice teqhniques stories wateverr.this is the room 2 be free bout when we are alone :)
hotties 18 or younger chat room [public] created by joeboxer12
can be down to 13 thats all!!!
Girls with Facetime chat room [public] created by JLOU40
join all girls hgajkhg vgakhguifhnvtvuyrahnvua
Teenss chat room [public] created by amazinq03
only teens, no adults. thats just creepyyy. no one over 21. okay.
Alone in MCT chat room [public] created by hecter4u
This room is for people who are alone and lonely in Muscat. login have unlimited FUN meeting new people !!!!!!!!
Gay and bi 12 through 14 year old boys chat room [public] created by ian105
Gay and bi thirteen throught twelve year old boy chat room
Flirters chat room [public] created by CountryBoy1122
Were EveryOne Just Flirts And Says What They Want
peppys room chat room [public] created by peppygirl123
sexy sexy people chat room [public] created by prettymammy
this is a chat room for only people who r sexy
beer chat room chat room [public] created by mmbeershop
beer chat roombeer chat roombeer chat roombeer chat roombeer chat room
men looking for young women s3x slaves chat room [public] created by halobabe117
this chat is for anyone 19 and older
neww roooom chat room [public] created by daz1888
come in and chat with other friendly users
Furry RP chat room [public] created by Biboy199
Just a Furry Rp Chat room...Nothing more than that...yiff.....rp I dont care just be furry
make new friend chat room [public] created by princesscoral
fr peple t chat and make new frend frm diiferent plecae
Wolf Chat Room chat room [public] created by darkwolf960
You are free to talk as you want.Please no insults or fighting and just talk all ya want. Thank you -Darkwolf960
karan077 chat room [public] created by karan077
dil tho pagal hai dil dewana hai............................
Dream Free chat room [public] created by DreamerRin
dream what you want, no one will judge you. and if they do judge, then who are they to do such, your dreams are yours and that is your life not theirs.
Horny Video or Text Chat Room chat room [private] created by hboy35
For Only girls with cams or not
LAS VEGAS HOOK UP chat room [public] created by lvwhiteboy
If you live in las vegas and looking to hook up
Hitherebabyy chat room [private] created by michelle115
hey there who wants to come chat with a naughty little lesbian?
BUSINESS MIND chat room [public] created by pulomine
Good minds business world. Talking business and living business. Its surely for the real men.
swati chat room [private] created by smile43
i want to chat in in my own chat room
Cutting Chat chat room [public] created by Vorzheeva
Feeling the urge.. need to talk.
The young chat room [public] created by Shexprince
This chat room belongs to anyone who wants to chat in this room must identify him or herself first before proceedings.
americans in korea chat room [public] created by poohjj
I'm looking for people that stay in Korea but who's from America tried to meet Korean friend but a lot don't speak English well the one's that i tried talking to...just looking for cool people to hang with
boys and girls x chat room [public] created by luciavfo
come come come find that special person xxx
lesbian chics chat room [public] created by alys288
only girls allowed no guys please .
