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List of all user-created chat rooms #102
countrystate of mind chat room [public] created by Ray40
frinds / associates / & good old bull shiters
Down For Whatever Chat Room chat room [public] created by Dee8810
Chat room for ppl who like to just chill and live life to the fullest and are down for whatever lives life day by day ......:-D
Dark Thoughts chat room [public] created by HockeyGirl27
Come and share your thoughts......or come and be silent.....please no happy people...
kristina chat room [public] created by mytwolittlebugs
My name is kristina and i like to do all kinds of things for fun
together 4 ever chat room [public] created by pc13girl101
it;s when u meet someone neww
gabbiie... teens chat room [public] created by gabbiie
join!!! 2 ma room people...well guys...!!! =DD ! <3 U
HiP HoP BLacK Chat chat room [public] created by SWEETxADDiiCTioN69
come talk about music or come and have fun! no boredom allowed!!
people with pics and who wanna talk chat room [public] created by andyluvzu
just people who wanna talk non stop&mabey wanna meet idk.? but most people want to talk to people with pics so most people here will have pics idk.?
myspace hook up chat chat room [public] created by jeorge1
ppl that have a myspace can add each other
dirty chat chat room chat room [public] created by tybo997
wanna b naughty then heres the place
the hot people room chat room [public] created by jeorge1
hot people chat not ugly people
single young parents chat room [public] created by princesscandy89
for single parents how just want some advice with people in the same situation
ONLY PA MEMBERS chat room [public] created by blueyez4you
For men and woman who live in PA who are trying to find new people
Black wolf rp chat room [public] created by Twilightwolf99
any color wolf can join! the rules no spamming all the time i dont care if u cuse i dont care if u use the word mate and have fun! ~twilightwolf98
Muslim Unity chat room [public] created by peacekeeper719
Relaxxed islamic room to learn inspire unite all muslims and non muslims open diagologue without insults and tension
awesome room chat room [public] created by italianStallionsSon
Cool people to talk and hangout
partyyanimals chat room [public] created by amina13
like to party and have fun never afraid ti let loose(uncensored)
lets talk chat room chat room [public] created by shooterbabe12
everybody come in and talk for free it will be fun!!!!!!!
thelounge chat room [public] created by chatterboxone
a room for some meaningfull chatter
supot chat room [public] created by jarnott
Are you an uncircmcised filippino? Or do you want to chat with one?
chat place chat room [public] created by te1357
every one can come to the chat of te1357
privacy for me chat room [private] created by hazeleyes4bieber
just for me. this chat room is just for me and my friends to talk with out any interupptions.
dirty free talk chat room [public] created by iluvanimals
use to any1, every1 iz in,, we talk freely,anyway we talk iz allowed............every1 iz allowed in and may use dirty language, but may not abuse it so much
teen chating chat room [public] created by gregnice16
if your a teen sign in and chat with the local
hot kiss chat room [public] created by rangooli
i want to hot girls and good girs
S. E .X chat room [public] created by gregnice16
lets all have fun and mingle dont be shy
werewolf vampire elf etc role play chat room [public] created by NeonWolf11
all about fantasy thing no yaoi yuri plz and qe hope youll enjoy rping here
good cat an head 4 boys chat room [public] created by freakygirl23
cat so wet an fat have u playin wit ya dick i got dat good as cat
Eurosong chat room [public] created by Metibook
Anyone who is against VOTING SYSTEM at Eurosong
young 14 years chat room [public] created by Megrap06
I look for a 14-year-old girl who has msn
ride rotten chat room [public] created by manboymuir
come in and chat about anything you want
teens dat need sum dicc chat room [public] created by twitch15
15-18 dont b scared 2 talk dirty
HUM TUM chat room [public] created by Karan3777
Do u wanna chat with me than welcome
monkeys slut room chat room [public] created by monkey323
this place is the bomb if ur a slut come on or if u want 2 act like a slut just get in here i wont but
GreatTimes chat room [public] created by MattadorSkittlez
STALK ABOUT EVERYTHING anything and add people on other social networking sites
bi and gay chat room [public] created by queenbritt64
kool n funnie i love it people ca hang out but 18 n younger really have fun loving
hook up awsome room chat room [public] created by jeorge1
were u can hook up with other ppl
haiii... to everyone... chat room [public] created by kauticepunk
hi..... nothing can say ahuhuhuhu...
