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List of all user-created chat rooms #137
nude2010 chat room [private] created by nicevyne
If you want feel comfortable. You just play for this chat room.
kisskissblowblow chat room [private] created by smoochez
whatever you think is on your mind get rid off it
funy room chat room [public] created by mohammed77
fun,chat,and know friends all over the world
milan chat room [public] created by nicholasmilano
4 people that are in milan.............
Dyna chat chat room [public] created by obooro
Everybody including ma enemies can also catch me here so we chat
chatting time chat room [public] created by patrickpan
I'm patrick, chinese people, I want to know about more other country people, anybody can share information to me?
gays lesbians and bis chat room [public] created by laurenbis
hi this is a chat room for all the people thatare what they are if you match the name come and join us it will be great fun
A DORO A TI chat room [private] created by adoroati
pretty hot and sassy chat room [public] created by britneybabes
talk about anything you want too all words allowed
sajith chat room [public] created by taru123
i like all of the gays and girls
green society chat room [public] created by Sinkaing
for those who r interested in environmental matters
delaware newark chat room [public] created by asa23
everbody can come..............................
justin bieber fan chat chat room [public] created by 7851598
any one who love jb and does not hete him
justin bieber fan site chat room [public] created by 7851598
hi im a fan of jb add me as a friend plezz
everyone chat room chat room [public] created by brildaplay3r
young old it dont care long as you keep your tone down
Demons chat room [public] created by Vampire36
Poeple who likes demons or is a demon
twilight saga 4 chat room [public] created by xXxSUNSHiNExXx0
talk about twilight sage and talk to ppl who like or love it
rssa chat room [private] created by candid2010
Unrelated developments throughout history have often diverged to that breed human creativity, whether through necessity or an enhanced environment. Without falling into the Orientalist trap of banding the Ara.
Emos and scenes chat room [public] created by xxBreakMyHeartxx
for only emos and scenes please.
Scottish people for real s3x chat room [public] created by YoungScottishMale
Any scottish people for real s3x
Indian Adult chat room [private] created by rahulsexchatter
Plz join here and share ur fantacyyyy....
emo chat english speaking chat room [public] created by XxjasminegoesrawrxX
any emos here wanna chat ? come join .. dont be douches ( english speakers)
the ninja room chat room [public] created by theninjapoptart
the room for ninjas ONLY!!!!!! if u r not a ninja DO NOT ENTER
hjhjsdhjdhsfd chat room [public] created by myrnaroselove
whweere all lovely people from the United Kindom can come together and talk
Kool chat room [public] created by Tiger123Tony
come all girls if u want to talk with all cute guys
On spirituallity chat room [public] created by robwill
A place for growth, to learn,to teach,to share,to care.
Single private chat chat room [public] created by babydee9922
If you want to talk to someone even more privately come here
where the guys obey the girls chat room [public] created by teasedslave
cfnm, fem-dom, bondage, humiliation, domination etc.....
Raphsmith chat room [private] created by raphsmith31
I am Raphael,I saw your profile today and found you worthy to be mine as some one whom i can lay on his arms as long as love is concern, caring and teassing you all the nightlong, If you are interested in knowing more about me and for me to send you some pictures of mine.I feel like....... Cos.....
N3bunyyDynSpaniyaa chat room [public] created by pelikanu
cel mai tare chatroom cu cea mai buna muzica ...intrati probati si va veti convinge
RP Fun chat room [public] created by RuuChanX3
Come here for fun Rping. Adult allowed.
Males from australia chat room [public] created by super404
Only come if u are from australia
Game Maker chat room [public] created by bu420
people that have and know how to use and run Game maker 7 / 8.
Insane Asylum chat room [public] created by TsukiOctober
I cut myself and I still do, This is a chat room for people who have problems like me or any other problems they need help with. I could never find anyone to help me so maybe this is a chance to find someone to help you.
30s Tagged Chat chat room [public] created by RobRaynCherry
Connecing with friends from our old 30's room from Tagged chat.