macco chat room [public] created by njong
loving and caring and a gentle in town
roleplay unlimited chat room [public] created by madisonlin21
were people that like to rp can come an do it with other people(:
only for horny teen indian chicks chat room [public] created by iwannarock
ma name is pramod and i love to chat with horny indian teens
Meet 13-16 yr olds chat room [public] created by Chelsaroo7
Have fun!!!! thts all I can say;)
badboygirl chat room [public] created by laptopd
A room to let out the bad side of us. Let out all things u want no kicks jst hav fun
mff domme rp chat room [private] created by madisonlin21
a plce ppl can go to get in a fun rp
Under 13 chat room [public] created by laptopd
Every1 under 13 can hav a chance 2 speak ( in text languige
EVEREST chat room [public] created by 14723
I luv people who lovd not abuse and no fight in this room.behave well and show luv to other.ask any questions you which to know in this room and no nakedness profine because it against the law of this room. Lastly,change good word among yourself that will benefit ur life.thanks
horny chats chat room [private] created by iwannarock
nly for horny gals cummkon join this group and we can have horny chats all babesr welcomed
sexybitch chat room [public] created by johnmass
any one can join us and enjy vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv
inct taboo chat room [public] created by haah20
family sex relationship... fantasy... taboo emotions... like to play roleplay of mother, daughter son, daddy and son and brother and sister ... then it is the place join now... for your darkest fantasy to come true
daddyslilgirl chat room [public] created by hotgirl1112
come talk meet new people and have fun
Dancers Chatroom chat room [public] created by pointelover
hey! come on in and talk about all kinds of dance! :)
D3H2O chat room [public] created by 3DH2O
want sexxxxxx chat room [public] created by adikahorny
come n u will best with my sexxxxxxxx
just for bitches chat room [public] created by mbmelissa9
only cool people cause you know we dont need to be with the other ones i mean that they are not cool
little chat room [public] created by deanmarshall
a chat room for people that have webcam
KittyKittKiitty chat room [public] created by KiittyKiittyKiitty
this is a chat room for someone thats hurt or hurting or that needs advice although im not very gud with that but you can come here to justsit and cry or think u dont even have to chat
pure sex talk chat room [public] created by 21dekdek
only ladies are invited. im lonely and horny. we'll talk nothing but sex
massachusetts older guys looking for young boys chat room [public] created by RobertAndrew
older guys can come and meet younger guys looking to hook up.
Swag chat room [public] created by All4Vengeance
for people who have swag and yeah........I mean that's about it, I don't really know what else to say.
Magic Grounds chat room [private] created by ZelianxHatori
Welcome to the world where magic takes over. Mages of all types are welcomed here.
Sad Kiity chat room [private] created by KiittyKiittyKiitty
sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad
emo girls only chat room [public] created by emohotchick
where emo girls can be free and be who thay want to be
Hetalia RP OCs welcome chat room [public] created by MattJeevasisLove
Hetalia RP =D OCs and original characters are accepted. Please be friendly to everyone, ve~!
Looking for single 12 year old chat room [public] created by Sexyamelia16
Any 12 year old lad that want a girlfriend no sex just loving
ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss chat room [private] created by watsup1
featherfriends123 can i chat with u i love ur hair
sssss chat room [public] created by watsup1
dddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd chat room [private] created by watsup1
james private............. chatting room..............
aisha chat room [private] created by missAA
uk uk uk uk uk uk uk uk uk uk uk uk uk uk uk uk uk uk uk uk uk uk uk
nauty room chat room [public] created by Danielle2127
anyone who wants to chat nauty come on in
youngys room chat room [public] created by youngy15
dirty chat women only !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anime talk only chat room [public] created by manblackiller
we only talk about anime in here
girls4older chat room [public] created by historymann
girls who like older men or want a sugar daddy
big island hawaii people chat room [public] created by bigislandguy
on the big island? looking for people from hawaii? coming to hawaii? hook ups?
SWED chat room [public] created by trinablazzin7
people who smoke weed everyday like i do join this chaaaaaat
cibersex over 20 years old chat room [public] created by benidorm75
This is a chat room for those users over 20 years old that love cibersex watching each others.
hot and spicy chat room [public] created by HardCoreShandy199494
sugar and spice, and all things HARD
Toduki chat room [public] created by 11th
Need to talk to me,come here. I dont Pm so sorry.