16 or older chat room [public] created by onelifetogive
any one 16 or older for dating freinds or just hangin out
degrassi lovers chat room [public] created by XxXmusicallydeadXxX
talk about your fav degrassi charaters and episodes!!!
Evil and Demons chat room [private] created by EmoNixinLove
No talk other than evil, if your evil join. you must ask tro join or you can't join at all. MWAHAHA
screamo emo chat room [public] created by XxXmusicallydeadXxX
if ur emo or scene and love screamo music commme here lol !!!!!
hawt bi teens chat room [public] created by XxXmusicallydeadXxX
horni bi gurls and guys can hok up here and other things!!!
Woo hoo chat room [private] created by KizLish1
Just a 'lil made up thingy so I don't have to be all confused by everyone else blathering on.
sara nichole chat room [public] created by mscheerchick
if your cute come talk to me! ill be waiting<3
Immigration law chat chat room [public] created by 3joescorner
Discuss the pros and cons of arizona immigration law.
Tanakas Room chat room [public] created by TanakaTarou1
This room is for the punks in the Anime room. You know who you are!
women that love women chat room [public] created by BiGSEXY66
A room for the grown and beautiful woman that loves women that wanna chat ...
OnLy 13-15 FrIeNdS chat room [public] created by mscheerchick
please only 13-15 age peopkle come add each other
25 and up adult chat chat room [public] created by dallasfan
anything you want just no trouble
people to meet chat room [public] created by loveorhateme19
its for people to meet other people
bigboobs chat room [public] created by bigboobss
this is a chat room for teens and nooo one elsee.xxxxxxxx
teen lesbians and bis chat room [public] created by boo2402
for teens who want to talk to other teens like themselves
lots of boys and one girl chat room [public] created by amywright17
read the name and no girls allowed
L.A Teens ONLY chat room [public] created by Ariiana
TEENS ONLY ! 18 & Under.! No Perves, No asking for nudes ,
juggalo city chat room [public] created by juggaloloon813
all juggalos come an talk to a shit load of juggalo members
need a bf or gf come here chat room [public] created by jrock30
a place were u can talk get gf or bf and get new friends
teen relationshipe chat chat room [public] created by jrock30
talk met new ppl and get a gf or bf
movies sports and other leisure activities chat room [public] created by Almarian
feel free to share your experiences and talk about anything you like about your favorite movies, actors, sports, anything!
say hello chat room [public] created by katijofromidaho
for all you sick minded folks come chat
PVT CHAT ONLY chat room [public] created by SPiCE333
so u can chat with out seein the main chat too
hott chat room [private] created by xxxhotgurllxxx
this is a chat room for hott stuffffff
pm and meet new ppl find ur lover chat room [public] created by peircebabe
come and find ur lover have funnn and get crazy
GASP UK chat room [private] created by GASPUK
Chat with other LGBT people in recovery from alcohol addiction
HorneyMarissa chat room [public] created by HornyMarissa
Just for Serious horney guys, visit my FREE chat page, it's free because i don't SELL seex ! here is my page:
Crazy Room chat room [public] created by BBYSHORTY
Where Eerything Goes Crazy...Not for kids UNder 14 Cauze U never Know Wat They Could Say In my Room
The freaky chat room [public] created by BBYSHORTY
Where Eerything Goes Crazy...Not for kids UNder 14 Cauze U never Know Wat They Could Say In my Room
the cure chat room [public] created by BabyFreak
cure fans. I guess that says it all but I must type 30 characters.