WoW chat bf and gf wanters welcomed chat room [public] created by Vixenana21
World of Warcraft players who only want online Bfs or Gfs
Full Metal Alchemist RP room chat room [public] created by Vixenana21
Please come and RP.......................
teen looking for love chat room [public] created by babyboyb1
hot guys 16-18 ONLY chat room [public] created by sincitybabe702
if your over 18 im gonna block you
chat anything chat room [public] created by kakabellamy
who want to chat about anything
txt room chat room [public] created by emodon17
anyone who loves to txt is welcome
vampz hell chat room [public] created by 107001
rock in roll this room is full of enjoyment just having fun for us meet some friends.knowing each other men.vampz. vampz. vampz. vampz.vampz. vampz.vampz. vampz
kid lovers chat room [public] created by likesyounggirls80
kiddy lovers mmmmmmmmmmmmhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
cougars for young guys chat room [public] created by louieG91
older women lookin for sum looove
girls israeli chat room [private] created by ramzizx12
i love big assraeli very very good and dance slow israel girls
prince925 chat room [public] created by prince925
c i m lukng for a gal nd i hav a dick abt 7 inches long
dirty talk2010 chat room [public] created by sameer2012
come an join only for female please come and share your life with me
onlinebusiness chat room [public] created by oblivion23
Talking online business easy ways to make money online
Onlineshopping chat room [public] created by oblivion23
Make shopping online very easy and even save and make money online.
webcam 97229 chat room [public] created by guapochico
use a webcam in this room to meet people from all over the world
sweet talk chat room [public] created by ife4life
its a site where chicks get to talk dirty to guys or there pals.u can also meet different people in dis chatroom
suductive room chat room [public] created by playboii225
hav fun dont disrespect the ladys guys or i will throw ur butt out best belive that
markbrawn chat room [private] created by markbrawn
Forgiveness is a quality great, with it in peace we live. God Himself is all forgiving, we must learn to forgive.
over 40s adult chat chat room [public] created by silvery50
Nice adult chat for people over 40
LILLY chat room [public] created by lintocardoz
this chat room for phillip female only
Opiates and Addictions chat room [public] created by opiisrmaster
General questions about opiates, drugs, and dealing with addictions, Not necessarily pertaining to people in recovery.
albania chattt chat room [public] created by erial00
nfalohen sharjet . ju uroj tja kaloni mire dhe bukur
Agapean chat room [private] created by DonJames
To discusss issues that are of religious and Christian nature with anyone.
Hot young folks 4 Chat chat room [public] created by Ranpus
All adult, sesy & fun for girls that like to chat & make fantasies happen here
New to Sacramento chat room [public] created by jovie83
Looking for new friends in Sacramento. Hopefully we have the same things in common
Death People chat room [public] created by zimtheruler12
Talk about anything that relates to anything! Join my club. XD
kinkyboxes chat room [public] created by kinkbox
for girls who need privacy.....
Junior Chat chat room [public] created by NickiStarz
Just for 11-13 year olds and find relationships. It should be a safe chat room.
KTM.ONS chat room [public] created by slamjam
This room is created with the sole idea of letting like minded Kathmandu folks meet up for an intimate "ONS" and a little bit of togetherness. So don't let yourselves wither out ... which BTW is being unfair to yourselves. GO OUT ... and make your day folks.Get what you've always desired especially ladies who shy out from this issue. Let your souls be happy too and wish each one of you a ball of a time. All the best !!
All truth seekers chat room [public] created by Dvining40us
Love God and seeking the truth about our Nation and our Religion, come let's chat, and see where it leads us, have a blessed day, shalom.
English speaking Bulgarian chat room [private] created by jim50
anyone from Bulgaria speaking English
Vampire only chat chat room [public] created by Vampire36
People who like vampires or one them selfs
Chicago in the Mood chat room [public] created by Touchuinsidedeep
People in Chicago come and talk about passion and maybe find a special friend
Hiya Room chat room [public] created by bekah98890
All you have to do is come in, say Hiya, and be nice. :D
kelowna b.c canada chat room [public] created by jasonr30
anyone that lives in b.c canada that wants to chat actually b.c or alberta
naughty room 2 chat room [public] created by dirygirl16
one girl (me) guys only besides me!!! talk about anything naughy and have fun with me
Just Conversation-Censored chat room [private] created by DragonLy
A room just to talk privately and it is limited to NOT engage cyber in it.
Asians in Brazil chat room [public] created by tatymb
For those who want to know more about our culture and as well get closer to your asian roots. Free room to discussions about it.