Emo and Scene KIis chat room [public] created by AlyssaArcade
for the cool kids ! ! ! ! ! and only coolv kids ! ! ! ! !
single and wanting to mingle chat room [public] created by smexycupcake
just like the name says. girls looking for guys
Educational talk chat room [public] created by Donatuz
The arena of success where edu. is the passport
im in need of a gal chat room [public] created by immababy
im 13 and i need a sweet, cute girl :)
Hottiee Chat chat room [public] created by HawtModel
This chat room is for hot boys and girls.... you can only come in if you have been told that you are hot by more than 4 people....
us army girlfriend chat room [public] created by infantrymansgirl
for the us army girlfriends and family who support each other
family intimacy chat room [public] created by francesca69
a place to talk about having sex with your family or your pets
Crucio chat room [private] created by SlightlyLeStrange
love between two peaple in naruto chat room [public] created by kiba16
where love is always found to the lonly
laybackroomMag chat room [public] created by sweetkissmag
chat make friends no dirty things just plain fun chatting...
djls party room chat room [public] created by djlluver
only girls join this chat,we are gunna have fun in this party,btw luzers stay out
real ish chat room [public] created by Dlovely90
talking bout real shit, donr need no lil chaps in this room
Need help in life come and talk i will help chat room [public] created by FouadFate
I just love to listen to people's problems and help them so if you need any help in relationships or something i really may help and i will listen to you all the time just come and msg , i will try to be there as soon as i can.
Codys PLay Room chat room [public] created by codyjb33
Young Gay Guys ONLY. Prefer under 18 but will allow any teens
msn emails123 chat room [public] created by omz123
people who has msn and want webcam chat
sexxxxxx chat room [private] created by greenanimal
anybody .....................................................................................................
sexxxxxxxx chat room [public] created by greenanimal
Blues Guitar chat room [public] created by louistheblues
Discuss blues music, share guitar techniques,ideas, opinions, lessons, blues backing tracks, etc
Blackberry users ... chat room [public] created by vinodmehta
Only Blackberry users can enter their room. Share your bb pin and enjoy wid new friends.
vickyinluv2 chat room [public] created by vickyinluv2
to meet and interact with people
buddy chat chat room [private] created by AlianaSerene
a place only for teenagers!!!!!! no one over 20!!!
Hi my name is KPOP and I am an ADDICT chat room [public] created by kmvmd
Just Feel free to SPAZZ ! xD NO holding back >>>>!S'ALL LOVE, NO HATE!<<<< Just Chills, Have a Good Time ^.^ If you got nothing better to do than BASH on anyone - be gone! >=( SPREAD THE LOVE KPOP FIGHTING!
AdviceforMe chat room [public] created by Chamelion
I need some advice on relationships. My boyfriend is perfect, but he's safe. He's routine. I'm crazy and impulsive, and I'm getting sort of bored.
chat love chat room [public] created by samirbnan
amour love moi mon nom samir 30 ans je suie algéria
around the world in 2 hrs chat room [public] created by babe2k
anyone in the world can come in
wales uk chat room [public] created by welshlad1978
for people of wales to chat etc
Health Coach chat room [public] created by WellnessCoach
Do you want to lose weight or just live a healthier lifestyle?
muslim chat any1 chat room [public] created by umairkan
any muslim gurls or guys wana chat
Moms only chat room [public] created by sue40
only moms in here please NO MEN!
18 to 20 years old chat room [public] created by shaz1254
a fun crazzy room with lots of people meet lots of people your age xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
PIERCE THE VEIL chat room [public] created by sleepingwithsirens94
all about screamo music,skinny jeans,longhair and hot screamo guys lol have fun!!!!!!!
caribbean girl chat room [public] created by sweetrose47
Mature persons only 40-50yrs please
shawtys bhadd chat room [public] created by cionna
this is a room for only zayahna adwoa cassie and me chynna
Dirrrty talk.. chat room [public] created by shanshanxx
An adult room where adult conversations happen without immature people coming in and ruining.
horse and wife chat room [public] created by daydreamer11
found out my wife likes her horse more than i thought
Couples only 2 chat room [public] created by Showtime2011
Looking for couples with a cam wanting to have a good time
married bi f4f chat room [public] created by 22234445
21-27 plz plz 21-27 plz plz 21-27 plz plz 21-27 plz plz 21-27 plz plz
Bellaco chat room [public] created by BellacoPR69
para latinas bellacas..... si quieres venirte en chat or cam, aqui estamos.
