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List of all user-created chat rooms #132
smoking fetish chat chat room [public] created by dubek100
main chat for smoking fetishists and for girls and women who smoke long cigarettes and long cigars :)
haus chat room [private] created by bagos
Sekarang cinta bukanlah sahabat bagiku Sekarang kita berdua telah jadi musuh Kata sayang sepertinya juga telah hilang Mereka pergi angkat kaki jauh dari sini Sory kita tak sejalan sepertinya kita tak sepaham Sory??..sory Sekarang aku berkawan dengan kesepian Sekarang kita berdua sependeritaan Belajar mengenal cinta arti kata sayang Semoga esok lebih baik dari hari ini??? Sory kita tak sejalan sepertinya kita tak sepaham sory??.sory??
scene piercing chat room chat room [public] created by JericSTFU
scene kids, piercings, tattoos, music
camslave room chat room [public] created by rave1xox
all welcome to come in and have fun
advice on relationship chat room [public] created by momtobe
advice on to get an ex back, how to deal with relationship problems
cam and phone fun chat room [public] created by centurio1
fun, fun, dirty fun! come here if u want to have hot fun on cam or phone.
girlsgirlssss chat room [private] created by linnemardberg
This was never the way I planned, not my intention I got so brave, drink in hand, lost my discretion It's not what I'm used to, just wanna try you on I'm curious for you caught my attention I kissed a girl and I liked it, the taste of her cherry chapstick I kissed a girl just to try it, I hope my boyfriend don't mind it It felt so wrong, it felt so right, don't mean I'm in love tonight I kissed a girl and I liked it, I liked it No, I don't even know your name, it doesn't matter You're my experimental game, just human nature It's not what good girls do, not how they should behave My head gets so confused, hard to obey I kissed a girl and I liked it, the taste of her cherry chapstick I kissed a girl just to try it, I hope my boyfriend don't mind it It felt so wrong, it felt so right, don't mean I'm in love tonight I kissed a girl and I liked it, I liked it Us girls we are so magical, soft skin, red lips, so kissable Hard to resist, so touchable, too good to deny it It ain't no big deal, it's innocent I kissed a girl and I liked it, the taste of her cherry chapstick I kissed a girl just to try it, I hope my boyfriend don't mind it It felt so wrong, it felt so right, don't mean I'm in love tonight I kissed a girl and I liked it, I liked it
white boys chat room [public] created by crazyprincess10
white girls and boys can join this that room
Indonesia Chat room chat room [public] created by RevolutionZ
Bagi warga negara Indonesia Join yuk
Hot an loud teens chat room [public] created by AliciaVang
This chat room is for hot single teens to chat with other hot singles!! So start chatting!!
GAYs in the west coast chat room [public] created by adrianfizzle
for gays in the west coast and not to old and not to young
lalala damn Chat chat room [public] created by breebree16
just a room to chat in an have a good time
kinkky chat room [public] created by biggage
girls that wanna have funand suck dick girls that are not scared to go all the way in a bed
goggogogogogogog chat room [public] created by awesomejess
gogogogogoghogogogogofgogogomsjwm, ikw,zk wksxmeuj
torn chat room [private] created by zerkreo
this is a good room for people that are my frinds only and thank you
Randum chat room [public] created by gabbieanimefan
Hello...this chat is for ppl who want to talk to other ppl..mostly teens..but anyone's welcome :D!! Preferabbly ppl who like music and anime!!
i love cookies chat room [public] created by gabbieanimefan
talk about anything random!! :P
diaper lovres chat room [public] created by kesads
for any who love diapers>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.
pensacola fun chat room [public] created by hotnhorny4fun
excited people only. lets have fun
North Eastern Illinois chat room [public] created by jaysen35
My inviite to all the single women to coming in and chat with me to see what I am all about
lez roleplay only chat room [public] created by rpgrl86
lesbian roleplay dirty, girl on girl action. please no males.
roleplay chat room chat room [public] created by KitsuneYuki666
you can roleplay or cosplay just have fun
CHELLA n HALEYS ROOM OF AWESOMENESS chat room [private] created by Rikisku
MINEZ N WIFEY'S DAMN IT! Basically if we own you or consider you as family you may join.. if not your life is meaningless and noone loves you..