I Shit Rainbows chat room [public] created by iLikeLittleGirls
OH HAI DER. Please join our chat ;)
fAM0US R00M MAd3 bY3 dANY3ll chat room [public] created by danyell96
this is where yuh can tlk to teens nd tlk hoe ever yuh wnt...get ta no more nd ppl nd get more friends
EmoEarth chat room [public] created by MuffinBear
We love Randomness! Emoz Unite!
just 4 fun chat room [public] created by LadyDracul
hav fun this is funnnnnnnnnnnnn
bengaboy chat room [private] created by BENGABOY
waitinng need some one........... waitinng 4 some one........... & my heart 4 some one...........
jeroge chat room chat room [public] created by jeorge1
were any ppl can chat allot so come chat for me
tweb chat room [private] created by tweb1984
Just for me and a pal to private
the gay horney room chat room [public] created by 13yearoldmainerboy
really for gay guys another chatroom for th gay guys who r horney
girls only. by kate chat room [public] created by kitkatbar89
this is where girls can chat bout girl stuff
Eviluv chat room [private] created by Evipleasure
Happiness is my watch word. Any time,anywhere. Be hapi.
HOT GIRLS TALK HERE chat room [public] created by hornylilgirl87
were all the lesbien's come to chat. NO GUYS AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Make me feel happy chat room [public] created by valrien08
Make me feel happy.......................................................................................................
pilipino friends chat room [public] created by richygurl
i want to have friends.thanks,,..
lo33i room chat room [public] created by lo33i
hot amd only 4 pppl who like to get there feet wet and dick hard
Jenayyyy chat room [public] created by Jennayyyy
hey whats up well im here just to chat ok sooooooooo yeah this stupid thing is making me type 30 letters soo yeahhhhhhh lol
The Curse Word Room chat room [public] created by hiyouareaweirdperson
say all of the bad words u want to so other people can learn new bad words
tjrgkdgjd chat room [public] created by hiyouareaweirdperson
fhjnhgfdfghnbsxdfkgjhxzdhgfk jzskdfh skdrfvzh bfk jsdfkjvsdkjhfvkszajdfgvk,
koc help chat room [public] created by BrewersHenchme
koc chat without all the crap from fb
Offensless2010 chat room [public] created by lannaa1996
this is a chat room for people that just want to chat! and dont want any lowlives ruining their chats!
doostyabi chat room [public] created by saberiran
hi to all 16 years old this room only for younger peple
to make lovers chat room [public] created by ben5555
to find life partners each other
homoz chat room [public] created by azizam4u
hi friends welcome to my chatroom.
sailu chat room [private] created by sexysailu
hai this is from kakinada india iam very is wet
Chat Islam chat room [public] created by amirasadi
You can chat room discussions of scientific, cultural, social, and exchange of information without talking to do non-Islamic. Welcome. Enjoy."Nima Asadi of Iran"
Hyderabad Chat Room chat room [public] created by Razvi123
For Hyderabad Public , anyone is allowed to use this public room
Languages and cultures of diff countries chat room [public] created by Fido2010
Chat abut languages and cultures of different countries.
central Virginia chat chat room [public] created by FreD404
spotsy fredericksburg louisa orange ect
realmadrid chat room [public] created by spoklo
this room chat for everybody support real madrid
central virginia chat room [public] created by FreD404
place to chat make friends find old ones
loving always chat room [public] created by sammyeko
to meet with your teens,to meet up to there needs
Tour De France followers chat room [public] created by patriot9878
If you are going to The Tour De France Please respond
The best last cutest standing room chat for boys a chat room [public] created by pcv26
This chat room is 0nly for girls who are pretty,hot,fine. No offense to the ones who are not. And boys who can get good looking girls. Ite? You hav to be 13-16 tho or ur out!
virginia Is For Lovers chat room [public] created by FreD404
a place to find whatever it is your looking for share this charoom with your friends!
eastcoast chatters chat room [public] created by FreD404
come chat and pass this link to your friends
Just friend chat room [public] created by Berna9630
discuss interesting and clean topics and make friends
spoiled girls and rich guys only chat room [public] created by spoiledprincess09
this is for only spoiled girls that wants a rich dude or older dude to talk to them and hopes of a good relationship that wants to spoil a girl
rhythm chat room [public] created by femmyrhythm
this is 4 lovers of entertainment.