11 to 13 chat room [public] created by skygirl78
any 11 to 13 year olds who are looking for fun can come and chat
under 15 singles uk only chat room [public] created by miget13
for guys and gals who whant to to find some one only uk
younger for older and bi chat room chat room [public] created by aali678
hallo i like older sexy man who suck me
FreaksONLY chat room [public] created by JuicyGoods
Get it nice & juicy and chat it up with us.
TalkToMe. . . chat room [private] created by urbabiicakes
You can Talk to mee. . . . . . . . .
younger then 15 chat chat room [public] created by miget13
for guys or gals but have to be 15bor yonger
Leslatinass chat room [public] created by MujerBionica
em... a ver si alguien se conecta... che.. la histeria dejadla en cassaaa!!
rihanna freaks room chat room [public] created by rihannafreak
you can do or say anything yo want LIKE I CARE!!!!
Bahdd Bitchesz chat room [public] created by KiaraisBahd
Thiszz iiSzz Fohrr Thee Bahdd Bitcheszz ;) MaiiNlyy Giirls Ckause The Giirls Staii Bahdd All Daii
under 12s only chat room [public] created by jadeyboo2
some people might want to just talk to people their own age so this is where they can talk in the under 12's chat room !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
look 4 a friend chat room [public] created by jadeyboo2
if ur feeling left out in peoples conversations online come on look 4 a friend chat room and u wont be left out
Roleplay the vampire monarchy chat room [public] created by SageSin
We can roleplay ill tell you the rules ^_^
only for 13 years to15 years old in the chat room chat room [private] created by stella13
where you can chat with people that you can trust
Horny teen chat2 chat room [public] created by Gerki94
anything from truth or dare to legit sexting
Online Job Seeks Chat chat room [public] created by DOLLYBABYANN
This is a chat room for all to share their experience and different ways to make money on the web.
me and my friends chat room.1 chat room [public] created by definefriend
pls come my friends and enjoy chatting here.
love life for teens boys and girls only chat room [public] created by shelbyann
for teens looking for true love
usa teen chat by shelby chat room [public] created by shelbyann
for teens looking for true love
Oregons room chat room [public] created by caceres420
chat room for people from oregon to meet, chat and hook up
taylord chat room [public] created by swaggtastic
only join if you know ur taylord
bellacullen2 chat room [public] created by bellacullen2
sex chat only for men on wemen
yitx chat room [private] created by yitzchak16
Todukis PM chat room [private] created by 11th
Private Room,Friends Only! .......
pichers chat room [public] created by pichers
grils & guys that want to trad pic
shekai and konjenica chat room [public] created by shekai93
me and my girl friend chat room no one else
xxxtra-ordinary chat room [public] created by darrisawboi
just cool ppl that like to laugh an be seen join an find out more
fanasty dreams chat room [public] created by smexycupcake
role playing. fun easy 2 meet singles. great way 2 make ur time enjoyable
D Game called love chat room [public] created by florinex
Ur opinion is well appreciated
jeddah jeddah chat room [public] created by khaled1981
all guys all girls all bady welcome
13 year old Bisexual or Lesbian chat room [public] created by XxCHOCOLATExX
This is a chat room for anyone who is Bisexual, Gay or Lesbian and is 13 to 15 years old ^^ NOT MEANT FOR SEXUAL ACTIVITIES, this chat room is purely for meeting other Bisexual/Lesbians your age.
Orgasm Control chat room [public] created by Controlman
...where women are only allowed to cum when given permission!
AIM-GLOBAL chat room [public] created by zena99
The world of Alliance in Motion Global is made of distinct dynamism and pure excellence. It is a factual world where realism is at hand. It has the Love and Passion from its rich and strong foundation of integrity and dignity. With its powerful products and time-tested concrete Marketing Plan, Alliance in Motion Global now put in life the true meaning, and the need to achieve SUCCESS. We believe whole heartedly with the responsibility of that, YOUR DREAM, IS OUR PLAN! Because it was once said that the greatest source of illness in this world is an empty income, and if you give a person an opportunity to earn what they're worth, it is the greatest and powerful remedy. SUCCESS is the willingness to DREAM, to do HARDWORK, to be CONSISTENT, to be of SERVICE and having OUTSTANDING HEALTH and ABUNDANT WEALTH. Here at Alliance in Motion Global, it?s YOURS!