12-14 teens only chat room [public] created by katiedidloveyou
this is where 12-14 teen can chat and stuff and talkabout realationships or somehting.
if ur on this chat then I loveyou chat room [public] created by katiedidloveyou
if u go on this chat then ur aswome
Dubai Single chat room [public] created by malikotnamundo
This chat room was made to bring all single man and woman of Dubai in one room. Meeting a new friend, chatting and get connection with each others... Life is too short... Let have fun and enjoy our single life.....
MIRAN KUTAK chat room [public] created by lakitos
gils only chat room [public] created by ENiA59
come and join the club here feel free to come in please and meet new friends and lovers
yummy.. chat room [private] created by physosexy1
I'm so lonely, all by my self ;)
BDSM. chat room [public] created by anthoooo
For all girls that likes to humilate boys
RACIST chat room [public] created by 8True8Aryan
RuneScapeCR chat room [public] created by Tradinalvl121
fdfdsfsdfsdfsdfsdfsdfsdsfsdfsdfsdfsdfsdfsdfsdfgbd nfm gh,jioj;opioimnbghjkll;';;kljhgffdssgjhkl;;lkjhgfdsss
the bored housewfe chat room [public] created by slim2323
that need someone to talk to and have fun
Eugene--Oregon chat room [public] created by voices35
For.. People in the Eugene -- Oregon area to Chat & Make Friends....
dirty talk Germany chat room [public] created by snudi
this is a chatroom for germans or people who speak german but only for dirty talk ;-)
njosh chat room [public] created by njosawa
this is to make persons of the same interest to share more
horney lesbians who wana talk dirty chat room [public] created by madash
private 777 chat room [private] created by juceegurl
private 776 chat room [public] created by juceegurl
Forties chat chat room [public] created by blondegirl33
a room where adults in their 40's can chat about anything and everything
naughty lesbians chat room [public] created by clitstits69
lesbians who are ready to have a little dirty chat ;)
meet your dream mate chat room [public] created by heallingsoul
this chat room is centered on singles who want to meet their dream mate
friends and furries chat room [public] created by lionlotus
stop in if your a furry who's lonely, or not a furry and looking for a friend, any combination of, or just want to have fun and be you:)
MusikTowN chat room [public] created by MalDitoBluu3
Listen to the best music of the 90's and the new millennium while you enjoy your chat.
hot james chat room [private] created by sxchotbedmate
ccsdfds fbfgrhfbf drhbbbbbbbbbbbbbb fghnv fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffg scsc
varadaraju chat room [private] created by varadarajuk2010
jordan 12-13 year old chat room [public] created by so5on
for singles and fun chat and to get new friends and also you know i promse we will have fun haha I am in mashrek international school my name is ahmad and thank you
sacred room chat room [public] created by dewzeelean
:)) please do not misuse this room or abuse it
yak yak yak room chat room [public] created by bstbartendergirl
looking to have some fun, if you think watching t v and eating popcorn is a date, please don't reply....
ladyboys chat room [private] created by ssexygal
well labyboy are only aloud in this room
USA CHAT- chat room [public] created by brentdjones
you from usa come here... keep it clean if you can
looking for a boyfriend chat room [public] created by afrosamari
if you are a girl looking for a boyfriend come chat wit me hit up this chat room
naughty-n-lovely chat room [public] created by RockStar3310
be , good , be cool , be smart , be naughty , be hot , be fine
Meetic chat room [public] created by RockStar3310
this room is for meeting friends and lovers . let's leave all hate and racism out of this room
taboo chat chat room [public] created by AJAX1
Where ALL CHAT about ANYthing is allowed.