Teen Chat Room123 chat room [public] created by gracekk123
this is for the ages of 15-18 year olds only
find a date chat room [public] created by xxdarkshadow21xx
come here if you want to met a girl or a guy
JustToTalk chat room [public] created by tyyluv13
A place with no bullshit...just to talk(:
bring me the horizon chat room [public] created by xxdarkshadow21xx
for fan to talk to oilver my friend who is right next to me
Country Gals and Guys chat room [public] created by missheatherrector
This is only for the real country gals and guys. if your rebel this is tha place for you.
bhavesh23 chat room [public] created by bhavesh23
bhavesh.chhabria " life is an drawing without an eraser"
handsome people chat room [public] created by Andriette
Where handsome people can get to know eachother maybe meet
Dirty talking here- chat room [public] created by hardboyc0ck
Talk dirty to each other :) Girls and boys allowed
crazy fun chat room [public] created by elizabeth4cisneros
this is a chat room to hang out and just have friends and to get to know them better....
cool kid chat room [public] created by angel181991
this room is for the cool kids only and no one older then 20 years old allowed in this room!!!!!!!!!!!!11
cristinaneedfindsomelove chat room [public] created by cristinagirlcolombia
love-to love in this room try to get relashionships
jus to chill yo chat room [public] created by BadGiirl21
jus come and chill be bored wateva jus another room to have fun in
make love to me chat room [public] created by Jasmine1065
dis is for th ppl hu is da real deal and jux wanna have a serious conversation with out talking about ppl ,being racist, and tryin to put dem down..dis all about da moany talk.
people 13-15 only girls and boys chat room [public] created by prettyprincess12
dateing or talking lol peace lol lol lol
MeetGuysAndGirls chat room [public] created by BJJgirly101
just for fun flirty chattinggggg:)))
LainaBeeotchhhh chat room [public] created by MalainaNicole3
lezbo room chat room [public] created by prettyprincess12
girlzz only talk about your presonal activeties
Wanted Hairy Females chat room [public] created by loveahairywoman
Looking for female with thick hairy forearms and thick hairy for chat, come enjoy guys who like female with hairy bush
Cam2CamGirlsAndBoys chat room [public] created by Wuggy
Join for cam2cam with opposite and same gender
Hotgirls chat room [public] created by Kiki5419
frends chat room [public] created by Megan95
this is megan's chatroom so if anyone would like to talk to me u can find me here
hot chat chat room chat room [public] created by toughguy1
hot people talk about hot stuff.
Learning englisch chat chat room [public] created by schwazi
this is a room for everyone who wants to learn english.
bii chat room [public] created by lilbarbie
for guys and girllsss who are biis or lesbian or even gayy soo this room is good for you
CHAT WITH YOU LATINO MAN chat room [public] created by YOURBABYBOY
justin bieber chat chat room [public] created by logie45
i like justin bieber he is awesome and has awesome music i have BIEBER FEVER!!!!!!!
anyone looking for some fun come here chat room [public] created by cherryjubilee
talk freely, about anything and everything
Death and Loners chat room [public] created by DeathBob
If you want to die or feel lonely like me. Come here. I'm not emo or anything but I hate my life.
wett chat room [public] created by cassie134
hot teens talking. teens who wont to talk dirty and get talked dirty to back.
Pic Trades chat room [public] created by Cysmikz
Have fun and trade great pictures!
sassygirl chat room [public] created by geebabygirl1989
i want tobe my chat room where any one who is under eighteen and twenty-one up okay
sakuras house of lone some chat room [public] created by sakuraharuno1
this is where sakura lives with her self alone all the time
Diverse Chat chat room [public] created by DiverseGirl
Conversations can range from anything here so long as they are actual conversations and not just pick ups. Learn something! Talk about the things that make this world turns. Share opinions and views. Pick brains apart ^-^
Womens problems chat room [public] created by animegirl875
What ever you need. Sharing advice, helping people out.
Honest Chatroom chat room [public] created by jonathanclor
The person who can chat here is only the one who accepts a person's personality or their background
YOUR VIP place chat room [public] created by marinamodeling
COme and play it's the most fun room ever you'll die !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VIP ONLY.....................