Curvy girls chat room [public] created by kaitiegiddens
Room for curvy, overweight or people looking for those kinds of women.
nice people friend maker chat room [public] created by casantye
i want people to be nice and make new friends
Emo chat O.o chat room [public] created by DeadMemories
we hate loves chat room [private] created by bluepanther07
people whose heart is broken and wanna spent some time with shiv to share there feelings
wish chat room [private] created by sharooneric
dreaming about the world that...........................................
killoh30509 chat room [public] created by killoh
real n$gga just out here to have fun hopefully i meet a hot gurl dat wanna f*ck wit a hot boy from 30509
West Palm Beach FL chat room [public] created by GGoLre
West Palm Beach, FL; South Florida
HUNGS chat room [public] created by hung520
fun room where to hang out...................................
beastalty chat room [public] created by leeralove
this is for people who like to yiff animles
naughty fun now chat room [public] created by hornyboy2011
for open minded naughty guys and gals
beastalty chat chat room [public] created by leeralove
people how like have sex with animal
peace my brother chat room [private] created by hippiechick100
any one that is my friend is aloud here
sexymili chat room [public] created by sexymili
come and have fun. even we can meet and have any kind of fun you need
all about tvxq chat room [public] created by dbsk5
my love for dbsk will never change..let;s talk about bashing!!
RAHUL chat room [public] created by RAHULARORA121
finding a gf or bf chat room [public] created by brandon4455
got to be 13-16 and enjoy meeting new people
SEXY GIRLLLLLLLLLLSSSSSSSSS1 chat room [public] created by watsup1
hottttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt girrrrrlllllllllllsssssssssss
THE U.G. chat room [private] created by Zmasterskull
This is the meeting room for the leaders and members of THE UNITED GROUPS
partay room chat room [public] created by XDthedevilsrejectsXD
party time for all everything goes just time to to drink and smoke
Alisas chatroom chat room [public] created by NaturallyKingdom
Money143 chat room [public] created by Money6415
Welcome u all in my room. U can share anything of ur interest
BDSM curious chat room [public] created by historyofsilence
A room for those interested in bondage, s&m and domination.
nice chatters chat room [public] created by wildchef
come to these rooms only if u re nice chatter
Trade pictures Adult chat room [public] created by MrBreeze88
Hey! Come on in and trade pics with each other. It can be any kind. Have fun!
fashionfever chat room [public] created by fashionfever
Hi pal it's me here for nice chat!
send me msn addys chat room [public] created by ryanfisher97
anyone with msn can u send your addys(more for girls)
samsters chat room [private] created by samster14
INDIAN GALs chat room [public] created by rakeshdama
hey guys,...Only for indian people...thanks
talking to awsome cute guys chat room [public] created by samster14
boys meet Me room chat room [public] created by Jorgyella
In the boys meet me room girls and boys can meet each other and talk about stuff and try and get together it works !! xx :)
niloos chat room chat room [private] created by niloo458
chat chat chat. play play play. laugh laugh laugh.
lick room chat room [public] created by goldenweb
room for people that like to lick
Girls for girls miami chat room [public] created by St3fluvzbri
Looking for friendship n a good time
Sex Talk With People chat room [public] created by welikeithard
talk bout sex to other people and meet people
board chat room chat room [public] created by gir24
psionics chat room [public] created by ACEOFJOKERS
Tslk about psionics or issues that needs resolved...relax no level of psionics requierd all are welcome.
something to do when bored chat room [public] created by Seang16
come here to talk and just something to do
Levite123 chat room [public] created by Levite123
Christian reggae, ragga and dancehall artist from nigeria.