SCENE LAND chat room [public] created by misssscenekiid
WE can all be best friends and live together in scene land
IM SO BORED chat room [public] created by trinity1986
im BORED!! come on people looking for sensible (but not too sensible) chat gotta be some sorta normal people out there!
16 to 18 year olds only chat room [public] created by Niipz
no other then 16 to 18 year olds
Buffalo Teens chat room [private] created by kkmacla
For buffalo teens only. Message me to get in.
idkidkidk chat room [public] created by sxysxy1girl
only people dat bored and wanna chat with a hot girl lol thats me
i need hacker help plzplz chat room [public] created by SWAGGACHECK
please i need sum 1 to hack a game 4 me
BBWS-MEN WHO LOVE US chat room [public] created by nicenjbbw
Tokyo a go-go chat room [public] created by Abadesense
Anything, and everything in Tokyo. Harajuku, fashion, food, people.
DiRTYYYs LAIR chat room [public] created by DiRTYBOYTALK
bar and grill room chat room [public] created by lumberjack0995
join me in a drink and some cooking fun
420 friendly in denver chat room [public] created by theforakenfaust
smokey chill peeps to be stoned and conversate
GOOD FRIENDSHIP chat room [public] created by DASHDAM
Her full name is Anorexia Nervousa chat room [public] created by Ana00ThinBeauty
Talk only about EDs Anything like tips and tricks or competitons or expirences even support
r0l3 pl4y chat room [public] created by anapaofariasv
4 people who like to role play with other people!!^^
White Honor White Unity 1488 chat room [public] created by whitehonorwhiteunity
For white men and white women ONLY to discuss their white supremacist beliefs
21yrmale chat room [public] created by CrysisWarfare
i am here willing and waiting for any woman willing to have a little fun i am here for you pleasure and if you want me to man up i be just the man for you
naked hairy men chat room [public] created by pelon77
men ages 21 to 40 can join must be hairy and naked
hot wet horney people chat room [public] created by cobbciara118
beyond any ones dreams. s*x talk dirty talking you name it thats wat this chat rooms is all about baby
FlirtyLuv Room chat room [public] created by Katarina93
Flirt all you want ;] naughty or nice:]
webcam shows chat room [public] created by kristennbaker
this is a live show on cam!!!!
Kansas City Area chat room [public] created by jojo1983
Chat room for peeps in Kansas City Area
escapingreality chat room [private] created by Mohamed1995
room for me and my friends to chat private no one see our chatind
mohamed.1995 chat room [private] created by Mohamed1995
room for me and my friends to chat private no one see our chatind
best of best chat room [public] created by BOMBOMman
i would like the live ......................................
Fun Lesbians chat room [public] created by thefunparadise
erotic lesbian girls that want to have fun :)
Im lonely and need some one to talk to...please chat room [public] created by ed9889c
Just need anyone to talk to. It doesn't matter who, just need a friend.
freeforall chat room [public] created by vampir3zen0
its a place were u can do anything
JUSTINBIEBER chat room [public] created by amzziiee
jb loverss only and no bieber hhaters at all
Chillin420Live chat room [public] created by prettyvix
A place to kick back.. enjoy the day, and make some friend... No judging, hypocrites.. Whatever or whoever you are your welcome here! Lets smoke one and make a toast!!! Lifes to short!
Stockings nylons anyone chat room [public] created by nicknap
Who has a fetish for the covered female legs and feet?
Friends 13-15 chat room [public] created by TWiLY14
Looking for friend,in tagalog naman" naghahanap ng kaibigan" i'm not loner.haha! wla lng tlga mgwa at makausap. :C sweeessh! wlang bastos. Chat me,I Don't bite :) lalalavs.PARTY`PARTY ♥
sunny.franklin chat room [public] created by Sunnyfranklin
i am cool boy with hot attitudes
Amazing people in this room chat room [public] created by LightUpDinos
So many amazing people! I luff em' all!
just chat love friend and chat room [public] created by andreportugues
for everibody just enter please...