Caesary chat room [public] created by JordyKilby
This is a room for Trojans, Trojans 2 an Revelations
zoies room chat room [public] created by zoiescreaming
all emo scene or goth people ;lets talk(:
chat express chat room [public] created by sony1986
for everyone especially for singles
2 fast and 2 furious chat room [public] created by sony1986
for singles b o must js;;;l;dkaskascnnx,zc,znc,z,cklclacla
North Carolina ppl only chat room [public] created by eminem989
for ppl that live in North Carolina only and no one else sorry but this is my home and i want to get to know ppl that live in it unless u r SPICE333 then u r aoud in here
me in private chat room [public] created by jadep123
me in private
Ages 14 to 15 chat room [public] created by jeffs54
eMo ChAt roooooom chat room [public] created by TheNobodyCutter
A chat room calling all emo guys and girls to come and chat and maybe find their life love
Long Haired Dirty Boys chat room [public] created by Owlofthemoon
Boys with long hair should come!!!
kkk member chat room [public] created by ADiTYAJOHN
love.frd.emotaions a good thing for is scecon face of god..
hard 16 yo male lokking for girls chat room [public] created by kevinjones
hard 16 yo lokking for same age women
for tha ladies chat room [public] created by tha1every1loves
come on in ladies and chat with use
people that live in seattle chat room [public] created by thedunnmaster
for people that live in wa seattle
Kentucky-Tennessee singles chat room [public] created by KODiEiSSiNGLE
Teens from Kentucky and Tennessee area to meet and make friend and chat.
Tongan chat room [public] created by Naua
For ya Tongans...Its clear that we are out there and we need to kape'i eachother A.S.A.P...
masti chat room [public] created by prashantnigam61
Looking for fun. Do me chat room [private] created by emmydog
Boys prefered!!! If youre a boy and want fun this is the place to come
come hollah at me chat room [public] created by Mama120
im lonely so come chat with me
premalatha chat room [public] created by premalatha
hi frnds free to chat with me... but no personal contacts will be given unless i am sure of u
sapa aja dari indonesia ato yg minimal bs bhs indo chat room [public] created by tioabas
masoek2..bagi yg lg booring.bosen chat di fb,tp mw chat,ayo masoek2!!!!
salvador chat room [public] created by truca0820
for people from El Salvador who want to find freindship
13 year olds only plz chat room [public] created by 13yearsoldandhot
im 13 so chat about stuff with me u can tell me any thing.
Oxfordshire chat chat room [public] created by kraddy
Anyone from around Oxfordshire (England) come here to chat.
everything goes chat room [public] created by deezyd
Anything and Everything goes!!Tell me whats on your mind.Lets all get to know eachother in Deezys world!!!
chennai adult chat chat room [public] created by 3107suresh
people who like to romance and fun chat in chennai
For pregnant woman chat room [public] created by machogirly7654
This alows moms from every where to share stories about thier children and about their lives being pregnant.
Cyber Room chat room [public] created by hornyblonde1
Room dedicated to Cyberingg of coursee! Anyone looking fer some fun conversations, feel free to join (:
dirty chatroom chat room [public] created by Audioepic
inkubator chat room [public] created by inkubator
this is a chat room for aji friend..and women
Teens with Pictures chat room [public] created by thuggpugg52610
only TEENS who have pictures (:
pthc chat room [public] created by Playin971
this is a chat room for like minded
EMOloveCouplesChat chat room [public] created by TheNobodyCutter
For all emos to meet other Emos to chat!
13-14 yr old chat chat room [public] created by volleychick865
place to meet new people same age
janda chat room [public] created by LonelyHubby64
sesiapa saja boleh join dan berbual di sini
cam2camfun chat room [public] created by edwardm8
thats a lovely room come and have fun
kids age 13 chat room [public] created by selenarox867
13 year olds girls and boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Awesome5665 chat room [public] created by emily5665
Awesome place to chat with cool people to meet
united kingdom 13-15 year olds chat room [public] created by Sabanaa
For people who want friend ship or a relation ship
wanna talk dirty chat room [public] created by Audioepic
for bi and straight only.. u can do wadd eva chat room [private] created by itsasiadoe
for people who are bored and have nothing really to do
love You... chat room [private] created by Babygirlhorse
hi love you i like you guys are cuter...?