Gay New York Boys chat room [public] created by jayboy1000
blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah
free chat room for 13 year old boys and girls chat room [public] created by crasychick
any 13 year old boys or girls single check out this lolz
love girl 16 chat room [public] created by enerelkiss
hi all i'm 16 years old...i'm eko...i'm mongolian
13-20 please chat room [public] created by animallover91
trying to find a gf or a bf ??
Singles lady chat room [public] created by Bradleytoh1
Only those that are open and horny
f me in the ass chat room [public] created by fmeeee
reallove chat room [public] created by yaayyaay
This room for every body who want to find real love in this live, so please keep it clean.
only come if u think i cute chat room [public] created by maddiecutie13
only come if u thin im cute no harrasing
Teenage Girl Chatrooms---No dirt Talk chat room [public] created by Castle123
Age limit 11-15 year old gurls!Teenage Girls no dirty talk!NO BOYS!
mike and emmas chat room [public] created by bellacullen2
for mike and emma only sex chat
Horny Role Play chat room [public] created by barbiebad
If your horny and wnna RP then this is the room 2 come 2
giantess demischat chat room [public] created by trancegts
im tried of thir being no gts fedish roleplaying chats. well i made one about me i love ;) roleplaying i can be a 100 ft goddes or you can be shrunk down to my toys to crush as i wish all are welcome about me i love trance dress emo/sk8er whanted to be a giantess sence 7th grade. i lovee the thought of being a godess gust walking in the city watching mllions of people run as i slowly crush every thing.if you whent to private chat invite me aslo if the is outher goddess out there talk to me get to know me so we can rule the world some day this is for sexural activities
jessenia chat room [public] created by jessenia1234
i would like a chat room so i can talk with people i now.i nwould want to talk private with people i now
pocahontas chat room [public] created by missgray
Native Americans i love her, if you know her or you are in her family i would be happy to talk to you
Ho Chi Minh City chat room [public] created by AlexHoChiMinh
For people from all the world that are looking for someone in Ho Chi Minh City
65 years or older chat chat room [public] created by sexyhermit
this is a place where old timers are welcome to chat about anything they want woman specially welcome
for aussis only chat room [public] created by haylznutz
if ur an aussis come have fun talk to ppl and i have nothen eles to say
bisexual room2011 chat room [public] created by abimorgan
to be talking to gay men and women that like both sex
Ivy Hill Students chat room [public] created by Hwb24
For Ivy Hill School and Thomas School.
xX13 Year Old ChatXx chat room [public] created by javaris280
Chat Room For 13 Year Old XxXxXxxXxXxXxXxXxXxXXXxXxXxxxXxXxXxXxxXxXxXxXxXxXxX
If You Love Dinosaurs and Emos chat room [public] created by BrokenAshley19
If you are emo, punk, skater, and love dinosaurs :p
Dubai - UAE chat room [public] created by Tariq11
people live in UAE only............................................
sexx chat chat room [public] created by Nam90
this is a room where bacicly people talk about sex an other random shit aswell lol
erotic horny room chat room [public] created by evzist1995
this is a chatroom for horny girls and boys...
for hackers chat room [public] created by kyuubi1225
chat room for hackers by hackers too talk about hacking
the casted room chat room [public] created by castedman
chat chat chat chat chat chat chat chat
gagging for it chat room [public] created by hungemo123
horny peoplehorny peoplehorny peoplehorny peoplehorny peoplehorny peoplehorny peoplehorny peoplehorny peoplehorny peoplehorny people
Bros and brohoes. chat room [public] created by socalsarah
DGAF bitchess come chattt! Im looking at chat with them socal boii's.
lil lesleys playroom chat room [public] created by littlelesley
this is my room drama..and if your a daddy dom and interested stop by
SextingClub chat room [public] created by bigmike019
Come in and hav fun, meet people, NO STALKERS
1Teen-Chat1 chat room [public] created by iPlayPolo
TEENS ONLY!!nobody else over the age of 19 and nobody under the age of 13 ;)
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