Gettin to know you chat room [public] created by Katarina93
just chattin: gettin to know people
straight up ghetto chat room [public] created by Fantasia19
you need to be between the ages 14 -25 we dont want any oldies in here ...........
haidar62 chat room [private] created by haidar62
m/47/jordan, divorced, wana gentale lady, to be honest and lovely friendly
get laid and have fun dating chat room [public] created by hotonly
come here send pics of each other and maybe get laid
funky chat room [public] created by lovebug099
a room where no one can be a dush
NerbsMeepMeep. chat room [public] created by TinyChick
Check-Me-Out chat room [public] created by victoriactate
This is a room where you can chat with other Check Me Out's :)
Hetalia Axis Power chat room [public] created by FeliksFTW
This is chat only for HETALIA fans from all parts of the world
Naughty naughty dirty talk chat room [public] created by Harro45
this group has been made for anyone who wants to talk naughty with each other!
Kanasugarana kanasu chat room [public] created by Sunilsh
Hi am from karnataka i want to make more friends along the globe so ......
Adult review chat chat room [public] created by miketoybox
Good toy sites, good non bull free sites. no bullShit
naruto101 chat room [public] created by gnkleader
jose alejandro hernandez martinez
Krazychat chat room [public] created by Monit0r
Be open for everything...please no fakes no haters..just enjoy your chat to the max ;)
KRAZY chat room [public] created by Monit0r
chat anything..go crazy act wild...have fun ;)
middle age chat room [public] created by pacman63
just talking...go elsewhere to be rude...
asian lesbian room chat room [public] created by stolenkiss19
free chatroom for asian lesbian who are looking for long term relationships. chat with other asian lesbian singles too.
singal ready to mingal chat room [public] created by mssinghal
thys chat room 4 ppl who neehd love n there lyfe ex's arent invited "wetter :twista "nw you talhkin'"
Boys 13- 16... chat room [public] created by 13glimmer1al
If any cute men 13-16 out there please chat with me
Aapelin Viikko Chat chat room [private] created by PeliWebbi
Tervetuloa Aapelin Viikon Chattiin! Muistathan käyttäytyä asiallisesti!
single and loving it chat room [public] created by kingwill211
single people and party people
real1 chat room [public] created by skaterboy2212
real people talkin bout real things
living of rich and famous chat chat room [public] created by kingwill211
partying,drinking one night stands just having a good time
hottiest flirts chat room [public] created by tinkdabadest102
flirt with the most hottiest dudes and girl. u will never know u might have a date
S0-C4L CH4t R00M chat room [public] created by B4ByC4K3z1208
Lisasplace chat room [private] created by Lisa195
a private room to have some fun in
Teens in Georgia chat room [public] created by Jenard
A room for teens who live in the state of Georgia... have fun meeting new people!
c2c msn chat room [public] created by Gerardr29
mainly fr h**** msn users. dnt hav to hav cam it cn be a d**** convo.
special chat chat room [public] created by itsallright711
allz-da-singl3-ladi3s-girlz-123 chat room [public] created by 1cutiepie123
fun,exciting,cool,and you will be able to have a fun time chattin with avalible people
special egyptian guy chat room [public] created by specialegyptianguy
for good people for sport for love for any thing good and for only friendly people
TEENS BETWEEN14-16 chat room [public] created by paigeehannah
For young teens to talk with people there own age.
Lax chat room [public] created by kkmacla
If u play lax this is the chat room for u
pantyhose fetish chat room [public] created by secretscanties
a room for lovers of pantyhose and stockings, ive got my secret pair on now!!
looking for older men chat room [public] created by juliexo69ox
meet other interesting older men.
Chance69 chat room [private] created by Chance69
I have long brown hair, brown eyes, med size, love to Dance play with my 2 pit bulls, ride bike, camping & more.
dirty talkk chat room [public] created by gothicemoprincess
The place on this entire site that allows you to be openly gay, emo, les, or anyhting else possible but only if ur emo!!!!!!