Gakuen Hetalia RP chat room [public] created by Maple4
Welcome to Gakuen Hetalia, where you know you'd love to go to school! :D (( I'll be Rping Canada, so please tell me who you'll be Rping. We need teachers (at least 5) and students. Have fun! :D ))
Lazy Days therapy chat room [public] created by mbowyer0602
good chat or counseling for those who just wanna chat or need advice
young adults-teens chat room [public] created by 2h0tt4ya
come to have fun and talk to people around your own age . this chat is for 13-19 years old please dont enter if you are not none of those ages
Relationship gay chat room [public] created by yotunja
Just for love. It is a roome creted for people ho want to find a real love abroad and who are decided to travel to have a nice meeting!!!
programs chat room [private] created by netbird
ask and answer get unformation
Miami Brazilians chat room [public] created by MiamiXXX
A social network for any Brazilians living in Miami to connect and network with other Brazilians in the area.
anybody chatroom. chat room [public] created by attitudeprincess18
public chatroom where u can hang out nd chat- simple as dat.
Anime and Manga Chat chat room [public] created by Maple4
Come and talk about anime that you like. Manga is tolerated as well~ :D
TootingTori Fart Fetish Chat chat room [public] created by TootingTori
Come chat to a real farting woman!
Real Farting Woman chat room [public] created by TootingTori
TootingTori is a real woman with a lot of gas! Fart fetishists welcome!
dubai friendship female chat room [public] created by mukesh13420
dating for all singles in dubai workers
super cute teens room chat room [public] created by emotes
for teens that want to have some fun
Weed Lovers chat room [public] created by MsMomo
if you smoke weed and love it and wish everyone else should smoke......
gainer and feeder chat chat room [public] created by kaykay352
peple can dicuss thir weight comfortably and open desires fantasies issues and problems
dick lovers chat room [private] created by bthorne0000
girls who love dicks and boys cAN come but they have to like girls not boys
cuts chat room [public] created by Kbells
teens that are cutters or teens who wanna stop. wahtevers fine as long as youve placed a blade on your skin...
Dallas- Texas chat room [public] created by XryanX22
only people that are close to here should join
Double Visison chat room [public] created by EmoAngelFromHeaven
Its all of the teens who are just hanging!
Twilight rp chat room [public] created by EdwardCullen1
Hello everyone welcome this rroom is to have fun intertain your selfs in good rp discus and dirent things;)
nice girls from everywhere chat room [public] created by isnow
to join that room u have to click it
Big Time Rush Chat Room chat room [public] created by jordanapplegate
This is gonna be a cool chat room for people that like big time rush and i hope u enjoy!
africans mett american chat room [public] created by flang
this were u come if u are from africa to meet american peoples and chat and have fun,but all is welcome
therapy chat room [public] created by leggyally66
where one can hide from the other rooms lol
Hottgirlwithaboody chat room [public] created by whitegirlwithaboody
talk to girls guys and more have fun talk as long as you want
zoo chat room [public] created by ergete
gar room chat room [public] created by asantha1123
i like gay im sri lanka in 23 year i like boy fun
LOVEY TEENS chat room [public] created by iiXDEVRiEXii
This is just a room where teens, like myself, can have an online relastionship. No cyber chatting. This is for teen to "hook up" then have their relastionship through any other site, if they please.
AshleyLe chat room [private] created by foolistone
I'm looking for a serious relationship,so my room is for s.o who want to have one too.And It's only for les
for kids chat room [public] created by claudia5354
this chat room is for kids and only kids you can come chat with us
haruhi suzumiya sans chatroom chat room [public] created by angelxx2
where all anime fans can chat and chill
Dirty les chat chat room [public] created by HottieBabexxx
Talk dirty! Have a great time being dirty with other chat members!
6VIA chat room [public] created by BlueTigerxx
Unlimited income room easy money
tamil chat room [public] created by selvaaa
tamil married men here for antys and housewifes
black LGBT chat room [public] created by brifromtx
name speaks for its self lesbian gay bi and transgender.
fetish scat lovers chat room [public] created by lovehorsecum
any one that loves to drinking pee and eating shit and having s** with animals
diddlydoes chat room [public] created by DiddlyDoes
diddlydoes is everywhere now, can you keep up lol
taru chat room [private] created by taru1
come 4 chat allone now i like 2 chat
laiberia chat room [public] created by munnamishra
filipino loverz teen chatroom chat room [public] created by cathy143
sali na kyo between 13-18 only!