13 and 14 year old guys only chat room [public] created by ashy1234
13 and 14 year old boys who are hot only
people 14-17 canadian chat room [public] created by hornygirl000014
people ages 14-17 that are canadain
single parents room chat room [public] created by missyS2
a chat room for single parents
white people only chat room [public] created by hollister14
if you are white come, but if you are nonwhite, leave
for cool people to hang out chat room [public] created by hollister14
if your cool come and hang out here
just to talk to me15 chat room [public] created by voliver1598
iidkksdkjbidfbdsjfnsjfndskfjdsnifbnaskmndfsbksandkjsands dka
LesibansANDBii only chat room [public] created by sexyass456
dis is a chat room for o=nly hot guys ands gurls and if u are bii
Loveroom101 chat room [public] created by lippgloss22
this room is for people that want to meet someone like them or anyone intrested
Batavia chat room [public] created by Christian420
Anyone from Batavia Ohio............................................................................................
Hott luzben Chatt chat room [public] created by CassieeBooo
R yhu a luzben ? looking for lovvee . hit up my rooom (:
mehadi 44 chat room [public] created by mehadi44
to get good friend in any country .i am simple ,i like so
Cowboy-Cowgirl Chat chat room [public] created by countrygrl123
a chat room for redneck boys and girls. talk about anything rednecks talk about
only lesbiean chat chat room [public] created by yoyo78
lez chat is only for girls!!!!!!
vics naughty room chat room [public] created by kvicky
love for fun zex for nature life is fun so do u nid my c u m i love ur bum so lets have fun
20 and up chat room [public] created by trulylonely
duh ppl 20 and up .................................................................
missouri room chat room [public] created by marie98
it is a room that you can be friends with people and might date to
Horselovers chat room [public] created by Badassredneckgal37
For anyone who loves horses and enjoys talking about them can came and chat.
13-2-14 yr old chat room chat room [public] created by Lovergirl669
13-14 yr olds can just hang with people there age here
single guys and girls 14 htough16 chat room [public] created by raymond11
u need to be 14 though 16 all girls need to be single and guys if u not u welll be kickeed
singlee and teenss chat room [public] created by cutiegirl1997
lol, for u single teenagers like me
postdoc chat room [public] created by fivestar5
hi how are you, can i to you chat,iam chinese
Bosniasfinest1 chat room [private] created by fivestar5
hi beautiful girl, iam from in china,can i to you chat?
Republic of Turkey chat room [public] created by Compeng
Turkey (Turkish: Türkiye), known officially as the Republic of Turkey is a Eurasian country that stretches across the Anatolian peninsula in Western Asia and Thrace in the Balkan region of southeastern Europe. Turkey is bordered by eight countries: Bulgaria to the northwest; Greece to the west; Georgia to the northeast; Armenia, Azerbaijan (the exclave of Nakhchivan) and Iran to the east; and Iraq and Syria to the southeast. The Mediterranean Sea and Cyprus are to the south; the Aegean Sea to the west; and the Black Sea is to the north. Separating Anatolia and Thrace are the Sea of Marmara and the Turkish Straits (the Bosphorus and the Dardanelles), which are commonly reckoned to delineate the boundary between Europe and Asia,[4] thereby making Turkey a country of significant geostrategic importance. The predominant religion in Turkey is Islam and its official language is Turkish. The Turks began migrating into the area now called Turkey in the eleventh century. The process was greatly accelerated by the Seljuk victory over the Byzantine Empire at the Battle of Manzikert. Several small beyliks and the Seljuk Sultanate of Rûm ruled Anatolia until the Mongol Empire's invasion. Starting from the thirteenth century, the Ottoman beylik united Anatolia and created an empire encompassing much of Southeastern Europe, Western Asia and North Africa. After the Ottoman Empire collapsed following its defeat in World War I, parts of it were occupied by the victorious Allies. A cadre of young military officers, led by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, organized a successful resistance to the Allies; in 1923, they would establish the modern Republic of Turkey with Atatürk as its first president. Turkey is a democratic, secular, unitary, constitutional republic, with an ancient and historical cultural heritage. Turkey has become increasingly integrated with the West through membership in organizations such as the Council of Europe, NATO, OECD, OSCE and the G-20 major economies. Turkey began full membership negotiations with the European Union in 2005, having been an associate member of the European Economic Community since 1963 and having reached a customs union agreement in 1995. Turkey has also fostered close cultural, political, economic and industrial relations with the Eastern world, particularly with the Middle East and the Turkic states of Central Asia, through membership in organizations such as the Organisation of the Islamic Conference and Economic Cooperation Organization. Turkey is classified as a developed country[5] by the CIA and as a regional power[6][7] by political scientists and economists worldwide.