LesbiansOnLyyy chat room [private] created by Popsicle12
Do you get tired of guys pm-ing you in a lesbian chat room? Well i decided to create a private room for girls only. talk about anything u want. no rules, anything goes. have fun :)
jordans chat room [private] created by jjh1994
phone cyber chat room [public] created by juliexo69ox
interested in an erotic phone conversation
les just be friends chat room [public] created by foxferret182
for lesbian or bi who just wanna chat and talk for the fun of it so have fun with
girls only mean lez and bi chat room [public] created by babytink123
girls only no boys allowed in the room
Talk dirty about wat u do chat room [public] created by Bossman5010
Talk dirty about any thing you want
CuteNekoChat chat room [public] created by CutieNekoHyuga
It is a awesome place for nekos to enjoy,play.roleplay, and meet people. No mean people allowed thank u ^^
CoUpLe LoOkInG 4 FuN chat room [public] created by playmate2010
People looking to experience a fun time with me and my man!!!
JUSTIN BIEBER FAN chat room [public] created by fUtUrEbieBeRgirL
For fans of justin bieber to communicate with other bieber fever's
who gives a crap chat room [public] created by ToboeNekoKage
old man socks smell really bad, espiccialty if u dont wash them.... trust me.
american singles chat room [public] created by QBsean16
any single people from usa who are single and are looking for anyone
NeverShoutNeverrrrr fan chattttttt chat room [public] created by RawriLY
fans of nsn join. talk about thm do whatever the hell u want idc just have fun and dont bee azzwholes
male tickling fetish chat room [public] created by DrDarokW
For all those people who enjoy tickling a hot guy
wife swapping chat chat room [public] created by swappingcouples
ne couple interested join in....only appropriete ones
West Palm Beach N South FL chat room [public] created by proheat123
This chat room has been created for Casual Encounters around the aread of South Florida. Ranges from Miami all the way to West Palm Beach. Feel free to make new friends and get aquainted.
Gang Bang chat room [public] created by ashelylynn
seeking men to have a gang bang must be well endowed
Submissive seeks Dominate men chat room [public] created by ashelylynn
submissive female seeks older dominate men
i need a gf 18 chat room [public] created by wwe7896987
i am lookin for gf and i am 18 hot
teen singles only lets have fun chat room [public] created by purplexhaze
have some fun and be a freak a jerk a geek watever yhu wana b
ashley room chat room [public] created by ashelylynn
frienda of ashley to play with
Midwest Medical Card Dreams chat room [public] created by GanjaBotonist
advocates for medical marijuana legalization from montana to kansas, utah etc.
stoner nation chat room [public] created by oufunny1
just for the stoners and happy ppl:)
super chatroom chat room [public] created by jinyk
desant chatroomfor women nd mans
chatdonna chat room [public] created by donna06
hello jhdkjhasdkjhasdkjsahdkasjdhaksjdhaskdjhasdkjhasdkjhasjkdasd
Colez Room 14 chat room [private] created by ColeisLost
power chat room [private] created by brian7inch
eny thing gos get nastand freeky and more if u want to
cam2cam meeting and look out chat room [public] created by trupli
people, who really want to look for a cam2cam partner. Because the body interaction on cam2cam can be a very good experience. Girls and uys be nice and see what comes then...