Anime people chat room [public] created by Vampire36
People who likes anime!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Looking for ana chat room [public] created by needanabuddy
Place to talk about eating disorders
queerworld chat room [public] created by queenley
talk about any news and gossipe withthem.
Incredible chat room [public] created by incredible20
Incredible Incredible Incredible Incredible Incredible
parents steps live ins chat room [public] created by teachng2chat
room where we can talk about the kids
cactus Chat room chat room [public] created by cactusjack8X6
This is my chat room for alittle flirt
meet a doctor chat room [public] created by propofol
here both medical persons and lay persons can get together and discuss health problems...................hope this room will help lot of individuals...............!
Diablo players chat room [public] created by zimtheruler12
this is a place were people can swap secrets on diablo 2.
emos ppl chat room [public] created by mizz3mo13
for all emoz and any other that like us emoz
dirty people chat room [public] created by mizz3mo13
a dirty chat room for ppl tht like to chat dirty heres the room for you
hairy indian females chat room [public] created by NastyPervertedMale
nasty indian females to talk n get dirty
horn room chat room [public] created by gulliver24
for fun to fool around with each other
Untold confessions chat room [public] created by xtreme1410
tell mosts darkest desires that u hold in side. unleash ur ultimate secrets and hopefully theres someone listening to help u out.Who know's u might fulfill ur hidden desire.
Good Mens Are Hard To found chat room [public] created by tluv123
This room is for everybody but tell me y when u found a good men someone one comes alone and take them from u.
Friend Chats chat room [public] created by niranjan47
This is the chat of friends only.
one nightstand for ladies chat room [private] created by aryan008
hello i am 25 looking for women for a one night stand
kim family chat room [public] created by kimerny91
everyone are invited.. especially to korean ppl, im new here, and just moving to korea. im friendly and play nice with me
wwe smackdown vs raw 2011 xbox 360 chat room [public] created by wwesvr2011fan
were gonna find a link for wwe svr 2011 today if anyone has one or has any leads talk here
xbox 360 game download links chat room [public] created by wwesvr2011fan
game download leaks letssss get ummmmmmmmmmmmmm
xbox 360 game download linksss chat room [public] created by wwesvr2011fan
game download leaks letssss get ummmmmmmmmmmmmm
privasy chat room [public] created by smfor
this room is private for loving guys
zenah chat room [private] created by zenah
i am a sofisticed lady so i like tray a nice friend
firechick89 chat room [private] created by firechick89
lets talk !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
firechick89 lets talk chat room [private] created by firechick89
lets talk !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Female Lead Relationships chat room [public] created by subbob58
Where the female is the Boss in the home and bedroom
xbox 360 downloads chat room [public] created by wwesvr2011fan
gameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee linkssssssssssssssssssss
cyberxxxx chat room [public] created by tester12
for fun time.. adult... stuff... more or less anything goes...
this is my party chat room chat room [public] created by firtly
This is my party chat room created by firtly
gay rooooms chat room [public] created by jojosh19
cool room!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
For Girls That Want A boy chat room [private] created by hornybaby12
get hard fast!!! and no sending pics!!!! sorry
Cam2Cam with Girls chat room [private] created by LukasHunter
Cam2Cam with ho..r ..ny girls...:-) hot show with me? i like virtual s -e- x ..:-)
MsnPeople chat room [public] created by gggmmm86
Chat room reservet to People want to cam on msn.
New Jersey singles 10-21-10 chat room [public] created by vinny594
single new jersey people that can tlk and possibly meet
lustfulmes chat chat room [private] created by lustfulme
I enjoy a wide variety of topics and love to chat about it
Really life chat room [public] created by makaveli900
Talk about your life and get some new friends
ONNANI FOR WIMEN chat room [public] created by stampe56
you are a girl/s who wanna see me naked on webbam my email is: and take it easy I am a friendly man.
sxypeopleonly chat room [public] created by kirstie1996
Female Networking Discussion chat room [private] created by rexyeng
talk about your experience with you boy friend during dating or during other social activity
alabama peeps chat room [public] created by laughinbear
heyy everyone need some alabama people to talk to
community singles chat room [public] created by khaizen
join us and welcome to thesingle community!!!
girls aloowen chat room [public] created by haley00000
come on girls>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
looking for fun in kzoo michigan chat room [public] created by cliffb30
what ever goes on in here can possible have changes in your life
HI. RAJESH HERE ONLY FEMAIL chat room [private] created by Rajesh393
Iam rajesh looking hot i pay good prize my 9972308624
mark and ali chat room [private] created by izurufangirl
just for a new friend and me. noone else. KEEP OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
KPOP lovers only chat room [public] created by SuperJuniorKyu
This room is welcome for only fans of KPOP lets share are thoughts and chat
crazy town22 chat room [public] created by 12345jj
have fun and party hard.........................................................