ONLY THE HOT ONES chat room [public] created by fanstygurl22
Any thing chat room [public] created by Aaron10incher
it is for any1 who wants to talk smexy and flirt
Dirty Roleplaying chat room [public] created by ludachris97
If you are ready for some intense roleplaying .. come on and help yourself to some very dirty roleplaying
Born in the 94s. chat room [public] created by dylsmatee
The only people in this room is supposed to be 15-16year old born in the year 1994. Just a room to lay back and relax and talk to people in your own age group.:) cheers. hope to see you there. Peace ♥
taboo night chat chat room [public] created by ssmmike
come here and have fu, tell your stories
pintu chat room chat room [private] created by pintu85
for friendship with people from various countries, specially girls.
The The chat room [private] created by misskitahon
Straight Straight Straight Straight
singggllleee people chat room [public] created by missgracie
this is where all the single people meet up and get to know people!
sunny for only indian chatters chat room [public] created by sunnykarthi
looking for only indians,for anything what they like,only real id persons allowed
fine girls chat room [private] created by badboy789
this chat room is for girls only
persian gulf chat room [public] created by hamzehveronique
this is the room to show that the map should not change for the sake of political matters.
Party teens chat room [public] created by nativemandy2090
this chatroom is about who likes to party! and its free
Street Luxury chat room [public] created by immobiliers
Street Luxury what the hottest or newest in the streets for the hood rich and suburban wealthy
chat for girls i am girl chat room [public] created by mostfa123
i am girl i have 22 my name is from my email is usef_teto_199@yahoo .com
dare devils chat room [private] created by rejish84
i,m looking for a best frnd for a long relaionship
myhoney chat room [private] created by missdinkitahon
asasaff chat room [public] created by Usav
room for friends ndkfnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
HOT TUB chat room [public] created by SASSYBRiTCHES
rico guapo chat room [private] created by ricparadojr
Romantic, fun, and exciting............... have a nice chat ............ come in
Our private retreat chat room [private] created by mysticalwarrior
an online spot for us to meet privately..
teen canada chat chat room [public] created by hornygirl000014
teens from canada can talk togeter
A Real Fukkinn chat room [public] created by 420cUUtie
MUST be between fifteen and twenty, no older, no younger. No fukking pervs. No azzholes. No b!tches. Just real teens, with real profiles, willing to chat with a stranger or two, (:
TeenChatt chat room [public] created by Laila15
for Just Teenagers.You can fun.
K-music chat room [public] created by GameChili
This is a forum for those who are interested in Korean music. Everything from DBSK to LJK! x'D
babes only chat room [public] created by hotmamaforsherr
U can talk to hot babes,and say what u want and just be yourself
babes only and hot dude chat room [public] created by hotmamaforsherr
U can talk to hot babes,and say what u want and just be yourself
babes only and hot dudes chat room [public] created by hotmamaforsherr
U can talk to hot babes,and say what u want and just be yourself
sinqqlee peoplee chat room [public] created by prettyqurlswaqq
if youur sinqqlee youu needd too be heree !
Scorpions Chat Club chat room [public] created by Marvin97
Here for all Scorpions Fans!!! (ROCKBAND)!!!
Chillz chat room [public] created by chris20001
Just a room for beople to chill and have fun
problem chat room chat room [public] created by tes1996
you can tell me your problems and it wont leave this chat room ever so let it all out
friendslove chat room [private] created by swzaz
Nudists and Naturists only chat room [public] created by Barenecessity
For the getting together of Rudie Nudies
newcastleroomm chat room [public] created by mollyford
ppl to chat , meet ppl from newcastle sunderland al welcome
parents talk chat room [public] created by RandysGirl
parents have a room that they can come to just to have someone to talk to besides kids
freaky talk chat room [public] created by steph806
anything goes here; it doesnt matter if your single dating or married just dont lie about your looks; no one likes a liar.
the awsome chat chat room [public] created by sexymomma1996
anything goes, u can tlk about anything!!!