NO SHYT TLKN chat room [public] created by PAiGEEEEEE
fun clean to crap talking chat
stright chat room [public] created by anthonie44
all men and women who are stright chat room [public] created by maherremowusal
Aze Emo,Gothic,Trash,Punk,Ska v' sair
call of duty 4 chat room [public] created by mactavishghost
computer games.about activision call of duty modern warfare 1,game freaks only join
wild hot babies r allowed chat room [private] created by bijata0709
hot hor women r allowed here to be satisfied with me
lisasroom chat room [private] created by Lisa195
nice room to have some hot fun in
Chisinau is looking for ... chat room [public] created by peilow
a room when people can have virtual ... and real ... in chisinau
NYC chat chat room [public] created by eddyalbo90
only girls and boys from 16-25 years gays here
PantyhoseRoom chat room [public] created by frankphose
for pantyhose-lovers and wearers, absolutely a must
michaelwhite chat room [public] created by friendlypeople
friendly chat, love,single, respect, all of characters in your self.... i need cute pretty famle 18-23
straight singels 12-14 chat room [public] created by charlearle
if your single and straight and between 12-14 then lets chat.
singing n piano lovers chat room [public] created by sashacruz
if u dont love singing nor piano wat type of music do u like n 4rm which planet
international single room chat room [public] created by sashacruz
meet ppl frm different countries and maybe even date them halla enjoy
Jaggu15 chat room [public] created by Jaggu15
Jaggu engineer working in dubai
CHING chat room [public] created by chingvillajin
who wants a filipina girl??? well if u do..lets talk!! DECENT GUYS ONLY
the best hugo chat room [private] created by hugothe
anything you wanna talk about? if you bored are what to talk to a girl or guy just holla
9 the movie by tim burton chat room [public] created by AngieTheEagle
Talk about the movie 9!! Say your fave characters, parts and even amvs!!
Men with A Foot Fetish chat room [public] created by BrieBella5
Men with a foot fetish and have skype
girls interested in watching men on cam chat room [public] created by mystery2k10
This is strictly for girls who want to watch guys play the fiddle, bash the bishop, spank the monkey or just plain old wank on cam. women MUST BE OVER 18. And you should have cam too to prove you are female! no fakes and no men pretending to me women.
no blacks chat room [public] created by sadsack2008
a no blacks and whites only room...
Christian Teen Life chat room [public] created by HannahWillEatYou
for all christian teens to talk to people in a non-sinful way
az chat room10 chat room [public] created by brando07
this chat room is for people who live in arizona or who wants to talk to ppl who live in arizona
belgian single men chat room [public] created by belgium1971
here you can chat and meet with single belgian men
ONLY FOR BLONDE GALS chat room [public] created by nitindubeynikhil
girls tht like fit black boys chat room [public] created by cloexx
alll girls tht likee fit black boyyss no ofence to any other boys :)
sur13 chat chat room [public] created by Celocita13
only gangsters nd cholos can enter
sahabat tika chat room [public] created by etika
semua senang, semua berbagi, tanpa tekanan dan dengan bahasa yang baik
ab dl chat room [public] created by willrulz11
a place were diaper lovers can come and chat
its for you chat room [private] created by gibi84
welcome to the palce long can yopu last...l believe you have what it takes
hot vip arabic girlz chat room [public] created by pinpoint212
guys and girls chat room the hots spot for vip fire hot arb girls and guys
fire hottt arabic vip girls chat room [public] created by pinpoint212
only the hotts arb guys and girls come togther on FIRE HOTTT ARABIC VIP GIRLS
13 too 15 chat room [private] created by jeanette53
heyyyyy go too myn too see what you fien
lesbianshot chat room [public] created by hotgemma
mizzlakia spot chat room [public] created by mizzlakia
cme chill with ya gurl u kno i lik to party so cme on this is mizzlakia's favorite spot to chill
99999amr chat room [public] created by amrjj
hey 'any body dont sespond qieuq' don't chat with me again'
praveen chat room chat room [public] created by bling2bling
camfun chat room [public] created by mystery2k10
anyone wanna cam fun over 18s only
JacobR12 chat room [public] created by JacobSonic12
Hi I'm Jacob R. and i love Sonic The Hedgehog and Video Games. I am looking for someone to love :)
FOOTBALL LOVERS AND ARE 92 LBS chat room [public] created by hotpinkrlz
All Around the World chat room [public] created by sharnece
People from all the all around the world can chat and relate to each other
Denver Colorado chat room [public] created by dakotailove
People who live in the Denver area can enter and talk to me so we can make it official tonight and let's get kinky.(:
UltimateHearts chat room [public] created by SoraKing3
KH room, Ultimate hearts...and yeah.