Create a chat room [public] created by wheresthesoup
I just created one, and a description that is 30 characters long.
any guys no girls allowed expect me chat room [private] created by dirtygirl1995
it a good way to met me!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DEROB chat room [public] created by NEOZRF
NATURE CHAT chat room [public] created by BlackBladeSociety
A chat about the vagaries of nature and our favourite nature topics
kisslove chat room [public] created by kissinger07
i am real honest and sincere loving man,am here to searching for real love.
Erica Arlante chat room [public] created by ericaarlante
Im 20. F California.. Im studying and taking Liberal Arts majoring International Studies.. Im also working as a part time CAM MODEL
MAKEUP AND FASHION chat room [public] created by markgirl2152
peace and love and weed lovers chat room [public] created by bluntweedlover
happy and friendly room and have fun oh yea
The Beliebers Room chat room [public] created by sabuxx2
We Love Justin Bieber.. We are true Beliebers.. Sooo please noo HATERSS..
poopy pants girls chat room [public] created by nikkigurl1
Girls that like to poop! 30 words ???? ummmmmmmm Girls that would rather use their pants or diaper rather than the toilet!
bi-males chat room [public] created by kenneth129
u know...o know...................................u know.........................u know... u know u know/..
The best chat room 213 chat room [public] created by chybby
this is the best chatroom, im gonna make sure it is 4real
Space room chat room [private] created by lovemenomore
this is a room where everyone must be friendly and talk to each other
gorgeous ladies and single guys chat room [public] created by ladiesman1989
single people only talk no homoes aloud gay people dont look at this your not aloud here unless your a female come on in and check it out
Jabotabek chat room [public] created by sugiyanto
Chating anak yg tinggal di Jakarta
CHAT XXX chat room [public] created by zipra
babygirl2009832 chat room [private] created by sexybabygirl2009
anybody can talk to me on here hell ya
SuperFan chat room [public] created by OCDgurL
SUpernatural fans, JENsenACKLES fans, JARED PADALECKI fans, salt, demons, FICTIONS stuffs. journals, books.. and stuff.
if u want some cam chat room [public] created by bangercammer
naughty room that is going wild wet and hot
casual adult cape codders chat room [public] created by puresex
looking for casual encounters today or tonight or right now
babelesbians chat room [public] created by camibabe
for lesbians only well nasty lesbians
LOVEandLIVE chat room [public] created by playerHEARTbreaker
Lovly peopleeeeee only yes smile be happy
travel tourism chat room [public] created by blackgothic
this channel to let people know each other and respect each other and special for tourism.
smiling face chat room chat room [public] created by kashmirian
plz dont use adult and un mannered language we will b very thank full 2 u
Butt lovers chat room [public] created by nadeemsex
persone who can enjot butt sucking can come here and share feeling
H RNY S X CHAT chat room [public] created by ladiesman1989
hot wet girls chat room [public] created by nicky1992
you can talk to girls or anyone in the room from all over
Talk about se. x for kids chat room [public] created by coryy
This is a chat room for under 16's who wanna talk about se. x.!
Gay orbi chat room chat room [public] created by coryy
for gays and bi's,hook up or just talk!
princeralph chat room [public] created by ralphkelly
All is one but people need to know that all is one, but i love people who say the truth. becoz truth is life and life is truth
sfo bay area gay chat chat room [public] created by rajat4udas
Bay Area Gay People to chat and interact
Family 5ex Fun chat room [public] created by BristolGuy2010
Family 5ex chat, share stories, fantasies
12-13 chat room [public] created by Nicole1998
Come talk get a gf or bf and have some fun.
people who like me chat room [public] created by Jsk360
Ilove people and i like peple who likes me
TheFlirtRoom chat room [public] created by Marisa203
Do you has what it takes to flirt =3
newark de chat room [public] created by asa23
eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee cccccccccccccccccccccooooooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggg
come on and date hook up with your match chat room [public] created by badboy258
you can hook up and stuff plus you can talk about whater you want to it is all allowed.