Love makers chat room [public] created by joey727
everyone is welcome so come chat with us
bare feet room chat room [public] created by HOUSE90
girls who have nice feet and like to show them.
15 year old chat room [public] created by adrianisthebest
cool teens love good relashiships
singles that like to vid chat chat room [public] created by HOUSE90
any girls who like to vid chat with guys
Welcome To Chaos chat room [public] created by iRAWRbffs
this room is allowed for no drama, no wanna bes, and plz no poesers!
crazyhorse2 chat room [public] created by kissifur
all for the best in the world from las vegas
Hot Teen Chat chat room [public] created by SkypeRob123
A Chat room for people between 15 and 18 only
special chat room only USA chat room [private] created by specialgrl12
Fashion. Style. Stars. chat room [public] created by EliLovesFashion
Here it's all about fashion, style and stars!
ausome chat room [public] created by Thecman
come all come come come come come come come come come
i need some one who will show me pics of themnaked chat room [public] created by Thecman
dirty talkers chat room [public] created by hottstuffie
ohhhhhhh you are gonna flip when you talk dirty to mee
single lovers chat room chat room [public] created by blop12
lets all singles have there love there chat wat ever ud like and u can privite chat with friendz
QOLKA GUURDOONKA chat room [public] created by gusweyne
QOLKA SHUKAANSIGA chat room [public] created by gusweyne
Cyber slelx room girl needed chat room [public] created by LoverManX
this room is intended for a girl who wants to have cyber chat with me i am a muscular 19 year old man from America
simple chat 22041 chat room [public] created by simon22041
general chating is required no harsh language or disrespecting anybody
IDK AND IDC chat room [public] created by Marie445
What the title says so if u can't read u neeeed to learn
BANGALORE hungry GIRLS chat room [private] created by booh1983
this room is for all the girls of bangalore and other part of world who are looking for fun
Fat girls and chubby chasers chat room [public] created by Ardvark2345
Fat girls and men who like them - ig boobs and big bums
FriendMaker chat room [public] created by Marie445
Make friendz here in this chat!!! U could be in Like Australlia and talk to somebody in the USA and become friendz!!!! Join this chat if you are lonely friend wize or even just wanting friendz
bored of cok i want pus chat room [public] created by mooneyes509
im so bored please come and talk to me
cam2cam s e x y chat room [public] created by jamieo8040
anyone who wants c2c join this room
gay teen love chat room [public] created by Travis4422
just a chat room for gay teens to be them selves.
LOOKING 4 HOT GUYS chat room [public] created by sophiesexie
hi. i am looking 4 hot guys to chat with
international fun chat room [public] created by stephyj91
fun chat for everyone, no negativity just positivity
dirty chat oh yahh chat room [public] created by humpmesexme
This chat is for dirty chat join if you love dirty stuff XD
13 and under chat room [private] created by sexyirishgurl00
this allows kids to come and chat with kids their own age
single but taken chat room [public] created by sexyirishgurl00
only singles age 17-16 for my sis morgann
the awsome people chat room [public] created by mcbasterd
come here if u THINK ur cool so come in and talk to people ur style
lesbo chatroom chat room [public] created by Tiara1123
please only lesbians or a transgender that is female. This is to talk to other lez women and meet new friends. Not for guys to harass. Thank you.
wwe club chat room [public] created by swwe1
welcome wwe fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cyber time chat room [public] created by itstephenhoe
this is a room for any kind of se x but it is virtual i dont care if you are gay lesbian or straight
NYC and Long Island chat room [public] created by plterrell024
Set up for NYC residents to come together to chat.
surenozx13 chat room [public] created by lalilk4r3ncit4
find a long distance relashon ship chat room [public] created by deann09
theyll be wating for sombody to come get them becouse they wont to meat you somewere someday you never no
big co cks only chat room [public] created by quan1996
please come long co ck then come ho rny boy
bi girltalk chat room [public] created by coocat85
hot bi girls talkin dirty about wat they got on there mind, no men allowed this is stricktly a female thing
boob chat room [public] created by ashesjo
hello people whats up with eveyone
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