Vampire Nights Chat chat room [private] created by KatheineVn
This is going to be our chat room
avondale chat chat room [public] created by barbieakaiesty
people in the az area chat with each other
maariisool chat room [public] created by maariisool
pfff .... not to say...I'm from Argentina, and well, gentlemen peace and love to all!
FBM Private Chat chat room [private] created by AraminBragan
this is a private chat by invite only
MyChatting chat room [private] created by AngieTheEagle
It's a private Internet challenge room. You can only come if i invite you.
CHEERLEADERS chat room [public] created by ashcheer
gf chat room [public] created by skate123456
i need a gf that is 13 or 14 plzzzzz i need a gf and a girl just broke my hart rember xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxxxooxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxooxxoxooxxoxox
Scene Kids xD chat room [public] created by SheriiBlueSunshine
This is a chat room for scene people that just wanna talk and chill. :D Please join!(; But if you have a fake picture.. I'd suggest that you should leave. :3 Because nobody likes fakes. xD <3 Thanks!
Cougars in VABEACH chat room [public] created by SmasungP90
looking to get to know some people
genitorture chat room [public] created by cranialbleed57
methods and experiences. what have you tried and what would you like to
Deepak chat chat room [private] created by deepubaba
i need only friends who are not cheater.
camroom chat room [public] created by londogamer2
this chat room is for people who want to meet other people in real life. If you want to meat some one tonight come here.
Evilness chat room [public] created by Keichi578
Ghost and all those things...conversation
TruthandDare chat room [public] created by shimona13
TruthandDare is a chat room for fun.
designed for hrny people chat room [public] created by claire13love
for people who want to talk dirty
free wayne chat room [public] created by Mzcashes
how lil wayne should be free and we can also talk about niki and how drake steped up his game in the rapp game...
Flirt And Chat chat room [public] created by cheebz
for everybody to come in and meet new people
hot and cute chat room [public] created by cheebz
for all thoose who think there hot or cute, come in an chat it up and meet new people
CALIFONIA CHAT chat room [public] created by FLACO408
Number Exchanges chat room [public] created by Champion29
Thsi room was created for guys and girls to exchange numbers to text and call eachother.
trade pics room chat room [public] created by dandaman24
trade pics dirty talk have fun cool room for turned on ppl
CHICANO CHAT ROOM chat room [public] created by FLACO408
REAL NASTY chat room [public] created by johnnie85
Scene Kidsss chat room [public] created by ShanLovesSceneKids
woot wooooot Uh yea chatting because we're that cool.
Pm chat room [public] created by BeboCivic
Gay Pic Trade and Text chat room [public] created by CapitanHolland
Trade pics or text with other users here.
bobby room chat room [public] created by bobbysam88
its not a private room ..dont make it clumpsy ....
don s chat chat room [public] created by kaun12
only ladies should be allowed because m looking for ladies m a male..... just for chat n cyber
mosebo chat room [public] created by bramash
chat time,talk to from south Africa(Johannesburg) and you?
YOUNG17 chat room [public] created by young17warsa
Hi I'm young 17 year old mate showing some body and enjoying myself
sab babydoll chat room [private] created by SAbazinga
our chat our chat our chat our chat our chat our chat our chat our chat our chat
chat for lesbiens who wanna chat chat room [public] created by katemoennigfan
any girls welcome any age size watever
for gay only chat room [public] created by levilevian
gay from international join here :)
... who cares chat room [public] created by phoenixstarr
anyone can tlk about anything, but you can only be here is u are in high school... srry:(
VIP Ultra Lounge chat room [public] created by MalDitoBluu3
Weirdtown's VIPs come here for a great time, great chat, and to meet people from all around the world. Please talk nicely, this is uncensored, but do not abuse your rights. A moderator will remove disruptive members.