Delerium chat room [public] created by wenfrost
ONLY serious inquiries. USA politics, conservative views, some civil rights. Will be ejected at will. No political correctness here.
younger females like older guys chat room [public] created by mickie1
where younger women prefer theolder guy
inuyasha fans chat room [public] created by inuyashaqueen
were inuyasha fans can talk about him or any one else
Color chat room [public] created by ricepudd
Actually talking about something
LovelyS CHAT chat room [private] created by lovelyhulagirl
only for indians chat room [public] created by kanikalove
especiaaly gals r inviteeed aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
racist room chat room [public] created by Aryan2316
if u do not like blacks this is the room
bengal kolkata chat room [public] created by ghostofcal
network of friendship without any bindings.people from west bengal are wellcome
in bed chat room [public] created by long21
any one who want to skype about dirty stuff
True Christian chat room [private] created by Jah88
What does the bible really teach?
HORNEY GIRLS WANT 2 FOCK chat room [public] created by sexxiboii
hot cam room chat room [public] created by midosalma
masturbation couple or women or groups
the drity chat room chat room [public] created by bonot
for people who r or want a dirty chat
rock my F ing socks chat room [public] created by deathtoclowns
in this chat room we talk about ROCK
BORED-WHATEVER-ENGLISH ONLY chat room [public] created by MamaCole28f
You don't type English, stay out. Anything goes, really. just don't be a jerk.
disscussion room chat room [public] created by alanzipco
Angams cafe chat room [public] created by kosung
this forum does not distinguish of anything but for everyone.
leicester chat room chat room [public] created by tallandgrey
any thing you like to chat about dating and having rough fun
lawroom chat room [public] created by koorosh2500
discustion about legall system of countries
Self Defence Training chat room [public] created by pristinasports
Martial Art and Self Defence Training Products
hackers wanted chat room [public] created by elliman97
hackers 2010 chat room [public] created by elliman97
janakpur chat room [public] created by aksay123
join n have fun...............................................frens
shotacon chat room [public] created by MuteLittleMe
This is a chat for people interested in shotacon
Roxy chat chat room [public] created by Roxybug2508
Da best chat for gays. Cool and supernatural.
Hacker Of Hearts chat room [public] created by deepheartguy
WHen Wealth is LOst Nothing is LOst When Health is LOst Something Is LOst When Character is LOst everything is LOst
paki chat chat room [public] created by kkkhan
any one can chat here of any national any country
church chat chat room [public] created by wosmscutie007
anyone who wants to talk about god can in this chat!!!!!!!!!
anti Racism chat room [public] created by AFMBEguymanPerson
whats your poing of view; how can wee stop it.
francetown chat room [public] created by alexus789
good people that tlk english 2
indian masala chat room [private] created by sudhase
am an indian lookin for a nice little chat
15-17 yrs old chat room [public] created by footballATVgurl
for anyone 15 to 17 years old! :)
leinster lads chat room [public] created by justin2k92009
any lads around here come on in
36m seeking a good woman chat room [public] created by hercules34m
Single daddy seeking a good woman.
lakesha chat room [public] created by glakesha
fun coollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
jst for use teens chat room [public] created by sonora25
teens cn chat and talk 2 new ppl
Single 12 year old girls and 1 guy chat room [public] created by shadow112
Single 12 year old girls enter this chat room!!
itsforusamantha chat room [private] created by decenthassan
hi samantha i wanna talk to u there please come in thish room just for u
Music style chat room [public] created by UnknownRocker66
Tell me about what music your into & what band
Samanthas Place chat room [private] created by Samantha127
a room to have some hot fun in
13-15 year old chat room chat room [public] created by springerlydia1995
for teens 13-15 nice and friendly chat room where everyone is friendly and gets along
Looking for a Relationship Room chat room [public] created by KarlaNatoya
For straight girls and boys looking for a relationship(: Or someone to text or sixt or just a yummy buddy
I wanna do you room chat room [public] created by KarlaNatoya
seexroom Just a place to seext(:
england chat room chat room [public] created by jade95
come join the chat if u r from england
Forbiden Radio chat room [public] created by timab1974
Chat and listen to the hottest mix of rock on the net!! Live DJ's taking requests!