TOOL chat room [public] created by Godrickhan
Talk about TOOl, APC or Puscifier
lesbain horney chat room [public] created by lama99
deep warm love for girls onely hot lady
sahabat chat room [public] created by etika
ayo gabung, buat harimu menyenangkan dengan berbagi bersama teman
Pro Ana Mia Deutschland chat room [public] created by god81
Jeder der es wissen soll weiss bescheid
Chat Los Angeles chat room [public] created by Vulture88
Los Angeles Locals, Culture, Lifestyle, Nightlife, Entertainment.
swaping pix chat room [public] created by ripped2themax
a place to swap pix.......................................................................\
The Money Room with thorax11 chat room [public] created by thorax11
This chat room is about earning, invesiting and keeping your loot. Proof of payments and valid whitehat methods for generating the mean green.
beastiality uk chat room [public] created by horsetooluk
anyone that likes beastiality be it male or female and is not afraid to meet up for some fun please enter and join :) genuine users only!
aris room chat room [public] created by oohdamnsoSEXYY
me && yuhh :)) hehe jus having somee funn ;]]]
private cams chat room [public] created by belgium1971
here you can invite your chatmates, to prvt chat them (adults only)
modern warfare2 ps3 chat room [public] created by ixevil478
looking for players to start a game with
relations with family chat room [public] created by 4201653
anone who has suggestions that will help me out in having s ex with family members
Pakistanichatroom chat room [public] created by gudguy24
Hi only nice peoples are allowed rubish no vulgarity
sleeping partners in UAE chat room [public] created by strokemaker
People only interested in meeting other potential sleeping partners. Others topics are just not accepted !
singles looking 4 some love chat room [public] created by yuki3
for ppl look to get some and want a relationship
Skype fun chat room [public] created by relkoms420
need to get off but i need a lil help
hack chat room [public] created by hussein23
for hackers and help for people how hack and how to do a hack
pinoyjakol chat room [public] created by justsayinghi
dito pwdeng mag palitan ng YM at skype tapos C2C jakol tayo..mga toll
Boylovers chat room [public] created by Boygbr
Boy Lovers wellcome to my chatroom, enjoy this hot experience
all kids under 13 chat room [public] created by claudia5354
you all can come in boys and girls ONLY IF YOU ARE DATING OR HAVE A RALSHINON SHIP.
phone love chat room [public] created by bigj0076
people who want love on the air waves
Dirty Talk Rooom chat room [public] created by Jigsaw82
This room is for people who wanna meet someone to talk dirty to through email or Instant Messenging.
msn cam exchange chat room [public] created by serjsea
meet people exchange addresses for web fun
diets chat room [public] created by ashlin246
this is for people who are interested in losing weight and have ideas for others. I currently am trying to lose weight and could use some tips!
naked mile chat room [public] created by thumper77
where all the nudity and beer is kept. :) bring your naughty pictures.
philipng chat room [private] created by lanrealuk
i believe i will meet all my friends in chat hour.
down to meet and dtf chat room [public] created by Curiousguy18
Let's have fun. I am new to the gay world and I want to try everything.
Hello Kids chat room [public] created by snowfog
only for kids under 13 year old children.
ashleylynn room chat room [public] created by ashelylynn
this room is for me to get to know men better and to see if we are a good fit
Ashelylynn chat room [public] created by noturbusiness
NO LIMITS and bound to this room, free to all who enter and free to all whom leave/
girl to guy f chat room [public] created by tntbadboi4lyfe
come flirtttt//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
ashleylynn chat room [public] created by ashelylynn
to meet dominate men that enjoy a submissive woman
just chatting chat room [public] created by sagar1991
i like to make friend so any onecan chat with me
blonde chat room [public] created by katiedidloveyou
a chat wher u cna dirty talk at any ages
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