h o r n y r o o m 2010 chat room [public] created by ambuhh
yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh buddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
fdkdshflsdf chat room [private] created by xohannahxo619
yahahaha skjhsdlfswowowowowowowoowowooowowowowowowow
13 - 14 year old singles chat room [public] created by TilleyGemma
come and chat meet some people that might be the love of your life
for girls only. horneyman wantin to get some. chat room [public] created by horneyman2
horney man wanting to get some. come chat with me you dirty girls out there.
Vampire Roleplay chat room [public] created by babyboo124
Rules: Any Vampire you wanna be, no cussing at people, no fighting, and lastly have fun :)
sharing make love chat room [public] created by eyeye
pls jion if you want to share with us your experience while make love.... if you yet,share what are you think the feeling of this...
FOR 13YRO ONLY chat room [public] created by idc13
barbie147 chat room [public] created by barbie147
hot and fun blah blah blah just get on !!!!!!!!!!!!!
EmoChick chat room [public] created by xXSuisideXx
i cut myself well emo hair= black with red highlights curly Bi Luvs black luvs dancinq n sinqinq leather gloves ill tell u dab rest later
lovers of mephedrone chat room [public] created by chengh89
Meow Meow Webs Chemical Company is a one of the biggest chemical company. We are a premium health chemical and region health unit . We offer approve grade A of all smoking and ejectable chemicals for more information please visit our website . We are searching for real buyers for our Mephedrone and other smoking and ejectable chemicals both for human and plant use. Also focuses on industrial technical problems involving industrial processes, manufacture of equipment and products involving analysis and organic structural problems. Contact Dr Chengh Hao by email at
Masterbate chat room chat room [public] created by KarlaNatoya
Talk dirty and BOYS AND GIRLS(:
secy girls only chat room [public] created by jhaizee
secy.pretty,wild asap..................asdasdasdnfjskdbgjdfbgjdfbgjdfng
Everyone Loves Holloween chat room [public] created by sunmoon13
Chat about holloween and other fav holidays
hoorny chat room [public] created by puzzyeater556
for all naughty talk and sezzting and getting down to ever last word to squirt and jizz
Talk To Mee chat room [public] created by rlopez2012
Get To Know Me Or Private Chat With Me .
rp and dueling room chat room [public] created by kingshadow
come roleplay and play yugioh if u wanna duel then u cam to the right place if u wanna roleplay then go ahead hve fun and enjoy urself
Bone Thugz-N-Harmony Fan Room chat room [public] created by JustinDaBear
BONE THUGZ N HARMONY FANZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
like em young chat room [public] created by youngaussie14
for all those that like em young, chat any one?
juswannaplay chat room [public] created by jusnowdivorced
wife just put me in jail 4 nothing wanna eat n have fun
straight room chat room [public] created by meeee123
for straight ppl only no gays allowed
anaheim chat room [public] created by secretsniper
just for who live in anaheim and i wishe its will be nice room and muche respact so pleass ppl try to be cool
Lesbian Cyber XXX chat room [public] created by softnbald
dirty fun talks, enjoy ur pleasure while online talking to hot mofos
Lesbian xxx chat room [public] created by softnbald
just have fun cyber cyber come on. keep talking
Sweet talkin lesbians chat room [private] created by softnbald
have a nice talk to ur girlfriend
Dark Woods chat room [public] created by LostLittleVampire
A place for the people/creatures of the night
nimah chat room chat room [public] created by nimahsuarez
We invite everybody in this room.... Join our club and you'll have fun...... to chatters: please keep our site fun...
pilippines jan 2011 chat room [public] created by aggevi
going to pilippines. jan 2011 - looking for someone - female - company and hopefully much more.
paramajagan chat room [public] created by paramajagan
iam 38 yr old engineer working in oma
VIP room chat room [private] created by crazydon
this room is very impotene pepole
panty pooping chat room [public] created by pantypooper48
for females interested in deliberately pooping into their panties
elel chat room [public] created by bongcase
Fan-Chat-Flirt-and.. chat room [private] created by LukasHunter
allowed everything ..very bad is hell ..very immoral room..;)
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